The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Five

Over a week had passed before they neared their destination, Killichonan. They were very low on supplies and were ready for sometime to stay in one place and rest. The journey on the last day had proved to be more difficult. The horses were tired and the hills were becoming more numerous. Angel told them it wouldn't be long before they reached the very small village. They had all taken turns keeping watch at night, incase of any danger. The others slept on their blankets and cold, hard ground. The last couple of days Angel had been so excited, seeing her homeland again. She kept telling them of stories and legends that her parents had told her about before they died.

They had passed by villages along the way. Angel would point out the tartans that they wore. She knew some of the clans colors and some she didn't.

If she did, she pointed them out and told them about their history. When they arrived at Killichonan, she pointed out the men in a green and blue plaid tartan.

"Those are men from the clan MacNeil. My family's clan, but my parents moved to England, so I never got to spend a lot of time with other members," Angel sighed.

"Hopefully my grandmother can tell us more about my clan's history."

They stopped the wagons in front of what appeared to be a pub. The locals looked at them strangely, mostly because of their clothing not being associated with a clan. Angel led the way inside. She walked up to a tall, dark haired barmaid and asked her some questions. "Do you know of Angelina MacNeil? If so, do you know where I can find her," Angel asked, using herScottish accent.

The barmaid looked suspiciously at the foreign looking group. The two men with dark hair and eyes looked very much alike, almost like kinsmen. Then there was the very tall blonde haired man and a short, rotund man dressed as a friar. Last was another woman, who was very beautiful with big, blue eyes. "What do you want with Angelina," the barmaid asked, her dark eyes suspicious still.

"I was told to see her, that she can help me," Angel said. She didn't want to reveal her identity.

"Well, no one really ever asks to see her. She is a very strange woman. I would stay away from her if I were you," the barmaid warned.

Robin stepped up and spoke. "Listen, all we want to know is where we can find her. It's our business if we want to see her." The barmaid eyed the handsome long haired man.

"Fine. She lives on the Far West side, near the lake. It's the only place out there, so it won't be hard to find," she said in her strong Scottish accent. Robin handed her two gold pieces.

"Thanks for your help," he said, smiling at her. Seeing his smile she couldn't help but smile back. She turned around and went back to serving customers.

Robin turned to Angel and the others. "Well, are you ready to go find her," he asked them. Angel turned to Will. He grinned at her then said, "I'm bloody well ready!" Angel turned back to Robin. "I'm ready then, too!" "Let's go then," Robin exclaimed as he headed out the door.

They took the wagons west and headed toward the lake. Killichonan was set in the valley between the hills and mountains. Lake Killichonan lay just to the west of the village center. "There it is," Little John pointed to a small hut right besides the lake, as the barmaid had said. They stopped the horses right before he hut. "Let me go first. We don't want to scare her off with everyone at once," Angel said. Robin and Marion nodded in agreement. "I'm goin' wiv you. Wherever you go, I go," Will told her.

"Ok, that's fine. Just let me do the talking," Angel told him, giving him a warning look.

Angel and Will walked up to the small hut's door. Angel knocked on the door. An old, frail looking woman opened the door. Her face was warm and friendly.

"May I help you," she asked, her Scottish accent strong. "Angelina

MacNeil," Angel asked her. "Yes, that is me. Do I know you? I don't get visitors very often," she smiled sweetly. "Are you the mother of Connor MacNeil," Angel asked. "Why yes! But my Bo passed on many years ago after going to England. Those English can be so vile," she commented.

Will was about to say something when Angel gave him an elbow in the ribs. Will just looked at Angel with a mischievous, dimpled grin.

"My name is Angel. I was named after you," Angel smiled at the old woman. "Angel? My granddaughter! Is that you? I haven't seen you since you were but one years old," Angelina exclaimed, her old blue eyes lit up in joy. Angel went into Angelina's open arms, happily accepting her hug.

"Oh my darling child, it's so good to see you alive and well. I always worried about your fate after your parents were killed," Angelina said, still hugging her long, lost granddaughter. Angel pulled out of her embrace and asked her, "how did you know that they were killed?"

"I just knew, my dear. I saw it. It is something you will come to learn. I am gathering that is why you are here to see me. To learn about your powers," Angelina said, her voice full of joy. "Yes, that is why I came. Mom and Dad came to me when I was in an unconscious state and told me to find you," Angel smiled. "You have been in England a long time my dear. Your accent is different," she commented.

"Yes, I have stayed there. I have made many friends that care very much about me," Angel said to her. "And would this handsome fellow be one of those friends," she asked, her blue eyes sparkling at Will. "I am. Me name is Will Scarlet. Pleased ter meet you," Will said as he held out his hand. "Well, very pleased to meet you, m dear boy. I see the love in your eyes from my granddaughter. You make her happy, I can see that," she warmly said.

