Robins Fear

By Sandy
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The day had started out as any other day. Lord Cadbury's men were chasing after Robin and his men, who had just stolen some of the Lord's gold. Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck, and Marion easily lost the Cadbury's men. When they reached camp, Robin and Marion went their separate ways. They had gotten into a fight earlier about their "so-called" relationship as Marion put it.

She was upset because he never told her the words she wanted to hear. They both decided to sleep on it until morning.

When Robin woke up the next day, he searched for Marion, to talk things over. He hated arguing with her. He saw Little John and Friar Tuck eating, but no Marion. He asked them if she was still sleeping. Tuck told Robin that she left earlier to visit

her sister today. Little John could tell that his friend looked a bit perturbed over this.

"Did she say how long she was staying?" Robin asked, with some concern in his brown eyes. "She said just for the day," John returned.

"Very well then," Robin sighed.

He always hated it when Marion went off on her own. He knew she could take care of herself, but he still always worried.

A few hours passed and for some reason Robin was getting a bad feeling. Suddenly the gate was opened and Marion's sister came galloping in. She rushed over to

where Robin sat.

"Robin, Lord Cadbury has taken Marion captive! His men ambushed her as she was leaving. He left this note stuck along with her whip."

She handed Robin both items. Robin took the note and read it aloud, as Tuck and John had just arrived.

"Marion Fitzwalter will die at sunset, if all of my gold is not returned to me by then. Come alone, Robin Hood. The sight of anyone else will end her life. Signed Lord

Cadbury," Robin finished off reading. He looked worriedly at his friends.

"That doesn't give us much time," Tuck said breaking a long silence.

"That doesn't give ME much time. I am not taking any chances on Marion’s life. You guys can come half way, but I will do the rest on my own as instructed," Robin

replied, lifting a brow, to Tuck.

"Do you think he would really kill Marion," Little John asked.

"We've dealt with him before." Robin said. "He has been known to kill his own men, so I say yes!"

"Robin, you have to know it's a trap set for you. Lord Cadbury is one of Prince John's closest friends," Friar Tuck reminded Robin.

"Yes, but he has Marion and that's all I am concerned with right now. Little

John gathers all the gold in the camp. That should be enough for what he

is asking for." Robin said hurriedly.

Tuck had never seen Robin so edgy. He pulled Robin aside and asked him what else is wrong. Robin told Tuck about the argument Marion and he had the night before and how they never made up. Tuck now understood why Robin was worried. He feared that Marion would die before he ever cleared things up and told her he loved her.

Little John and the Friar helped Robin gather the gold onto his gray mare. They all rode off together. As they neared the castle, Robin told the others this is where they needed to stay put. Little John and Friar Tuck were still worried that their friend was not thinking clearly. He seemed to jump into saving Marion, with no real plan in mind. He always had a back-up plan. He seemed to have nothing in this case. All of Robin's focus was on Marion and getting her back alive.

"Robin, please let us help you," pleaded Tuck.

"You two just stay here and wait until you see us. If I haven't come by sundown, go in." Robin told his comrades. Little John could see the fear in Robin's eyes.

"Robin, I'm sure Marion is fine and you'll be seeing her soon," John said calmly. "Yes, she is," Robin said as if not really knowing he said it. Robin patted John on his broad shoulder and rode off towards the castle.

The sun was already halfway down in the western sky. Robin felt his heartbeating faster and faster as he neared the castle. He  had this fear in his heart that he never felt before. He was sure he could hand over the gold and get Marion out of there, no problem. He had done similar things before, plus he knew Lord Cadbury's men were clumsy. Yet, he couldn't help but feel this fear rising in him.

His deep brown eyes looked ahead at the castle guard. Only two men were posted at the gate. They opened the gate where he could then see her. She was bound to a pole in the middle of the grounds, with a gag in her mouth. He could see the fright in her
eyes, and yet filling with joy at his arrival. Two more guards popped out and told Robin to give up his sword, and bow and arrows. He threw his leg over the horse's head and dismounted.

