The Ties That Bind
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Six

Joshua pleaded with Mortiana.

"Take the spell off Mortiana. We have done nothing to you. If you do I promise that we will leave this land." Joshua was now desperate. He knew that he would no longer be able to keep back the madness.

Mortiana slowly walked around the chamber. "And if I do?" she asked. A sly grin on her face.

"Yes?" Joshua kept his knife on Olwyns throat. He knew better than to trust Mortiana.

"And if I do? Would you give me control of the bracelet?"

Joshuas head went back and he let out a roar of understanding.
"So, thats what this was all about! You sneaking conniving witch. You used me, and Rhiannon for your own means."

Mortiana smiled cleverly at him. "I always have a purpose to what I do."

Olwyn then reached up, and pulled Joshuas hand down.

"Heard enough Olwyn?" Joshua asked.

"Yes." Olwyn deep voice resounded in the small cavern. The anger could be seen in his dark eyes.

Mortianas look was of utter surprise. This was something she had not expected. Joshua shook from the strain it took to control his madness. Taking the bracelet off, Olwyn handed it back to Joshua. Turning back to Mortiana, she just gazed at him with a delighted grin.

"Well, seems You’ve out foxed me again Olwyn." she laughed lightly as he was able to figure out what she was up to.

"Yes Mortiana. Don’t you know by now that you can never deceive me?

Smiling to herself she sighed. "Maybe not, but I do love trying."

Olwyn blushed slightly, Clearing his voice he said. "Then I want you to try something else."

"And whats that Olwyn?" she asked innocently.

Pointing to Joshua he ordered "Take the spell off of Joshua and Rhiannon."

Bowing her head slightly she sighed. "I will need the two together first."

"Of course." Olwyn agreed. Olwyn turned and started walking out of the cavern. Mortiana and Joshua followed close behind him.


Robin had now reached Rhiannon. Their arms wrapped around eachother, the embrace was warm and loving. She gently kissed him on his cheek.

"I have missed you my beloved." She sighed. "Now we can be together, for eternity." She then brought out her medallion.

Marion and Little John saw the two in an embrace. Marion felt her heart skip a beat, please god, let them be in time.

"Robin No!" Marion screamed out, as they ran closer.

Robin could no longer hear Marion. He could only hear the voice of his love. "Give me your hand." Rhiannon cooed.

Robin obediently gave Rhiannon his hand, his sparkling eyes never leaving her face. He grinned widely at the prospect of joining with his beloved, his reason for living. She quickly took the bandage off. The cut was deeper than before, Rhiannon began to place the medallion within the wound. She stopped, when she heard a howl come from out of the forest. A deep voice sounded out.

"No Rhiannon! You cannot have that man!"

Once again she was interrupted, this time she would stand and fight for her mate. Their was no more fleeing for her.

As Rhiannon saw Olwyn emerge from the forest, she also saw Mortiana behind him. She was motioning into the air, Celtic words were being said. Once heard the ancient words were forgotten. As Mortiana finished her spell Rhiannon blinked as she saw her beloved emerge from the forest.

"Joshua!" She called out.

"Rhiannon, my love!"

The two ran into each others arms. Joshua lifted Rhiannon into the air and embraced her. They laughed and whirled around as they realized it was finally over.

Marion and Little John ran to Robin, he was just coming out of his trance. He was starting to feel more like his old self. But Rhiannons mark was still on him, his feelings for her hadn’t changed.

Olwyn slowly walked to Robin, he asked him how he felt.

"I don’t know Olwyn." Robin let out a tired sigh. "I still feel something.... binding." Glancing at his hand, the open wound was still there. Softly clearing his throat Olwyn said.

"I hate to interrupt you two. But there is some unfinished business here."

Joshua and Rhiannon, now giggling like young children looked back at Robin. "Oh yes the mark." Rhiannon laughed. Walking up to Robin Rhiannon looked apologetic.

"I’m sorry about that. You have to understand, I really wasn’t myself."

Taking his hand she started placing her medallion in it. Robin hissed at the pain, Marion immediately grabbed Robins hand.

"You were going to use that to make Robin yours."

Rhiannon smiled at Marion, as a mother would her child. "Do not fear little one. I can use this to bind or break the spell."

Olwyn cautioned Marion to stand back. Reluctantly she backed off. Again placing the medallion in the wound Rhiannon chanted a ancient spell.

Robin could feel his strength returning, the wound slowly closed as she pulled the medallion out. Stroking his face she sighed.

"I don’t think it would have been so bad, bound to you." She giggled.

Joshua swatted her on the rear.

"Rhiannon, Leave the mortal alone!" Dancing around Joshua she sang out. "I love when you get jealous." Joshua roughly pulled Rhiannon to him and deeply kissed her.

Mortiana had finally joined the group. Noticing her Rhiannon and Joshua immediately changed into wolf form. Barking a goodbye the two ran together into the forest. All the way they played and howled, their love could be seen, even in this form.

Mortiana stood by Olwyn, he ignored her as she looked up at him for recognition. Robin, Marion and Little John, feeling the tension stepped back from the two sorcerers.

"I won’t apologized for what I’ve done." Mortiana said.

"I did not expect any." Olwyn replied staring blankly ahead.

"Well then I’ll be off. Until we meet again Olwyn." She smiled warmly at him.

Returning her smile Olwyn said "Until we meet again."

With that said she slowly whirled around and made her way back to her cavern. Little John stared at her retreating figure, the look on his face spoke of utter disbelief.

"Thats it?" Little John said. "You’re not going to do anything to her for doing that to Robin and your friends."

"I’ve learned a long time ago. That Mortiana is Mortiana. There is nothing I can say or do to her to change that. Beside things did turn all right."

"Oh sure." moaned Marion. "After all those villagers were terrorized."

"and." added Little John "All that live stock was killed."

"And I was almost bound for life to a beautiful shapeshifter." Robin softly finished.

Suddenly Marion remembered something. "Oh no! We forgot. We still have to worry about Prince Johns men finding our camp."

Robin hit his head with his palm. "Thats right, the kings men will still be searching for a wolf." Robin turned to Olwyn, he was surprised to see that he was smiling.

"That is a problem that you won’t have to worry about. Joshua promised that Rhiannon and he will make a little stop by the Princes Castle. They promise to lead them as far away from Sherwood that they can."

"See." Robin smiled at Marion. "Problem solved."

"Yes He... wait a minute." Marion said, she spun around to look at Robin, her eyes narrowed as she realized what Robin had said. "Did you think she was beautiful?"

Robin leaning on Little John for support, clutching his head he started groaning. "Suddenly I don’t feel so good."

Little John supported him. "Are you all right Robin?" He asked, worry in his voice.

"Oh hes all right. For now!" Marions arms were crossed, she was tapping her foot on the ground. Seeing the jealously in Marions eyes Robin moaned again "I definitely don’t feel good."

Olwyn chuckled to himself. Glancing off to the distance he could just make out Mortiana walking into her cave. He sighed out, he too had felt something when they fought together against Melanoc. But he also knew that kind of love was impossible for them. Long time ago they had made a choice for their lives. It was a high price to pay, for Olwyn it was worth it. As for Mortiana, well, after all these years, she was still trying. He hoped she would keep on trying. Hopefully the game next time would not be as dangerous.

In the distance the two wolfs could be heard playing and howling into the night. Where they were headed no one knew. But it was a sure bet it was as far from Mortiana as they could go!

The End

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