A Robin, By Any Other Name
By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Five

Olwyn hesitated, thinking for a moment about the magic he was turning his back on. But then, recalling the pain and hurt he felt inside when he thought he had killed his friend, he followed Robin out. Robin tried to lead them toward the thickest part of the forest, hoping to get far enough away so that Mortiana couldn't follow them. Olwyn gasped out as he ran. "Why didn't you go when I warned you?" he panted.

"You mean when you finally called me by my real name?" Robin ducked as a low branch impeded his way. Olwyn just ran under it.

Yes! I thought that would warn you not to come in!"

"I came there to save you," Robin told him as he leaped over a fallen log. "But I almost killed you! Wait! How did you avoid that dagger? It was aimed at your heart! How could you even see it coming in the dark?" A look of puzzlement crossed Olwyn's face.

Robin smiled. "An old Outlaw's trick." He winked at Olwyn. Olwyn smiled and ran on. As they ran, Olwyn noticed Robin was starting to slow down, a look of pain flowing over his face and into his expressive eyes. Robin stopped suddenly, clutching his side in pain.

Olwyn ran back to him. "What's wrong?" His voice held a hint of alarm.

Robin laughed softly, then gasped. "I guess I didn't duck in time."

Olwyn stared at Robin, then gently pulled Robin's hand away from his side to reveal a small wound. Blood began to ooze out of it. It was not a mortal wound, but it kept Robin from being able to run any further. Olwyn scanned the area they were in, to try to find something to help them.

Robin grabbed the boy's arm to get his attention. "Olwyn, you have to keep going. If Mortiana gets her hands on you, I fear you will be lost."

"No Robin Hood! I won't leave you!"

Robin painfully grinned, this was the first time he had called him Robin Hood. But there was no time to acknowledge it. Clutching his arm Robin tried to stress the danger he was in.

"Olwyn, you have to go. I can't run any further. We have no horses, and you need to get away NOW!" Robin tried to stress his point.

Olwyn shook him off, thinking furiously. He had to find a way. Then, it came to him. Maybe, just maybe, this time it might work.

"I'm not going to leave you, Robin Hood. You're my friend, and a friend doesn’t leave a friend in danger."

Robin smiled at this. Olwyn had finally grown up. Too bad it was in such a dire situation. Robin's head jerked around as he heard Mortiana's cries of rage. Time was up! "Olwyn, please go now!"

Olwyn warmly smiled at Robin. He had a plan. Stepping away from Robin he started chanting an incantation. He concentrated on the spell, the way Merlin had taught him. This time, however, his heart was in it. He gave himself fully into the spell. To help his friend Robin, he had to make it work.

Robin silently looked on as the boy eyes closed and his arms lifted toward the sky. And as Olwyn chanted, a small creature appeared in the forest. Olwyn chanted harder. He put his heart and soul into the spell. He had to help get Robin out of here! The small creature glowed, and slowly started to grow. Robin watched in amazement as it grew to its full height. Then, the outlaw smiled proudly at Olwyn. The boy had finally resolved the conflict he had inside. And as Olwyn finished his spell, Robin looked up in amazement. There, before them, was a full grown, flame spewing, bright green, flying dragon!

"Hello, girl!" Olwyn called, smiling happily.

The large green dragon roared. Fire flowing from its mouth, but Olwyn ignored it. He went to Robin, placing his arm around him Olwyn helped him walk towards the dragon. "Down girl!" Olwyn ordered her.

The dragon complied. She eased down to the ground, and allowed Olwyn and Robin to climb up onto her back. Olwyn placed Robin in front of him, holding onto him so he wouldn't fall.

"Let's go, girl!" He squeezed the flanks of the dragon with his thighs. The dragon roared again and spreading her wings she tensed her muscles. Crouching low she leaped into the air her wings flapping strongly as they lifted off the ground. As they flew up into the air Olwyn glanced down in time to see the very angry face of Mortiana. She screamed up at them, but Olwyn just laughed. It felt great flying in the air on the back of a dragon, his own creation. Feeling Robin's heavy weight on his arms, he was brought back to reality, and Olwyn ordered the dragon to fly back to Sherwood. They quickly made their way back, and all along the way, as they flew past villages, people pointed up to the sky in fear. Stories would be told of a dragon flying in the skies of England. A legend was born that day.

It didn't take as long for the dragon to fly what would have taken horses hours to run. Olwyn thoughtfully had the dragon land at the outskirts of the camp. Not wanting to scare the others with the sight of a full-grown dragon.

Jumping off first, Olwyn helped Robin off. "We have to get you to Tuck now, Robin. He can take care of that wound."

Robin silently nodded agreement. As they started off, Robin quietly asked. "Olwyn, what about the dragon?"

Olwyn turned and stared at his dragon for a moment. Then, the dragon flew up and headed off into the distance. "Don't worry about her, Robin. She's heading back to my cave. We have to take care of you, now!"

Robin smiled as he was led back to camp. He was glad it was finally over. At last, no more name-calling.

"Don't' bet on it, Hooded Locksley!"

Robin chuckled. "I liked Robin Hoodwink!"

Olwyn laughed with him. "Me too!"

As they entered the camp Tuck, Marion and Little John were amazed to see Olwyn and Robin laughing together. It was such a surprise, it took them a moment to realize that Olwyn was helping Robin to walk. Running up to them, Little John helped Robin to his tent, and as Tuck treated Robin's wound, Olwyn told the others what had happened. They were all amazed that Robin and Olwyn were able to escape from Mortiana's clutches.

