The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Four

Robin got worried about Will and Angel when they hadn't returned by sundown. He told the others that if they didn't return b sunrise, they would go out and look for them. That night, Robin had trouble sleeping. For the first time in a long while he had nightmares of the horrible images Angel put in his mind during his time as Lord Langton's prisoner. He woke up in the morning with a feeling that Will and Angel were in grave danger.

Little John, Tuck, Marion, and Robin all saddled their horse to prepare the search for their missing friends. Robin didn't tell the others about his dreams and feeling of impending danger for Will and Angel. He didn't want them to get any more upset about their disappearance than they already were.

Robin knew where Will was taking Angel so they went to find Will's special place. Robin was the first to notice the horses still tied up to the trees. That gut feeling he had just got worse. They all dismounted from their horses and walked over to the big oak tree. Marion made a slight gasp when she saw the blankets and food still sitting there. Robin, Marion, and Friar Tuck searched for clues of their disappearance. Little John was looking for any tracks they may have left behind.

"Over here," Little John yelled out to the others. He pointed to the ground. There it could be seen that several horses had been there. He got up and followed the tracks. "They go north," he said. Robin looked north and immediately knew who the tracks belonged to. "Lord Langton," he mumbled.

"You think he has Angel and Will," Marion said concernedly. "Yes, I didn't want to alarm you all but last night I had nightmares about him. I then woke up with a really bad feeling in my stomach," Robin said, his brown eyes filled with worry.

"You think he would kill them," Tuck asked.

"No, not yet anyways. Not his style. He's definitely gonna want to make Angel suffer. I don't know how she's gonna handle it though. She's changed a lot since he last saw her. She has a stronger self confidence now. She might give him hell," Robin replied.

"Yeah, then if Will is there too, Lord Langton may regret he ever got them," Little John laughed.

"Well, let's get going to his castle. Hopefully we will get there before too much damage has occurred," Robin said as he jumped back onto his horse. He did feel confident that Angel had grown enough in the past few months to overcome Langton's hold on her. He just hoped Langton wouldn't hurt her anymore, or take the short cut and kill them both.

Will and Angel were starving. Lord Langton refused to feed them that day. He wanted them weak for what was to come. Since Angel seemed so defiant in his power over her, he decided to see how torturing Will would affect her. He knew that as long as she remained with her hands tied up, she had no ability to use her power. It would be just like having her watch her parents suffer all over again, but this time it would be the man she loved. Lord Langton relished in this thought.

He approached Will's cell, looking at Angel the whole time. He could feel the hate coming from her. He loved it. Behind him, two men carried chains, whips, a torch, and a thin knife. Angel had seen all these before. She knew exactly what his plans were for Will. She started cursing at Langton, while squirming to break free. Langton just laughed.

Will, meanwhile, was getting himself ready to put up a fight. He wasn't about to let someone torture him, especially that someone being the man that hurt Angel so. As Langton walked up to Will, Will pulled himself up, using the chains to hold onto, and kicked his legs out full force, knocking Langton down to the ground. Then he tried yanking the chains out of the wall. He managed to free his right hand, but as he tried on his left hand the guards came running in to control him.

Will punched with his free fist at the guards, then kicked his foot into one guards groin. The guard crunched over in pain. Lord Langton had picked himself up off the ground, clutching his chest. He went over and picked up the whip that the guards had dropped when they went after Will. He also picked up the thin knife and put it in one of his pockets. He watched his guards get beaten up by a man who's left hand was incapacitated. He pulled the whip back and lashed it out towards Will. Will yelped out as it hit him on his arm.

"Guards, get a hold of him, now!" Lord Langton was furious. More guards came at hearing all the commotion. All Angel could do was watch through the cell bars as Langton's men started gaining control over Will.

"Rip his top off. I want him to feel the whip on his flesh," Langton yelled at the guards now grabbing a hold of Will's right arm. Will was trying to kick at the guards as they ripped his tunic off. The instant Langton saw some bare skin, he lashed the whip at Will. Will grimaced at the pain, his eyes turning almost black with fury. He continued fighting against the guards hold on him, but with each hit from the whip, grew weaker from the pain.

