The Ties That Bind
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Five

After they had packed there things Little John went to help Robin up. The small group then slowly made there way to Olwyns. It was close to night fall when they finally reached Olwyns cavern.

Leaning heavily on Little John, Robin called out.

"Olwyn, we have to see you."

A mist grew from out of the forest. A clearing open up in the center of the forest, Joshua walked towards it. Robin, waving Little Johns help off, walked to the opening. As they broke through the mist, Joshua smiled up at the dragon.

"Hello old girl." He softly said. "Nice to see you."

Joshua then walked though the image and into Olwyns lair. Robin, Little John, and Marion followed after. Entering Olwyns home they found him sitting at a small table, face buried in a large book. Looking up he then did something that Robin rarely saw him do, he smiled.

"Joshua, its good to see you." Olwyn stood up, walking towards Joshua, with his hand extended, Joshua came up to Olwyn and shook his hand.

"Yes, its been a long time hasn’t it?" Nodding his head, Olwyn agreed.

"Yes, what some 200 years at least. What brings you and Rob....."

Olwyn was cut short by a cry by Marion. Robin had fallen, Little John picked him up and placed him on Olwyns bed. Olwyn quickly went to see what was wrong with Robin.

Placing his hand over his body he slowly moved it from head to toe. He shivered as his hand felt a cold chill. Anger set in on his face, spinning he demanded from Joshua.

"Joshua! What have you done?"

Joshua started pacing the floor, like a caged animal. Searching into his face, Olwyn saw that something was seriously wrong with his old friend.

"What happened to your friend would not have transpired if it were not for Mortianas jealously!"

His voice set on a high pitch. The madness was coming back with a vengeance. Olwyn nodded his head as he now knew the reason for Joshuas visit.

"So, Mortiana is still jealous of you and Rhiannon."

"Yes, yes, yes!" Joshua babbled out. "Shes always hated our love. Was always jealous. I don’t know what triggered it this time, but she came at us one day with a vengeance. Her curse was strong and wicked."

Joshua pleaded with Olwyn, tears streaking his face, a madness in his eyes. "You have to help us Olwyn. If not for me than your friend, Rhiannon has placed her mark on him."

Olwyn eyes went wide with fear. Picking up Robins hand he saw the mark that Rhiannon left on Robin.

"Whats wrong Olwyn?" Marion looked at Robin and then at Olwyn.

"You can break the spell can’t you?" Little John asked.

Olwyn just slowly shook his head. "This is magic older than Merlin. I can’t break this bond, only Rhiannon can."

Marions face was masked in determination. "Well then well just have to find her and make her."

Joshua laughed maniacally. "Don’t you realize Whats going to happen? Don’t you realize what Shes done?" Pointing toward Robin he cried out. "Hes dying!"

Marion and Little John looked to Olwyn for help. Olwyn just stood by Robins side, gazing sadly at his student. Marion noticed that Robins breathing seemed more labored.

"Tell them Olwyn! Tell them!" Joshua shouted out, his voice letting on to his growing insanity.

Softly Olwyn said. "If the bond is not broken, or Robin is not joined with Rhiannon. Than Robin will die."

"NO!" Little John shouted out. "Robin can’t die. I’ll go to Mortiana myself and make her take the curse off." his last words were almost a cry.

Marion went to Little John, she leaned against him for support. Little John gazed down at her and realized that she too was concerned for Robin. Placing his arm around her, they both watched Robin. As if trying to give him their strength to fight off this curse.

Olwyn started pacing the room, Marion could see that he was thinking of something, perhaps?

"That, is not a bad idea Little John." Olwyn quietly said.

"What Idea?" John quietly asked. Robin looked so fragile now, he thought even a word spoken aloud would hurt him.

"Joshua, we have to go to Mortiana and convince her to break this spell."

Joshuas eyes darted like a trapped animal. A smile slowly spread across his face. "Yes, She’ll listen to you Olwyn. We can convince her to break the spell. Once broken Rhiannon can release Robin Hood, and all will be as it was."

"That simple?" Marion asked.

