Man of My Dreams
By Deborah L. Szabo
Chapter Four

The small cave in which Robin and John found themselves was dim and dank. A sole torch lent the room it’s only light. The two men had only just awaken from their near drowning. When they tried to move they discovered that they were chained to the wall in a standing position. Large iron shackles encased their wrists, while two more were attached to their ankles.

Robin was the first to break the quiet. "John are you okay?"

Shaking his head trying to clear out the last of the cobwebs John replied. "I think so. Everything still seems a bit fuzzy."

"That will go away. Do you think you can break these chains?" The smaller man questioned hopefully.

"I’ll try." Breathing deep the bigger man grabbed hold of the chains and gave a mighty pull. Nothing happened. Again he tried, his face flush from his exertions. Still nothing. He let out a long sigh. "It’s no use Robin. The chains are too thick."

Robin leaned his head against the hard surface of the cave’s wall. "We’ll just have to think of something else."

Sending his friend a wan smile the taller man asked. "Do you have any ideas?"

Closing his eyes briefly before he answered. "Not at the moment but I’m sure we’ll think of something." Then to himself he added. "We have to, before Nevit uses us as bait to get Marion."


The full moon shone bright in the dark sky. It’s rays lighting the way as Marion made her way to the cave’s opening. She tried to quiet the quaking that engulfed her body as she stepped into the dismal tunnel. Navigating the dim passage quickly despite the lack of light. At the large cavern that opened up before she came up short. Frantically she scanned the interior hoping to see Robin. When her search turned up empty she moved farther into the room. As she reached the center of the room she heard rock sliding against rock. Whirling around at the sound, she saw a large boulder move from one of the cavern walls. Her body tensed as she waited, knowing who was on the other side.

Nevit entered the room with an easy grace. His full lips held a gloating smile as he strolled towards her. He stopped just in front of her. "Marion, I knew you would come." He held out his hand to her. Marion gave the outstretched hand a wary glance and remained motionless. Tilting his head to one side he motioned again for her to take his hand.

Folding her arms across her chest she glared at him. "I want to see Robin and Little John."

Dropping his hand to his side he gave a tired sigh. "Oh very well. Come with me." She followed him to a small pool of water. Raising a ringed hand he waved it across the water. Gradually an image began to take shape. As it came into focus Marion was able to make out the picture. She saw Robin and John chained to a wall. They both looked dejected. John kept pulling at his restraints but to no avail. Robin had his head against the granite wall, eyes closed. Her heart sank at the sight. They were there because of her.

A voice behind her broke through her thoughts. "Satisfied."

Turning to face him her earlier fear dissolving into anger at the plight of her friends. "All right, I’m here. Let them go."

"Oh it’s not quite that simple." He replied with a short laugh. "First you will come to me willing. After I have sampled a bit of your delicious aura then I will release your two friends."

Marion didn’t trust him, but what choice did she have. Bowing her head she tried to gather her courage. This was Robin and John’s only chance, all be it a slim one. She needed to remain strong for their sake. Lifting her head she could not keep the fear from her eyes. Their blue depths swimming with tears that threatened to spill. Swallowing hard she squared her shoulders and stare at her tormentor. "What do you want me to do?"

A huge grin lit his face. "It is not painful my dear. I will drain a little of your life force, you will feel nothing but pleasure. After this first time, you will beg me to taste you."

His words did nothing to soothe the terror that was enveloping her. "You promise to let them go then?" At his nod she licked her dry lips. "Then let’s get to it."

Drawing closer he raised his ringed hand to her jaw line. Spreading his thumb and forefinger he cupped her chin. She stiffened at the contact but remained still. Breathing deep from his nostrils he closed his eyes in concentration. Slowly Marion felt a pull from deep within her. It felt almost like a tickle as it came up through her body. She felt herself drowning in the immense pleasure of it all. Never had anything felt so wonderful. Loosing herself in the sensation, she gave into his power. As the tingling feeling reached her jaw she felt it slip from her into his hand.

Nevit could feel her aura as he pulled at it. It was so sweet, so warm. Yes, she was all that he had hoped for. She would keep him satisfied for a long time. He tugged again as the warmth filled his hand then his whole being. He hadn’t felt this good in some time and this was only an appetizer. His hunger appeased for the moment he released his hold.

