The Secret Part of The Return
By Paddy

Chapter Three

Merlin took Robin into the forest surrounding the castle. Nothing had changed. Everything was still gray as if in this world where he was right now wouldn't have been any colors. Robin was wondering about it and so he decided to ask Merlin.

"Would you mind to explain me something? Why is this world so gray, cloudy, and colorless? I just can't see why. Is it because we are in a dream."

"Well, both yes and no. This world only shows how you feel deep inside of yourself. It's not always gray and colorless 'round here. I told you, it depends on who is here. But I hope that this will change when you'll have solved your problems." Merlin smiled at him. Robin didn't know why but he smiled back at him. For real, he had almost lost all his courage. Who could he just forget something such terrible as the death of his sister? Merlin seemed to have recognized what was going on with Robin. Suddenly he started talking again.

"I know that it's absolutely impossible for you to forget her. None wants that.

The only thing we want is that you learn to handle with her death. It is hard to lose someone, who is so close to yourself as your own sister. It's even harder then when you already have lost everything that meant something to you. First your mother died when you have still been a child, then your father was killed when you've only been in the age of sixteen and then finally your sister.

It's only normal when you feel lonely and left of all surrounding you. Usually this feelings ends after some time. It was different in your case. It even became so strong, that your body was trembling. You have friends who worry about you, who simply love you. You do even have a woman, who loves you, though you are both too foolish to confess your feelings for each other. This also a part of the things you have to learn to live with. But this is one of the simple ones. You both have always the chance to make things clear. But your problems with your sister just can't be as easily erased. You must face the facts and directly look into their eyes. That's the only way to become the one you once have been: Robert of Locksley - Robin Hood."

Silently they went side by side for some time. Robin was thinking of Merlin's words. Of course, he was right, but he was still not sure if he could take all the efforts. He looked at the old magician. There was really nothing special about his looks. The white beard and the gray cloth didn't make him much different of a usual old man. But there was something special in his company. There was an unbelievable strength he was surrounded by; Robin had never felt before. Even Olwyn seemed to be not very extraordinary instead of this man. Robin was confused by all that. He didn't feel good in the company of such a powerful magician who even had served the famous King Arthur.

After a long time of walking, they came to a small creek.

"From this moment on you will be on your own. Just go ahead and you'll see what's coming up to you. I can't tell you anymore."

With it said, Merlin disappeared. Robin froze. He didn't wear anything except his old toga and his old leather pants and the weather was really terribly bad.

Despite Robin did as he was told and went on along the creek. After he had walked about to miles up the creek, he recognized from far a man sitting on the ground.

Not thinking of something evil, he went towards him. When Robin was almost at his place he only saw who was really sitting there: Jacobi. Robin stood still, wondering. Hadn't he killed his evil image times before? How could that be that this born devil was still alive? It seemed that Jacobi, who had noticed him, could almost read his thoughts.

"It seems yer thought I would be ultimately knocked out." He laughed.

"Well, yes. I thought so. But I'm really disappointed with myself. I had never thought that something like you is moving around in my dreams." Robin said coldly.

"Well, now yer can see, ‘ow mad yor for real, my mucker. It's just a pity that I couldn't ‘ave Marion in me 'ands before I died. Wen I'm only thinkin' of a night wiv 'er......"

"If you gave her a little look from afar, you would be a dead man now. Ahh, I forgot, you ARE dead. How foolish of me. I hope I didn't put to much salt into your open wound."

"The only thin' I left undone on earff is you. But thank God I can erase this wee mistake now." Jacobi jumped up and attacked Robin with a knife. Robin didn't have any weapons and so he had to fight with his bare hands. Soon a hard struggle had begun and none from outside could have said who was Robin Hood and who was Jacobi. Jacobi hit Robin's temple and blood was streaming over his whole face. Robin had to close his eyes so that no blood came inside of them. But he managed to throw his opponent against the ground and to get his knife. Robin threw himself on him.

"Haven't we been in this same situation a short time ago? I don't know why but all this seems so familiar to me. But you're lucky today. Today I'm not looking for you but for higher aims."

"I know. Yor searchin' for yor sister. The wee one 'oo didn't 'ave the courage ter show 'erself ter you in 'er lifetime. If I were yer, I would 'ave wanted a better sister, one 'oo 'as the bloomin' courage ter stand by me."

"None would stand by you, not even your own mother, you swine." Robin put the knife into Jacobi's chest. He just couldn't stand this man insulting his sister.

Robin was sitting under a tree next to the dead Jacobi. He had killed him twice now. Robin has never been a person killing was an easy thing for. Even if the death of this person seemed legal, he had always had a bad feeling about that. He stayed beyond that tree for some time before he went on his way. His way led him along that creek deeper into the forests. About two hours later he saw somebody else sitting under a tree again. Robin couldn't see that much, just enough to see, that it was none of his past enemies. The person was much smaller and petite. Silently he went towards this person. She was hiding behind an old oak-tree. The young woman was sitting there making a wreath of flowers.

