The Joker, Snapman and Robin
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Five

Magnus stayed in the barn watching after Robin, he wasn’t going to let him escape this time. Robin rested in a pile of hay, massaging his sprained ankle, he had determined that it wasn’t broken.

"You know, Ordulf will catch up with your friends."

"I pity Ordulf." Robin laughed.

"What do you mean by that?" Magnus asked. Robin just shook it off. As he sat in the barn, he noticed, through the open door, Eilika was walking towards the barn. The reason he noticed her was she was carrying a large club in her hand. She quietly made her way into the barn. Placing her finger over her mouth, she warned Robin to be quiet. Raising the club up high, she brought it down on Magnus’ head. Magnus fell face down in the dirt.

Taking Magnus’ skinning knife, Eilika ran to Robin, she began to cut the rope that he was bound in. As she cut, she gave Robin a large smile. "Don’t worry, I’m going to help you out of here." Cutting Robins bonds, she helped him to stand.

"We have to hurry, the men are just leaving to look for your friends."

Robin nodded his head, his bright brown eyes smiling at her. "I thank you for helping me." He softly said.

She just brushed it off. "I’m sorry for saying you were the one that killed my father. Of course I knew you didn’t do it. I was just frightened."

Robin looked at the young girl, she seemed so innocent. He leaned on her as she helped him out of the barn. As Robin left the barn, Will and Jacobi did not see him. At the time they were making their way down the hill. Eilika aided Robin past the house, and out into the woods.

Will and Jacobi slowly slunk into the small village. Entering the barn, they found it empty. Will searched around for a weapon, spying a skinning knife he plunged it into his belt, whirling around to ask Jacobi what they were going to do next, he found he was missing. Running to the house, Will found the door wide open, walking in, he found Jacobi stooped over Bernard. He lay on the floor, his dead eyes staring up.

"Wot the ‘ell ‘appened ‘ere?" Will gasped out.

"’Is throat is slit, see." Jacobi lifted Bernard’s head, A thin slit ran from ear to ear.
"Wonder who would ‘ave wanted to kill Bernard?" Will asked.

Jacobi searched behind Bernard’s head, he let out a low whistle. "I think we should finds out wot ‘appened to Robbie."

"Why?’ Will asked Jacobi, he still didn’t trust the man. "Because this man was killed the same way as Otto the ‘unter."

Jacobi rolled Bernard over, Will could see a small cut behind his ear, it was the width of a thin knife.

"Who ever did this, killed Otto also. I saw it when I found ‘im."

Both men said together. "We ‘ave to find Robin."

They ran out of the small cottage. Searching the ground, they found two sets of tracks. They followed after them, one had to belong to Robin.

* * *

Eilika tried to hurry Robin along, Robin noticed that she was looking tired.

"Can we rest for a moment?" She silently nodded her head, helping Robin to sit on a large rock.

Robin pretended to catch his breath. Looking up he smiled at the young girl, she returned his smile. She stared at Robin, a loving look on her face.

Noticing this Robin cleared his throat. "I have to thank you for helping me escape. You really didn’t have to do that."

Eilika reached up, stroking Robin’s long sable hair. "It’s so pretty." She said in a husky voice. "And so are you." Her hand found its way to his face, stroking his cheek. Robin pulled out of her hand, giving her a nervous laugh.

"Well I’m rested, I think we should go now."

Robin felt a strong hand tangle in his hair. "When I first saw you, I thought you were the most handsome man I ever saw." She sighed out. "Your eyes are as deep as the deepest caverns, your voice as warm as the summer breeze." Pulling on his hair she whispered. "You hair, as soft as a new born lamb."

Robin began to feel uncomfortable. "Eilika, I think we should be going now." Suddenly Eilika leaned in and gave Robin a quick kiss on the lips. His head jerked back. "Eilika!" He shouted out in surprise. She gave Robin a wicked grin.

"Now don’t tell me you haven’t thought the same thing. I saw how you looked at me. With lust in your eyes."

"That was Jacobi!" Robin insisted. "Besides, your married!"

Eilika leaned over, whispering into Robin’s ear. "Not any more."

Robin suddenly saw something in Eilika’s eyes that looked very familiar. It was the same look he had seen in Jacobi’s eyes. A madness was hiding behind her innocent face.

Robin quickly stood up. "I think we should be going now." He insisted. Eilika pushed him down. "I don’t." She giggled. Robin tried again to stand, he found a skinning knife biting into his throat.

