The Joker, Snapman and Robin
By Virginia Cavazos

Chapter Two

Will threw two knifes at the same time, they flew in the air, connecting in an arm of two different men, the hits were well placed. Each blade pierced a tendon holding onto a weapon. The men groaned out in pain, dropping the weapon they held.

Robin found that he had to defend himself against a large man armed with a battle-axe. Robin slashed his sword back and forth, trying to fend off the large axe. The blade of his sword being longer, he was able to connect with the hand that held the axe, nicking his assailant. Robin jumped into the air, whirling around; he lashed out with his leg, knocking the axe out of his attackers weak grip. Rolling on his assailant’s back, he drew the hilt of the sword up, hitting the man on the back of his head. Spinning on his heels, Robin prepared himself as another replaced the one that had fallen.

Jacobi fought like a man possessed, his only weapon was a blade. He held tightly to it, lashing out at a smaller man that held a studded club. Jumping into the air, Jacobi placed his hands on the mans shoulders, windmilling over him, landing hard behind him. He fell to a squatted position, lashing out with his knife at the Salians calves. The young man fell to the ground in pain.

Jacobi felt another coming up behind him, he turned to face his opponent.

As the three fought on, Ordulf stood to the side, observing the men. It had been a long time since he had seen fighting like this. His men were having a hard time taking them. The Salians admired one thing in life, they loved to fight. Ordulf’s eyes glowed as he saw his men being eliminated one by one. When he had seen enough, he let out a loud whistle, getting the attention of all there. Robin and Will were in the midst of wrestling match with two very big Salians. When they heard the whistle call out, their attackers immediately stopped fighting.

Looking up, they saw six of Ordulf’s men surrounding them, each had a bow cocked with an arrow.

"Enough!" Ordulf cried out. "Surrender now, or my men will kill you where you stand." Robin and Will glanced to eachother, they knew they had to give up for now. It was suicide to keep on fighting. Robin and Will stood side by side, dropping their weapons, they nodded their surrender

Ordulf threw a large sack towards Robin and Will.

"Bind them." He ordered his men. "And then tend to the wounded."

"I ain’t goin’ to let no man chain me up!" Jacobi shouted out in a rage, his head jerking from side to side, trying to find an avenue of escape. "Not as long as I ‘ave a breath in me body.

"Surrender with your companions, or feel the wrath of Salian justice."

Ordulf raised his hand, the bowmen pulled their arrows further back, waiting for Jacobi to make the next move.

"What good would it do us to die now Jacobi?" Robin tried to appeal to the murderer. "Surrender now, we’ll find a way out of this sooner or later."

Jacobi glanced around, they were far outnumbered. Something that Jacobi was used to, but if there was anything he hated more than being chained up, it was dying. His eyes flashing in the rage he felt inside, he threw his blade to the side, his face contorted in the fury he felt in surrendering.

Ordulf motioned for his men to bind the three strangers. Robin, Will, and Jacobi were pushed back to back, while the sack was opened; its contents emptied onto the forest floor.

Robin felt Jacobi push up nervously against him when he spied the contents, he could feel him shaking as he heard a wicked laugh.

"The pleasure would be all mine Ordulf." The one called Magnus said.

Magnus walked up to Will first, he was almost half Wills height. Glaring up at him he gently touched a bruise blossoming on his cheek. Will had given Magnus that bruse, Wills eyes knitted into a hurt look. "Oh, did I do that?" Will cooed.

Magnus grabbed Wills hands, taking pleasure in locking on a pair of bracelets; a large ring was on each side of the bracelets. Wills eyes laughed at the small man. The others were bound in the same fashion. When done, the rings on their bracelets were hooked with a small chain.

Ordulf went to each man, checking to make sure they were binded tightly. He stopped infront of Robin. Robin stood up to the elder of the Salians.

"You wish to say something?" Ordulf asked Robin.

"I want you to know that you are taking two innocent men with you."

"I didn’t do nothin’" Jacobi lashed out in anger.

"You were found near my fathers body!" Magnus yelled out, two men had to hold the small man back from the three captives.

Ordulf grinned at the three men. "If two of you are innocent than Eilika will let us know, but for now, we have to assume that you all are guilty of the killing of a clansman." Ordulf then decreed the conversation was over, with a whirl on his heels, he headed back towards the horses. Three men stepped up to Robin and his companions. A large grin on each face as they tied a rope to the loop on each mans bracelet.

"I don’t likes the looks of this Robin." Will moaned out as Magnus tied his rope to Wills chain.

The three men then pulled them towards their mounts, jumping up they looked to follow the lead of the elder.

"I hope you are in as good as shape as you look." Ordulf chuckled, with a click of his heels; he urged his stead on. The others followed suit. Robin, Will and Jacobi had to run to keep up with the men holding onto the ropes tied to their hands.

As they ran on, Will shot daggers at Jacobi with his eyes. "If I gets me ‘ands on you Jacobi, your goin’ to be pushin’ up daisies."

Jacobi sneered at Will. "You and Wot army?" He panted.

"Gentlemen." Robin gasped out, being in the middle, Robin was bearing the brunt of each mans anger. "I think we should hold that hostility, and use that energy in keeping up with our abductors."

"I’d rather use my energy to ‘ave my abductors pushin’ up the daisies." Jacobi hissed out.

"First thin’ you’ve said I agree with." Will chuckled out. Looking at Robin he whispered. "I feel so dirty."

Robin let out a laugh between heavy breaths. The Salians were driving them on hard. Robin knew he had to concentrate on his running, one false step and he was sure if he stumbled and fell, that none would stop to help them. With this realization, each man concentrated on keeping up with his escort.

Robin had no idea how long they had been running before Ordulf finally decided to rest. All three men collapsed on the ground, each one trying to catch their breaths. Jacobi fell next to Will, he pushed Jacobi away with his legs.

