The Undiscovered

By Sandy Neumann

Chapter Two

"My family was from Scotland. I was born there, but then my family moved here to England when I was 5. My last name is MacNeil. Lord Langton has forbidden me to ever say it once my parents died," Angel sighed. "My parents possessed the same power I have. Lord Langton had heard some villagers talk about my parents and their powers. I was seven when my life turned upside down. We lived in this small village and weren't well known.

My parents tried to stay to themselves. They would let me play with the other kids outside, but I guess they feared somebody would find out about their powers. One day a group of villagers came to our home. I was out playing. The villagers started beating my parents and dragged them out to the village center. A man had approached me and told me to come with him, that I'd be safe with him.

He took me out of sight where no one could see me, but I could see what was happening. When I saw my parents being dragged to the village center where two long wooden poles had been set up with firewood surrounding them. I tried to run away from the man who grabbed me, but he wouldn't let me go. They tied my parents up to the polls and...,"

Angel started crying again. Will put his arms around her. "Don't tells me if it's 'ard for you." "No, I'll be okay. I need to get this out," Angel said, wiping her tears away. Then she continued on.

"They set the firewood on fire. They were yelling and screaming for help and he wouldn't let me go to them. The villagers were chanting 'Burn them,

Burn the devils'," Angel was shaking. Will tried to console her, by holding her tighter. "I watched them burn to death and did nothing."

"Angel, you were only seven, right, wot could you do," Will told her.

"The man who was holding onto me, keeping me from them told me I was too young to die. He said he would care for me and protect me," Angel almost laughed at this thought now. "Some protector he turned out to be."

"Were this man Lord Langton, " Will asked.

"Yes," she sighed out. She had calmed down some now. "You know he purposely let me see them burn. He knew all along what he was doing. I was such a fool."

"Angel, yor bein' too 'ard on yorself. You were only seven wen this 'appened. 'ow could you 'ave known any better," Will told her again.

"I know I'm being ridiculous. I was too young to know any better, but I just can't help and think back at that moment. It was one of the worst in my life," she said as she looked into Will's loving eyes.

"Anyways," she said, trying to get past that memory. "Lord Langton took me to his castle. He told me he would raise me like his own child. He had tutors for me and made me learn how to speak proper English. He didn't want anyone to hear traces of my Scottish accent, thus being why I don't have one now. I trusted him for the longest time. I had no reason to doubt him. I thought he had saved my life and was caring for me. I didn't realize he had long term plans for me.

As I got older, he started having me experiment with my mind reading. He had known I possessed the same power my parents had. He would bring in his guards or servants and have me read their thoughts. He would sometimes have them punished or tortured when he found out they had betraying thoughts. This is when I began to realize what a cruel man he was. Then one day when I was about ten, I overheard some of the other servants talking about me. They had said the only reason I was there was because Lord Langton planned the whole thing out. They said he was the one who told the villagers about my parents and told them they were the devil's children. He told them they should be burned at the stake.

He was behind my parents death and all because he wanted to raise me, to use me for my powers." Angel seemed angry now. "So, I went to him and confronted him with this information. When I found him, I stormed up to him and said, 'You had my parents killed. You're the one who called them devils and sent them to their death. You're the devil.' Then I went at him, trying to read his mind. He pushed me down to the ground and called in his guards. I got up and tried to attack him again. I managed to hit him in the face. His guards grabbed me by my arms. He said to me, 'You must learn to respect me. I brought you to safety.'

I yelled back at him, 'I will never respect someone who had my parents killed and let me watch them die,' I then spit in his face. Well, he told the guard to take me out to the courtyard. They took me out to the courtyard. This is where he usually took prisoners or some of the servants for punishment. There were two poles, both having manacles hanging from them. The guards took me out there and put me between the two poles. I was small, so my arms were completely outstretched between the two poles, almost hanging between these two poles. Lord Langton came strolling out, with a whip in hand. I knew what was coming, I had seen it happen to many others times before. I just couldn't believe that it was gonna happen to me. He told me, 'I'll teach you to respect me.'

Then he announced to the gathering group of guards and servants, 'This is what happens when you don't respect my authority.' Then he started." Angel stopped for a moment. Will could see the pain in her eyes. He continued holding her, making her feel his presence. "He started whipping and lashing away on my back. I was crying, begging for him to stop, but he continued on until I was on the verge of unconsciousness."

