The Joker, Snapman and Robin
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Three

Jacobi ran to the young girl, the villagers flew to him, wrestling him to the ground.

"Your lyin’!" He spat out, trying to crawl to her with four men on his back. "You knows I was no where nears ‘im when ‘e died!"

Jacobi was hysterical in anger, he dragged the men with him, one of the villagers hit Jacobi on the head with a club, Robin moved closer to the dazed Jacobi. "It won’t help matters if you get them angry!" Robin said through clenched teeth. He looked up at Ordulf. "I give you my word that Will Scarlet and I were no where near her father." Robin fell forward, the same man who had hit Jacobi, blessed Robin with one. He rolled on his back, glaring up at the man.

"You be quiet!" He lashed out. "You gave up your right to speak when you killed Otto."

For once Will was the quiet one. Robin looked back at him. He had a big grin on his face, his brows knitted to a mock anger, he scolded Robin, shaking his finger at him. Robin and the dazed Jacobi were dragged back to Will.

Ordulf clutched Eilika’s shoulders. "Think of what you are saying girl, you will be sentencing all three men to be binded to your family." The young girl glanced back at the three, turning back to Ordulf she nodded her head. "They are the ones Ordulf, I could never forget them as long as I live." She sobbed out. Bernard ran to his wife, holding her tight to him as she continued to cry. Ordulf had seen enough.

"Then it is so." He softly said. Advancing to the three held in the center of the village. Four villagers were rubbing wounds, courtesy of Jacobi. Ordulf walked slowly around the men as he decreed.

"It is judged by me that these three men killed Otto the hunter. In so doing I now pass judgement that they will be binded to Otto’s family. It is the village’s duty to make sure these men stay within the confines of our land. For they will be binded until the deaths of Otto’s family, or their deaths. Whichever comes first."

Jacobi tried to jump up, this time they were ready for him; they leaped on him, holding him down. Robin and Will stayed where they were. They knew it was useless to try anything now. There were far outnumbered. Jacobi kicked and pulled on the men that held him, his long hair flying in the air. Fighting with all his might, he was dragged back to the others, and unceremoniously dropped next to Robin. Bernard placed five large dogs around the prisoners, their job now was to guard them.

"I thank you Ordulf, and my wife’s clan members." Bernard shouted for all to hear. "I hope that this binding is enough for the loss of my wife’s father."

With that said, Magnus pulled a rope from his horse, he strung it through the loop in each mans manacles. He then handed it to Bernard. Bernard jerked the rope as he said. "Stand, we are to go to your new home now."

Will was the first to stand, his energy was always limitless. Pulling himself to his full height he grinned down at Magnus. Robin slowly rose, with Jacobi dragging himself up last. Bernard, with purpose walked to the outskirts of the village. His chest stuck out as he walked proudly past the other villagers. He had three slaves binded to his family now. His home life would be changed, things would be a lot easier with the three strong men added to his household. Eilika walked beside Bernard, making backward glances at Robin. He tried to avoid her furtive looks as they were pulled towards a small cottage. The Dogs ringed the prisoners as they walked on, Magnus brought up the rear. Every so often he would poke Will in the back with a staff that he carried. Will began to walked bent down.

"Sos you won’t ‘ave to reach up so high." He laughed. The smaller man poked Will harder. Robin shook his head, Will just never learned.

The other villagers began to disperse, each man and woman returned to their homes, night was falling on the small village. The three captives were halted just outside of the house. A few of the local children had followed the small procession. Bernard ran into the barn to fetch something. Eili quickly went into the warm looking cottage. Magnus was left to guard the Prisoners, he seemed to enjoy taunting Will. When he tried to tease Jacobi, he gave him such a terrifying look. Magnus decided to place all of his attention on the big mouthed Englishman.

The children held sticks in their hands, they poked and prodded Robin and the others. Will tried to grab one of the boys, but they were just to quick. Magnus tried to shoo them away, but they completely ignored them.

"We don’t listen to half a man." They taunted him. Magnus brought his staff up high, roaring at the cruel children; they just laughed at the small man. Taunting them more, they then ran off to their homes, they would pick up where they left off with the new prisoners tomorrow.

After the Children left, Bernard came out of a small barn with chains. Dropping chains on the floor he then proceeded to secure them for the night, he attached the chains to the rings on the manacles, and attached these to a large metal pole driven into the ground. When he was done the two Salians headed towards the small cottage. Leaving the dogs and the villages night guard to watch after the men.

