Robin and Goliath
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Two

Pulling himself up on his stead Robin realized that Davey was to big to ride on any horse. "I’m sorry Davey, you'll have to walk beside me. I'll ride slowly so you can keep up." Davey giggled like a small boy. "Don't worry about me. I can walk for days. Used to it. Not many horses can hold me up. But Thats O.K. I likes to walk. Then I can see things better." reaching down he pulled up a flower.

Putting it to his nose he smelled deeply its perfume. "Bet you can't do that from your horse."

"I probably could. If I didn't mind falling on my face."

Davey started laughing out loud. Slapping his Knee he cried. "I'd like to sees that. Yes sir, right on your face." He looked up at Robin, and saw that he wasn't laughing and stopped. "Not funny?" he said in a small voice.

Robin’s brown eyes grinned back at him. "I guess I would look silly wouldn't I." Touching the horse’s flanks, he eased him down the road. Davey was following close behind. "Yep I'd like to see someone tries that. I betcha you could. If you tried. I betcha." As Davey rambled on, Robin really didn't hear him. He was deep in thought on what he would do with Davey once he brought him back to camp. What was he to do with him?

It was several hours later, as they were passing a grove of trees. When Davey suddenly ran from the road into the forest. He was mumbling out loud

"Got to get me some of those. Yes sir. Must have some."

Robin jumped from his horse and ran after him, shouting out. "Davey wait, you can't just run into a forest there are dangers hidden!"

Just as Robin had almost caught up with Davey he suddenly tripped on something, falling on the ground, his foot was stuck in a rabbit hole. "Darn" he said. Thinking, 'Exactly what I didn't want him to do. And I do it!'

Hearing Robin cry out in pain, Davey stopped running and went back to help. Gently he helped Robin up, he tried to stand on the wounded foot. Yelping in pain, he decided to stay off of it for a while.

"Are you alright?" Davey said sheepishly.

"I don't think it’s broken. But I won't be able to use it for a while. Why were you running!" Robin asked rather crossly

Bringing his hand up Davey showed him a bouquet of wild flowers. "They’re my favorite. I wanted to pick some for you." He than handed them to Robin. "These smell the bestest." Beaming down at him he looked once again for Robins approval. Robin brought them to his nose and breathed in. "Your right they do smell good." He agreed, Robin gingerly tried to stand on his foot, the pain was not as bad. Perhaps it wasn't as bad as he thought it was, it was probably just twisted. Searching around he noticed a small grove of trees ahead. Patting Davey on the back he said "As good a place as any to stay for the night. We won't be able to reach the camp until tomorrow."

Glancing around he told Davey. "See if you can find some wood to make a fire." "Alright!" Davey said. "I'll find some good wood. You'll see."

"And don't stray to far." Robin called out. Looking back to his mount, Robin let out a shrill whistle. The stallion hearing his master’s call came to him. Robin reached up and rubbed his nose, he always liked that. "Good Boy." he said.

Untying the saddle Robin slid it off him. Taking some loose branches he brushed his back of the days dust. Satisfied that he was thoroughly curried he reached into the saddle and pulled out a sack and blanket. From the sack he took out some cheese and bread Friar Tuck had given him for the journey, he had eaten some in the morning. His stomach rumbled at the smell of the food.

Laying out the blanket on the ground, he placed some stones in a circular formation, once settled, he searched around for Davey. He soon saw him coming noisily through the forest, with an armful of wood, smiling from ear to ear. "Gotcha you lots of wood. Were gonna be nice and warm for the night."

Davey threw the wood next to the circle of stones and plopped himself down beside Robin. He watched him carefully as Robin began to build the campfire. Placing the wood in the center of the stones, Robin broke up some kindling and lit the fire using some flint he had in the sack. The fire soon roared to life.

"How cum your not using the branches with leaves. I thought they would be good for a fire." Davey asked with a perplexed look.

"This wood is green Davey. If I were to put it on the fire there would be a lot of smoke. Never use green wood if you don't want anyone to find you."

"Right no green wood. Will make lots of smoke." Robin nodded his head as he stoked the fire. Looking up into the sky he noticed that the sun had just settled down. He also noticed that Davey was eyeing the cheese and bread. He almost seemed to be drooling.

"Hungry?" Robin asked the gentle giant.

"Yep, I'm always hungry on account I'm a growing boy. Its what got me in trouble in the village." Picking up the cheese and bread Robin handed them to Davey. "Here you can have them."

"What are you going to eat?" Davey asked as he snatched the food from his hands.

"Oh don’t worry about me. I ate a hearty lunch. I'll be all right. Go ahead and eat. You look like skin and bones."

Davey stopped in mid chew. Picking up his shirt he checked to see if he did indeed have any bones exposed. Looking up surprised he ate quicker. "Skin and bones." He said in a voice of wonder, Robin smiled warmly at Davey. Never have he met a man such as Davey before.

