The Joker, Snapman and Robin
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Six

He had to get control of the situation. "Eric, do you think you can show me which way to leave this land?"

Eric gave Robin a sly look. "Are you going to leave Eilika?"

Robin smiled gently at him. "I was going to take her with me." Eilika jumped up and down, clapping her hands. "Oh, are you really?" Her innocent eyes returned, she was so sweet looking. But Robin now knew he had to be careful around her, he tried to appeal to Eilika, keep Eric from surfacing.

Standing up, Robin took Eilikaís hand. "Lets go then." He began to lead her off. She rambled on, on how good things would be with her by his side. Suddenly she stopped, pulling on Robinís hand. "What about Marion?" This was Eric speaking, he held his knife firmly infront of him.

"I guess Iím just going to have to break the sad news to her." Robin smiled so widely at Eilika, his dimples showed. Taking his arm, she hugged it to herself, her head resting on his shoulder. They walked on, as he spoke softly to her. "That itís just you and me Eilika."

She smiled up at the handsome outlaw. She couldnít believe that he would give up the love of his life for her. Robin started to become distressed when he heard her fighting with Eric.

"You fool." Eric shouted. "Heíll just treat you like the rest of the grownups do. Heíll tear your heart out, and stomp on it. Just like father."

"Hes different from father." Eilika moaned out. "I know he is." She gently stroked Robins arm.

Eric pulled Robin to him so quickly he had no time to react. He felt the blade of the knife pushing into the back of his head. "He deserves to die, hes a man, like father. Look what he did to me Eilika!" Eric shouted out. Robin felt the blade of the knife piercing his skin, he struggled to free himself from Eilikaís death grip but it proved to be impossible. She had unimaginable strength.

"Donít worry." Eric cooed. "It wonít hurt long, I promise."

Robin struggled in Ericís grip. He pulled Robin closer to him. Maintaining his hold on the knife.

"Jacobi are you alright?" A voice called out.

Eric whirled around with Robin in his grip. He spied Jacobi walking boldly down the trail. His eyes were softer, not the mad look that Eilika had seen previously.

"Your Jacobi!" Eric spit out. He pushed the knife in a little deeper, Robin gasped out at the pain.

"Iím sorry but you are mistaken. Jacobi and I switched places earlier to confuse the others." Jacobi shouted out. "Isnít that right Jacobi?" He gave Robin a wink. Robin gave Jacobi a knowing look.

"Ouií thatís right Jacobi." Robin said in a deep rumbling voice. "We agreed to switch places we did. Thought it would confuse them if I looked like Robin Ďood. Robin Ďere pretended to be me." Eric heard Robin now talking like Jacobi, and Jacobi talking like Robin. He became more confused.

"You see Eric we are just like you Robin Hood and I." Jacobi softly said. "Sometimes Iím Jacobi." He said in a rumbling voice, grinning maliciously at Eric. "And sometimes Iím Robin Hood." He smiled gently at Eric. Releasing the blade in Robinís neck, he pointed the blade at Jacobi. "But you said you were Robin."

Robin quickly took advantage of the diversion. He grabbed Ericís hand, hitting it on his knee, forcing him to release the weapon. He pulled himself out of Robinís grip, his face contorted to a hateful look.

"I told Eilika, but she would not believe me!" he spat out, "Grownups are never to be trusted."

Feeling someone tap him on the shoulder, Eric whirled around, only to have a fist find its way to his jaw. Eilika fell limply to the ground.

Jacobi grinned widely at Robin. "I just saved your life, guess that makes us even." Jacobi stooped down to pick up the unconscious Eilika, throwing her over his shoulders.
"Not by my count." Robin disagreed, he stooped down to pick up the dropped knife. Finding a large branch he began to clean the branches off. "I saved you two times, this only makes one." He said as he whittled the branch into a rough crutch.

Jacobi shifted Eilikaís weight on his shoulders. "So it does, guess Iíll Ďave to rectify that. At a later date."

