By Virginia Cavazos

Part 7

Robin laid in the cave with his thoughts as his only company. He knew Marion was only trying to help. But she had to let him do his job. She had known the risks. Robin excepted these risks also. As Robin pondered this he heard a noise coming towards the cave. It was to soon for Marion to be back. It had to be someone else!

Robin tried to crawl to a dark corner of the cave. He grimaced out in pain, as his leg reminded him of its injury. He involuntarily cried out.

Marion, outside of the cave, heard Robins cry. She rushed into the cave. Guy followed after her. Running towards Robin she had to stop herself as she remembered that Guy was with her. He mustn’t see that she still cared deeply for Robin.

Robin gasped in pain and recognition as Guy followed Marion into the cave.

"Whats he doing here!" Robin groaned out in anger.

"Robin, hes here to help us." Marion said, coming to Guys defense.

Guy strode to where Robin lay. Squatting down, he inspected Robins condition. He had to hold back a smile as he realized just how badly Robin was injured. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. Something that Guy had wanted to see him in many a time. He relished seeing Robin in this condition.

Guy brought his hand out, touching the broken leg. Robin groaned out in pain as he squeezed it. His eyes ablaze in anger.

"Oh does that hurt?" Guy whispered to Robin, so that Marion didn’t hear his words.

Robin lashed his good arm out. Tripping Guy. Guy fell on his backside.

He jumped up. Both men glowered at eachother. Marion could see a weakness run over Robins face. He needed help now.

"Robin, please stop! Guy is here to help."

Robin laughed at this statement. "Marion, Guy is only trying to win your affection back."

Marion turned away from Robin. It pained her so to see him in this condition. Robin mistook it as her not wanting to debate him on this.

"Robin." She softly said. "Did you ever think that perhaps that affection never left?"

Robins face fell at this statement. Guy ran infront of Marion. Clutching her shoulders.

"Marion, is this true?" His heart sang at the prospect that Marion did truly love him, as he did her.

Marions blue eyes gazed lovenly at Guy. She told herself, for her Robin.

"I can’t deny it anylonger Guy." She said.

"Marion, don’t do this." Robin cried out. He tried to crawl to where she stood. The pain in his leg was to much. He collapsed, darkness taking him over again. It was all Marion could do not run to him. Not hold on to him. With Guy there she had to hold herself back. Bringing her hand up she stroked Guys cheek. Guy shivered inside with joy.

"I have always felt something for you Guy. Do you believe that?"

She laid her other hand on his shoulder. Giving it a small squeeze. Guy was blinded by Marions affection to him.

"Of course Marion. I had always hoped that you had felt something for me. I would be pleased even if it was just a little one."

Marion brought her hand down from Guys face. She clutched his hand. Feeling a sickness at his touch she had to play up to him, for Robins sake.

"Its more than just a little Guy."

Guy sighed out. He knew deep inside that Marion was playing up to him, for Robins sake. But he would accept that for now. Once he had her in the castle he would try to win her over. He knew if she stayed with him, even under these false pretensions, he would be able to win her heart. He accepted her false affection. It was a way for him to bring her into his castle.

They silently walked out of the cave together. Waiting for Will to return with help. Guy stood behind Marion. She leaned against his strong chest. His arms intwined in hers. Guy kissed her on her head. She had to fight back her revulsion.

A hour later Will returned. He was surprised to see Guy holding the lady in his arms. As Will approached them, he could see a darkness in the womans eyes. As they entered the cave the darkness was replaced with love as she gazed on the injured man. Will could see that this woman loved the man deeply. It was very evident in her motions. Her actions, her eyes.

Guy saw it too, but he shook it off. As they placed Robins limp body on a stretcher Marion touched his forehead. It was hot to the touch. He needed medical attention soon, Otherwise the fever would engulf him.

Robin was carried out of the cave. The stretcher was placed in a waiting wagon. Marion wanted to go with Robin, but Guy had a horse waiting for her. She reluctantly accepted it. Mounting, she rode alongside the wagon. Guy stayed by her side. Talking gently to her. Telling her that Robin would be all right. She only silently nodded her head.

Marion gazed at Robin as Guys physician worked on his poor battered body. Two men held onto Robins shoulders as the man worked to set Robins broken leg. Robin was awake now. His eyes black and silent. Marion tried to avoid his eyes when he would glance at her. Robin cried out as the leg was set. He jerked up in agony, the men held him down as the physician placed splints on either side of the leg. Wrapping it to secure the splints. The men let Robin go when his head fell limply on his pillow. When Robins wounds were cared for the physician told Marion he was going to get some teas, to help Robins wounds heal, and fight the fever. Marion just nodded at what he said. She walked up to Robin, her hand hesitantly reaching out for him. She brushed his hair from his eyes. Touching his forehead she could feel that the fever had increased.

The Physician quickly heading to his room, ran into Guy in the hallway.

"Well, how is he?" Guy asked.

"I have set the leg and tended to the wounds. He has a fever now Milord.

I am fetching teas to help fight it."

Guy placed a hand on the mans arm, stopping him. "Do you have teas to lets say, help bring a man closer to death?" Guy asked.

"To death Milord? You mean a poison sire?"

"Something like that. Do you have something that will kill a man slowly, painfully?"

The doctors eyes glowed knowingly. "But of course sire. How long do you wish him to suffer?"

Guys eyes shined in evil intent. "Long, very long."

The man bowed to him. "It will be done sire."

"Good man. I knew I liked you the day I hired you."

Guy waved him off. He headed to where Marion tended to Robin. As he walked away Will came out of the shadows. He had heard what Guy had planed for this man called Robin. Will was determined to aid the injured man. For as he heard the name he realized just who the man was. He was Robin Hood. Will had heard about Robins small war against Prince John. The man didn’t deserve to die for that. Now if Will had something to say about it.


Part Eight
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