Robin could see Lord Cadbury come from behind Marion and hold a dagger to her throat, as if to warn Robin not to try anything. Robin pulled the bag full of coins of the saddle. He fixed his gaze on Cadbury and walked towards him. Four more of the Lord's men came out into the courtyard for a total of eight now. Robin kept his now angered gaze at Cadbury. Marion looked so helpless to Robin, it killed him, but he knew that soon she would be safe in his arms. Then he would tell her how much he loved her and truly wanted to marry her.

"You have all my gold you have stolen from me for the last time," Lord Cadbury growled.

Robin just smiled at Cadbury and said, "Your right about this being the last time. The last time you'll ever get to see daylight again."

Lord Cadbury just laughed it off. "Your alone, how do you expect to escape. You can't!"

Robin now eyed all the guards. The two closest to him were armed with swords. The four surrounding the gate had crossbows. The other two, who had taken his weapons, had just swords themselves. Robin then looked on concerningly at Cadbury.

"Free Marion and you get your gold back."

Marion during all this had managed to free one hand and was working on the other. Lord Cadbury took the dagger down from Marion's throat and put it at his side. She winked at Robin, then kicked her boot back into Cadbury's groin. Clutching himself, Cadbury keeled over in pain. Robin turned his attention to the guards charging at him. The short, plumpy guard swung his sword first at Robin. Robin easily ducked the sword and swung his leg under the short fellow's legs and tripped him up.

He grabbed his sword and went lashing out at the guard now approaching. The guard quickly was down after Robin's attack. Two more were coming at him. Only the two with the crossbows stood their place, watching for the right moment.

Marion, in the meantime, completely freed herself and was working on Lord Cadbury. When he was down and out, she turned her attention to Robin. She went over

to where his bow and arrows were and took them for herself. Robin only had one more of the guards with swords to deal with. The one guard with the crossbow came running forward to help with the fight with Robin. Marion fired an arrow at the guard remaining at the post. She hit him in the shoulder. He gave out a groan, but managed to release the crossbow. It flew over Marion's head as she ducked down. Now she was content in

watching Robin take care of the two men.

These last two were the strongest, but Robin was having fun toying with them. He could have easily knocked both down, but was feeling his confidence back and taking full advantage of it. With the last guard falling to his knees in agony, Robin was suddenly distracted by Marion's scream. He quickly turned around to see Marion's limp body falling to the ground. Behind her stood Lord Cadbury, with his knife all bloodied from Marion's blood. Robin charged after him like a raging bull with his sword ready to take aim. With all the rage inside him, Robin plunged the sword into Cadbury's cold heart. He quickly

Dropped his sword and dropped down to Marion.

He started shaking as he realized he was too late. He was partially kneeling in her pool of blood. He picked her up and carried her out of the castle, tears streaming down his face. He could feel her blood on his hands as he carried her out into the open field, where the others were waiting. His fear that had shook him that whole day had come true. Here he was carrying the woman he loved, but whom he never told that to. Little John and Tuck rushed up to Robin. They stopped dead in their tracks at the sight before them. Robin knelt down and gently laid her body down on a small flowerbed.

He gently kissed her lips and whispered "Goodbye, my love! "

His eyes were all swollen and watery. He looked into the sunset and then just screamed

* * *

"Robin, What's wrong?" Marion came rushing into Robin's tent, where he was sitting up in bed.

"I heard you scream," she said with concern. He took her into his muscular arms and held her tight to him.

He whispered to her, "Don't you ever scare me like that again."

"Robin what is wrong?"

"Just a really bad nightmare," he still was whispering. He pulled her away from him and looked into her concerned blue eyes.

"Marion, I'm so sorry about what happened last night. Please forgive me!"

"Robin. of course I forgive you. Just don't scare me like that, screaming!" Marion looked into Robin's loving brown eyes.

"Marion, I love you! I love you with everything inside of me. I love the way you make me feel. I love the crazy things you do. I just love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you!"

Marion's eyes started to well up with tears. " Oh Robin, I love you too! I've been waiting so long for you to say that!" She fell into Robin’s arms and they just held each other like never before.


The End

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