By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Two
An Outlaw in a Strange Land
Part Eight

"Daniel!" Sam shouted. "Are you all right?"

Weakly opening his eyes, Daniel croaked. "We have to get out of here, they're coming."

It was hours later, that Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, Robin, and Marion were squatting on a hill, that overlooked the base. Janet remained behind, if they came to her house. She would try to stall them as long as possible.

"That is a very large mountain," Robin said.

"Its called Cheyenne mountain. The base lies under it." Daniel said. He pointed to a small fence. Robin saw six men dressed in green clothes, pacing back and forth.

"That’s the main entrance, like the entrance to a castle, with no drawbridge."

"I have stormed many castles," Robin said. "I've learned, that there is always a way to enter without alerting those in…"

"Sorry Robin, but you're out of your field here." Sam interrupted him. "In your world, you've never had to cope with infra red cameras, motion detectors, and heat sensors." Getting a puzzled look from him, Sam explained, "They are machine, guards. They never sleep, just keep watch for invaders."

Robin silently stepped ahead. Daniel noticed his shoulders were visibly stiff. Sam didn't mean to hurt his feelings, she just felt that for now, the Sherwood outlaw would not be able to help them. Robin began to stare at one of the camera's.

"Are these creatures easy to kill?" Marion asked. She looked at Robin's back, she felt as helpless at he now did, confronted with future defenses.

"Camera's aren't creatures Marion," Sam said, with a laugh. "They are machines."

"I found a way to kill a machine," Robin quietly declared, as he continued to stare at the mountain base.

"Killing a car is not the same thing," Sam argued. "Camera's get their power from an electrical line, not a gas powered engine."

"Can we stop a camera from feeding?" Robin asked.

"I don't have time to explain the basics of electricity Robin," Sam began to say in a condescending tone.

"What does this electrical line look like?" Robin asked, ignoring her sharp reply.

"It looks like a black snake," Sam said. "It runs from the camera to…"

Before Sam had a chance to finish her statement, Robin suddenly whipped out an arrow. Cocking his bow, he let off a shot. His arrow flew silently towards the mountain ahead. Sam traced the arrows flight, to a camera that was slowly moving from side to side. Suddenly she saw a blue spark of light at the camera's base, just before it stopped moving.

Robin turned around, Sam saw a seriousness in his eyes, she had not seen before. "Is that how you kill a camera?" he asked.

"Yes, I guess it is," she humbly replied. Sam now gazed at Robin with different eyes. He was not as primitive as she thought he was. He was able to rationalize that they needed to destroy the camera's link to the base. Using his arrow, he was able to silently disarm the camera. She now felt embarrassed. To her, Robin Hood was a mythical hero from a day gone by. In her mind, Robin was as helpless as a caveman. She should have remembered that during her travels in the Star Gate. She met many primitive cultures, that more than stood up to the advanced Go'aulds.

Daniel patted Robin's quiver of arrows. "I forgot! We have the legendary Robin Hood here. He could hit the pimple off of a fly's arse from miles away!"

"Can you do that again?" Sam seriously asked.

"As many times as you need, Samantha," Robin replied. Sam was pleased to see he was not flippant with his response. In fact, he wore a large, satisfied grin on his face. For a second, Sam had taken away his confidence that he would be able to play a part in helping to save his friends. Analyzing the modern machines, and taking them for their basic functions. Robin was able to figure a way to use his skills as an outlaw, to combat a state of the art machine.

"Let's go, they won't be able to see us with the camera disabled." Teal'c proclaimed.

They moved closer to the base. Teal'c signaled them to a halt, as four men began to march close to them. They were patrolling the base, keeping an eye out for invaders.

Crouched behind a large bush, Sam pointed to the men's belt.

"We're in trouble," she whispered. "Hathor was able to get some force field belts."

Daniel searched ahead, he saw the large buckle on the belts they wore.

"What does this weapon do?" Robin asked.

