By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Four

It seemed that they had been waiting in the cell for hours now. But sill no sign of the sisters. Robin was pacing back and forth like a caged animal. He stopped again in the corner where Aurora disappeared. After many prior tries he still couldn’t find out how she was able to enter the room. Tuck was leaning against the door just looking at Robin’s nervousness.
"Robin you’ll never find it." Robin gave Tuck a desperate look. "I can’t just stand here and do nothing Tuck."

Tuck agreed. There had to be something more that they could do. Standing he walked to where Aurora appeared to disappear, and tried to helped Robin look for the secret doorway. Robin pushed and shoved at the bricks. There just wasn’t any sign of a doorway.

His fingers were raw with the attempts to find the exit. When Tuck saw his hands he slowly grabbed them. Pleading with Robin.

"We’ll never find it Robin. Please stop before you hurt yourself worse." Robin sadly chuckled

"What does it matter Tuck. They plan on killing me anyway."

"Robin." Tuck said softly "You must have faith."

Robin searched into Tucks eyes. He saw an old flame that was not there before.

"It seems being held in here has brought back your faith Tuck." Robin warmly smiled. Tuck gave a halfhearted laugh

"Yes its too bad I found that faith in such a dire situation." Robin put his hand on Tucks shoulder. "With you around Tuck, I can never loose faith." Tuck smiled back.

"I guess I never lost it. I just didn’t know where it was. It was here" Tuck touched his heart. "All the time."

Robin felt a warmth inside, his friend was whole again. Suddenly a wave of exhaustion hit him, he leaned against the wall for support. Trying to catch his breath, Robin waited for his lightheadedness to pass. Gazing at his hands, he saw that his nails were cracked and bleeding.

"I guess this is the least of my worries nooww......"

Robin yelled as he suddenly fell back as the wall was moving inwards. He fell flat on his back. Looking up he saw the serene face of Susanna.

"If you want to live come with me." She coldly said. Robin quickly stood up.

"You’re going to help me?" Robin asked surprised.

"My mother has told me everything." She quietly said.

"Everything?" Tuck asked. Avoiding their eyes she said.

"Yes, everything!" She held onto a long spear. Looking at Robin sideways she said. "Even though I found that she is not my true mother. I will still do as she says. For she has always loved me as her own. She told me that you are a good and kind man. That you need to live to help the people of England."

Softly laughing she said. "I do not care for any outside the order. But my mother, and most importantly the high priestess has ordered this. So I will obey." She then motioned for them to leave.

"Follow me now. Or you can stay and die!"

She waited for them to make the decision. Robin and Tuck looked at each other, then at the bleak cell. They quickly left their prison. Susanna pulled on a device closing the wall behind them as they left.

The passageway was almost pitch black. The only light came from a torch that Susanna held. She made her way along the many dark passageways. As they walked on Robin could see peepholes into many rooms. He stopped at one to look into. He saw sisters kneeling in prayer. The priestess’ were pacing around them. They screamed at them. Reciting a liturgy of their devotion to their Goddess Morigan. Again and again, they repeated the liturgy. Robin turned away. Shaking his head, it must be a sad life. As he walked on he noticed that the passageway was getting brighter. After a few minutes they came upon an exit.

Robin squinted his eyes as the bright light hit them. Tuck too was partially blind from the intense light. They had been in the darkness of the priory for only a few days and the light hurt them. Susanna was putting her black veil on. Now they knew why they wore them. To protect them from the bright light.

"I will take you as far from the priory as I can." Susanna said.

She then headed toward the forest. Robin and Tuck followed. As they walked on Susanna told Robin. " My mother said to warn you that my sisters will come looking for you. You must find a place to hide. My mother and I cannot protect you anymore."

Robin thought about this as he followed her. His life up to now had been one of hiding from the crown. Now he had to hide from Prince John and the Sisters of Morigan, not exactly a pleasant situation. From the time he was 17 he seemed to be running. It took them ten minutes to reach the forest, as they began to enter it they heard Tuck yell out. "Look!"

He pointed to the opening they had just left. Susanna turned and saw sisters pouring out of the exit. Each one placing their veils on as they came out into the bright light. Susanna recognized one of them.