Are those also your friends out there by the wagons," Angelina asked, looking out towards the others. "Yes, they are," Angel said, then waved then over. Robin and the others saw Angel give them the okay to come over to the hut. They all approached the small hut, where they could see the small old woman standing in the doorway.

"Welcome, friends of my granddaughter," the old woman smiled. "This is Robin Hood. This is Marion Fitzwalter. This is John Little, better known as Little John. And this is Friar Tuck. Everybody, this is Angelina MacNeil, my grandmother," Angel smiled as she introduced everyone. "Very pleased to meet you, Angelina. Angel has been very excited about seeing you ever since she heard about you," Robin said, smiling at the old woman.

"Well, I'm very pleased to see that my granddaughter has so many good friends that would travel all this way to Scotland with her. Please come inside. My place is small. It's just for me, you know," Angelina said, smiling.

They walked into the small hut behind Angelina. Inside was a table and four beat up chairs. Against the one wall lay a bed. On the other side of the room was a brick oven and some pots and pans. The place basically had all the essentials for a woman of her age. There were a few strange drawings on the wall by the bed. They were sketches of clouds surrounded by flames. Angel saw the picture and knew the meaning of it. The flames represented her parents death and the clouds being their home now.

"Angel, I gather you came to see me now because you have come to that moment in your life where you discovered you have more powers then just mind control," Angelina said, many years of knowledge showing in her old blue eyes.

"Yes, something happened that I still can't believe I caused," she said, shaking her head. "Was it something you wanted to happen so bad, you could feel it," Angelina asked, looking her granddaughter in the eyes. "Yes, it was and I felt it. Then it happened. But how," Angel asked, showing confusion in her green eyes.

"You have found true love and happiness, haven't you," Angelina said. "Yes," Angel responded, leaning against Will. Will blushed a little. "That is why you're full powers will come to use now. See the same happened with me," the old woman smiled.

"See, when I met your grandfather and we fell in love, at that time I was just considered a seer. I wasn't even exactly that, but that's how the villagers saw my powers. One day, your grandfather and I got caught up in a clan battle. I feared so much for your grandfather's life that I wished the men fighting him to all die and end the battle. I wanted it with all my heart. Well, that's exactly that happened. The men started clutching their stomachs and chests and fell down to their deaths. Those that didn't die just ran off. Your grandfather and I came out fine. That is when my grandmother came to me and explained everything."

"So it is passed on to every other generation of females in our family," Angel asked. "Yes, something like that. At least for the last 200 years, my dear," her grandmother smiled at her. Angelina looked at the others. She could see that they looked tired from their journey. "Why don't you all grab a bowl over there and have some stew from the kettle. It should still be warm," she smiled at the others.

"That sounds wonderful," Tuck spoke up. Him and Little John were the first to get some.

John, Tuck, Robin, and Marion all sat at the table. Will and Angel sat with Angelina on her bed.

"Yum, this is wonderful! What is it," asked Marion. "It is fish stew. The ake is very abundant with many types of fish. It's wonderful living near it," Angelina said. Will asked her, "You fish?" "Yes, what you think an old woman doesn't know how to catch a fish. I'll let you know this old woman can do a lot for herself. I've had to for years. At least ever since my husband died. Oh, Angel, you would have loved him," Angelina said. "I'm sure I would have," Angel smiled lovingly at her grandmother.

The sky was beginning to turn dark as night approached. Not everybody would be able to sleep in the hut. So the men volunteered to sleep with the wagons and horses outside. Angel and Marion slept on the floor inside the hut. Angelina slept in her bed. Angelina talked a little with the ladies before they fell asleep.

"So, Marion, I see in your eyes that Robin is the man that holds your heart," she said. Marion blushed a bit.

"Yes, I do love him. Always have. I believe we are soul-mates," she smiled at the old woman. "Well, Robin seems to share that feeling. I can see it in his eyes, too," Angelina said.

"And as for you, my dear granddaughter, that boy Will definitely has your heart and you his. I can see he is very protective of you," she grinned.

"Yes, he is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know what I'd do without him, Angel said, her eyes full of love. "Angel, tell me, was his life in danger when you discovered your power," she asked her granddaughter.

"Yes, it was. The very vile man that raised me was torturing him," Angel sighed. "Ahh, so it continues on that way," Angelina mused. "What do you mean," Angel asked.

"The power reveals itself at a time in your life when your true love, happiness, and peace are put in jeopardy. This man threatened that and your powers emerged. It's weird, I know. That is why I am considered an outcast now. The people don't understand my powers," Angelina sighed.

"I am tired now, my dear. I shall tell you more in the morning." "Ok,

Goodnight, Grandmother," Angel said as she got up to kiss Angelina on the cheek. "Goodnight, my dear!"

End of Chapter Five

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