"Not quite." Olwyn answered. "Mortiana is very temperamental. I will have to see what kind of mood she is in, before I can try to convince her to undo this evil spell."

"Well what are you waiting for Olwyn?" Joshua said "Lets go."

Joshua then went to help Robin up, Little John waved him off. Placing his hands under Robins head and knees he gently picked Robin up. Holding Robin close to his chest, he tried not to showed the fear he was feeling to Marion, Robin felt as light as a feather.

Olwyn prepared for their journey, he went to his chair and took his cloak that was hanging on it. Putting it on, he then went to a small desk. Opening a hidden drawer he pulled out a large medallion. This medallion had a strong magic, Olwyn knew he needed some help in transporting the five of them to Mortianas lair.

Motioning for the others to stand by his side. He chanted a ancient spell. As the last words were spoken he swept his arm across, they felt a tingling as the spell transported them out of Olwyns cavern. Suddenly they found themselves in the middle of a forest, a small cave could be seen in the distance.

"I cannot let you risk yourselves any further. Please stay here and take care of Robin. Joshua and I will see to Mortiana."

With that said the two made their way to the cave.

Marion cleared a space for Little John to put Robin down. Placing him against a tree, Robin looked up at his two friends, weakly smiling up at them.

"I think when this is done. I’m going sleep for a week."

"And I’ll make sure no one will disturb you." Little John chuckled.

Closing his eyes Robin tried to find some inner strength to fight this weakness he felt. When he opened his eyes he found two sets of eyes looking at him, with a concern deep within them.

Robin was about to tell them not to worry when he felt HER! She was nearby. He knew that he had to join her soon, every fiber of his being cried out to be with her. For now he had to think of way of getting rid of his friends.



As Olwyn and Joshua entered the cave they instantly felt a repel spell. Olwyn quickly spoke some words and waved the spell off. They then walked down a long passage way that led to where Mortiana was.

"Olwyn!" Joshua cried out.

Turning around, Olwyn could see that Joshua had fallen, he was clutching his leg in pain. Olwyn went back to help him up, as he brought his hand down Joshua grabbed it and clamped a bracelet around his wrist. Olwyn tried to cast a spell against the strong magic he felt coming from the bracelet. But Joshua was quicker than him, chanting ancient words that only he knew. Olwyn found he was under the control of Joshua. Slowly rising Joshua quietly started laughing. He tried to stifle his giggling so Mortiana wouldn’t hear him. Mustn’t let her know too soon. Have to make sure she was ready for her big surprise. Taking Olwyn by the arm he led him into Mortianas cavern.


Outside the cave, Robin was getting desperate. She called to him, he had to think of a way of getting to Rhiannon, his hand now burned as if on fire.

"Marion?" He softly asked.

"Yes Robin?" she kneeled by his side. Eager to help him in any way.

Robin wiped his brow. Sighing heavily he gasped. "I’m so hot. I’m dying of thirst!"

Marion searched around and spied a brook not to far from where they were. Gently stroking his hand she said. "Theres some water over there. I’ll go get you some, Little John will stay with you."

"Thank you." He managed a dimpled grin. "I think if I can have some water I’ll feel better."

"I hope so." Marion whispered. Standing, she then told Little John to watch Robin, while she went to get some water.

Robin watched carefully as she headed towards the brook. With her back to him, he began to search around for a rock. There was one close him, he clutched at it greedily, bringing it close to him. When Marion was far enough away he looked up at Little John.

"Can you help me up stand up Little John?" He pleaded. John looked down at Robin, worry lined his face.

"Robin, are you strong enough?" He hesitated, he didn’t want to harm his friend.

"Of course I am, I need to get up Little John. My legs are cramping, Please?" He pleaded with the blonde Giant, Little Johns blue eyes smiled at him, he could never say no to Robin. "O.K." He gently said.

Placing his large hands under Robins arms, he gently helped Robin to stand. As Robin was able to stand on his own Little Johns head jerked around, he heard the song of the wolf. Robin, seeing the recognition in his face, used the rock he had taken from the ground and viciously struck Little John on the side of his head.

John fell to the ground stunned.

Throwing the rock to the ground Robin ran towards the singing. He had to get to her. He had to find her, at all costs. He would allow nothing to stop him now!