"It is Selena. She always coveted my mothers position."

Selena was looking around. She knew she was not to far behind the escaping prisoners. Searching up towards the forest she saw Robin Hood with his friend and a fellow sister almost in the forest. Angrily she screamed out.

"There is no place for you to hide son of Aurora!" Her voice carried up in the still air. Susanna cringed. "She knows! If she knows then all is lost for my mother. Quickly we must flee."

Susanna ran into the forest. Robin and Tuck followed her lead. They tried to make there way deeper into the forest. Robin felt more comfortable in the forest. He was in his own element here. As they ran on he suddenly realized what Susanna said

"Wait Susanna." He called out.

Susanna did not slow down at his words, she continued to run. Robin ran faster to catch up.

"What did you mean that all is lost for Aurora?" He panted.

Susanna leaped over a fallen tree. Robin deftly jumped over also. Tuck had to scramble over it. Robin stopped to help him as Susanna hissed a warning.

"We have to hurry." Robin stood his ground. "What did you mean all is lost for my mother?" he sternly asked. Susanna caught her breath. She angrily spat out. "If Morigan let all know that Aurora lied of your birth then she will be killed."

"And what does Selena have to do with this?" Tuck asked.

"She has always been next in line for high priestess. With my mother...." Susanna looked up at Robin. She slowly closed her eyes saying.

"With Aurora gone, then Selena will become the next High Priestess."

Robin heard shouts of the pursuing sisters. Tuck gazed into Robin’s eyes. He saw in them that he had made a grave decision. Robin sadly smiled at Tuck.
"Tuck, please go to Sherwood while you can. I’m going back to the priory."

Tuck shook his head. " I’m not going back without you." Robin was already heading back.

Tuck called out to him. "Why Robin? They’ll kill you for sure."

Robin turned a determined look on his face. "Tuck, if it wasn’t for my mother I would have either ended up as some evil pawn for Morigan or sacrificed to her. I owe her my life, I can’t let her die because me. You know that." Tuck saw the truth in his friend’s eyes. Robin then headed back towards the voices.

"He is a fool." Susanna spat out.

"I heard that." Robin said as he walked on.

Tuck smiled, looking at Susanna he tried to explain. "Robin has a saying he has lived with all his life Susanna. If a man does not believe in himself, then he has no reason to live. Robin could never live with himself knowing that someone died because of him." Tuck then followed after Robin. Susanna shook her head in disgust. "Two fools!" Hesitating, she then reluctantly followed them back.

As Robin headed towards the shouts of the sisters he realized that he was being followed. Turning around he saw Tuck and Susanna. Tuck just shrugged his shoulders. Looking at Susanna he asked, "Three fools?" Susanna smiled back at him. "I guess we are related." Robin softly laughed his agreement, spinning on his heels he headed back to the Prior.

Selena ran into the forest, she hoped she would be able to catch up with the escaped prisoners. She knew what reward would awaited her when she returned with Robin Hood. As she entered the forest she was surprised to see Robin and the others heading her way. Robin boldly walked up to her.

"After you." He politely said as he pointed back to the priory

Selena smiled evilly. "You will not be so bold when you see our Goddess."

The other sisters roughly grabbed Robin and started taking him back toward the prior. "And you sister will be dealt with also." Selena hissed.

Susanna dropped her head down to her chest placing her hand over her heart. "I await my punishment my sister." She said. Some of the sisters grabbed Tuck also. Dragging him after Robin.

The sisters brought them around to the front of the prior. The large doors were already opened, awaiting their return. They entered once again.

This time when Robin was brought in, the sisters were more violent in his greeting. Each one tried to get at him, but this time the guards didn’t try to stop them. Robin was cut and scratched all along the way. Each sister reached out, clutching at him, pulling at him. His arms became red with welts with long scratches etched on them, as he tried to defend himself from their violent advances.

A large satisfied smile came to each sister that was able to hurt the man who killed their hearts son. Tuck noticed that they were not going the way they did when they first entered. They seem to be heading towards the heart of the Prior. Susanna’s head hung low. She was preparing herself, she knew where they were being taken.

