The Great Roberto!
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Four

Robin let out a tired sigh and brought his hands out. Jaime started locking the cuffs on.

"I thought you said there was honor among thieves." Robin pulled at the cuffs, they were on tight, he would not be able to use any trickery to break out of them.

"Yes" Switch nodded. "But you yourself said you’re not a thief."

Robin sadly shook his head. "The diamonds weren’t enough for Switch?"

Switch let out a warm chuckle. "Oh it’s not for the money. It’s for the notoriety."

Jonah began to watch with interest. "You’re going to turn him in?" Jonah asked.

"Yes Jonah. Then when we return to the circus, we’ll split the diamonds and be on our way." Jonah grabbed Robin by the cuffs, pulling him towards him.

"I want him!" He hissed out.

Switch shook his head. "No Jonah! We turn him in."

Jonah pulled Robin closer to him. Robin brought his leg up and kicked Jonah in the stomach. Jonah gasped and released him. Jaime pulled Robin away from Jonah.

"No Jonah. We’re not killers. We can turn him in for the money. We’ll become famous. No one asks us where we got the extra money for the diamonds."

Jonah trying to catch his breath Glaring at Switch, he coldly smiled. "I think I want both."

Switch started backing up, he knew that look. He had seen it before. Waiving his hands before him, he tried to talk the large man out of his anger. "Jonah we can talk this over when we get back to the circus."

Jonah slowly shook his head. "I think I want both. The Diamonds, and Robin Hoods head!" He again made a grab for Robin. Jaime tried to stop him.

"Run!" Jaime told Robin as he tried to block Jonah.

"I can help!" Robin cried out.

Jaime tried to hold back Jonah. Jonah grabbed him and threw him away like a rag doll. As he turned Robin saw the look of a madman. He knew there was no stopping him. Robin ran into the forest. Switch was right behind him. He also knew that trying to stop Jonah would be fatal.

The two ran away from the castle. They could hear Jonah’s roars as he followed after them.

"We have to stop him." Robin panted as they tried to keep up a fast pace. "I won’t be able to keep this up much longer." Switch moaned out.

Robin could tell that he was already getting out of breath.

"Unlock these." Robin said showing his hands to Switch.

"I would if I could old man, but the key is back with Jaime."

Robin shook his head. "Well Mr. Switch. Then you’re just going to have to do as I say from now on. You’re in my territory."

Switch stopped running, plating his feet; his arms folded in anger. "I don’t have to listen to you." He heard Jonah’s’ roars getting louder. Starting to run again he asked. "What do I have to do?"


Marion, Little John and Tuck were approaching Bainbridge castle. They were searching around the outer grounds, trying to see if they could spot Robin, when suddenly Mo started barking. She turned and began to run away from the castle.

"Let’s follow her." Little John said.

"But it’s away from the castle Little John. How can you be sure to go this way?"

"Because Mo says so." Little John proudly said. "That’s good enough for me."

Little John then went in the direction that Mo ran off to. Marion and Tuck glancing at each other, shrugging their shoulders they followed after him. Little John found Mo standing next to a tree barking. Jumping off his horse he found Jaime lying on the ground. He examined him and found him alive, but just barely.

Propping him up against a tree Little John noticed that he was waking up. Clutching his head he screamed out.

"Run Robin! Get away!"

Marion and Tuck arrived when Jaime mentioned Robin. "What’s that about Robin?" Marion asked.

Little John gently whispered. "Jaime. Where’s Robin? What happened here?"

Jaime looked wild-eyed at Little John. "You have to help them. He’s gone crazy. He’s after Mr. Switch and the Diamonds. He wants to kill Robin."

Little John didn’t have to ask whom Jaime was talking about. "Which way did they go?" John asked.

Jaime shook his head. "I don’t know. I was out before I saw which way they ran. Here." Jaime handed Little John a key. "You’ll need this. Robin is handcuffed."