"You think she'll try again before Olwyn leaves?" Little John asked.

"I think Mortiana knows Olwyn will not follow that dark path. He has already chosen the good side. No matter what she does now, he won't change his mind." Robin told Little John. Olwyn could feel the pride Robin had for him as he smiled down at him. Olwyn blushed. That was an emotion he had never felt before, one that previously had no meaning. Now, it did.

Olwyn had only one week left before he returned. In that week, he tried to perform as many good deeds as his magic would allow. When the day finally came for him to return, he realized how much Robin and the others meant to him. He would never see them again, at least, not as the boy he was now. He only hoped when he met them again as an adult, he would remember his love for them.

Robin prepared his horse to make the journey back to the cavern. Olwyn was squatting next to Cindy, and she was giving him the biggest hug. As she released him, her eyes filled with tears.

"Don't go Olwyn." she pleaded.

"I must, little one. I don't belong here. But I shall never forget you."

Reaching down he twitched her nose, opening his hand a small flower appeared. Snatching it she held it close to her smiling up at him.

Olwyn turned and headed toward Robin. He didn't want Cindy to see him crying. Robin moved to help Olwyn mount the horse, but Olwyn waved him off and climbed expertly up on his own. Smiling down at Robin, he exclaimed.

"Been practicing!"

"Good for you!" Robin laughed.

Pulling himself up behind Olwyn, he took the reins and rode off toward Olwyn's cave. The ride was silent. Olwyn had mixed emotions about leaving. He had promised himself not to read Robin's mind anymore, so he was unable to tell what the older man was thinking.

As they came to the cavern's entrance they found the way already open. Quietly, they made their way into the main chamber where the dragon waited.

"Hello, old girl!" Olwyn said. He reached up and patted her on her lowered head.

"Olwyn, what about the dragon. Are you going to leave her here?"

Olwyn made a flourish of his hands and the dragon suddenly disappeared. "Don't worry, Robin. She comes back with me." Olwyn opened his hand to reveal a miniature dragon. They both grinned, and entered the second chamber. There was a soft glow emanating from the center of the room.

"Well, I guess that's Merlin. I have to go now, Robin."

Olwyn kept his back turned. He didn't want Robin to see him cry, but Robin slipped around in front of him, and taking him by the shoulders, looked deep into the boy's sad eyes. Olwyn could see Robin's soulful brown eyes were also wet with tears.

"I'm going to miss you, Olwyn. You take care."

Olwyn nodded mutely as Robin pulled the boy into his arms and hugged him. At first Olwyn resisted, but then he put his arms around Robin and hugged him back. They stood there like that for several seconds, then Robin eased the boy away. Raising one hand, he wagged his finger in his face, his right eyebrow arching up.

"Now, take care of yourself. No more tricks!"

Olwyn wiped his face of the shed tears. "I will. I'll never forget you, Robin Hood." Robin sighed as he knew something that Olwyn didn't.

As Olwyn walked slowly to the glowing light he paused, then looked back. "Goodbye, Robin Hood!"

Robin called back to him. "Goodbye Ol-lose!" Robin chuckled to himself at the shocked look on the boy's face. "Gotcha!" he laughed with a half grin.

Olwyn smiled. "Yep, you did!" And laughing merrily, Olwyn entered the light. As he started to fade Robin said softly, "I know Merlin made you forget me, Olwyn. When we first met, you didn't know who I was. I guess it was for the best. Take care, Olwyn. I'll see you in about five hundred years!"

And then Olwyn was gone. Robin wearily walked out of the cavern. Mounting his horse, he made his way slowly back to camp. As he entered it, he could see there was some kind of commotion. Fearing the worst, Robin headed over to it. A small group had gathered around the cooking area. Robin could hear Cindy laughing. As he made his way past the crowd to see what was going on, he was surprised to see Olwyn sitting at one of the tables. Cindy was sitting on his lap holding her flower tightly in her hands. The old mage saw Robin and motioned for him to come over.

"Olwyn? Where have you been?" Robin asked, amazed to see his mentor.

"What do you mean, Robin?" Olwyn's deep voice rumbled out.

"Well, we haven't seen you during the past month."

"Oh, I've been around." He motioned with his hands.

Sitting down next to Olwyn, Robin looked at him, even more puzzled. "If you were here all this time, why didn't you help?"

Olwyn chuckled. "Robin, I needed to find out for myself what I wanted to be. My evolvement, like Mortiana's, would not have helped. I needed to figure it out for myself. Now, I can thank you for what you did."

Robin was shocked. "You mean you remember everything. Then why didn't you know me when we first met?"

"Because, my dear boy, it had not happened yet!"

Robin shook his head in confusion. Deciding it was better not to push it, he had a feeling it would only confuse him more. "Well, I'm glad I was able to help."

"Me too!" Olwyn said. As Marion walked in to see what the commotion was all about, Olwyn stared at her. The look on his face was all to familiar to Robin.

Robin rolled his eyes as he laughed out. "Not again!"

"Don't bet on it, Robin Hoodwink!" Olwyn chuckled.

Robin just waved his hand and said. "Yeah, whatever!"

They looked at each other and burst out laughing. The others were shocked to see Olwyn laugh, but Robin wasn't. He understood Olwyn better now, because he knew what he was like when he was a boy. And that boy had grown up to be one of his dearest friends.

The End

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