By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Five

Tuck fell to his knees. "Oh heavenly father. Please help this good man."

The sister’s left Tuck to his prayers. They had never witnessed the birth of a half god.

Robin clutched his legs. He shook from the strain of fighting off Morigan. Aurora looked at her son. She was confused, her heart had forgiven her. But her son was in danger. She wasn’t’ sure what to do. She clutched her locket. Opening it she looked in and smiled. She kissed the contents and closed it. She knew what had to be done.

"My heart?" she gently whispered. Morigan's attacks continued on Robin, but she recognized Aurora’s plea. Robin panted from the strain of fighting off Morigan’s advances. Tuck could be heard mumbling a prayer in the silence.

" Yes Aurora?" Morigan asked.

"Please I know it is early, but I wish for you to take me now."

Morigan suddenly stopped attacking Robin. His body went limp, it tingled as if hit by lighting. He lay on the ground trying to conserve his strength. He knew if another attack came that he would be unable to fight back much longer.

"My heart. Please, instead of making my son yours. Please take me instead." Morigan looked sadly at Aurora.

"My daughter I have given you a long life. You would have lived to serve me for hundreds of years." Aurora gave Robin a look of concern, he looked so pale. She knew he would not last much longer.

"My heart. Have I not been your most loyal servant?" Morigan nodded her head. "Aurora you have been my most devoted High Priestess. I have always truly thought of you as my daughter." Aurora laughed out in joy knowing how her heart felt about her.

"Then please my heart, take me now." Morigan searched into Aurora’s eyes. Aurora could see a sign of hesitation. Jumping on it she tried to plead her case. "Please my heart. I want to do this now, to make up for me trying to hide the birth of my son. To make up for my son killing yours, but most of all to make up for lying to you for all these years." She sobbed out the last sentence. Morgan smiled warmly at Aurora.

"But I have forgiven you for that my daughter."

"But I cannot." She cried out in anguish. "All these years keeping it from you my heart. That has been the greatest secret I have kept. Knowing that I have lied to my heart, my reason for living. Please take me to you. I wish to join you now."

Morigan asked Aurora. "And what of your son?"

Aurora went to Robin. Kneeling she turned him over, she saw the pain in his eyes. But not from Morigan’s attacks, but from his mothers words.

"Morigan, I have never known this man. Only that he was my blood. But I have known of him. He is a good and kind man." Standing she pleaded to Morigan.

"This is the one thing I can show for my life in this world. Please let him live his life as it was. Please do this for me my heart, as a last wish for the devoted service that I have given you all these years."

Tuck clutched his rosary. He prayed that Morigan listened to Aurora’s words.

Morigan looked at Robin. She sadly smiled. "I will let him go Aurora, in exchange for your life." Aurora’s face lit up. "Yes my heart. I am so glad you will let me join you. It is what I have wished for all my life." Morigan then turned to Susanna.

"Susanna I have chosen you to be the next High Priestess."

"No!" cried out Selena. "I was to be the next High Priestess."

Morigan’s gaze then fell on Selena. Selena cringed as the light from her eyes fell upon her. She fell to the ground as she felt the agony at Morigan’s gaze.

"You thought only of yourself Selena not of your sisters. You have no place in my order." Selena squirmed on the ground at Morigan’s attacks.

When they stopped the other sisters ran to Selena. Her mind was nothing more than a child now. They gently picked her up and took her outside the room as she babbled about how pretty the lockets were that they wore.

Tuck noticing that the sisters had no more interest in him went to Robin and helped him up. "Are you all right?" Robin weakly replied as he shook his head. "I think so." Aurora came up to Robin. She was practically glowing in the joy she felt.

"You’re happy?" Robin asked.

"Yes, I will finally join my heart." She joyfully declared. "But I just found you." Robin cried out, the anguish was heard in his voice. Aurora placed her hands on his face, gently stroking it.

"Do not fear for me my son. For I will finally be with my heart. It is what I have waited to do all my life." Robin’s emotion turned to anger. "How can you be willing to die for that?" He pointed to the head of Morigan floating on the dais.

"She is my heart."

Aurora clutched her locket. A strange look flowed across her face as she pulled on it breaking the chain. She then handed it to Robin.

"Please take this to remind you of me." She said as she closed Robin’s fingers around it. Robin opened his hand to look at the small golden heart. It had once had deep markings on it. But it looked worn down from Aurora constantly clutching it. He looked up at his mother, tears brimming in his eyes.

Aurora wiped away the tears. "Do not cry tears of sadness for me, but tears of joy. I will finally be with my heart."

She hugged Robin tightly to herself as she gasped out. "Do not worry my son." She whispered into his ear. "My heart will never hurt you again. She has promised that to me." Kissing him on the cheek she held his face in her hands. Trying to burn his image in her mind. She then forced herself to let him go in body, but his image would always remain with her.