"It creates a invisible shield," Daniel whispered. "No power weapon is able to penetrate it."

"No power weapon?" Robin's voice went up in a questioning tone, as he held his bow before Daniel. "Can I penetrate the shields with my arrows?"

"You know, it would work, if you could hit the belt in the center," Sam informed him. "We don't want them dead Robin, just taken out of the game. Should be easy for you, it's bigger than a pimple on a fly's arse."

"We can work in unison," Teal'c cut into the conversation. "Once he is able to destroy the belts with his arrows, I can stun them with my staff."'

Teal'c and Robin took a position behind a large tree.

"My weapon can fire in rapid succession. How long will I have to wait for you to fire your weapon?" Teal'c softly said to Robin.

A half grin parted Robin's lips. Sticking three arrows in the branch that hung in front of him, Robin cocked his bow with the forth.

"Just try to keep up with me," he softly said, as he waited for the four men to move into the right position. Once they were standing abreast from them, he began to let his arrows fly. In two seconds, he shot off four arrows. As each arrow found their mark on the belts, destroying the force fields; Teal'c's power staff's beam hit the soldiers square on the chest.

Once the last man fell to the ground, Robin and Teal'c rushed to them. Dragging their bodies into the forest, they were met by Daniel, Sam, and Marion.

"Tie them up," Daniel ordered Teal'c.

"What are you going to do?" Sam asked him.

"I want to try something," Daniel said, as he stooped next to one of the guards. Once Teal'c had them tied; Daniel began to slap one of the guards on the face.

"Come on, wake up!" Daniel ordered the youngest soldier.

He suddenly woke up with a start. He let out a growl, as he found he was under restraints.

"I am a soldier for Hathor!" the soldier hissed. "Untie me!" he demanded, as he struggled in his bonds.

"Would you all agree, that this man is totally under Hathor's power?" Daniel asked his companions.

"Heartily," Teal'c said.

"Okay," Daniel let out a heavy sigh. "Then let's see if this works."

Daniel pressed both of his hands on the soldiers face. He stared at the soldier, as he was practically spitting venom at him.

"Release me!" the soldier shouted. "You cannot win! Hathor is my life…she is my existence!"

"No," Daniel drawled, as he concentrated on the soldier. Gripping the soldier harder, the young man immediately fell limp in his hands. Sam saw a purple mist flow out of the soldiers eyes, it snaked towards Daniel's hands. He seemed to absorb the mist into himself.

Suddenly the young man blinked his eyes, shaking his head, he appeared to be a man waking from a deep sleep. Seeing Major Carter standing before him, "Major Carter, thank god!"

"What happened Private Jacobs?" Carter asked, as she read his name on his uniform.

"Yesterday I saw Colonel O'Neill exiting a black limousine sir, with a red haired woman. I told him to identify the woman, but before I had a chance to radio the base, Colonel O'Neill grabbed my arm." Jacobs let out a deep sigh, "After that," his head hung low in shame. "My every breath, and life was only to serve that witch!"

"You were under Hathor's control," Sam explained to the excited soldier.

"Daniel, did you do what I think you did?" Sam blurted out. Daniel knew she was excited, because her sentence held no technical jargon.

"I had an idea I might be able to cure them Sam," Daniel explained. "Hathor gave me a clue, she took her power from me. I figured I may be able to do the same for our men."

Seeing the other guards begin to wake up, Daniel used his new power, to draw Hathor's hold on them. Each one was quicker for him, once he was done, Teal'c immediately untied the four soldiers. Nodding their heads in thanks, the younger soldier filled his companions in on what happened to them. Once they knew the base was threatened, they waited in silence for their commanding officer to give them their orders.

"That adds four more to our side, now how can we get into the base, unnoticed?" Sam looked to the men for advice. Marion felt uncomfortable, as she clearly was left her out of the conversation. When she first joined Robin's band, she had to prove herself to the men. She felt a little hurt that she needed to do this to this future woman.

"Maybe we can sneak in, wearing their uniforms?" Daniel offered.

"Sorry Sir," the eldest soldier stated, his nametag read Sergeant Warren. "General Hammond ordered visual ID checks. You won't make it past the first check point."

The group grew silent, as they tried to think of a way to get inside the base.

"When I was a young girl, I was trapped in a cave," Marion's voice broke the silence.

Seeing the rest of the group ignoring Marion, Teal'c loudly cleared his throat. As all eyes were on him, he bowed his head towards Marion. "I think we should hear what Marion has to say."

"Thank you Teal'c," she said, with a grateful smile.

"What I was saying was, once when I was a young girl I was trapped in a cave-in. It was over a day, before they were able to free me from my earthen prison. I would have died, if not for a small hole that fed me fresh air."

"What does this have to do with the base?" Sam said in a condescending tone.

"What I am asking, Major Carter is, where does your air come from, if your base is underground?"

Sam and Daniel immediately realized the same thing, at Marion's statement.

"The air vents!" they declared together.

"Then we can find a way to get inside?" Robin asked, his eyes glowing in pride towards Marion.

"Perhaps Robin, it's better than storming the base with guns, and arrows blazing," Sam said.

"Or, we could knock on the door and politely ask if Hathor will come out and play?" Daniel glumly said.

"Marion's suggestion is not without merit." Teal'c cut in.

"What do you mean, Teal'c?"

"Once, when I was walking around the base, I heard two maintenance men talking. I was confused by the elder mans statement that he was glad he brought a helper with young legs and a strong back. When he saw my confused look, he explained that the heat for the base, came from the Star Gate itself. I asked him for a clearer explanation, and he stated that an old mineshaft was located beneath the base. He said it housed the electrical lines that power the Star Gate."

"Of course," Sam snapped her fingers in revelation. "A tremendous amount of electricity is used to power the Star Gate. That generated a lot of heat. They needed a place to disperse the heat. I recall hearing that they ran the power lines under the base, in an old mine shaft. They're supposed to run right through the mountain. Washington, liking to be very thrifty…"

"Um, I think cheap is the word you are looking for Sam," Daniel cut in.

"Thrifty Daniel," Sam corrected him, "During the cold months, they use the heat generated by the power lines, to keep the base warm. If we can find a way to get into the shaft, we'll may be able to enter the base, via one of the heating vents!"

"God I love it when a plan comes together," Daniel said, mimicking Jack's voice to perfection.

"You know, I had totally forgotten about them," Sergeant Warren said.

"I never heard of them," Private Jacob's whispered.

"Let us hope the rest of the base are as ignorant," Teal'c murmured.

"Where would the entrance, or should I say, exit to the shaft be located?" Daniel asked, as he gazed at the mountain base.

"I know exactly where, Sir," Sergeant Warren said to Sam. "I was in charge of the detail that hid the exit."

"Then show us Sergeant Warren, show us!" Sam immediately ordered him.

"And we won't have to worry about the camera's catching us," Daniel said, as he patted Robin on the shoulders. "Thanks to Robins skill with the bow, we'll be able to enter the base undetected."

"Warren," Sam said. "I want two of your men to stay here. With the camera's disabled, if they see no one on guard, they will get suspicious."

"Yes sir! Murray, Johnson, I want you to stay here Jacob's you're to come with us."

Private Murray and Johnson ran back to take their former positions.

Sergeant Warren took the lead, as they silently moved down the hill they were standing on.

Sam lingered back, again she felt embarrassed. She realized that she had been treating Marion the exact way most men treated her when she first joined the airforce. She fought hard against the men's prejudice, and here she was doing the exact same thing to Marion.

"I'm sorry Marion, for treating you like a weak woman." Sam whispered to her, as she sidled up to her. "We're a team. I should have respected any suggestion that you had to give."

"Don't worry Samantha," Marion quietly replied. "Sometimes it comes in handy to let someone think you're weak. I love the shocked look on their faces, when they end up on the floor, and I'm standing over them."

"Marion Fitzwalter, I'm really beginning to like you. You are a very, smart woman."

"I found that out the hard way!" Robin called back.

Marion gave her a sly wink, whispering, "I'll never forget the look on his face."

Sam let out a bark, of a laugh. "Marion, that is a story I would love to hear."

"I'll tell you, once we find our friends, and are safely on our way home."

"It's a deal!" Sam said. She remained by Marion's side. She felt a bond with this woman from the past. Although they were born centuries apart, she felt a kinship with Marion.

Using his arrows, Robin quickly disabled the camera's that were trained on the concealed entrance. Sergeant Warren led them to where the power lines to the Star Gate were fed.

They all pitched in, to unearth a large steel door.

"It's held closed electronically," Sergeant Warrens announced. Daniel held a flashlight on the panel, as Sam tried to break the code to open the entrance.

"Damn!" Sam cursed. "They took my authorization code out of the system."

"Can you try another?" Daniel hopefully asked.

"Let me try something," Sam softly replied. Her fingers flew across the panel, as she attempted to open the doors. After a few tries, she slammed her hand on the doors.

"It's not going to work," Sam growled. "I can't get it to open."

"It was a good plan," Teal'c rumbled.

"Is that it?" Robin asked. He saw the dejected look on his future friends faces.

"If we can't break the code Robin, we can't get in," Sam explained.

"We cannot give up!" Robin hissed, with gritted teeth. He held his bow in one hand, in the other he pulled out his sword.

"We will find another way then. We did not travel so far in time, to save Little John and Tuck, just to give up so easily."

"Robin, I didn't say we were giving up. It's just that I have to have the right order of numbers, to open the door. We need the element of surprise. If we can't open the door, it may turn into a bloody battle. Your friends may end up being killed."

Robin's hands dropped in dejection, he looked to Teal'c, even he showed despair in his dark eyes.

"Marion and I won't give up, not while there is still hope," Robin firmly said. "I have traveled to far down the road to go back, I cannot give up." Robin stared at the door, that may lead to his friends freedom. He had to think of a way to open the huge, metal door.

"Sarge, is that the real Robin Hood?" Private Jacobs whispered to the elder soldier.

"Soldier, as long as he fights on our side, you don't question your superiors."

"Yes sir!" chagrined, Jacobs saluted him.

Warren walked up to Sam, whispering in her ear, "Is that the real Robin Hood?"

As Robin continued to stare at the door, he faintly heard a voice in the wind. "Think of the day, the day that changed your life…" Robin suddenly heard Olwyn say.

"What are you saying, Olwyn?" Robin asked, aloud.

"Who's Olwyn?" Sam asked Daniel, as she saw Robin speaking to the locked door.

"The day that changed your life Robin, when you first walked down your road of destiny," Robin heard Olwyn distinctly say. Closing his eyes, Robin whispered, "I thank you, my old mentor."

"Olwyn is a wizard friend of Robin's," Daniel explained.

"Come on Daniel, you can't expect me to believe that there are wizards…"

"Try 7-14-1187," Robin told Sam.

"Robin, you can't expect it to work?" Sam berated him.

"Please Samantha, try the numbers."

Shaking her head, Sam reluctantly used the numbers Robin gave her. After punching in 11-87, she was shocked to hear a click. She leaped on the door, as it began to move back. The two guards joined her, they managed to shove the door wide open.

"After that, I don’t think I'll be surprised to see the Easter bunny leading the way," Sam said, with a disbelieving laugh.

They all let out a groan, as a blast of hot air greeted them. "I hope this isn't to long," Jacobs moaned.

"Let's go," Sam ordered the two guards. They led the way, Daniel lingered in the back, as soon as he touched the door, he felt a searing pain rush though his head. