The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Three

Will stared across the table at Angel. He kept on watching every bite she took of her food. Then he would make some weird, disgusting face.

"Stop that," Angel giggled. "How am I ever supposed to finish eating with you making goofy faces at me and making me laugh," she scolded him.

"Awe, right, but Angel, I luv wotchin' you eat. You take such wee wee nibbles. It's funny," Will grinned. "Will Scarlet, if you know what's good for you, I'd leave the woman alone. She might try some mind thing on you when you're sleeping," Marion laughed. "Yeah, Will. Angel can do some pretty wicked things to your mind, if you don't watch it," Robin said, winking at Angel. Angel gave Will a threatening glance. "Yeah, Will. Maybe I can brainwash you into thinking you’re a chicken!" Angel, Marion, Robin, and all the others laughed. "I thinks I will behave now.

I don't wants to be a cluckin' all uvvers camp," Will laughed. They all laughed while finishing their meals.

As Angel finished cleaning up after herself, she started walking back to her tent. Will jogged up to her. "Hey, me ladee, I was 'opin' 'morrow we could goes out of a ride together. There 'as been somethink I've been wantin' ter ask you, right, but 'aven't 'ad the chuffin' chance yet."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is that what last night was supposed to be about? I'm sorry, I should have known you had more planned. Instead I just think it's my time to pour my guts out," Angel sighed. "No, Angel it's not yor fault, I still could 'ave, right, but I weren't sure it were the right time anymore. But now I know I'm bloody well ready ter talk," he grinned, showing those deep dimples of his. His brown eyes were shining in the moonlight. Angel smiled back at him. "Well, if you want to, I'm game." "Ok, then. 'morrow it is!" Will gave Angel a goodnight kiss and walked off to their tents.

It was another beautiful day in Sherwood Forest. Will and Angel had woken up early and had breakfast before they rode off together. Will had shown Angel how to ride a horse. When her and Robin escaped from Lord Langton's castle, they had taken a horse with them. She kept this horse as hers now. So she followed Will and his horse to their destination.

Will always liked taking Angel to new places, since she never got out before. She loved going anywhere with Will. Will had a big question he wanted to ask her the other night at the cottage, but when Angel started telling him of her past, he decided it could wait. That is wait until this day. He was ready to ask her and didn't want to wait any longer than he had to.

He was taking her to his favorite spot where he hung out as a child. It was a large, oak tree. The shade it provided in the summer was what Will loved best. It was also along a little stream. Will often fell asleep under that tree, listening to the water flow. He wanted to share the peace and relaxation that place brought him, with Angel. It would be perfect!

Angel had packed a small lunch for the two of them and took along some blankets. She was used to doing this, as she did it every time they took these little day trips.

When they got to the place, Will told Angel to tie her horse to the small tree, nearby. The tree was by the stream, so the horses could drink. Will took Angel's hand and led her to the big, old, oak tree. It was magnificent. The tree was still full of life. It's shade spread out in a large circle beneath the branches. Angel laid the blankets down and they sat and cuddled.

"Will, it's so beautiful here. How did you ever find this," Angel asked. "Well, wen I were a lad and I needed a place ter hide wen me parents started fightin', I would come 'ere. I found it once wen I were runnin' oray from 'ome," Will said solemnly.

"Why did you run away from home," Angel asked him. "Well, because I don't like takin' orders from any fairy and especially me dad. 'e were a real jerk. Drunk all the chuffin' time, So once I just decided ter run oray from it all and ended up 'ere. It were far enough from me 'ome, right, that no geezer could find me, So this became me special place." "Well, I'm glad you're sharing it with me, Will. I love it!" Angel smiled up at him.

"Angel, there's been somethink I've been wantin' ter ask you now for sometime. I just recently got up enough guts ter ask you," Will blushed. "What is it, Will?" "Well...," Will's words were cut off as they heard a voice behind them. "Well, look who we have here. My dear Angel," the voice growled out. Angel froze in Will's arms, then she felt a cold chill go down her spine. Will looked down at Angel. He could see the fear in her eyes. An older man dressed in all black came to stand in front of where Will and

Angel sat. Then a bunch of soldiers came and surrounded them, swords pointed at Will and Angel. The man in black walked up to the couple and put his sword to Angel's neck. Will quickly swatted it away from her.

Next thing he knew, five swords were pointed at his throat. "Not a smart

move, my lad. You could get your head cut off by doing that," the older man laughed evilly. Angel cringed hearing that laugh again. The man put his sword again at Angel's throat. He smiled wickedly at her. "My dear, I have searched long and far for you, and now my reward has come."

Angel stared at the man with deep hate in her eyes. "If your gonna kill us, just get it over with," she said, glaring at him. "Oh, but Angel, you of anyone should know that's not how I do things. I like a long, drawn out, painful process," he roared, with revenge in his steel blue eyes.

Will knew who this man was. He felt the hate for him the minute he saw him. "Lord Langton, you'll never lays another hand on Angel," Will declared, his brown eyes almost black with hate. Will just held onto Angel tighter, wanting her to know he'll protect her.

Lord Langton pointed his sword towards Will's Face. "And who might you be? A man Angel brainwashed into caring for her," Langton sneered. Will and Angel, simultaneously, leapt to their feet, each ready to defend the other. Will blurted out first.

"You of any fairy 'ere are the chuffin' one 'oo brainwashes or uses blokes for yor own right good. Angel is an innocent girl that you used for yor own selfish purposes. You will never use 'er or 'arm 'er again," Will shouted out, his eyes flaring. Then Angel followed up. "You know nothing of caring for people. This man here has shown me what I didn't think could exist, because of how you poisoned me. You have no right to speak of this man when you not even man enough to be a man!"