Robin sat on the ground with a plop. He glanced around, it was not a very large village. Houses ringed around the open center. A large fence stood around the outskirts of the Village, encompassing it. Skins of animals lay drying in various stages all around the camp. The smell about was horrific. The wild dogs stayed near the prisoners, knowing that these three humans needed guarding. Robin noticed that five men were stationed around the camp, sentries for the night. He let out a tired sigh, it had been a long day.

"Well, thin’s could be worse." Will remarked as he sat next to Robin.

Jacobi found a spot opposite of Will, he sat down on the hard ground. "ows that?" His voice rumbled.

"Well it coulds be rainin’" Will remarked.

As Will said this a sudden bolt of lighting struck in the sky.

Will gulped. "I thinks me lucky star is ‘iding fo’ the night."

"Let’s hope it’s not the rest of the week." Robin remarked. He leaned his back against the metal pole. Pulling his knees to his chest, he let out another sigh. This was not the best situation to be in, but Robin thought, he had been in worse.

It was then that the heavens opened up and a downpour fell upon the exposed prisoners.

"Will Scarlet, one day…" Robin cursed out as he pulled his blue jerkin to cover his head. The dogs ran immediately into the dry warm barn, the unhappy prisoners were left out in the cold and the rain.

* * *

Eili gazed out of the window at the three men. She turned to look at her husband. "Its raining out Bernard, you can’t leave them exposed."

"Why not?!" He quickly returned. "They don’t deserve to live for killing your father."

Eili stared out at the good twin. She had felt a shiver inside as she looked at him before, she had never seen a more handsome man. Even tho the other man was identical, his look froze her to her very bones. The other man, was almost equally as handsome, but he was to wild for her. She liked the good twin, he seemed to be more mature.

"Please!" Eili pleaded with her husband. " It won’t do us any good if they get sick." Bernard was just sitting down to a bowl of stew, slamming his spoon down he roared out. "ALRIGHT!"

Storming out he unchained Robin and the others, dragging them into the barn. He drove a spike into the ground, chaining them to the new spike he glared at the three men.

"You get some sleep, we wake up early here. There will be a lot for you to do tomorrow." With that said, he stormed out of the barn. Will let out a gasp.

"Oh this is much better." Will choked out. "Nothin’ like the smell of wet dogs and old ‘ides." The barn reeked of old drying hides.
"We’ll just have to make the best of things." Robin said. Wringing out his long hair, he lay down in a pile of rancid straw. Digging his nose in the crook of his arm, he tried to go to sleep. Will and Jacobi followed his lead. Will searched around for a spot as far from Jacobi as he could find. Unfortunately the barn was not that large. The Dogs took up most of the floor space. He found himself sitting close to Jacobi, Robin lay between them. Sitting down on the ground, Will pulled his knees in, glaring at Jacobi. Jacobi sat opposite of Will, assuming the same pose.

"This is all you fault!" Will shot out, sparks flying from his brown eyes.

Jacobi bit his bottom lip, snapping his fingers at Will; he fanned his fingers out, exclaiming. "You think I care wot you say?"

Wills eyebrows shot up when Jacobi snapped at him. "I ‘ope you aren’t goin’ to keeps doin’ that all nights."

Jacobi gave Will an evil grin, pulling his hand up he snapped again. Will giving Jacobi an aggravated look, started snapping his fingers back at him. This went on, back and forth, until Robin jumped up from the hay, grabbing the hands of both men.

"ENOUGH!" Robin shouted out, his dark brown eyes flashing flames. The Dogs jumped at the force of Robin’s yell.

"It’s been a long day and I’d really like to get some SLEEP!" The Look Robin gave to Will and Jacobi warned them he meant business. Both men silently nodded their heads. Robin gave a quick nod and fell back into the hay, trying to find a comfortable position for the night. As he felt himself falling asleep he heard Will say.

"You know Rob, for ‘alf a mo’ you looked just like ‘is meanness there. You sure you’re not related?"

Robin pressed his hands on his ears as he heard Jacobi hiss out. "In a pigs eye!"

"You would know wot one looks like, everytimes you look in a mirror!" Will shot back.

This new argument went on for some time. Robin let out an exasperated sigh, rolling to his side; he stuck his fingers in his ears, trying to get some sleep.

The End of Chapter Three

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