Turning to the dais she said. "I am ready my Heart." A large smile creasing her face.

"Then come to me my daughter." Morigan said.

Aurora turned to look at Susanna. "I know you will make a good High Priestess my daughter. I have always loved you Susanna. Please do not forget that." Susanna smiled back at her. She too felt the happiness for her mother joining with her heart.

Aurora walked to the dais. Morigan’s eyes glowed again. This glow was different, more intense. Its dark blue color engulfed Aurora. She shuddered at its feel. "Do not worry my daughter."

Aurora laughed "I come my heart. At last I come to be with you. Forever."

The light became more intense. The others in the room were blinded by the intensity. Just as suddenly as it came, it disappeared.

Robin blinked, and she was gone. He had found his real mother only to lose her the same day. The dais darkened. Morigan left with Aurora.

Robin just stared at the now empty place where his mother was standing. Tuck came up to him.

"I’m sorry Robin. I think she thought it was the only way to save you." Robin looked at Tuck, hatred in his eyes.

"She was happy to join her goddess. I could feel the gladness in her heart. She loved her HEART more than anything." Looking down at the locket Robin softly said. "More than me."

Turning Robin saw Susanna, she stepped up to talk to him. "You will be allowed to leave. Morigan has decreed this."

"And you won’t stop me?" Robin asked.

"I will do what my heart says." Robin cringed at Susanna saying what his mother had said since he met her.

He started to walk out of the room. Feeling the coldness of locket in his hand he threw it at a wall in disgust. Tuck walked by the locket, glancing at it he saw it had broken as it hit the wall. It now lay in two broken pieces. Tuck noticed something lying next to one of the broken pieces. Stooping down he picked it up.

"Robin wait. Come see this." Tuck said his voice was laced with excitement.

Robin walked back to where Tuck was standing, he looked down at what he held in his hand. His liquid brown eyes blinking in amazement.
"Is that what I think it is?" Robin asked.

"I believe it is."

In Tucks hand was a small lock of brown hair. A tiny blue bow wrapped around it holding it together.

"It’s a lock of hair. It looks fine like a babies." Tuck smiled to himself as he realized what he held. "Robin she carried a piece of you with her all these years."

Tuck shook his head in wonder. "In all these years when she clutched the locket she was holding onto you."

Susanna came to look at the hair. "She said many times to me that this locket meant more to her than anything in her life. I had thought it was because of our heart. Now I know it also meant something else."

Robin felt a warmth flow from his heard. His mother had been thinking of him all these years. He stooped down to pick up the other piece of the heart. Tuck gave Robin the lock of hair and his piece of the locket. Robin clutched it to his heart. Turning he walked out.

Standing outside of the Prior, Robin gazed up into the sky, he noticed that it was now dusk. Susanna waited at the door. It was dark enough for her that she did not have to wear the veil She stared ahead towards the forest as she addressed Robin.

"I’d ask you to stay the night but I think you might want to go as far away from here as you can." Robin chuckled.

"Your right in your thinking." He warmly smiled at her. Her mothers smile.

"I really should think of you as my half brother." she laughed. "And I have a half sister now." Robin answered. Robin then pointed at her face. "Your should smile more often. It looks good on you."

Embarrassed she actually blushed. Looking into Robin’s eyes she could see her mother. She knew that she was still here, in her son.

"Take care Robin Hood. As long as I am in charge of this Prior you will not be harmed." Robin bowed

"I thank you Susanna. If you ever need help, all you need do is call me and I’ll be there."

Susanna laughed. "I’ll remember that. But I think it might be the other way around. The Prince has not put a price on our heads." Robin coyly looked at Susanna.

"Oh that. Well a man has to do something for a living." Turning Tuck and Robin started to leave.

"I am glad you believe in yourself Robin Hood." She called out.

Robin nodded. "As strongly as you believe in your heart." Robin answered back. Susanna smiled widely. "Then you must believe in yourself very strongly Robin Hood. I think that is a good thing. A very good thing."

She smiled as she saw Robin and Tuck disappear into the forest. Sighing she went back into the prior. There were many things to do now. She hoped she would be as good a High Priestess as her mother. The doors slammed shut behind her.

When Robin entered the forest he stopped, turning he looked back at the doors as they closed. He stared at the prior for awhile. Thinking of his mother. Finding her and losing her in one day. Tired he let out a heavy sigh.

Suddenly he felt a light breeze on his cheek. He brought his hand up to feel it. It had felt like a kiss. He wondered. Shaking his head, he turned and went to catch up with Tuck.

Aurora made sure she was going to watch her son from now on. She had enough time now. Her heart had given her that gift. To be with her heart, her soul, her son, she couldn’t have been happier.

The End

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