Stopping near the entrance of the cavern, Joshua told Olwyn to go ahead of him. His plan had worked perfectly, Olwyn had broken the repel spell that prevented him from entering the cave. Olwyn entered the main chamber ahead of Joshua, Mortiana was at the far side of the cavern, she was looking into her crystal. Something was not right. she could feel it. Hearing a sound from the other side of the cavern, she saw Olwyn walking in. A warm smile came across her face.

"Olwyn, what brings you here?"

Olwyn said nothing. She then noticed a blank look on his face. She heard someone say "Stop!" Olwyn halted near the entrance. As she was about to rise to see who was there. Joshua stepped from behind Olwyn, a mad grin set on his face.

"I’m ba-ack!" he sung out. "And look who I brought with me. An old boy friend." He started giggling uncontrollably.

"What have you done to Olwyn!" Mortiana demanded.

Joshua walked infront of Olwyn and leaned against him. Picking up his arm he showed Mortiana the bracelet.

"How dare you!" She hissed.

"How dare I?! Your asking me how dare I!" Changing into a wolf he howled so loudly that the cavern shook from the sound. Quickly changing back, Joshua was practically foaming at the mouth. "All this is your fault you Witch! All of it! ALL OF IT!!!" Joshua clutched his head. He had to keep the madness away. He was so close now, So close to getting what he wanted. He just had to hold out a little longer.

"What did we do to you?" He cried out. The tears flowing down his face.

Mortiana just coldly stared at him, her cold gaze set on Olwyn.

"Its not what you did to me." her voice was so low that a mortal would not have heard her. But Joshua did!

"Than what? Why torment us like this?" She just stared blankly ahead.

The Madness was growing bigger, Joshua knew he could not last longer. Pulling his knife out, he ran behind Olwyn, placing it on Olwyns throat.

"Tell me witch, or Olwyn will have breathed his last today!"

"No!" gasped Mortiana. The fear for Olwyn was genuine in her eyes.

Joshua waited for Mortianas’ answer. She came up to Olwyn, looking deeply into his eyes. A pair of eyes she had know for over 500 years. Yet there was never any love in them for her.

"I have always been jealous of you and Rhiannon." she started.

"We’ve already known this for centuries. But why do this to us!" He lamented. "What had we done to you?"

Mortiana had a sad smile on her face. "It wasn’t you Joshua. The two of you were just an easy way to let out my anger, my rage, my frustration. My loneliness." She softly said.

Even in his mad state Joshua understood what she meant. He and Rhiannon had spoken many times of how strong there love was, and the sorrow they felt for Olwyn and Mortiana.

"When we were able to work together, and stop Melanoc." Mortiana continued. "I felt something that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I grew jealous of what you two have had all these years."

"And being the evil witch that you are you couldn’t stand seeing that happiness!" Joshua finished for her. Mortianas eyes looked up sadly at Olwyn.

"Yes." she sighed.


When Marion returned with the water, she had found Little John dazed and Robin missing. A small bruse was forming on Little Johns head. Searching around she could just see Robin running into the woods.

"No! I’ll not let you get him!" She hissed.

Marion then threw the water she had fetched for Robin, in Little Johns face. The shock helped him to recover quicker. He started shaking his head to try to clear it.

"Little John we’ve got to hurry." Marion moaned. "He went over this way."

Marion then ran in the direction Robin had fled. Little John quickly followed her. The two tried to run as fast as they could, to catch up to him.

Robin stumbled over some branches, bracing himself on a tree, he resumed running towards his love. Her song growing stronger. He tore through the forest, the sharp branches clutching at his clothes, digging into his arms, but he could not feel this, He only knew of one thing now, he had to join her, become her mate, or die trying. As he broke through a clearing, she was waiting for him in the center of a meadow. Robin gasped in joy, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His strength grew as he neared her, her song drawing him towards her. Her arms reached out to greet him.

"My Love!" she sang.

Robins heart melt at the sound of her voice. He was so enraptured with her vision that he couldn’t hear Marions voice calling for him to come back.

End Chapter Five

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