The Joker, Snapman and Robin
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Four

It was in the middle of the night when Robin felt someone nudging him. Turning over he saw Will’s grinning face looking down at him.

"Comon Rob, its time to go."

Robin sat up, the first thing he noticed was that he was no longer chained to the stake. All three men were free of the stake.

"How?" Was all Robin could say. Will pumped his thumb at Jacobi. "’Is meanness wus ‘oldin’ out on us." Jacobi gave Robin an evil grin. He pulled a thin knife out of his wide leather belt, spinning the blade across his knuckles he plunged it back in the belt.

Will helped Robin to stand up. "Wot ever you do, don’t ask me where ‘e ‘id the thin’" Robin gave Will a curious look. Wills eyes dropped down to look at his pants. Robin brought his hands up. "I don’t want to know!"

Will chuckled. "If you’re ready, then lets be off."

Robin searched around the barn, he noticed that Will and Jacobi were busy while he was asleep. The door to the barn was barred, no one would be able to enter the barn from the outside. Robin looked back at Will, his curious look turned into a puzzled one. Will let out a chuckle.

"We found out that we both ‘ad somethin’ in common." Will said.

"Right, we both ‘ate eachother!" Jacobi hissed out.

"You gots that right!" Will shot back. "We also founds out that we both wanted to get the bloody ‘ell out of ‘eres. So we decided to forms a truce."

"Until we get out of ‘ere." Jacobi quickly added. "Then were on our own."

"Its fine by me!" Will answered back with venom in his voice.

As they went on, Robin wondered how they hadn’t killed eachother while he was asleep.

"If you gentlemen are through with this lovely banter, I would like to know how we are going to get out of here?" Robin pointed to the dogs that lay around them, and the bared door.

Will grabbed one of the dogs, hugging it to him. "We don’t ‘ave to worries about the dogs, they love me!" The dog he held began to lick his face.

Jacobi stepped up to Robin, explaining what he and Will had planned.

"I figure we ‘ave to get away while its still rainin’ out. The rain will ‘ide our trail from the dogs."

"And barring the door?" Robin asked as he pointed to the barricade.

"Oh that’s my idea Rob, so's we can keeps the dogs in ‘ere as long as possible whiles we make our escape."

Robin’s right eyebrow went up as he asked with impatience lacing his voice. "And how are we to do that?"

Will pointed up to the roof of the barn, Robins head bend back, As he looked up he saw a large hole in the roof, the rain was pouring in. Will had taken some rope left in the barn, he attached a pitchfork to one end. Robin and Jacobi stood back while Will whirled the pitchfork in a circle, he threw it up towards the hole. It flew out of the barn, pulling on it, it caught. Finding it secured Will grinned widely at Robin.

He then began to climb up the rope. "Last one out is Prince Johns lover!" Will joked. Robin and Jacobi ran to where Will was climbing. All three men began to climb deftly up the rope. The dogs just stared up at the escaping men. The prisoners were not out of the barn yet, no call of alarm was made. Will was the first to reach the hole, he pulled his long legs out of the opening. Bracing himself he pulled Robin, then Jacobi out of the barn.

They sat on the roof of the barn, trying to find a way off, the rain was pouring down on them. Will spotted a tree not to far from the roofs edge. He scampered towards the edge of the roof first, backing up; he braced himself and took a running leap to a large branch that was not to far from the roof of the barn. His hands just caught the branch, it creaked as he swung his legs back and forth, until they grabbed onto another branch. Wrapping his legs around the branch, Will pulled himself up. Turning he grinned back at Robin.

"Piece of cake!" He softly yelled out. Robin was next to leap to the tree. In seconds he sat next to Will. Now it was Jacobi’s turn, he hesitated at the roofs edge, glancing nervously down.

"Don’t tells me that the great Jacobi is afraid of ‘ights!" Will laughed out. Jacobi steamed at this remark, stepping back, he ran towards the edge, leaping to the branch. His hand was just able to grab the branch, hanging on the branch he gave Will a satisfied grin, it was then the branch began to break. Robin didn’t hesitate to reach out to Jacobi, Will grabbed Robins legs as he lunged forward. Robin was just able to grab onto Jacobi’s arms.

Robin and Jacobi swung in Wills grip, he groaned as he was now holding up the weight of two men. Below them a guard was just making his rounds.

Jacobi looked up at Will, his face was red from the strain. He planted his feet on the trees thick trunk and the branch he was sitting on. His hands were losing their grip from all the rain that was coming down. It would be so easy to let Jacobi drop down, but Will knew Robin wouldn’t do this. So he resolved himself to save both of them. Getting a better grip, he slowly pulled Robin, then Jacobi up into the safety of the branches. They waited until the guard left before speaking.