"You stays away from me!" Will lashed out. Jacobi was to exhausted to answer back, he moved farther from Will and Robin. Robin came up close to Will, resting on his elbow, he tried to talk to him between gasps of breaths.

"I don’t like this Will, we’re getting deeper into their land."

Will was gasping as hard as Robin. "I knows Rob, but we ‘ave no chance to gets away from them. We’ll just ‘ave to waits until an opportune moment arrives."

"And when it does." Robin half-grinned to Will.

"We jumps on it like a lovin’ woman." Will chuckled.

Robin grimaced. "Not quite what I was thinking."

Will gasped out as the rope that was tied to his hands was cruelly jerked. He fell forward, looking up he saw the smiling face of Magnus. "Common smiling boy. Rest is over."

Will quickly jumped up, planting his feet, he pulled on the rope, Magnus fell off of his horse, landing flat on his back.

"Oh really." Will laughed. "Looks to me like you still wants to rest."

The other men began laughing at Magnus, furious he flew up off of the ground. Pulling himself up on his horse his eyes were on fire as he spat out to Will. "I’m going to make you pay for that laughing boy."

Ordulf signaled for the Salians to resume there trek, Robin and Jacobi reluctantly rose from the ground, feeling the jerk of the rope as their charges followed their leader. Taking in quick breaths the three resumed trying to follow after their hosts. Magnus pulled viciously on his rope as he urged his mount to run faster than the rest. Will shrugged his shoulders, smiling at Robin as he ran past him. Robin just shook his head, he never learned to let things be.

"‘Es got guts." Robin heard come from Jacobi, he was running alongside Robin. Robin glanced ahead, Will was keeping up with Magnus, in fact he was managing to run slightly ahead of him. This only made Magnus’ temper flame up stronger.

"Will has a big problem. He tries to make a joke out of everything. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes…" Robin pointed his head towards Magnus.

"I likes a man like that, stands up for wot ‘e believes in." Jacobi said in a deep voice.

Robin turned to look at his double. He was still amazed at how this killer looked so much like him. It was no wonder he was mistaken for the outlaw Robin Hood. But any that knew Robin would be able to tell the difference immediately. The eyes, the facial expression, you could see that Jacobi had a deep hatred inside of him. Robin wondered what happened to the man to have such hostility?

It was near the end of the day when they reached the Salian village. As they led the captives into their village, Will collapsed on the ground. He just couldn’t run any further, Magnus dragged Will towards the center of the village. They all stopped, releasing the ropes that held the captives. Robin ran to Will, trying to assist him up. Will stayed on the ground, gasping for breath.

"I’ll never learns to keep me mouth shut." He panted out.

Robin tumbled down as one of the Salians pushed him next to Will. Jacobi was placed next to the two outlaws, Will was to exhausted to complain about Jacobi sitting near him.

A call went out for the villagers to congregate. The three captives silently waited, their breaths were hard. They were forced to run a long ways.

When all of the villagers were present Ordulf let out a call for silence. The Villagers were voicing out cries of anger, they were upset with the three Englishmen inside their village.

"I call this meeting of our clan to settle the killing of Otto the Hunter."

Ordulf gazed around the large group, there were at least 50 members to the Salian clan. Robin searched around the compound, he was amazed at how identical they all looked, blonde, and blue eyed. The men were large and strong looking, the women just as tall and husky.

"I call upon the family of Otto the Hunter." Ordulf shouted out.

Magnus and Bernard stepped out, a young woman also hesitantly walked out of the parting crowd. She looked to be at least 18 years old, she was as tall as Bernard was. A large purple bruse showed on her right cheek.

"Did you do that?" Robin hissed to Jacobi.

"I didn’t do anythin’" Jacobi quickly returned. "I tolds you I found that man already dead!"

Ordulf hushed Jacobi with a look, he gently took the young girls hand.

"Come Eilika, we need to know if these are the men that killed your father."

Before she walked to the prisoners, an old woman ran out from the crowd. Her long boney finger pointed at Robin and then at Jacobi.

"It is a bad omen!" She wailed out, she whirled around and pointed to Eilika. "You see, I told your mother that a twin should be killed."

The old woman went to Jacobi, her head cocked from side to side as she studied him, she then went to Robin, performing the same inspection.

"It is as our old ones have always said. You must kill one twin, or they will split, one will be good the other evil." She pointed to Jacobi. "You can see this is the evil twin." Then to Robin. "And this is the good twin, heed my words Ordulf one of the twins must be killed, before it is to late." The other villagers began to wail at the old womans word.

"Begone Heligria!" Ordulf shouted out. "These men are not bound to our ways." Heligria sadly shook her head. "Heed my words Ordulf, it is a bad sign that these twins are present. We must watch after them, our village will be in danger with these twins here." Ordulf ordered her to be taken away. Eilika was holding her hand to her heart, the old woman frightened her. Magnus and Bernard had to calm her down. Bernard kissed her on the head, pushing her away. Assuring her that they would be there for her, no harm would come to her.

Nodding her head, the young girl slowly walked towards Robin and the others. She stopped infront of Will first. He looked up at her, giving her his patented grin. Her head cocked to the side, she wondered why this man would be smiling if they were about to be killed. She then moved to Jacobi, he gave her a wicked grin, shaking inside with fear at the look, she quickly stepped to Robin.

Robin warmly smiled up at the young girl. "I trust that you will tell the truth." Robin whispered to her. His voice was warm and gentle, as were his soft brown eyes. She returned the outlaws smile, turning she walked back to Ordulf.

"Well Eilika? Which one of these men killed your father?"

Keeping her back to the three prisoners she loudly declared. "All of them did Enforcer."

The End of Chapter Two

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