"I hope you don’t treat her like her husband did." Her face was contorting to something other than an innocent girl now. Her true self surfaced, a mad evil creature came out. "He never treated her the right way, just like her father." Eilika’s face contorted into a mask of hatred, Robin wondered just what he had gotten himself into.

* * *

Jacobi spotted Magnus first. Will ran on ahead, Jacobi kept in pace with the fleeing man.

Magnus tore through the forest, he had to find Eilika before it was to late. He suddenly felt a sharp pain on his back. Someone was hitting him with rocks. As he fled he searched into the forest, he heard someone running behind him, but he could not see him. He ran faster, climbing over fallen logs he felt a hit on his side, jumping down, he tried to go in to a denser part of the forest. As he fled through a small clump of bushes he ran right into an enraged outlaw.

"Well, well Magnus, fancy meetin’ you ‘ere." Will chuckled out, he was leaning against a large tree, spinning the slingshot in his hands.

Magnus threw his staff forward, trying to defend himself. Will’s eyes laughed at him. "I wouldn’t do that if I were you."

"And why not?" Magnus shot back, he began to spin the quarterstaff. He stopped with a jerk as he found a knife biting into his neck. "Because I don’t think ‘e would like it." Will pointed behind Magnus.

"Drops it or your goin’ to ‘ave a second mouth." Jacobi rumbled in a deep voice into Magnus’ ear. Magnus at first hesitated to drop the weapon.

"Oh, so you suddenly found your guts." Will chuckled out. "Not a good time my man." Will walked up to Magnus, poking him in the chest with his finger. "If it were me or Robin I might ‘ave given you a chance. But bein’ ‘is meanness there. You can be assured of one thin’." Will placed his hands on his hips. "I ain’t goin’ to clean up when ‘es done with you, not after the last time!"

Will slowly began to backing up. "I’ll just leaves you to the capable ‘ands of me friend ‘ere."

Magnus felt a trickle of blood falling down his neck as the knife made its way deeper through the thin skin on his neck. Will closed his eyes, letting out a shudder. "I remember the last one. Wus a bloody mess it was. Took ‘im a long time to die. But in the end ‘e was just as dead as all the others." Will had a thoughtful look. "Wot will this make ‘im Jacobi, 29 or 30?"

"33." Jacobi whispered deeply into Magnus’ ear. Magnus tried to gulp, it stuck on the blade. He dropped the weapon to the ground.

Will picked it up. "Theres a good lad." He laughed.

Jacobi maintained the pressure on the knife. "I want you to tell me where Robin ‘ood is."

"I don’t know wh…" Magnus began, he choked back his reply as the knife was pushed in deeper. "Wrong answer." Jacobi rumbled. "Now then, where is Robin ‘ood?"

Jacobi gripped Magnus’ wrist, pulling it behind his back. He brought it up the center of his back. Magnus felt as if his arm was breaking.

"That’s a nice shade of purple." Will laughed, he was siting on a rock now. Flipping the skinning knife in his hand from blade to handle. "You know, I’m right good with a knife." Holding it by the blade end, he aimed it at Magnus’ head.

"I think I can get ‘is eye from ‘ere. Wot do you think Jacobi?"

Jacobi, removed the knifes pressure from Magnus’ neck.

"I’d like to see you tries."

Will flipped the knife several times, he aimed it at Magnus’ face. "Where the bloody ‘ell is Robin ‘ood?" Will shouted out for the last time, his face was a mask of rage.

Drawing his arm back he meant to throw the blade at Magnus. "Hes with Eilika!" Magnus screamed out as the blade came flying towards Magnus. He gasped as the handle of the knife hit him right between the eyes, Magnus went limp in Jacobis grip, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Am I good?" Will gave Jacobi a dimpled grin. Winking his eyes Will said. "I’m good." He walked back to Magnus, picking the knife up; he spun it in his palm.

Jacobi pulled the knife back from the shaking Magnus’ neck, tucking it into his pants. "Now we know whos ‘es with, we just ave to finds ‘im." Jacobi said.

"And bring Magnus back for killin’ Bernard." Will gave Magnus a cold look. Magnus shook his head violently back and forth. "I swear to you I didn’t kill Bernard!"

Jacobi took Magnus by his shirt, shaking him. "’e was killed the same way as your father."

Magnus hung his head low, saying in a small voice. "I know."

This time Will grabbed Magnus’ shirt. "Wot do you means you know?" He spat out.

Magnus knew it was useless to cover up for his sister anymore. "It was Eilika who killed my father. Or I should really say, Eric."