Little John nodded his head as he took the key, his head jerked at the sound of Mo barking again. She jumped and ran in circles. Looking at Little John, she then turned and ran into the forest. Little John didn’t hesitate. He quickly followed her.

"Wait for us Little John!" Marion cried out. She glanced at Tuck. Tuck smiled warmly, motioning his head towards Jaime. "I’ll stay with him. You go with Little John." Marion nodded a thank you and tried to catch up with Little John.


Robin knew that Switch wouldn’t last much longer, already he was straining with each step. He had to find some way of stopping Jonah. Coming upon an old tree he stopped. Switch stopped with him, putting his hands on his knees he tried to catch his breath. Robin broke off two long branches.

"What are you doing?" Switch panted out.

"Trying to make something that will give us an advantage."

Robin let out a groan as he broke the branches off. He then started running again. Switch sighed, taking in a deep breath he followed after him. The roars of Jonah could be heard echoing in the forest.

Robin stopped again. Pulling on some vines he then continued running. Switch was clutching his side. Robin knew he had to do something soon. Eyeing a tight grove of trees he ran to them. Stopping he ordered Switch.

"Knock the smaller twigs off this branch."

He handed one of the branches to Switch. Using his knife Switch started to clean the branch off. Robin began to untie his leather gauntlet.

"Now give me your knife." Switch hesitated. Robin sternly told Switch "We have to work together on this Switch. Your life is threatened as much as mine. Now give me your knife." Robin motioned with his hand.

Switch slapped it in Robin’s open palm. Using the ties from the gauntlet, he started to tie the knife on the end of the branch. It was difficult with the handcuffs on. As he was doing, this he handed Switch the vines.

"Tie one end on that tree over there." Robin pointed to a small grove of trees. Switch nodded as he ran to the trees. As he tied it around a small tree he told Robin.

"You get me out of this alive and I’ll give you anything." Robin secured the knife on the branch.

"Will you give me the diamonds?" A half grin on Robin’s face.

Switch laughed out. "Well, within reason."

"I thought so." Robin shook his head. "Now I want you to stand over there." Robin pointed to the center of the grove. "So Jonah can see you. I’ll wait here. When he runs through I’ll trip him with the vines. You keep him at bay with the spear, while I use this." Robin swung the other branch like a club.

Switch twitched with fear as he heard Jonah’s screams were closer. "Now Switch! We don’t have much time." Robin warned him as he handed the rough spear to Switch. Switch hefted it.

"Will this work?" he voice shook in fear.

"We’ll find out soon enough." Robin said.

Jonah was almost upon them. Robin stooped by the tree, holding the vine in his hands. Switch ran to where Robin pointed.

Jonah spied Switch standing in a grove of trees. Running toward him he was suddenly tripped up. Switch ran up to Jonah but hesitated using the spear. He froze with fear when Jonah looked up at him. Robin jumped out and tried to hit Jonah with the club. Jonah rolled over he threw his arm up, blocking the first blow. Robin tried to hit him again but Jonah grabbed him by the leg, standing he lifted Robin up and easily threw him towards a tree. Robin hit the tree and fell to the ground dazed.

Jonah now turned his attention to Switch. "I want the diamonds." he walked to Switch, slowly licking his lips. Switch nervously giggled.

"You can have them old man. All of them, if you let me live." Switch pulled out the bag and threw it to Jonah.

Jonah picked up the bag. Opening it, he smiled at the sparkle of the diamonds inside. Closing it he continued to walk to Switch. Switch weakly threatened him with the spear.

"D..d..don’t come any closer, I..I..I’ll use it." He stuttered in fear.

"You tell others what to do. But you’re not man enough to do it yourself." Jonah swatted the spear away. Grabbing Switch by the neck he lifted him off the ground.

"I’m tired of you ordering me around. I think I’ll end this association, now!"


When Robin opened his eyes he saw Jonah staring back at him.

"You made a big mistake." Jonah remarked.

Robin rubbed his head, it was still spinning from the blow. "What was that?" He said regarding him with one eye.