Marion fell back as she felt him free her from his grasp. He caught her before she tumbled to the ground. She felt dazed and when she looked into his coal back eyes a wave of pleasure crept all over her body. Lifting her slender hand she stroked his handsome features, her expression one of tenderness.

He smiled into her lovely face and in a gentle tone said. "Yes my darling. We have now been joined. You are mine forever."

Giving him a besotted look she replied dreamily. "Yes forever."


In the meantime Robin and John continued to struggle with their bonds. So far they hadn’t made much progress. John was getting more frustrated with every passing moment. After another attempt at pulling the chains he collapsed against the chains fatigued.

"It’s no use Robin. I can’t break free." The words labored from his efforts.

Trying not to sound discouraged Robin answered in what he hoped was a heartened voice. "Take a break John. We’ll figure a way out of this, we always do."

Feeling better at his friend’s encouraging words John gave a small smile. "What do you think Nevit is going to do with us."

Deciding his companion had a right to know the truth Robin replied. "We’re the bait." At the other man’s puzzled look. Robin proceeded to say. "He wants Marion and we’re the perfect bait."

The other man’s face drained of all its color. "No." He whispered. Then standing up he thundered. "NO!" As he again strained against the iron bands.


Marion had spent the last hour gazing dreamily into the tiny water pool. She couldn’t remember when she felt so contented. Leisurely she ran her fingertips through the cool clear liquid. Feeling his presence above her she turned her eyes upward to him and smiled. Holding out his hands she placed hers within and he gently pulled till she was on her feet.

Letting a slight smile come to his lips he said. "It’s time my dear. I fear your sweetness has spoiled me and my desire for you overwhelming." Giving him no resistance this time Marion lifted her chin into his waiting hand. Again intense pleasure engulfed her and she swayed on her feet.

Afterward she again sat by the pond, Nevit seated next to her. "I have never felt so exhilarated in my life." She exclaimed. "Thank you for choosing me."

Running his fingers through her long auburn hair he gave her a sly smile. "Ah but what you feel is only part of it." At her bewildered expression he went on. "Wait until you take your first life force sip."

Still confused she asked. "What do you mean?"

"My dear, if I keep draining your aura without replenishing it, soon you would be nothing more than a shell. You must seek out others, take their life force and make it your own. Then when you come to me you will be revived, allowing us to be together for eternity."

Marion’s eyes were wide as he spoke, then an uncontrollable excitement entered them. Clasping her hands in front of her face she gave him a gleeful look. "You mean I can do what you do?"

Laughing at her undisguised excitement he answered. "Yes, and you will never feel anything more intoxicating."

Grabbing his hands she asked. "When?"

He arched an eyebrow. "Impatient aren’t we." Putting a finger under her chin, his expression of deep consideration. "Hmmmm. Let me think."

Tugging at his hands she gave out a frustrated cry. "Please Nevit, can it be soon?"

"Well it just so happens that we are entertaining two guests in another room. I suppose you could try out your new gift on one of them."

Eyes lighting in anticipation she sent him a blinding smile. "Now?"

He gave her hand a quick kiss. "Now."

Jumping to her feet she dragged him up with her. With a few quick instructions he led her to a large rock. Prying it open it revealed a short passageway that led to a smaller room. Giving him a quick hug she went in.


Inside the tiny cave was quiet. The two outlaws, exhausted from their struggles hung limply in their bindings. Both heads bowed, chins resting on their chests. At the sound of footsteps Robin’s head came up. Squinting in the dim light he tried to see who their visitor was. Noticing that John’s head was still bowed Robin whispered. "John, wake up." The blonde head remained still.

The footsteps were getting closer until a figure could be seen in the soft glow of the firelight. Robin’s expression change from apprehension to delight as the figure came into view.

Marion entered the room, searching until her gaze rested on the two men attached to the wall. A feline smile curved her lips at the sight. Moving closer she saw that one of the men was staring at her with a wide grin. He was extremely handsome. He had long sable hair that fell in thick tresses to his shoulders. A well-groomed goatee framed full sensual lips and she wanted to loose herself in his dark brown eyes.