Reaching down Robin gingerly felt his ankle, it was very sore, but not broken. He was sure it would be better in the morning. After Davey finished his meal he snuggled up on the blanket that Robin laid out, his long legs hung over the smaller blanket, laying his hands on his chest, he looked content.

"Thanks, that was the best meal I've had in days. The cheese was really good." "Your welcome. I think Friar Tuck would like to hear that. It’s a special blend he's been working on. You try to get some sleep. I'll keep watch for the night." Davey just sat there staring into the night. He seemed to be thinking something. At times he was going to ask Robin something but stopped himself.

Finally after three attempts Robin asked him, "What is it? Whats wrong?"

"Can I ask you something?" Davey said holding onto another small clump of wild flowers, he picked the buds apart one by one as he talked to him.

"Well it depends on what it is." Robin smiled widely at the young man.

"Could you sing me a song. My mum always sang me one to help me sleep." "Well, I don't know....." Robin hesitated, looking up at him with the biggest puppy dog eyes Davey added "Please!"

Robin had to think on this, if he was in camp he wouldn't dare. He knew he had to uphold a certain image as their leader. But here alone in the forest? What harm would there be. Beside it would be better if Davey was asleep before Robin. He didn't know what other troubles he could get himself into.

"If I do will you promise to go right to sleep." Robin’s right eyebrow flew up as Davey hesitated. Laughing at Robin’s funny face he nodded his head.

"Promise." He said crossing his heart.

"O.K. let me think of one." Davey snuggled on the ground, closing his eyes; he waited for Robin to begin. Robin didn't have to think hard about what to sing. His stepmother would sing a lullaby to her children every night when he was a child. It had been years since he last heard it. He hoped he could remember all the words. Softly he began to sing the song. As he sang on, he could see the tenseness slowly release from the large body. Before he was done Davey was fast asleep. As he finished Robin wiped a tear from his face. That had brought back memories. Clearing his throat he tried not to think of his departed father. It also reminded him that he hadn’t seen his stepmother for sometime, he would have to rectify that soon. Finished with the song, he spent some time honing his knife. Thinking of things Davey could do once they reached camp. After a while he fell asleep.

In the morning Robin felt something cold in his hands, he woke up to find flowers in both of them. The coolness was dirt and roots still clinging on the flowers. Looking up he saw Davey beaming down at him. "What are you gonna do sleep half the day away?" he said giggling. "Thats what me mum would always tell me every morning." "I'm awake." Robin said as he jumped up from the ground.

He searched around the camp, finding the sack he grabbed it. Opening it up he placed the flowers in it. Slowly he tested his injured foot. It wasn’t hurting as bad as yesterday but there was still some tenderness in it. He looked up at Davey who seemed to know that he was not 100 percent. "Will you be alright?" he asked.

Robin smiled so widely a dimple popped out. "Don't worry Davey, I heal fast. Once we get back to camp. The friar will have something to make it heal quickly. I'll be alright." Davey nodded his approval.

Robin limped to his horse, he placed the saddle back on him, strapping it onto his back. As he was turning to get the blanket and sack he noticed a movement deep in the woods. He'd been in the forest long enough to know what he saw. Soldiers! Slowly he walked back to Davey.

Rubbing his thumb on his chin in thought, Robin asked the gentle Giant. "Davey, do you remember how you were hiding when I found you."

"Yep I remembers." Davey vigorously nodded his head.

"Well I'm going to need you to hide like that again," Davey became terrified "Is something wrong." his voice broke on the last word, his bottom lip trembling.

"Davey I want you to listen to me." Holding his big head in his hands Robin searched into his eyes and spoke slowly to him. His hands shook as Davey was sobbing as he spoke.

"You have to be brave Davey. I need you to hide like you did when I found you. There are soldiers in the woods." Davey gasped out in alarm. "You have to get away now. They'll try to kill you." he cried.

"I know Davey. I've delt with the Princes soldiers before. I can deal with them now. But I can't do it if I have to watch out for you Davey. I need to know that you'll be safe. So you have to stay here, and hide. Be very quiet. No matter what you might hear, you are not to go after me do you understand!"

"But you’re hurt, I can help! " Davey cried out.

"No Davey! I can do this quicker by myself. Please believe me. I know how to handle these men. Now stay here."

Davey was crying uncontrollably in heavy sobs. "But I just found you. You’re my onlyest friend. I don't want to lose you."

Robin’s gentle voice spoke softly to him. "Davey I promise you I will be back. And you will live at my camp, with new friends. Now stay here, not a sound. O.K." Robin pressed his finger to his lips.

"O.K." Davey whispered back.

Robin then pushed Davey down behind some bushes. Davey tried stifling his sobs. "I'll be waiting for you." Davey tried to put on a brave face for Robin. Robin smiled warmly at the man giant. "Okay." Robin said in a hush voice.

