By Virginia Cavazos

Part One

Robin slowly walked from the stables towards his tent. His long legs carried him gracefully towards his destination. With the sun behind him, a large shadow was present in front of him, following him. Robin’s lips parted to reveal a playful grin. Robin then stopped, suddenly. Clenching his muscles at the expected effect of his sudden stop. Little John grunted as he slammed into Robin. Robin almost fell to the ground, even after he had braced himself. The gentle giant reached out to Robin. Grabbing his arms, preventing him from falling. Bracing Robin upright, he scolded him.

"Now why did you do that?" Little John asked Robin.

Robin only answered cryptically. "Just wanted to see if you were still there." Robin then quickly started walking again. Little Johns brows knit in confusion. He ran to catch up to Robin.
"Of course I’m still here. Marion said......" Little John bit off his reply. She had told him not to say anything. He cursed his loose tongue as Robin whirled around to give Little John a knowing look.

"So it was Marion who put you up to it." Robin smiled sheepishly for his cleverness in getting Little John to confess. Since Robins return to camp, after his escapade with Guy and Master Ika. Little John and Marion had been a constant companion to him. TO constant! They were with him everywhere he went. If not Little John, it was Marion. He was never left alone between the two of them. It was starting to get a little nerve wracking. Little John shook his head in disagreement with Robin’s assumption.

"It wasn’t just Marion's idea Robin. It was mine too."

Robin walked up to his friend, no, to his brother. For since Little John had joined with Robin, to fight against Prince John, Robin had always thought of Little John as his brother. Lifting his hands up, Robin placed them on Little John’s strong shoulders. Giving them a warm squeeze.

"Little John, I appreciate what you two are trying to do. But believe me, I’m all right."

Little John brought his hands up. Wringing them in worry, his head bowed down. The blond tresses cascading to cover his face. Robin took his right hand off of Little John’s shoulder. Placing it under Little John’s chin. Gently pushing the chin up, Little John had first resisted his pressure. He then relinquished and brought his head up. As the hair parted to reveal his ever-expressive face, Robin could see the wetness forming in Little John’s brilliant blue eyes.

"We were so afraid Robin." He gently cried. Little John always found it hard to hide his emotions, especially to Robin. "It was so painful thinking that you were blown up in the tavern." Little John whispered. Robin clenched both of Little John’s arms. Squeezing them to try to reassure Little John that he was alive, not blown up.

"Little John I have dedicated my life to fight against Prince John, and all that stand with him. You and I know that there are risks. Risks that we take every day."

Little John just numbly nodded. His bottom lip quivering as he recalled that fateful day, when Robin was trapped in the tavern. It would replay in his mind over and over again. The shop exploding, splinters flying everywhere. The fires after the explosion, and hearing Marion’s heart rending scream for Robin.

Robin warmly smiled at Little John. His smile so big dimples grew to greet Little John. Little John smiled back. Robin cuffed Little John on his check.

"Now then. You’ll stop being so overprotective to me, okay?" Robin asked, he looked up into Little John’s eyes. As Little John opened his mouth to reply a voice came from behind.

"Not as long as I can draw a breath."

Robin let his head drop in frustration, his arms fell limply to the sides. Marion came up from behind Little John. She planted herself next to Little John. Putting her hands on her hips. "Robin Hood, your just going to have to get use to us watching after you. I can’t bear you dying again."

Robin laughed "Don’t worry Marion. I have no intentions of dying soon."

Marion crossed her arms. Little John chorused her movements. They both stared at Robin. He was overruled. He threw his hands up in surrender.

"Fine, follow me every where." Robin headed towards the forest. Marion and Little John followed on his heals. Robin quickly turned. Marion and Little John came to a sudden stop. There heels digging in to keep from running into Robin. Robin gave the two a wicked grin.

"If you want to know why I’m heading towards the forest, I just finished dinner and have a need to relieve myself." A right eyebrow lifted up to Marion.

"Still want to follow me?" Robin asked. Marion started backing away.

"Uhh no thanks, I’ll wait here." She turned to let Robin have his privacy. Robin chuckled to himself. He walked out into the forest. Little John followed after him. Robin went behind a tree. Little John waited. As time passed Little John could hear no sound coming from the tree, that Robin was using. Alarmed, Little John ran to see what was wrong. He found Robin leaning against the tree, arms crossed, waiting for Little John. Grinning to Little John, Robin whispered. "Our little secret."

"Okay." Little John whispered back. Little John leaned on the other side of the tree.

"Oh, by the way Little John. How is your cousin working out?" Robin asked.

"Just fine, which surprise me." Little John added.
"Why is that?" Robin questioned Little John.

"Well Brian has always been the trouble maker in the family. Never known him to become involved in anything unless it concerned him making money. I was really surprised when he had asked to join with us."

"Well Little John, people do change."

Little John agreed. "I know Robin. Its just Brian has done a total about face."

Robin sighed. "I wish you and Marion would. You have to realize that I don’t need to be watched like a child. What happened has happened. We have to get on with our lives."

Robin walked around the tree, patting Little John on his shoulder.

"Now that I’m done, lets return to Marion. I’m sure she’ll want to follow me some more."

"Me too Robin?" Little John asked innocently.

Robin gave a hearty laugh. "Yes you too my large friend."

Both headed back towards the camp. As they left, the bush near the tree rustled. Someone had been hiding in the shrubbery. Someone had been listening to Robin and Little John’s conversation. The spy carefully made his way back to camp. Being mindful that none were able to discern in what direction he had come from. He then blended into the camp. Making sure none took notice of him. So he was able to do the job that he was hired for. When it was done he was going to have alot of money. Enough to live his life very comfortably. For now he had to bid his time. Patiently wait for his chance, to help destroy Robin Hood and Marion's love for each other.

End of Part one

Part Two
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