Angel was livid. She was fighting so hard to get loose that she didn't even feel the pain from the manacles cutting deeper into her wrists. When she saw Will growing weaker and the blood on him, she started to feel a burning inside her. The feeling grew as she saw Lord Langton pull out the thin knife. He

only used this when he wanted to cause the worst kind of pain. It was small enough not to cause much damage internally, but big enough to cause a horrific pain. He would insert it into a person's side to see the person buckle over in pain.

"Hold him still. I want him to fully experience the pain," Langton sneered. The guards had unlocked the left manacle and held him tight. Langton put his finger on Will's chin. "You will never have Angel for yourself. She will always belong to me. I was her first, you know," Langton snarled. Will spit in his face, his brown eyes consumed with ire. "She's in luv wiv me now and always will be for the rest of 'er life, whether I'm dead or alive," Will retorted back. "I can easily arrange the dead part for you," Langton whispered as he slowly put the small knife into Will's side. Will screamed out in pain as the knife went in, his body twitching from the pain. Langton watched his pain with the biggest smile on his face.

Angel's inner fire was getting more furious. She could feel nothing but the loathing she had for Langton. Her mind was going wild with images of Langton being burned alive. Lord Langton slowly pulled the knife out of Will's side. Will was bent over, groaning in pain.

Langton turned his laughing eyes over to Angel. Their eyes locked on each other, his smiling at his accomplishment, while her's burned into his soul.

He was smiling for a few moments before he noticed a change in her. This change in her eyes sent a chill down his spine. Her eyes had become a fiery green, almost grabbing at his soul. One image stayed in her mind, the image of Langton burning to death. He began feel a weird sensation inside of him. He started finding it hard to breathe. He gasped for air.

Suddenly he looked down at his feet. He was on fire! Somehow the torch had fallen out of the holder and fell on his feet, catching his pants on fire. He tried stamping the flames out, but it only got worse. The guards holding onto

Will let go of him, dropping him to the ground. He watched as the guards frantically tried to stop the flames from engulfing Lord Langton alive. All that could be heard were his screams of horror. He twitched and squirmed from the pain.

He fell to the ground, taking a last glance at Angel. Her eyes seemed to be the ones laughing now, but they weren't really her eyes anymore. They were her mother's, then they seemed to switch to her father's.

Will could see the horrified look on Langton's face as he looked at Angel. Will glanced over at Angel, just as her eyes returned to the eerie fiery green. The last thing Lord Langton screamed out before the flames engulfed his whole body was her name. Will couldn't take his eyes off of Angel. The look in her eyes was like nothing he'd ever seen before, her eyes were menacing. It actually frightened him.

As Lord Langton's body was engulfed with flames, the guards became frightened at seeing Angel's eyes. One screamed out, "She's possessed by demons!" They all ran out in fear. All that were left were Will, Angel, and Langton's remains. The flames magically died off after Lord Langton had died. As the flames disappeared, so did the eerie green eyes that had become Angel's. Will watched as her eyes returned to their normal green color.

He noticed her expression went back to normal also. She had looked almost possessed, as the guard said.

As she returned to normal, she closed her eyes and collapsed. Her wrists had become so worn that they just slipped through the manacles. Will, in all his pain, managed to get up and go over to the her cell. The guards had dropped the keys on their rush to get away. He went over to her and lifted her head in

his hands. She felt cold to him. Her arms and body were bloody from her wrists being cut so badly. He ripped part of her skirt and wrapped the cloth around her wrists to stop the bleeding. He leaned his aching body against the wall, pulling Angel into his lap. He stroked her hair as he stared into the air and prayed God for her to wake up.

"Will! Angel," cried out Robin, as he and the others ran into the prison cell. Will woke up and looked up to see his friends. He had fallen asleep, exhausted from his ordeal.