Tucking the crutch under his arm, Robin grinned at the killer. "I can wait." Searching behind Jacobi he asked. "What about Will?"

Jacobi whirled around. "We Ďave to Ďurry, they think Ďe killed Bernard."

Robin tried to follow the retreating Jacobi as fast as he could on the crutch. As they hopped and ran through the brush, Robin shouted out in surprise. "Bernard is dead?"

* * *

"This man is accused of killing Bernard, husband of Eilika." Ordulf declared to the small crowd. Will was firmly tied to a post in the center of the village. Magnus was awake now, but his story was far from the truth. He insisted that he saw Will kill Bernard.

"That man is a bloody liar!" Will shouted out. Magnus came up to Will, connecting his fist with his chin. "You are the liar around here." He angrily argued back.

Will gave his head a shake, trying to clear the stars, the look he gave Magnus should have melted him where he stood. Magnus glanced nervously around at the villagers, he still maintained that it was Will that killed Bernard.

"What do you all say?" Ordulf asked the villagers.

"We say burn him!" They shouted out in unison.

"Then fetch some wood." Ordulf called out.

"Wot do you means burn Ďem." Will moaned out. "Go Blimey, wots wrong with a Ďanging, or a nice Ďead choppiní?" Will shouted out. He always hated to burn himself when cooking, this he knew was going to be a lot more painful.

* * *

Jacobi was just at the outskirts of the village, he spotted Robinís bow and arrow leaning against a pole. Stopping he handed it to Robin.
"Think you know Ďow to use this?" He asked him.

Robin gave him a wink. "Iíll try my best."

They ran and hopped towards the shouting in the center of the village.

* * *

"Now wait a minum guys." Will shouted out. "I thinks we should talks this over first. I mean think of the young uns. This would be to Ďorrible foí them to watch."
Ordulf pondered this. "You are right." He agreed.

Will let out a sigh of relief. "Send the children away." Ordulf ordered.

"íold on! I didnít means that!" Will protested.

The wood was piled high at Wills feet. Looking up into the sky, Will said. "And Ďere I thought I would leave this world killed by a jealous Ďusband." He lamented.

A man came up to the pile of wood with a flaming torch in hand. Magnus stood off to the side, his head hanging to his chest. Not wanting to make eye contact with the wronged outlaw.

As the torch was lowered near the woodpile, the man suddenly cried out in pain, dropping the torch in the dirt. An arrow protruded out of his hand.

"Untie that man, he is innocent." Robin Hood called out. Ordulf turned to where the voice came from. Robin Hood was limping into the village center, the crutch fell to the ground as he had another arrow cocked. Ready to defend Will as best as he could. Ordulf noticed that Jacobi was carrying an unconscious Eilika on his shoulders.

"What did you do?" Ordulf shouted out. "Did you hurt Eilika too?"

Stopping at a safe distance, Robin told Jacobi to place Eilika on the ground. Seeing that she was just waking up, Jacobi kept her back to Ordulf and the others. Jacobi could see that her eyes were unfocused from the blow, she was still dazed.

"Wot was this you were telling us you killed Otto?" Jacobi asked Eric.

"Of course I did, he deserved it, as well as that wimp husband!" Eric shouted out. The village gasped out as they heard a mans voice coming from Eilika.

Eric whirled around, wiping his eyes, he saw that they were in the middle of the village.

"Thank you Eric, for that confession." Magnus said. He felt a heavy weight lifted from his shoulders.

Eric lunged at Magnus, placing his hands around his neck. "You promised not to tell. You betrayed me!" His face was contorted to a mask of hate.

Four men had to pull Eric off of Magnus. As the enraged Eilika was held back, Ordulf was thoroughly confused.

Robin limped up to the large man, patting him on the back. "You look like I feel." He chuckled.

"What has happened?" He asked Robin Hood.

Robin looked sadly at the ranting Eilika. "I think Magnus will be able to fill you in. But for now I think you should cut that man down." Robin pointed to Will. "He is innocent of any wrong doing."

