The Great Roberto!
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Three

They practiced the shot for hours. Robin was getting dizzy from being held upside down for so long. When Jaime was convinced that he had it down pat he told Jonah to take Robin back to the wagon. Jonah evilly grinned and suddenly released Robin. Robin quickly reacted and landed on his feet. He smiled up at Jonah.

"’Ows your dog Missy?" he asked giving him a wink.

Jonah flew down the platform. He ran to Robin. Jaime quickly went in between them.

"Jonah no, don’t’ hurt him, we need him."

"I’m not going to let him get away with that!" he roared.

Robin teased him. "Can’t hurt me Jonah, I’m to important. "

Jonah bellowed even more.

"Enough!" yelled Mr. Switch. Jonah stopped when he saw Switch coming into the tent.

"Is he ready?" Switch asked Jaime.

"I think he could pull it off in his sleep." Jaime proudly said.

"Good, Jonah take him back to the wagon." Jonah grabbed Robin by the arm. He glared at Mr. Switch. "Don’t worry Robin Hood, after tomorrow every thing will be over. And you and your large friend will be headed back to Sherwood."

"But you’ll be richer." Robin coldly replied.

"Oh yes we will be that, won’t we Jaime?"

"Yep Mr. Switch. We will be that."

Jonah pushed Robin toward the tent exit. "Please Jonah, I’m not one of your dogs. I bite back." he smiled at Jonah, showing his teeth. Jonah started to say something but was hushed by a dangerous look by Mr. Switch. As they exited the tent Robin looked up into the sky. It was dark now. He was in the tent longer than he had thought. When they stopped by the wagon, Robin could see that Little John was now awake.

"How are you?" Robin asked concerned lacing his voice.

"I ache a little but I’ll be all right." He said rubbing his head. It seemed that they hit him more than was necessary. As Robin headed to the door of the wagon, Little John cried out. "Robin! Look out!"

Robin felt a sharp sting on his back. The pain was incredible. It left a burning fire in its wake. Turning he tried to grab the chain that he knew Jonah was using on him. But Jonah continued to hit him across the chest. Lashing out at him with the chain. Screaming at him.

"Take my dog will you. Well I’ll make you my dog!"

Robin tried to block out the pain as Jonah continued to pelt him. The large man then took the chain and wrapped it around Robin’s neck. He slowly started choking him.

Little John was absolutely livid. He screamed out at Jonah.

"Let him be. If I get my hands on you I’ll kill you, you hear me. Let him go!" Little John pulled at the chain on his ankle, as he continued to yell at Jonah. As Robin felt himself beginning to black out, a small white streak came out from under the wagon. Mo hurled herself on the back of Jonah and started biting him on his ears. Jonah swatted at her like a fly. Jumping down she then ran between his legs and jumped up to bite him on his rear. She caught some flesh and held on. Jonah roared out in pain. He quickly let go of Robin. Robin grabbed at his neck and started to unravel the chain. Rubbing his neck, he tried to get his breath back. Mo seeing Robin released let go of Jonah and ran to Robin. She stood in front of him growling at Jonah. Jonah rubbed his sore backside. As he made a lunge to get Mo. Mr. Switch and others were running to the wagon to see what the commotion was about.

"Stop Jonah!" Switch yelled.

Jonah roared out in frustration. He wanted Robin Hood dead by his hands

"Jonah, you do this once more and we find a new strong man. Do you hear me!" Switch spat out, shaking in the rage he felt. Jonah just hung his head.

"Yes sir" he said in a humble tone.

Jaime went to Robin and examined him. He was pretty beat up on his chest and back. Slowly he helped Robin up. Robin hissed at the pain. Switch opened the door of the wagon. Mo ran in ahead of Robin. Helping Robin in they locked the door.

"He’ll be all right." Jaime told Switch. "The important parts weren’t damaged."

Little John helped Robin to sit down. John angrily shouted out. "Right, the important parts aren’t damaged." Coldly looking at Jonah he said.