"Thank God, you're alive," Marion said as they all came up to the couple. Will started shaking Angel. "Angel, wake up, Angel," his voice becoming alarmed. He looked up to his friends. "Something is wrong with her. Some really weird stuff happened to her and she collapsed. I don't think she's ever regained consciousness," his brown eyes showing fear for his loved one.

"We need to get her back to camp as soon as possible. I have some stuff I can try on her," Friar Tuck said, laying his hand on her forehead. "She's burning up," he said.

"Yeah, well 'he isn't the only one woos burned up," Will said as he pointed towards the remains of Langton.

"Who was that," Little John asked in alarm.

"Lord Langton," Will replied with a raise of his eyebrow.

"You're joking. How did that happen," Robin asked.

"All I know is one minute 'e were torturin' me, right, ffen the next 'e were on fire. That's wen Angel started freakin' me out. 'er eyes were a vibrant green! She 'ooked as if she were possessed," Will said, looking to see his friends reaction to this.

"Possessed, you mean like she was the one who was responsible for Lord Langton burning," Little John asked, his curiosity growing.

"I'm not sure, Little John, but she scared the bloomin' guards off wiv 'er 'ave a look," Will exclaimed.

"That would explain why we had no problems gettings in here. No one was around. It's abandoned. We weren't even sure we'd find you here," Robin said.

"Come on, let's get headed back to camp to help Angel," Marion urged the guys on. Robin put his arms around Angel to lift her limp body. "I'll 'old on ter her, Robin," Will told Robin as he tried to stand up. "Oww," he groaned as he fell back to the ground, clutching his side. "Bloody 'ell," Will exclaimed.

"Will, you're in no shape to carry Angel. You can't even stand up on your own," Friar scolded him. I’ll take care of him," Little John said as he bent down to scoop up Will. "Put me dahn. I can take care of meself, Little John," Will shouted out at him, struggling in his grip.

"Will, they are right. You need some bandaging up yourself. Just let him carry you to the horses, okay," Robin said, as he cradled Angel's body. "All right then, but no furffer. I feel like a bloody baby," he whined. The others just laughed.

When they reached camp, Friar Tuck and the others immediately took Angel to her tent, to lay her down. "Marion, get me some rags with cool water.

Little John, grab my stuff out of my tent," Tuck commanded. Friar turned his attention to Will while he waited on his things. Will sat by Angel's side, staring at her, worry covering his handsome features.

"Will, let me look at that wound you have on your side," Tuck said. "Oh, right, it's nothing right, Friar. Just focus on gettin' Angel better," he said. "Will, please, let Tuck look at you. He can't do anything for Angel yet without his stuff," Robin pleaded with Will. "Okay, not so bad, it does 'urt a bit," he confessed.

Tuck examined the wound. "It doesn't appear to be too deep. I'll have to clean it up and sew it up, ‘owever," he said. " I 'ate stitches more than anything." "As for the rest of your cuts, those we can just clean up. They don't appear to be deep. You will need to get some sleep, my boy," Tuck told him. "I'm not leavin' Angel's side until she wakes up." he said looking down at her pale face with concern. "I suppose we could set up a cot next to her for you," Robin suggested, seeing his friend's worried face. "That'd be great, Rob. Thanks! "

"Did get a chance to ask her to...," Robin said before Will cut in. "No, the bastards came right wen I were ready ter ask 'er. If she dies and I never got the bloomin' chance ter tell 'er 'ow much I luvd 'er, right, I'll...," Will shook his head. "will, I'm sure she's gonna be fine. She's survived worse than this," Robin reassured him. Will looked up at his friend. "I sure 'opes your rights, Robin!"

Marion and Little John came into the tent with the items Tuck had requested. He took one of the wet cloths and draped it over Angel's forehead. "Hopefully this will help bring her temperature down. Marion, why don't you work on cleaning u Will's wounds with one of those cloths," Tuck suggested. "Sure thing," Marion responded. Tuck started mixing some herbs and other stuff up in a mug.