"You trusted Switch. He was never one to use force. That’s what I was for. To do his dirty work."

Robin quickly glanced around the small grove. He saw Switch lying very still on the ground, his head in an unnatural position. Looking at Jonah he grinned up at him. "Why didn’t you kill me when I was out?"

Jonah smiled back "Now where’s the sport in that? I like for my victims to know what’s coming."

Robin seeing the intent in his eyes started backing up. Jonah made a lunge for him. Robin kicked up at him. Jonah grabbed his leg and lifted him off the ground. Robin started twisting and turning. Trying to squirm out of his grip. Jonah just held on tighter. Robin grabbed his leg, pulling himself up he bit Jonah on the hand. Jonah screamed out and released Robin. He grunted as he hit the ground. As he was starting to get up he heard a familiar sound. Jonah was pulling out his belt chain out. Anticipating the chain he tried to ready himself. Jonah pulled back and tried to hit lash the chain at Robin’s back. Robin rolled away just in time. The chain hit empty ground.

Jonah roared out in frustration. "I’m going to finish what I started."

He pulled back again and tried to hit Robin. Robin brought the handcuffs up and tried to block the chain. Jonah quickly brought the chain to the side and hit Robin in the ribs. The pain was intense. This time there was no one around to stop Jonah. He began to beat Robin with a vengeance. As he continued to pelt him Robin tried to get away. He crawled along the ground as Jonah relentlessly continued to whip him with the chain. Just when Robin thought he would pass out from the pain Jonah suddenly stopped. Robin was numb with pain. Distantly he felt Jonah pick him up.

"I like to finish my victims off, with my bare hands." He said in a deadly whisper.

Robin felt two large hands clench his neck. Jonah’s fingers slowly started squeezing Robin’s throat. Jonah coldly smiled at the final satisfaction of getting his revenge.

"No one does that to me and gets away with it."

As he slowly started to squeeze harder, Jonah saw a white flash coming from the forest. Mo quickly ran up to Jonah and started biting Jonah on the leg. Jonah dropped the limp form of Robin to the ground.

Reaching down he grabbed for Mo. "You cur. I’ll teach you to run away from me."

Picking her up, Jonah then viciously threw Mo toward a tree. Mo hit the tree and fell to the ground. Jonah then turned his attention back to Robin. As he was about to grab Robin by the neck again, but he was suddenly struck from behind by a large staff. He fell next to Robin’s limp form.

"I told you I would kill you if I found you!" Little John roared out.

As Jonah lay on the ground Little John continued to pelt him with the heavy blows. He panted out in a rage as the staff rained on Jonah’s back. The staff cracked, then broke under his intense power behind the blows. Jonah shook his head to clear it. Jumping up his large hands reached out for Little John. Both men grabbed each other by the arms. Clutching them tightly they began to wrestle. The two giants locked in a tremendous battle of strength.

Little John’s hatred was fierce. He found strength from that hate. It was all Jonah could do to hold Little John back. Unable to get anywhere from the wrestling, the two large men began to pummel each other with blows that would have knocked out any normal man. As they fought on. Marion came to the clearing. She saw Robin lying on the ground. Little John and a large man were locked in a fierce battle, with Robin at their feet. Fearing for Robin’s safety, Marion ran to him. Grabbing him by the shoulders she dragged him away from the battling giants. When she was sure he was a safe distance away she checked to see how he was.

Robin woke up with a start, he glance around. "Robin are you alright?" Marion asked him. But the only sound Robin heard was the cries of anger from Little John and Jonah. Little John threw his arms around Jonah, trying to squeeze the life out of him. Jonah locked his hands, raising them he slammed them into Little John’s back. Little John released Jonah, stumbling back from the blow. The men circled each other in a crouched position. Waiting for the other to make a fatal mistake. Robin knew he had to give Little John some type of advantage. Noticing Marion by his side he softly cried. "Marion the spear."