"I could barely hear him say to the crowd, 'Now you all know what it means to disrespect me and what happens.' Then he whispered to me. 'Make sure it never happens again.' " Angel sighed out. She was showing signs of sleepiness and distress.

"Why don't you tell me the rest in the chuffin' mornin'. I think it's about time we cop some sleep. Besides I think the candles and fire are low," Will told her, stroking her face. Angel smiled up at him and agreed. She couldn't bare that thought of revealing the rest right now. It was much harder telling the whole story than how she did with Robin by just showing him her memories in his mind. The images just told the brief story of what happened, but she was now almost reliving it by telling it to Will. But one thing was different and it was because of Will. Throughout the whole time Will looked at her with love and caring eyes. He held onto her, holding her hand or placing his arms around her. He supported her all the way. This made it easier for her to tell.

She curled up in his arms and rested her head against his chest. "Let's sleep then," She told him. "The rest can wait 'til morning." Will obliged her and sunk back against the pillows, pulling the blankets up over them. She fell asleep to the sound of humming voice.

Angel woke up to find Will not next to her. She looked towards the open door and could see Will standing outside. She got up and started walking towards where Will was. She stopped at the table where she picked up the angel Will carved with her image. It was truly amazing. As she looked at it, she felt an overwhelming joy building inside her. Will must have spent a lot of time carving it, but what most fascinated her was the face was hers. Will must have studied her

features so well, she never even realized it. Knowing what he put into making it just proved to her how much he cared for her. She felt so good knowing someone cared for her so much.

She set the angel back down and went to Will. She put her arms around his waist and held onto him, laying her head against his back. "Good morning! What are you doing up so early, standing out here," Angel said.

"Good mornin', darlin'. I was just thinkin' about things," Will said solemnly.

"About what I told you last night," Angel asked.

"Yes, that and 'ow a man like that is still 'round able ter cause more pain and suffering ter others."

"Well, maybe I shouldn't tell you anymore, seeing as how it bothers you so," Angel said. Will turned around to face Angel. She looked so beautiful with the rising sun shining off her hair, showing the red highlights on her long curly locks.

"No, right, you said it's 'elpin' you feel better getting it out. I can deal wiv it. I just would luv ter get me 'ands on Langton," Will said. Will turned to look out towards the forest. "It's a beautiful mornin'. Want ter go dahnby the river and talk

down there," Will asked Angel.

"Sure," Angel said as Will took her hand and walked over to the river.

They sat down by a large oak tree right on the riverbank, They took their shoes off and put their feet in the water. "So, do you want ter continue wiv wot 'appened ter you, or some other subject, maybe like us future," Will said grinning. Angel smiled back at Will.

"Well, as much as I'd like to discuss our future, I don't think I can have a normal future without you knowing about something that happened to me that could affect our future together," sighed Angel, her eyes drifting downward. Will could see whatever she still hadn't told him seemed to have the most devastating effect on her. "I don't know where I left off. I guess after the respect lesson Lord Langton taught. I followed his every order for long time. The scars on my back reminded me of it every time I looked in the mirror." Her eyes were all sad again. Will couldn't stand seeing her like this. He moved closer to her, putting his arm around her, making sure she knew he was there for her. Angel gave him a sad smile.

"Some years had passed. Lord Langton had me testing my mind skills on prisoner's and servants. During that time is when I learned I could also put thoughts into others minds. One day Lord Langton had me doing this to a servant who had tried to steal gold from him. Langton told me to use my pain and give it to her. I put all my pain into her mind. I started to relive the moment my parents were killed and my own disgrace. I noticed the servant screaming and shaking, begging for me to stop. I started shivering. Langton pulled me away from the servant. I felt weak and fell into Langton's arms. I watched the servant's body tremble and mumble incomprehensible words. That is when I first realized how much power I possessed in my mind. When I began to realize what I could do, I thought, 'why couldn't this work on Langton?' So I decided this might be my one way to escape and start a new life."

"A few days later he had a young girl who tried to run away from one of the guards, there to be punished. He wanted me to give her my experience of the lashings in her mind, to show her what will happen to her if she continues on this behavior path. I refused to do that to this young, innocent girl. I wouldn't wish that on any other young person, what I went through. He got furious with me. He knew he couldn't force me to do it. He told me to go to my quarters and he'd deal with me there, later," Angel sighed heavily.