"Who the bloody ‘ell is Eric?" Jacobi pulled Magnus to him now, he started getting tired of being pulled back and forth. "Eric is Eilika’s twin brother!" He snapped back.

Will grabbed Magnus’ shirt, Jacobi pulled at the same time. Both shouting out. "Her twin brother?!"

Magnus quickly explained to the two agitated men about Eilika and Eric. They were twins. Born the same day, in the tradition of their clan was to have been killed the day it was born. But it was the father’s duty to decide on whose life was to be taken. Magnus’ mother waited for his return to make the decision. He did not return home until the twins were four years old.

In that time the twins had become inseparable. When Otto came home he had to make the heartbreaking decision of who would live and who would die. Already having a son, he chose Eilika to live. Taking his son out into the forest he performed the ghastly deed. Eilika was devastated, she never forgave her father for what he had done. It was months later when Magnus heard Eilika talking to herself, he realized Eric’s voice was coming out of his sisters mouth. All these years Magnus had kept it to himself. But now with his father dead, and also Bernard, he knew he could no longer keep his dreadful secret.

"Robin Hood is with my sister, and brother." Magnus stated.

"Leave it to Robin to get ‘imself into some strange kind of troubles." Will groaned.

Feeling Jacobi and Wills grip weaken, Magnus suddenly started to bolt from their hold, he still wanted to save his sister. Jacobi reached out for him. Magnus elbowed Jacobi in the stomach, he fell into a clump of bushes clutching his middle. Will grabbed Magnus, spinning him around he punched him dead on the face, Magnus crumpled to the ground. It was then that Will heard the hounds. Searching into the forest he spied the villagers running through the forest.

"Stay down!" Will hissed to Jacobi. "They can see me, but not you."

Jacobi pulled himself deeper into the bushes. The Dogs ran to Will, he held onto them. Hoping they would not catch Jacobis scent. Smiling at the advancing men he laughed. "There you are, I’ve been waitin’ fo’ you."

Coming up to Will, Ordulf backhanded him across the face. "You and your partners killed Otto, and Bernard." Pointing to Magnus he roared out in anger. "Now what have you done to Magnus?" Two men grabbed Will by the arms, another took his knife and slingshot.

Will fought to release himself from the mens painful grips. "I admit to ‘ittin Magnus, but as fo’ Otto and Bernard, I ‘ad nothin’ to do with them. It was Eilika!" Will was gifted with another slap by Ordulf.

"You and your friends go to far Englishman. Eilika is missing, along with your two friends. I think this time we will have to decide on how you will be executed. But before you die? Tell us where you friends are!" Ordulf shook Will in his hands.

"Me friends?" Will innocently asked, giving him a half grin. "Well I don’t know where Robin is but I ‘OPE!" Will shouted out so Jacobi could hear him. "That Jacobi is goin’ to look for ROBIN!"

Ordulf was disgusted with the Englishmen, he ordered his men to drag him back to the village. The dogs were ordered to lead the way. Magnus was carried between two men. As they left Jacobi came out of hiding, he began to search the ground just outside of the site. He was able to find the trail left by Robin and Eilika, quickly he followed after them.

* * *

Robin was shocked to see that Eilika changed before him. Eilika laughed in a deep voice. "Oh, are you confused?" Stepping away, the knife still clutched in her hand, she made a bow at the waist. "I am Eric, Eilika’s brother."

Robin really didn’t know what to make of it. She looked like Eilika, but the voice, the mannerisms were different. They were more Manly, was she now Eric?

"Well, Eric." Robin gave her his warmest smile, he knew he was in a dangerous situation. "I’m pleased to meet you. Will you also help me escape from your family?" He tried to appeal to the innocent Eilika.

Eric hissed out. "My family!" He began to pace back and forth like a caged animal. "What has my family done for me? NOTHING!" He ranted and raved. Spinning around he smiled at Robin. "Your Robin Hood aren’t you?"

Robin nodded his head. "Yes I am. And I would appreciate it if you could help me escape from here." He grinned at her again, a crazed look was given to him in return.

"I’ve always wanted to be like you. I’m pretty good with a bow." Making a disgusted face he said. "But father was always so critical of me. Said I shot like a girl." Flipping the knife several times, he grinned at the concerned outlaw. "But I showed him, yep, I did." He looked back to Robin. A large grin parted his lips.
"Hey your Robin Hood aren’t you?" He pointed the blade at Robin.

Robin swallowed hard, this was getting stranger by the second.

The End of Chapter Five

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