"What's that you’re doing there," asked Little John. "It's something that we can give Angel when she wakes up. It will give her some strength," Tuck responded. Then he mixed up something else with water in another mug. He handed the mug over to Will. "Wots this," Will asked. "Just drink it. It will help with the pain," Tuck said. Will took a swig of the concoction. Will almost spit it back out. "Wotcher tryin' ter do, kill me? Wots in 'ere," Will yelled. "Just drink it," Tuck and Robin said in unison. "Oh, I see. A conspiracy ter kill me," he grinned as he drank the rest of it.

Tuck had been moving the damp cloth around Angel's forehead, trying to cool her fever. Will had been holding onto her hand when he felt a slight squeezing of it. "Angel! Angel, its Will. Your safe at 'ome now, " he said, moving closer to her side. She fluttered her eyelids a bit before she opened them completely. "Will," she said weakly. "It's me 'oney."

She looked around to see everyone's looks of concern. "We're back at camp," she asked. "Yes, in your tent," Will said. "How long was I out," she whispered. "About 24 'ours, my luv," Will responded. "That long. It didn't seem like it." "Well, your back with us now," Robin smiled down at her.

"Will, I'm so sorry about what happened to you. Nothing like this would have ever happened to you if I hadn't been in your life," she whispered. Robin and the others snuck out of the tent. It seemed Will and Angel needed time to talk alone.

"Angel, don't you ever talk about not bein' in me life. I can't even remember wot me life were like before you were in it. Would I lie to you? You mean everything ter me. Besides, I 'ave been frough worse than wot Langton did ter me! You 'ave ter remember, I 'ang 'round Robin 'ood," He grinned. She smiled at him weakly. He handed her the mug of medicine for her to drink.

"Here before you say anymore, right, drink this. Friar says it will make you feel better." She sat up a little bit in bed and took a sip from the mug.

"Mmmmm....not bad," she commented, drinking some more. "Why do you get the bloody right good tastin' stuff and I get the horrible stuff," he said, looking at his empty mug. Angel giggled a little. "Because Tuck likes me," she grinned. He chuckled. "'I'll 'ave ter have a talk wiv 'im."

Will stared into Angel's eyes for a moment, remembering how they had changed to look so evil, almost. "You saw it, didn't you," she said to him. "Saw wot," he quickly responded. "The change in me."

"I seen yor eyes change colors. Yer 'ave a looked possessed Angel. You knew wot were 'appenein' ter you," he asked. " I didn't then, but I do now. I have to go home, Will," she said. "Wotcher mean, go 'ome. This is yor 'ome," Will said , seeming a bit perplexed. "I mean home to Scotland. See my parents came to me when I was unconscious. I know this must sound crazy to you, but it's true. I wasn't completely crazy to you, but t's true. I wasn't completely unconscious. I was with my parents most of the time, or I should say they were with me. They told me I had reached that point in my life where I have to be told what I am truly all about."

Her face was lit with excitement. Will was still confused and even wondering about her statement, what she was really about. This kind of worried him. He was worried that maybe all this stuff going on with her would take her away from him. he couldn't even think of life without her anymore.

"Wotcher mean by wot you right are about," Will questioned with concern filling his brown eyes. "I meant more of what gifts I possess. They told me that what happened with Lord Langton was a turning point in my life. They told me that the time in my life was right where the rest of my powers would come into being now," she replied.

"So do you mean you’re responsible for Lord Langton burnin'," Will asked with a tome of worry in his voice. "Yes, I believe I was. The reason I have to go to Scotland is to find my Grandmother. I never even knew my Grandmother. My parents said the powers skip a generation. She has the same gifts as I do, that's why they named me after er. Her name is Angelina. She lives in Killichonan. It is in the highlands. They told me that she can tell me how to use and control my powers properly. That is why I must go," she beamed. She was so happy finding out that she had family still alive. Plus, being able to see her home country again would be wonderful. Will was having a tough time absorbing all this information. He also couldn't believe how much energy Angel seemed to have ow, after her ordeal.