"If I ever get out of here I’m going to kill you. That is a promise I will keep."

Jonah smiled back at Little John. "I can’t wait big man."

"Enough!" Switch said. He looked at the beaten Robin. His brown eyes knitted in the agony he was in. "I’m sorry for what happened Robin Hood. I promise it won’t happen again. Tomorrow we pull this off and you will never hear from us again."

The small group then left the two alone in the wagon. Jonah stood by the wagon for a few seconds. Both he and Little John locked in penetrating stares. A call from Switch broke Jonah’s stare. Giving a last look to Robin Jonah turned and headed off with the others.

Little John stooped by Robin, opening up his costume; he found welts slowly growing on Robin’s chest.

"That looked like it hurt." Little John half-joked.

Robin laughed, instantly regretting it he gasped out. "It did."

Little John smiled as Mo started licking Robin’s hand. Robin picked her up and held her in his arms.

"Thanks for saving me Mo. I owe you my life."

"I think she was paying you back for saving hers." Little John laughed. Robin moaned out. "I don’t think I felt anything worse than this Little John."

Little John took off Robin’s cape and covered him with it.

"You get some sleep Robin. I’ll watch out for Jonah."

"Okay." Robin softly said.

He hoped the pain would go away when he fell asleep. Mo crawled up in Robin’s lap. She too was going to keep guard over Robin.

Little John stayed up the night, watching after his dearest friend.

When morning came Robin opened his eyes. His face had a pained look. "I was wrong." He moaned out.

"About what?" Little John’s head turned, his eyes locking with Robins. He was standing by the bars, searching for any sign of Jonah.

"This is the worst pain I ever felt." Robin’s head fell back on the bars, his eyes closing in pain. He let out a soft groaned as Little John helped him up.

"What’s this all about Robin?" Little John asked, he had pondered on what was happening the whole night.

"They’re planning to rob Bainbridge castle Little John."

"Isn’t that the one where the Diamond trader lives?" Little John asked. "That’s it. They need my skill with the bow to enter this place." Little John just shook his head in wonder.

"I wouldn’t make judgments if I were you." A voice said from behind.

They saw Mr. Switch coming with Jaime and Jonah.

"After all you’re the ones with a price on your heads. Open the door Jonah." Jonah opened the door. He reached in and pulled Robin out. Robin let out a gasp of pain as he stumbled out of the wagon. This time Jonah made sure Mo stayed in the wagon. Little John watched Jonah carefully.

"Well then lets be off." Switch said. Robin painfully laughed.

"You really expect me to do this after what happened last night." Switch held Robins arms up.

"I don’t see anything wrong with these. As long as you can shoot the plan goes on." Switch let Robins arm drop. He moaned at the pain. Little John felt helpless as he watched them walk away with Robin.


It was hours after they left before Little John saw something behind a wagon. He wasn’t sure if it was, yes it was, Marion. She motioned for him to try to get the guards attention. Little John nodded.

Taking up the chain on his leg he started yelling as he pulled it.

"Let me out of here! I have to get out of here now!" He strained on the chain. The guard went to the door and opened it up.

"You stop that, or I’ll go in there and give you a couple of more knocks." John kept up the pulling. The man started to climb the stairs of the wagon when he was hit from behind. As he fell Little John saw Marion and Tuck smiling behind the guard.

Tuck had a club in his hand. "The man clearly needed some rest." Tuck said with a smile. Searching the man they found the key to release Little John, "We have to hurry. They have Robin." Little John urged them as he ran out of the wagon.

"Who has?" Marion asked concerned lacing her voice.

"It was all a trap to get Robin here. They’re planning to rob Bainbridge castle. They needed Robin to get into the place. We have to hurry if were going to catch up."

As Little John turned to leave Mo jumped down to follow. Tuck noticed the little white dog following Little John.

"Who’s the white shadow?" Tuck asked.