Robin limped up to his horse, climbing on him, he called softly back to Davey. "And I will come back." Pulling on the reins he patted his horse on its neck. "Come on boy lets have some fun!"

Robin rode on through the forest, his long brown hair flew behind as he headed to where he thought the men were going. Looking about the forest, he found a large grove of dead trees. This would be perfect, he thought. The branches of the dead trees fanned out in a large area.

Hiding in a clump of young saplings he waited. "I need you to keep steady now boy." He whispered to the stallion, stroking and patting his neck, he knew his job. He would try to stay as steady as possible for his master. Robin waited patiently, his dark brown eyes concentrating on the task ahead.

From the noise the soldiers were making he knew they were coming closer. Just like the Prince's men, to think that sound didn't travel in the forest. He waited for the men to be in the right position. In the front he could see their leader strutting like a peacock. A Captain, well, well, he was about to get his first taste of outlaw justice. When enough of the men were under the trees Robin let his arrows fly. Pinpointing them at weak or rotted points of branches the soldiers found themselves in a rain of death.

Some of the branches that fell down were huge. Hitting the top most ones. Robin knew that their weight and momentum as they fell would bring bigger branches down. It was everything the soldiers could do to get away from the falling timber. Those not injured by Robin would be easier to handle. Slipping down he whispered "Stay here boy." Slowly he went to the chaos he had created, happy to create more.

He came upon a soldier trying to hold his bucking horse down. The soldier spied a tall man advancing towards, he knew instantly it was Robin Hood. His long brown hair fell to his shoulders, a neat goatee lay upon his chin, large brown eyes sparkled at the anticipation of the coming battle. A look of determination set on his face told him this was the outlaw Robin Hood. He quickly went into the attack, pulling his sword from its scabbard. He advanced towards Robin, his main objective now was to kill Robin Hood and get that reward. Robin met him sword to sword, the metals weapons clanged as they met, trying to kick his opponent away Robin suddenly remembered his injured ankle, or his ankle reminded him. Backhanding the man, he managed to incapacitate the man using the pommel of his sword, but he would have to use his sword from now on.

Physical fighting was now out of the question. He donned the soldiers helmet and cape and methodically went to the other soldiers, slowly diminishing their numbers. As he worked his way to one of the archers he heard a crack from above his head. Before he had time to look up he felt a shove from the side. His sword was knocked out of his hand as he fell to the ground. He heard a voice say as he was pulled up. "Careful soldier. Next time it might be your head instead of your sword." Robin looked into the eyes of a lieutenant.

He nodded his head mumbling, "Yes sir. I'll be more careful next time." As the lieutenant walked away Robin looked for his sword. He could just make out the hilt peaking out from under a huge branch that had fallen. Smiling at the retreating lieutenant he thought, 'I wonder how he would feel knowing that he saved Robin Hoods life.' Glancing around he spied the cocky Captain barking orders to those who managed to avoid the trap that he had set.

The captain was standing on the ground. His horse, having been spooked, was impossible to ride. A slight bruise was on the captain’s forehead. Coming up from behind Robin placed his dagger in the small of the Captains back.

"Do as I say and you'll live to see another day." He whispered into his ear.

"Who the Hell are you?" Captain MacArdle spat out in frustration at being caught so easily.

"I just might be the one you’re looking for." Robin whispered into the Captains ear.

"ROBIN HOOD!" The Captain snarled at him.

"At your service!" Robin let out a chuckle.

MacArdle thought he had everything planned out, a quick capture and accolades when he reached home. In one swift moment everything suddenly went wrong. "What do you want!" he hissed.

"I want you to tell your men to regroup in the small grove east of here. Tell them that you are going to stay and assess what went wrong." the Captain hesitated. Pushing the dagger tip deeper into his back he whispered.

"Tell them now or your going to need a new jacket, because this one will have a hole in the back. Not to mention the blood stains. I hear they’re hard to get out." stressing his point he jammed him again.

"Alright I'll do it." MacArdle moaned out, he called out for his lieutenant. "Jeffries call up the men. Tell them to regroup in a small grove east of here. I'll be following you later after I have assessed what you did wrong here!"

Jeffries saluted the Captain "Yes Sir!" As he started to inform his men of the Captains orders, a body suddenly flew out in front of him.

Robin could hear a now familiar giggle. "Got me one." Screamed Davey with joy. Davey ran out of the forest. Picking up another soldier he was ready to throw this one too.

Robin could see that Jeffries had his bow out and was aiming it at Davey. If he didn't do something soon he knew that Jeffries would shoot him. Pushing the Captain to the ground he used the only weapon he had. Flipping the dagger to the blade side he threw it toward the arrow deflecting it as it was in mid flight. The Arrow lodged in a tree next to where Davey was standing.

Robin ran toward Davey yelling out, "Davey, run. Get out of here now!"
End of Chapter Two


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