"What spear?" Marion asked her head jerking around to look for it.

"Over there we made a spear."

Marion looked at where Robin pointed. Next to the body of another man was a rough spear. Robin had tied a knife on the end of a branch. She quickly ran to it and picked it up.

Jonah was beginning to loose the battle. He knew that Little John’s anger gave him an advantage. He had to do something quickly to slow the incest man down. As they fought on Jonah reached down for his belt.

"Marion!" Warned Robin. "Do it now!"

Jonah backed off, hiding the belt behind him. He goaded Little John to come to him. Little John let out a roar, raising his hand he ran towards Jonah. As Jonah was about to use his belt on Little John it fell from his grip as he felt a sharp pain in his side. Marion had thrown the spear at Jonah. Jonah pulled the spear out, groaning out in pain. Little John took full advantage and grabbed Jonah by the neck. His fingers curled around his neck; slowly he started to apply pressure, squeezing the life out of Jonah.

His brows twisted in rage as he snarled. "I made a promise to you that I would kill you for what you did to Robin. I always keep my promises." Little John roared out as he squeezed harder.

As Jonah’s’ body started to go limp in his hands Little John heard a faint voice plead. "Enough Little John. You’re not a killer like him."

"But he tried to kill you Robin." He countered. "He killed a lot of people. He deserves to die."

Robin painfully made his way to Little John. Placing his hands on Little Johns he pulled at his grip.

"But you’re not like him Little John." Robin said in a soothing voice.

Little John broke from his reverie, he realized what Robin meant. Killing Jonah would make him just as bad as him. Nodding his head he released Jonah from his hold. The large man fell to the ground with a thud. Unconscious, but still alive. Robin stooped down and took the Diamond pouch from Jonah.

Little John seeing the cuffs on Robin, brought the key out that Jaime gave him, and unlocked them. Robin  then slowly walked to Mo. He looked down at the small battered little dog. Twice she had saved his life. He sadly noticed that she didn’t seem to be breathing. Painfully bending down he lifted her limp form up into his arms. As he held her in a warm embrace she let out a small whimper. Robin breathed a sigh of relief.

"She’s still alive?" Little John asked coming up from behind him.

"She’s a feisty little thing." Robin smiled.

"We wouldn’t have been able to find you if it wasn’t for her." Marion said. "What do we do about Jonah?" Little John nodded his head in Jonah’s direction.

" I think we’ll let the local sheriff handle him." Carefully handing Mo to Marion, Robin went up to Jonah.

"Little John help me with him." He called out.

"Sure Robin!" Little John ran up to Robin.

The both of them dragged the unconscious form of Jonah towards a tall tree. Taking his arms they brought them around a tree. Using the handcuffs Robin secured Jonah at the trees base. Painfully standing he breathed in deeply letting out a heavy sigh.

"I think I’ve had enough fighting and Circuses to last me to the next century."

Marion came up to Robin and handed Mo back to him.

"What of the Great Roberto? Marion asked raising her right eyebrow.

Robin let out a warm chuckle. "I think the Great Roberto has retired."

Marion slyly smiled "To bad, I liked the outfit." Her eyes roving over Robins body. Robin started to blush at her lustful gaze. Little John gently petted Mo. Looking up at him she started kissing his hand.

"What are we going to do about Mo?"

Robin smiled down at her. She looked up at him wide eyed. Reaching up she started to lick his face.

"Well I guess we have to find a place for her to stay." Robin grinned at Little John.

Little John pointed at Robin. "Your tent perhaps?"

"Maybe." Robin laughed. "At least I know no one will be able to sneak in my tent." He eyed Marion suspiciously.

"Just let her try to stop me." Marion said. Robin looked hurt.

"Why Marion are you jealous?"

"What, you think I’m jealous of a little dog?"

Robin walked off with Mo in his hands. Mo's tail wagged harder as Robin and Marion argued on. She had found a home at last. Now if she could only think of a way of getting rid of the female human.

The End

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