By Jeanne, Kathy,  and Virginia

        Many have made them, whether by choice or forced. This is a story set after a trying time for Robin and Marion. Sir Guy used hired men from a foreign country to wreck havoc upon the land. Using something unknown in England called black powder, a Mongolian named Master Ika was able to pull Robin and Marion into Sir Guys little Web. 
       The plan almost succeeded with Robins death! But he was able to escape the deadly trap, unbeknownst to the ones that loved him deeply. Foiling Sir Guys plan Robin and Marion fled from his castle. But the damage was done. Marion and the others had lived with Robins death. It still clung to their thoughts. It became such an obsession with Marion that Robin was having a difficult time  being an outlaw.
     As we come to our story, you will be introduced to a different Will Scarlet. Here he is known as Will Scatlocke. A nobleman by  birth, our tale tells of how he met Robin Hood and his band. And why he chose to take up a life of an outlaw

This is a tale written by three wonderful, marvelous authors!
Of course I may be biased! But I think this is a magnificent tale!! (Psst, especially the first and every third chapters.)
 We hope that you all will enjoy our tale. 
The rotation of authors of "Sacrifices" will go as follows:
Virginia Cavazos.......Lady in Waiting
Jeanne..........................Lady Richard
Kathy B.........................Lady Archer

Part One  Part Two Part Three
Part Four 
Part Five 
Part Six
Part Seven
 Part Eight 
Part Nine
Part Ten 
Part Eleven 
Part Twelve
Part Thirteen
Part Fourteen
Part Fifteen
Part Sixteen
Part Seventeen 
Part Eighteen
The Conclusion

The Fires Within
Click to go to the Mini-novel, The Fires Within
If you liked Sacrifices, then read the sequel, 
The Fires Within!
In this mini-novel, will see how Will Scatlocke learns to survive as an outlaw for the most wanted man in England...
Robin Hood!

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