"I waited for him to come, thinking this would be a good time to test my mind powers on him. When he came to my room, the rage inside him was evident. He walked straight up to me and hit me in the face. 'You will never disrespect me in front of another person again,' he had told me. This is when I decided to make my move. I jumped up and clutched his head in my hands. I started feeding him all the pain I had inside of me and that I had felt from others minds. He struggled against my grip. He managed to push me off him and onto my bed. He went and ripped some cloth off of my sheets."

Angel started to hesitate more and more with her words. Will could see her getting very upset, the intensity was getting worse. He pulled her into his chest and held onto her. She rested her head against his chest, hiding her face from him.

She then continued on with her story, her voice quivering as she spoke. "He grabbed me hard and flipped me over onto my stomach. He placed his knee in my back and tied my hands behind me. I started shivering with fear of what was possibly gonna come next. He turned me back over and...," she hesitated again, her voice shaking. Will could hear her starting to sob. It was killing Will to hear this.

"Yous don'ts 'ave to do this, Angel. Not if it's too painful," Will tried comforting her. She just tried to continue on.

"He ripped my blouse. He took a strip from it and gagged me with it. 'Stop your crying,' he growled at me. 'I'm gonna show you who's in control now,' he said as he ripped at more of my clothes. I started feeling like I was losing my mind. This wasn't happening. I just closed my eyes and prayed, when I felt him. I ....I prayed...I just prayed for it all to be someone else's nightmare I was feeling." Angel was crying in Will's chest. Will held onto her tightly, wanting to stop her pain. He even felt a tear run down his face. he started feeling a heated rage inside him. The rage was for Lord Langton. This man had damaged the woman he loved so. He knew what his next mission in life would be, to put Lord Langton through hell and back.

Angel was regaining her composure. She briefly looked up at Will to see his reaction. There wasn't the sadness and pity, just as he promised. Instead it was pure love, but she could also see anger in his eyes. She knew it wasn't towards her, but for Langton, for she also felt that fury. Will wiped away the tears away from her face. Again she couldn't believe that she was telling her past pain to someone who she trusted so, with all her heart. She felt so safe with him. He was her strength. She put her head back down against his chest. Will stroked her hair as she finished her story.

"When he was finished, he whispered in my ear, 'Now you know who is in control.' He smiled evilly at me as he walked out of the room. He left me there, half naked, bound and gagged. he purposely did that. He wanted me to dwell on what had happened. And I did. It changed my life forever. I felt so humiliated, worthless, and disgusting. I really prayed that he would kill me."

"When he came back, I just looked at him with fear. Afraid he was coming back for more. Instead he took my gag off. Then he asked, 'Now, who controls your life?' I didn't answer at first. My mouth was so dry. He slapped my face because I didn't answer fast enough. I finally mumbled out, 'You are!' It killed me to do so. 'Good, then keep that in mind for the future,' he aid, as he untied my hands. He then grabbed me harshly and said, 'Just remember I can have you anytime I want.' He let go of me and threw some clothes at me. 'Get dressed and be in the torture chamber in a half hour. We have a punishment to give out,' he had glared at me. From that moment on, anytime I hesitated to do something he wanted, he would whisper in my ear. 'Remember who's in control!' Then my mind would flashback to that horrible moment and I would continue on with his request. But he never did touch me again like that."

"Then when Robin came, he made me see having a life was possible again. When he trusted me enough and told me I could make a life here in Sherwood with you all, I hardly believed him. I didn't think I could escape Langton's grips ever. But Robin said I'd be safe. I trusted him. The best thing I ever did, because I met you!" Angel turned over and looked up at will. He was admiring her strength. He softly smiled at her. "Ares you guhna be okay," he asked her. She looked up at his soulful brown eyes and said, "As long as you are by my side, I will be fine."

"I will always be by your side, yous can counts on me," he winked. Angel had a relaxing feeling inside her. She told him everything and he still looked at her the same way, if not even more lovingly. She had found her soul-mate. They both looked out at the river, watching the water wash over the rocks. Things could move on now, they both thought to themselves.

End of Chapter Two

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