By Virginia Cavazos

Part 10

As Will Scatlock left the room Robin pondered at what he was trying to tell him. Pushing himself up on the bed, to sit upright. Robin suddenly felt a twisting pain in his gut. Bending over, Robin clutched his stomach. The pain seemed to draw across his stomach like a knife. Robin pulled in labored breaths. The pain lessened but it was still there. Robin’s eyes watered at the strain of fighting off the pain. As he pulled in deep breath, to ease the ache, he heard a voice from the doorway.

"Are you feeling unwell?"

Without looking Robin knew who the speaker was. Straightening himself up Robin pushed his head back against the stone wall. The coolness seemed to ease his pain.

"I’m fine." Robin gasped out. It came out to sound worse than he had intended. A small smile curved Guys lips. He glided to where Robin sat. His hand quickly coming down on Robins injured leg. Robin gasped out in pain as Guy pressed his hand on Robins broken leg. Robin reached out to grab Guy. Guy jumped back playfully.

"Oh, did that hurt Fitzsooth?"
Robin’s face was a mask of anger and pain. "I had told you never to call me that!" He hissed out through clenched teeth. Guy filtered around the room. "Really? Well I’ll just have to remember that the next time I talk to Prince John."

Robin froze when he heard Guy mention the Prince.

"You wouldn’t turn me in. Marion won’t let you." Robin smiled in satisfaction.

Guy, keeping his back to Robin, fiddled with the teapot. Putting more leaves in it. He poured the tea into a cup. Turning, he walked to Robin, holding the cup.

"I haven’t made any deal with Marion." he returned with a smile.

Robin laughed, regretting it. The pain returned to him with a vengeance. Guy handed the cup to Robin.

"Drink this. The Doctor said it’s for the Pain."

Robin eyed the cup. Will had warned him of the tea. Now Guy was offering it to him. Robin went to take the cup. Feigning a spasm of pain he knocked the cup from Guys hands. The cup fell to the stone floor, breaking.

"Oh dear. I guess we’ll have to get you another cup then."

"So you can poison me." Robin stated.
The smile on Guys lips grew as he realized that Robin knew of his plan. Robin was always a smart one. He never could fool him. Time for plan B.

"I didn’t think I could fool you for long Fitzsooth. But I have another proposition for you."

Guy stooped over Robin’s prone body. Robin clutched his stomach. He really was in great pain. Guy relished it as he saw Robin’s brow knit in the agony he was in.

"I want you to convince Marion that you don’t want her with you anymore. If you do this then I will let you go. If not then I will turn you in to the Prince, and let the peasants that you love, know that their hero stole the money that was meant for King Richard’s ransom."

"They won’t believe you." Robin choked out. The pain began to go from his body. He felt a flush of weakness overtake him.

"Ah but they will, for Robin Hood has been blamed already for money that has been stolen."

Guy grabbed Robin by his tunic. Pulling Robin close to him. Robins lids were half closed by the poisons actions on his body. "You do as I say, and Marion will live safe here in my castle. Don’t and Marion and you will be rotting in the Princes prison."

Robin gave out a weak laugh. "You wouldn’t turn Marion in."

"That is where you do not know me Fitzsooth. If I cannot have her love then neither will you!" Releasing Robin, Guy walked to the room’s door. Pulling it open he glanced back at Robin. "Think about it Robin. Your life or Marion’s." Guy then slammed the door behind him.

As the door slammed Robin tried to rise from the bed. Pushing the sheet back, he pulled his good leg off the bed first. He then tried to bring the broken one down. Bracing his hands on the sides of the bed, He pushed himself up to a standing position. The pain in his leg intensified as the blood rushed down into the injured limb.

Robin, trying to ignore the pain, took a few steps. As he walked the pain in his stomach came back again. Robin doubled over, clutching his gut, he fell to the cold stone floor. Writhing in pain. He heard the door open. A gasp and a hand wrapping around his waist. Strong hands aided him up. Robin looked into the face of Will Scatlock.

Will helped Robin to the bed. Turing him around he sat Robin down.

"Bloody Hell!" Robin cursed as the pain did not want to go away. Robin’s head hung down. A curtain of sable hair fell in front of him. Will squatted in front of Robin. As Robin’s head rose, the hair parting, Will could see the pain was deep in Robin’s eyes. Will placed both hands on Robins shoulders.

"I am sorry for what Guy has done to you Robin Hood. If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know."

Robin looked deep into Wills eyes. He could see the truth in them. The look was an intensity born in helping a new friend. "What made you decide to help me?" Robin asked, for he knew that Will could now be called friend.

"I cannot remain a friend to a man who would poison an injured man. That to me is a most despicable act." Will stood up to help Robin back into bed. Taking Robins legs, he brought them up. He then took a blanket, covering Robin. Feeling on his head, he could tell a slight fever was returning.

"Don’t worry. You have a friend here in the castle now. Just rest easy. I will watch out for you."

Robin’s eyes slowly closed. "Thank you." Robin whispered. He felt a darkness creep up to him. Before he gave totally into it he heard the door slowly close. The last thing he heard was.

"And don’t forget. Don’t drink or eat anything they give you."

Robin silently nodded, before he fell into a deep healing sleep. Will left the room. He headed towards the main hall. Marion was there. She was the next one on his list of who to talk to. Will had a lot to do before the morning came. He briskly walked down the corridors. His thoughts now of saving this loving couple. Before it was to late.

End of Part Ten

Part Eleven
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