This threw Lord Langton into a rage. He reached out and grabbed Angel's arm with his left, bringing his sword up to her neck with his right, pulling her into him. Will went to grab after her but found six swords pointing at him. "O, my dear Angel. It seems that I am in control again," Langton sneered. Angel's eyes were on Will the whole time. They both were concocting plans in their heads. Angel had learned much about the Outlaw way of life in the recent months. She had learned a few tricks from others. Angel winked at Will. Suddenly she threw her head back into Lord Langton's, knocking him away from her.

She jabbed her right arm into his, knocking the sword out of it. She quickly grabbed up the sword and held it to Langton's throat. Will, in the meantime, had the luck of guards being distracted by Angel's actions and lowering their stances. Will took full advantage of it. He kicked his long legs out, tripping one of the soldiers into another one. Will grabbed his sword as it fell. Will then slashed his sword at one of the oncoming guards. While kicking his leg out and knocking down another. A few more soldiers popped out from behind the trees. Lord Langton had brought reinforcements. He wasn't gonna let Angel get away from him this time. The guards all came out and held their swords at Will.

"Angel, you kill me, they kill your boyfriend," Lord Langton said. Angel could see Will losing his battle. The extra soldiers were proving too much for him. Angel looked angrily at Langton. "Just know this, Langton, I will destroy you," Angel said, her eyes a fiery green. She lowered her sword. "Smart move, my dear!"

The soldiers now had Will under control. They were holding onto his arms. Angel turned around to give Will an apologetic look. "Angel, watch out," Will screamed. It was too late. The kilt of Lord Langton's sword crashed down on Angel's head, knocking her into darkness. It wasn't long before Will fell into that same darkness.

The place was all too familiar to Angel. She woke up, feeling her arms

stretched out above her. The manacles were cutting into her wrists. She looked above her to see small trickles of blood dripping down her arms. She was too short for her feet to touch the floor, so she remained still, as to not make the cuts any worse. She looked around the cell, looking for Will.

The cell was fairly dark, making it hard to see anything. A small window of light shined in, setting an eerie glow to the cell. She looked through the bars, into the adjoining cell and could see him. He was still unconscious. He, too, hung from the manacles just as she did. The cells were identical. Angel had spent many times in these cells, using her mind powers on others, but she never had been the one locked up in one of these cells in Langton's castle.

Angel tried calling out to Will, to wake him up. It was a few moments before he finally stirred. "O' bloody 'ell," Will said, noticing his predicament. He glanced over, seeing Angel in the cell besides him and became greatly concerned. "Angel, are you okay? Has he been here yet? Did he hurt you?" Will was asking with great concern.

"Will. I'm fine. He hasn't done anything to me, yet." Will didn't like hearing her say 'yet'. "I swear, he lays one ugly finger on you, right, I'll kill 'im wiv me bare 'ands." Angel smiled at Will for all his concern over her. "Will, I'm a different person now, than I was when he knew me before. You have made me stronger. He can't truly hurt me anymore. He has done all he can do to me. I will not be afraid of him anymore. He loves seeing his victims with fright in their eyes. It won't happen with me anymore, especially with you by my side," Angel said confidently. "Well, I'm glad you feel that way. I just 'ope yor right, because all I know is I would luv to..."

Will was cut short as a voice boomed out. "You would love to what, my lad," Langton sneered. Will just smirked at him and said, "slit yor throat!"

"Oh, really! And how might you accomplish that in the current position you are in," Langton laughed. "I won't be 'ere for long," Will grinned. Langton walked into his cell and pulled out a leather whip from behind him. He struck out at Will with it, hitting him in the chest. Will made a small moan.

"You leave him alone," Angel screamed out. "It's me who made you look like a fool. It's me you should punish." Langton looked over at her. She had a spark to her he never saw before. He could see a fire burning in her eyes. He smiled at her and walked over to her cell.

"Well Angel, it seems you aren't the same girl who left here about a year ago," he said, staring into her angry green eyes. "You have fight and spunk back, just like when you were younger. Ah, yes, but then if you remember I taught you a lesson or two in respect and control. I can do that again, you know," he grinned

evilly. Will was fighting against his chains. "You touch 'er, I'll spot to it yer burn in hell fire," Will yelled out. Angel glanced over at Will. "Will, I can handle him, please," she pleaded, then turning her attention back to Langton. "You can do whatever you please with me, but you will never have control over me again. I will not fear you no more," she said confidently, smiling defiantly back at him.

"Well, so be it then. I know of other ways to make sure you suffer," he said, then glanced over at Will. "Yes, I know what will drive you crazy." He turned on his heel and headed out of the cell. "I'll return soon to begin," he yelled back as he headed down the long corridor.

Angel looked at Will, her eyes full of concern. "Will, he's gonna use you to get to me. I know him. I can't let him hurt you. I just wish I could free my hands, then I could do something," she struggled against the manacles, causing more blood to run down her arms.

"Angel stop it, yor only makin' it worse. I'm a pretty tough lad, right, you know. I can 'andle a bit, " he tried smiling at her. She smiled back at him. "I know you are a strong guy, but you shouldn't be caused to suffer because of me. It just makes me feel horrible. I'm so sick of causing pain for those who don't deserve

it." Will could see a small tear run down her face. He hated seeing her cry. He wanted so badly to go over to her and hold her, but he wasn't able to. He only prayed that Robin and the others would realize they were missing.

End of Chapter Three

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