"Why didn’t you let me go?" Jacobi asked Robin.

"Because we’re in this together Jacobi." Robin said. "Whether you like it our not."

For once Jacobi was speechless. He remained silent as they climbed down the tree. Hitting the ground, they ran out into the dark forest. They would try to put as much distance between the Salians and themselves as possible. The rain fell in torrents, no trail would be left for the dogs when they were released.

They ran in the forest, trying to make their way out of the Salians land.

"It’s not going to be easy." Will huffed and puffed as he jumped over a fallen tree. "I ‘ear the Salians are the best trackers in all of England."

"I ‘eard the world." Jacobi added. Robin was searching around the terran, trying to find something that would give them an advantage. As he ran on he began to unlace his leather gauntlet. When they stopped to try to catch their breaths Robin asked Jacobi for his knife.

"Wot are you goin’ to do with it?" Jacobi placed his hand protectively on the knifes hilt, not trusting Robin.

"I’m trying to give us an advantage Jacobi, now please, give me your knife." Jacobi reluctantly handed the knife to Robin. He measured off a length of the ties from his gauntlet, cutting it. Sticking his hand out to Jacobi he said.
"Now I’m going to need your leather belt."

"Wot do you need me belt fo’?"

Robins look was so penetrating, that Jacobi quickly handed the belt to Robin. "Next thin’ you’ll be askin’ me fo’ is me pants!" Jacobi grumbled.

"Wot evers you do Robin, don’t’ ask fo’ that!" Will said, making a disgusted face. Robin began to cut the leather belt into small squares. Threading them through the leather ties. He began to make weapon for Will to use, as he worked on, Will and Jacobi kept on with their banter.

"Wot, you think I don’t ‘ave good lookin’ legs?" Jacobi hissed back.

"Oh I’m sure you do." Will snapped back. "Fo’ a stork!" He laughed out.

"I bet your legs ‘ave never seen the light of day!" Jacobi quickly returned "Never seen the light of day!" Will grumbled as he began to untie his pants. "I’ll shows you who ‘as stork legs!" Jacobi began to untie his pants. Robin noticing the strip show, sung out. "I really don’t think this is the time for this gentlemen!" Will and Jacobi stared at eachother, both prepared to tug their pants down. Robin slapped a Sling shot to Wills hand. "As much as I would like to see which one of you have the better legs." Robin laughed. "I really think we should spend our time getting away from here, don’t you think?" His right eyebrow shooting up.

Jacobi and Will nodded their agreement, they began to lace their pants back up. Both mumbling. "I knows mine would ‘ave been better."

With this one of many arguments to come, over with, Robin handed Jacobi his knife back. Will picked up some rocks for the slingshot, he gave Robin a concerned look.

"Wot are you goin’ to use to protects yourself?"

Robin gave Will a wicked grin. "My sharp wits."

Will kept a straight face as he said. "Well don’t cut yourselves."

Robin groaned at Wills joke, they then resumed their trek to flee the Salians land. Robin wondered how long he was going to be able to keep Will and Jacobi from going at each other’s throat.

It was an hour after they escaped when the sun was beginning to show in the sky. Robin let out a soft curse, he had hoped they would have had a little more darkness to use for cover. Glancing around the brightening landscape, Robin knew they were still not a safe distance away. They would have to find somewhere where they could hide their trail.

Searching ahead, Robin spied a fair sized stream. Pointing towards the stream Robin informed the others that they would be making their way there. Jacobi was running just infront of Robin, always being cautious of traps, Robin spotted something ahead of Jacobi. Jacobi was unable to see it, he was running straight for it. Yelling out a warning to the murderer, Robin grabbed his arm. Spinning on his heels, Robin threw Jacobi behind him, but it was to late for Robin. Jacobi had triggered a wire that lay across the trail.

A large branch suddenly fell from the trees, straight down on Robin. Will cried out as he saw Robin buried under the foliage. He immediately ran to Robin, Jacobi picked himself up, hearing Wills cry he also ran to where Robin disappeared.

"Robin!" Will cried out. "Where are you?"

Will heard a moan coming from the center of the branch. Will and Jacobi both met where Robin was buried at the same time. Will shook his head back and forth with disgust.

"Ah Robin, wot did you go and do that fo’?" Will moaned out. Robins legs were held fast under the large branch. Will tried to pull the branch off of the outlaw, it proved to be to heavy for him. "Common Jacobi, ‘elp me with this. ‘e did save your miserable life!" Jacobi stood next to Will, stooping down he wrapped his arms around the fallen object. Both men strained to lift the branch from Robin. When he no longer felt the pressure, Robin dragged himself out from under the branch. Giving them an ok, they both released the branch, letting it fall to the ground with a crash. Will ran to Robin first.