He held her hand and smiled at her. She was so enthusiastic, he was worried. She could see it in his eyes. "Will, yu don't have to worry about me anymore. My biggest fear and the source of all my pain is dead now. And knowing that I was the one who madehim suffer for once and for all, I am truly free." She looked at him with pleading eyes. "Please be happy for me!"

"I will always be 'appy for you, Angel. If you want ter go ter Scotland, right, we will go," he said, his brown eyes smiling back at her. She jumped up and hugged him. She whispered in his ear. "I love you so. What did I ever do to deserve you?" "You gave me that luv in return," was his response as he held on tight to her. They held that embrace like it was their last, but it was only the beginning.

A week had passed and everybody was getting all their stuff together for their long journey. Will and Angel told the others everything about what had happened back in Lord Langton's castle to Angel needing the travel to Scotland. Robin said that the journey was too long for them to go on their own. So he volunteered himself, Marion, Little John, and Friar Tuck to go along with them. Actually they were all eager to travel to another country that was so close to their own.

They had gotten two wagons for the trip using two horses to pull each. They packed up enough food and supplies to get them to Scotland. Once they got there, they would worry about their trip home. They piled most of the supplies and food onto one wagon. Little John and Tuck would ride with that one. The others all would ride on the other wagon. They weren't exactly sure how long it would take them to get there, but they knew it would be at least a week.

Luckily it was still summer time, so they didn't have to worry about it getting too cold, but still packed up a lot of blankets. Most of them were looking forward to seeing a new place. Will was the only one leery of the trip. He mostly was worried about what Angel might find out about herself and that somehow that would destroy their relationship. He worried that her grandmother may also not want her to return to England.

All this went through his mind as he gathered the last of his things together for the journey.

All Angel talked about the past week was going to Scotland and how all she remembered was how green and beautiful everything was. Will really was happy for her and wanted to find out more about this thing she could do. She tried explaining to Will that it seemed whatever she wanted to happen and if she wanted it with all her being, it would happen. She had wanted Lord Langton to suffer so badly for hurting Will and herself, that she wanted him to burn alive. Somehow she was able to move the torch, which ended up starting the fire. She didn't know exactly how this happened, but that it did. This is why she so desperately wanted to talk with her grandmother about her powers.

They prepared the wagons so they could depart first thing the next morning. Angel and Will went down to the riverside to relax and talk about the journey ahead. Will decided he better tell Angel of his worries before they left. "Angel, I need ter know that wotever you find out about yorself in Scotland ain't gonna change us future together. I'm bloody well worried about wot trip might mean ter us," Will said, his brown eyes filled with anxiety.

"Will, you are the one that changed my life. You are the one who made me the way I am today. How could I ever even think of a future without you in it. You are my future. Whatever I find out from my grandmother isn't gonna change the fact that I'm in love with you," she reassured him. She looked up into his soft, brown eyes. She took his face in her hands and kissed him softly on the lips. She moved her hands to his head. She started showing him her childhood memories of Scotland.

The land was green and lush. The green, snowcapped mountains towered in the distance. Between them lay small villages where men were dressed in their clans tartans. The people were working the farms and fields. He saw children running around playing games by the lakesides. Everything looked so peaceful and happy.

Angel pulled her hands away from Will and smiled at him. "See, nothing to fear. All will be okay, I promise," she said with warmth in her voice. Will smiled at her, his fears being calmed by her happy images and her promise. They walked back to camp together to get ready for a good nights sleep for the long  Journey ahead.

The next morning they woke up all refreshed and ready to travel. They said goodbye to all the others. Sean was left to be in charge of the camp while they were gone. "Well, are you ready," Robin asked the others, as he jumped into the wagon's seat. "Yes, let's get this trip started," Will exclaimed. Angel smiled at him, pleased to see his eagerness. Robin grabbed hold of the reigns and got the horses moving. Little John and Tuck started off behind them in the supply wagon. They were all anxious to see new places and get away from Prince John's tyranny for awhile.

End of Chapter Four

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