He spoke and his voice sent shivers of pleasure down her spine. "Marion, am I glad to see you!" She didn’t answer but continued to devour every inch of him. "Marion, are you all right?"

Still she didn’t answer as she walked over to John. Pulling his head up by his hair she looked into his face. At her action, he came instantly alert. When he recognized her he went to smile but something in her look stopped him. "Marion?" He questioned.

Tilting her head she examined the blonde man before her. He was quite attractive, with his blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. She let go of his hair and let her fingertips trace his wide chest. "Hm, you are a large one aren’t you?" John just stared at her in shock. Smiling at his expression she blew him a kiss. "I think I’ll save you for later."

Withdrawing her fingers she glided over to Robin. He too wore stunned a expression. "Marion, what’s wrong with you?"

Her eyes went wide in amazement. "Wrong with me? There’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve never felt better." Then sending him a calculating grin she said. "In fact very soon I plan to feel even better." Standing so close to him that their bodies touched she placed her hands on his lean waist. Slowly she moved them up his body until they touched the vee in his tunic. Gently she slid her fingers across the exposed skin of his chest. Licking her lips she gazed up at him locking her eyes with his as her hands continued to explore his upper body. "Well my handsome rouge, you are made just as well as your friend over there."

Robin tried to speak but the moment his eyes met hers he felt lost. He wanted to pull away but couldn’t, not only because of his restraints but because a deep part inside him did not wish to. She was so beautiful and her eyes seemed even bluer than he remembered. The longer he looked into them the farther he fell.

She traced the side of his jaw line then let her fingers travel up to his hair. Thrilling at the texture of his rich thick hair as she wove her fingers into it. Dragging her hands through the long strands. Reluctantly she left his hair putting her hands back on his hard chest. "Oh yes, you will do nicely. I know you will taste the best of them all." Leaning in she let her lips touch his. The heat from his body and the feel of his lips made her body burn. The kiss deepened as she pressed her form closer to his.

Robin felt like he was about to explode. Never had he felt anything more wonderful. He always knew kissing Marion would be like nothing else, but he was not prepared for how all consuming it would be. He never wanted it to end and was dismayed when he heard a voice shouting in the distance.

"Robin!" Little John bellowed. "Robin stop! Listen to me, it’s not our Marion." John strained at the chains. He knew he had to stop this or something bad was going to happen.

Marion was furious at the other man’s interruption. She could feel herself loosing Robin as the other man shouted his name. Deciding she better get down to business before she lost her victim completely she ended the kiss. Keeping her eyes fixed on his she brought up her hand. Positioning her fingers under his chin, just as Nevit had taught her. Closing her eyes she concentrated, feeling his life force. It was so sweet, just as she knew it would be. She began pulling it to her.

Robin was lost in the feeling. The pleasure of what she was doing consuming his whole being. Letting himself go with it, never wanting it to end.

Witnessing the events unfolding before him John was frantic. Whatever Marion was doing it was wrong. He had to help Robin before it was too late. Again he began shouting to Robin trying to break the trance that his friend was in but Robin was in too deep. Desperate John kick out his right foot with all his might, the chain was just long enough for him to catch Marion’s knee.

The unexpected attack sent her stumbling to the ground, her head banging the stone floor as she fell. Dazed she lay there a small trickle of blood running down her face from a scrape on her forehead. Shaking her head to clear it she glared at the blonde man. "How dare you!" She screamed. "You’ll pay for that." Getting to her feet she wavered, holding a hand to her injured head she headed for the door.

Once she was gone John turned a worried look to Robin. His friend’s head was bowed, his long hair obscuring his face. "Robin." John called softly. When the smaller man didn’t answer John called again in a louder voice.

Finally Robin’s dark head rose as he looked at his friend, confusion marring his face. "John?"

John was worried when he saw his friend’s face. Robin looked so pale, his eyes dull. "Are you ok?"

Blinking his eyes a few times Robin tried to clear his head. He felt as if he’d been run over by twenty of Prince John’s men. "I think so. What happened? The last thing I remember is Marion, at least I think it was Marion. It all seems like a dream now."

"Well it wasn’t a dream. Marion was here." When the other man went to speak John hurried on. "But it’s not the Marion we know." As Robin’s confusion deepened John went on the explain everything that had just transpired.

End of Chapter Four

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