Ordulf stared at Eilika, she kept raving about how her father deserved to die, as well as her husband. Swallowing hard, he ordered a man to cut Will loose from the stake. He turned to look at Robin, his eyes downcast in remorse. "I am sorry for the way we treated you and your friends. It is clear to me now that it was Eilika who performed all of these heinous deeds." Robinís warm smile told Ordulf that an apology was not necessary. "I just hope that you will be able to find a way to care for Eilika. Sheís sick, she cannot help the way she is."

Ordulf let out a laugh. "You are a strange man Robin Hood, we almost killed you and your friends, and you think of the well being of a stranger that tried to kill you."

Robin gave Ordulf a small grin. "Not strange." He chuckled. "Just being what I am, Robin Hood."

Ordulf nodded. "Yes then the legends are true, you are truly a good man." Robin grinned widely at Ordulf. Will came up to Robin, patting him on the back. "Oh I donít know." Will chuckled out. "If Ďe was so good, we never would Ďave been caught in the first place."

"It was not my fault." Robin shot back at Will.

"Oh I suppose youíll be blaminí me." Jacobi pushed his way between the two men, his dark brown eyes blazing.

Both Robin and Will shouted out. "You gots that right!" All three men then began to laugh. Ordulf was thoroughly confused, he would never understand Englishmen.

To make up for there mistreatment, Ordulf gave each man a horse. Gladly accepting them, they quickly rode off, wanting to get away from the village as fast as they could. It was near nightfall when they reached the outskirts of the Salians land. The three sat on their mounts side by side.

Will grinned at Robin and Jacobi. "When the two of you walked into that village, I Ďave to tell you, it was Ďard to tell the difference."

"Wot do you mean by that?" Jacobi asked, one eye closed as he cocked his head.

"Youíve changed Jacobi, I think that Robin rubbed off a little on you."

Jacobi looked alarmed. "Wot do you think, Iím goiní straight." He gasped out.

Robin smiled at Jacobi, biting his lip he snapped his finger, fanning them out he pointed to Jacobi as he rumbled. "I would Ďave never thought that of you!"

Jacobi nodded his head. "I Ďave a reputation to keep."

"Donít worry." Robin whispered. "We wonít tell."

Jacobi nodded his head. "Then I think its time we parted." Will snap his fingers, pointing down the Road, his eyes laughing at Jacobi.

Laughing, Jacobi pulled the reins on his horse, heading in the opposite direction of Will and Robin.

"And donít you forget." Will shouted out to the retreating Jacobi. "You still owe Robin."

Jacobi pulled his horse around. "Iíll pays that back, you bet your life on it." Turning his horse back around, he slapped the horseís rump with the reins, galloping down the road; he disappeared around the bend, a loud snap of the fingers echoing in his wake.

"Well I never expected that of Ďim" Will laughed.

"Wots that?" Robin shook his head. "I mean whats that?"

Will grinned at Robin. "Catchy ainít it?" As Robin returned his grin, Will continued. "I never expected Ďim to do somethiní good. Guess you never knows."

"Guess you donít" Robin softly said.

As they rode down the road Will said "Itís a good thing me lucky star was watchiní us."

"What do you mean watching us?" Robin asked, he stared at Will, his eyes wide in surprise.

"Sure Robin, think of wot kinds of trouble we would Ďave gotten into if it wasnít"

Robin nodded his head. "Guess your right Will, itís a good thing you have that lucky star."

"Damn Right!" Will agreed.

The two outlaws rode down the road, making their way back home to Sherwood Forest. They now had an exciting tale to tell Friar Tuck and the others. They would be telling this tale around campfires for years to come. Some would never believe it, but it didnítí matter. What mattered the most to Robin was he felt that he did change Jacobi, even if was just a little. All the problems that they went through made it worth it. Robin would meet Jacobi in later times. In those times he could see the change, of course Jacobi would never admit to it, but that was the beauty of his change. It came and he never noticed it.

Robin would never call Jacobi a friend, but he also did not call him an enemy. That in itself made this day one of the brightest in Robinís life.

The End

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