"That’s Mo, she saved Robins life. She comes with us."

Marion smiled warmly. "Well, if she saved Robin than She’s welcome with us."


It was several hours ride to reach the fortified castle. Quietly they made their way around the castle to a large tree. Jonah climbed up first. Robin searched around, he spotted guards everywhere. As he climbed up after Jonah, he tried to find any avenue of escape, none could be found. The wall of the castle was high and smooth. The inhabitants had taken extra precautions of smoothing them out. There was no way to climb them.

As they settled in the trees foliage, the guards on the ramparts couldn’t see them. Robin starred past the wall, he could just make out the slit in the castle wall. The branches of the tree kept him from making the shot. Now he knew why Jonah was needed. With Robin lowered he could make a clear shot to the slit. Jaime closely watched the guards. He whispered out.

"They patrol this area every 20 minutes. That’s how long we have until they return. As soon as I give you the signal you take the shot." Robin nodded.

He pulled the bow back to test its strength. A flood of pain flashed through his body. He bit his lip to hide the pain. Jonah glared at him and chuckled.

"Get ready." Jaime quietly said.

Robin stooped down as Jonah grabbed his legs and slowly lowered him. Robin pulled back on the bow and waited.

"Not yet.... Not Yet..... O.K. Now!" Jaime quietly called out.

Robin took aim and let fly the arrow. It flew true to the slit, just making it through. Jonah pulled Robin back up. Jaime held his breath and pulled on the string. He felt the arrow catch. Giving the O.K. sign to Mr. Switch at the bottom of the tree. Jaime started to walk the line as Jonah held onto the string. Now Robin knew Jaime’s needed skill. He was a tightrope walker.

Jaime walked to the slit and tied a rope on the end near the slit. Lowering himself he entered the window. Jonah whispered to Robin.

"He should be back in 10 minutes." Robin silently nodded.

After about a 15 minute wait Jaime started climbing out of the window. He tied another string at the end of the rope and walked back. Reaching the tree he jerked on the string. His face went white when the rope didn’t release. He tugged harder. Still the rope wouldn’t release. A look of panic washed his face.

"We need to get the rope back before the guards return!" he warned them. Jonah grabbed the rope and started pulling with his great strength. Still it would not release. Robin taking a second arrow that was to be used as a back up knocked the device off.

"Quickly lower me." He ordered Jonah. Jonah hesitated. Jaime seeing what Robin planned to do told him.

"Do as he says."

Jonah lowered Robin. Robin aimed for the end of the rope. This shot was even harder than the previous. He had to try to split the rope. Concentrating he let go. The arrow hit the rope in the center.

Robin motioned for Jonah to lift him back up. Jaime pulled on the rope again. After several hard jerks the rope released. Jaime and Robin quickly pulled at the rope as they saw the guards returning. They had just brought the rope over the castle wall when the guards walked by. They waited quietly until the guards left. Slowly, they then climbed down the tree to where Mr. Switch was waiting.

Jaime handed Mr. Switch the bag of diamonds. Switch opened it up and searched inside. A large smile flew across his face. Closing the bag he put it in a small pouch that lay on the side of his belt. They then quietly walked away from the castle. After a while, when they were sure it was safe. Mr. Switch whispered something to Jaime.

"Well Robin Hood." Switch said.

"Thank you for helping us." Robin frowned at Mr. Switch. "It really wasn’t my choice."

"Perhaps not but you did a splendid job. You know if you hadn’t cut the rope when you did we all would have been captured."

Robin nodded "I realized that."

"You are a smart man Robin Hood, I do give you that. And being a smart man I think you also know why I’m about to do what I’m going to do."

He then motioned to Jaime. He brought out a pair of handcuffs.

"A little something that I invented." Switch smiled. "I hope you don’t give me any problems." Switch said. Threatening Robin with a very large knife. His grin grew wider as he chuckled. "I’ve decided to turn you in for the reward."

End Of Chapter three

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