Robin dared to come closer to her. When he had only been about three meters away, he saw, who was really sitting beyond that tree. It was Rachel. Robin didn't trust in his own eyes. Why was she still alive? She had died in his arms. His heart was pounding up to his throat. Should he talk to her? He wasn't sure about that at all. But on the other hand, there were so many things he wanted to talk with her about, so many questions he wanted to ask her, so many answers he still needed to give. A tear was rolling down his cheek. He thought about what she had said to him short time before she died: May the road rise to meet you...... Robin reproached himself. He had never ever thought about that. He also gets deeper in his depressions. He had prevented himself from meeting a straight road. Robin was watching the woman who was his sister. The sun was shining through the trees and on her dark brown hair. She was really beautiful. Robin almost didn't want to believe that this was really his sister. Somehow he was a bit proud of himself and first of all of her. Robin didn't want to spend the rest of the day in his hideaway and just couldn't leave without talking a word with her. But then he forced all his courage and went straight towards her. He just didn't know what was going on with him, doing this, it seemed his bones were working on their own. When he was right next to her, his heart has almost gone into his pants. He was excited just like a child the evening before its birthday that doesn't know how many presents it will be given. Finally, he managed to talk to her.


The young woman looked up to him. When she recognized who was standing in front of her, her face first was like stoned, but then she smiled friendly at him. "Robin! Oh, you'll never know, how much I hoped to find you soon. Just tell me my brother, how are you doing?"

"I miss you." He said silently.

"I know. But it seems to me that you miss me too much. Take a seat." She told him to sit down next to her place.

"Robin, why can't you just let me go? We didn't have that much time together. But we made something out of it. We helped those, who needed us. We spent our time with the ones we love. But once, everything comes to an end. Nothing stays forever and you know that.

"Rachel, I know that all by heart. But why did you have to leave again that soon?

Why does the Almighty always punish me by taking away from me the ones I love?"

"You can't blame God for it. It was simply our destiny. I could also ask myself why I haven't come to you to Sherwood Forest years before. But I don't ask this question, because I know that nothing will become clearer with it. You can't turn the wheel of time back. We both have to accept this."

Robin nodded his head yes, but his face showed that it was still hard for him to accept all this and first of all to understand. Both didn't say a word for some time.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked after some while. "What are you afraid of?" "Why do you think, I could be afraid?"

"I just can feel it. Don't try to lie at me. I know you very well."

"I just can't lie at you. You're right, there's really something wrong."

"And what is that something? Don't you want to tell me?"

"It's Marion. Maybe that all sounds crazy, but I'm afraid of losing her, when I confess my feelings to her. Up till today, I have lost anybody who meant something to me, who was the closest to me, who I loved the most. First my mother, then my father, you..."

"Robin, you have lost your family. I see, why you think that you're damned always to lose the ones who are the closest to you. But now, listen. There are so many people around you who love and need you. Marion, Friar Tuck, Little John, just to mention a few examples. You are needed and you are loved. Don't be shy to confess any feelings. You'll see that your life will be more worth living it this way. Robin, you have to find back to yourself and you have to let me go now. I cannot find any peace, knowing that you're suffering just because of me. Please, let me finally rest in my peace. The day will come when you and I will be united again together with our family. And until then, live your life and become happy. You can do it, I know."

"I'm not so sure about that-"

"You can! Believe me. You can and you will." Rachel smiled at him.

"Just never lose your faith." She took him in her arms and kissed him on his forehead. Then, she stood up.

"I have to go now. They're calling me. Live well, my brother. May the road rise to meet you, till we'll meet again someday."

"Rachel, no! Please, don't go!"

"I must. It's time to say goodbye."

A tear was rolling down his cheek. He nodded his head yes.

"Just allow me to enclose you once more."

Rachel took her brother into her arms and held onto him for a long time. Then a bright white light appeared, some steps away from them. She went towards it and entered it. Rachel turned around and waved goodbye.

"Goodbye," she said in a low voice before she disappeared.

"Goodbye," Robin said with tears in his eyes. A long time after Rachel had left, he was still standing at his place, without any movement, staring on the place, where Rachel had still stood just moments ago. Now he could let her go, now that he knew that their goodbye was not forever. Robin picked up on of the flowers, which surrounded the old oak-tree and put it on the place where Rachel had sat. Then he turned around and headed back to Merlin's castle. He didn't find Jacobi at the place where he had left him dead and one in all everything had changed.

Somehow, everything seemed to be different now. First Robin didn't knew what it was, but then he realized that his surrounding and the forest was no longer just gray. The trees were green and brown, the ground was colored most beautiful, and the from the bank of the creek many small stones were shining through the clear water in different colors. Colorful butterflies and birds were flying through the air and some other birds were sitting high up in the trees and sang their most beautiful songs. So Robin went towards Merlin's castle. But where he supposed it to be, he couldn't find it anymore. It had just disappeared as if it would have never been there. Robin shook his head. For the very first after a long time he had to laugh.

"Just like Olwyn," he thought to himself.

Then he recognized that it was already dawning and he hadn't slept for a long time. And so he was looking for a place to sleep. Soon he found a place near the creek. He lay down beyond and very old tree on the soft moss that grew on the ground and fell asleep at once.

When he woke up again, he was alone in his hut. He looked through the window and saw that morning was just breaking. A smile curved his lips and he stood up from his bed in order to leave his hut to welcome the fresh morning. Quickly he put on his tunic and went outside. And there, one of the most beautiful English autumn mornings, he had ever seen, welcomed him. With happiness, he went towards the main part of the village and he gave every villager that passed him by a happy hello as well. They were just wondering. Robin had returned, now ready to live his life.


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