"Are you alright Robin?" The concern was evident in his voice.

Robin really didn’t know how seriously he was injured, he tried to stand up. Will assisted him. He let out a moan as he felt a pain shoot out of his right ankle.

"I don’t think it’s broken." Robin said. "Maybe its sprained?"

Will reached down, feeling along the ankle, it didn’t feel broken. But he wouldn’t be able to run on it for some time. Straightening out Wills expressive brown eyes went wide as he heard the bail of the hounds. Robin’s head jerked around.

"Well that cuts it!" Will shouted out. "Think you can runs Robin?" Will asked, knowing the answer before he even heard it.

"Not fast enough to evade those hounds." Robin replied. The hounds wailing became louder. "Go Will!" Robin shouted. "I’ll try to hold them here. You have to go and try to get some help."

Will at first hesitated, he hated to leave his friend alone. But he realized that this was Robin’s only chance. Taking Jacobis arm he urged him. "Lets go, before those bloody dogs get ‘ere." Jacobi stared down at Robin. "You saved my life, again." He whispered.

"You can repay me by helping me to escape when they recapture me, now go!" Robin insisted. Without hesitation, Jacobi followed after Will, they ran into the waters of the river, making their way downstream.

Robin propped himself up against a tree trunk, waiting for the Ministeriales to find him. It didn’t take them long. The hounds came loping through the thick brush, they ringed Robin, he held a fallen branch in his hands. Trying to hold off the snapping dogs. It was minutes later that the dog’s masters came breaking through the forest.

Ordulf was in the lead, Bernard and Magnus was just behind him with half of the village following. Ordulf ordered the dogs to stand back. Robin half-grinned up at the Salians.

"There you are, I’ve been waiting for you." Robin said with a dimpled smile. Bernard grabbed Robin’s tunic, pulling him off the ground. "Where are your friends?" He hissed.

"Probably half way to Sherwood." Robin hissed back.

Bernard brought his hand back, meaning to slap Robin across the face. He was stopped in mid blow, his hand was grabbed strongly by another. "None of that Bernard." Ordulf roared. "We take him back to camp first."

Bernard grumbled his disapproval, but he listened to the elder’s command. Finding that Robin’s leg was injured, Ordulf ordered two men to assist Robin back. He hung on each mans shoulders, as they made there way through the dense forest, Robin made a backward glance. Hoping that Will was smart enough to try to look for help.

If Robin would have looked hard enough, he would have spotted two pair of brown eyes, staring at him from the top of a tree. Will and Jacobi had climbed up the nearest tree, waiting for the Salians and their hounds to leave. After they carried Robin away the two men scooted down the trunk. Will started to follow after the Salians.

"Are you crazy?" Jacobi shouted out.

Will turned and winked to Jacobi. "Crazy as a fox!’ He grinned. "Wheres the last place they’ll expects us?"

Jacobi had to think on this.

"Back in the village!" Will said in an impatient voice. "We’ll sneak back in, and takes Robin back."

"I’m not goin’ back there." Jacobi stated, he snapped his fingers in Wills face, Will grabbed his hand, pulling Jacobi to him. Both men stared at eachother, with murder in their eyes.

"The way I figure it, you owes Robin, twice!" Will said through gritted teeth. "Now either you gos back with me and ‘elp get Robin out of theres. Or you’re goin’ to finds out wot it means to get an outlaw angry!"

Jacobi had his hand on his knife, Will only had his slingshot, but he would have fought off a dozen men with knives to help Robin Hood. Wills look was so intense Jacobi backed off. "I’ll ‘elp you." He said in a deep voice. "I guess I ‘ave to pays ‘im back fo’ wot ‘e’s done fo’ me."

Will released Jacobi, giving him a satisfied nod, they then began to make their way back to the Salian camp.

They were able to get to the camp before Robin was carried in. Will made his way to a hill that overlooked the village, not wanting the Salians to see them. He lay at the top of the hill, Jacobi laid by his side. Squinting his eyes, Will searched around the camp. He saw that they were just taking Robin into the Barn. Bernard entered the house with Eilika, Magnus stayed in the barn with Robin. The villagers grouped together, in the center of the village, they seemed to be meeting about something.

"We’ll wait until they leave, then makes our way to where they’re keepin’ Robin." Will whispered.

Jacobi pulled his knife out, gripping the handle hard. "I’ll be ready." He softly said. Will didn’t know if he could trust this man, but her really didn’t have any choice, Robins life was at stake. So the two men waited in silence, forgetting for the moment their arguments, united in helping Robin escape. It was a weak truce between the two of them, but it did hold.

The End of Chapter Four

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