Finally they came to the sacred room, the great doors opened and Robin and Tuck was dragged bodily into the room. The large chamber was filled to capacity with the priestess’. Robin was dragged to the center of the room, he saw Aurora in there waiting for him. Her sad look turned to concern when she saw the deplorable condition her son was in. His arms and face were cut up by the sister’s anger. Selena walked boldly into the room.

Aurora looked defiantly at Selena.

"What is the meaning of this Selena? Why do you call a meeting of the sisters? Only I can make that call."

Selena went up to Aurora, a half grin on her evil face. "I think you are no longer qualified to be our high Priestess any more Aurora."

Aurora’s tone became one of talking to a child. "And you made this decision Selena."

Selena seethed "How long did you hope to hid him from us?" Aurora kept her noble poise.

"What do you mean Selena?" She asked innocently.

"You think me a fool. I have always been suspicious of Susanna from the day you brought her into the priory. No one in the prior witnessed her birth. I knew one day I would find out if she was truly your blood. And now I know."

Selena pulled Robin next to Aurora. She brought a torch up to Aurora’s face.

"Look my sisters gaze upon her face. A face we have seen for many years." Bringing the torch up to Robin’s face she shouted. "Now look into the face of her son!!"

The others looked closely at Robin. His face, his eyes, yes in the light they could see the similarity. This man was the son of there High Priestess.

Selena angrily threw the torch to the ground.

"How long did you think to hide him from us Aurora. All these years he was allowed to live outside of the prior. To grow up to a man without our heart knowing he was alive. Allowed to exist for one purpose. To kill our hearts son!"

Her voice rose to a high pitch. It echoed in the small chamber. The echo grew as the dais suddenly glowed.

All the sisters bowed, as they knew there goddess was appearing. Robin and Tuck were the only ones that remained standing. The words "My son!" echoed again and again. It became louder as the goddess Morigan appeared on the dais.

"Aurora." Morigan serenely said.

Her face only was visible on the dais. She looked directly at Aurora. Aurora fell to the ground, her head touching the floor. She wept out loud, her heart-rending sobs filled the chamber.

"My heart please forgive me. I did not know he would have killed your son."

Morigan turned and gazed at Robin. Robin froze as the Goddess’ stare fell upon him.

"Come closer man." Morigan said.

Robin suddenly felt that had to obey. He slowly shuffled towards the dais. It felt as if invisible hands were pulling him towards it. He could do nothing to stop it. As he came up to the dais he halted, gazing up at the huge face of the Goddess.

Morigan smiled warmly as she looked upon the son of her High Priestess.

"You have done well Aurora." Aurora’s head quickly rose up.

"My heart?" she asked.

"Aurora, did you think I did not know of his birth? Aurora I know everything."

"My heart....." Selena started to say.

"Silence!" Morigan hissed.

"Stand Aurora." Morigan said. Aurora numbly obeyed. "Aurora, I knew of his birth, and I allowed him to live."

"Why my heart?" Aurora asked.

"Because I knew that one day my son from King Kadwon would be awakened. I have always hated that abomination, but I could not kill him. I knew only the son of my High Priestess could destroy him. So I allowed you to hide his birth."

Aurora thankfully smiled. "Then you are not angry with me my heart?"

"Angry? No my daughter, how could I be angry with you for giving me a new son?" Aurora’s heart sank. "A new son?" She whispered.

"Yes. I allowed your son to live outside the order. This made him strong. It gave him the experience of the outside world. It allowed him to be tutored by a great Wizard. He learned many things that could not have been taught to him in the order. Now that he is mature I can make him mine." Morigan then locked eyes with Robin, he felt a chill run through his body.

Tuck tried to pull free from his captures.

"You can’t change Robin his heart is good and pure." Tuck declared, Morigan coldly laughed, it echoed within the chamber.

"For now man of the cloth. But given enough time I will make him my own. He will soon become my son, to do my bidding. The horror that came from King Kadwon would never have obeyed me. He would have fought against me. Because of Robin’s good heart he will do what I tell him. He will never turn on me like my other son would have."

Morigan eyes then began to glow a soft red. The glow went from her eyes and engulfed Robin, he fell to the ground writhing in pain. It felt as if Morigan was trying to penetrate his very soul. He tried to fight the Goddess’ control over him.

End of Chapter Four

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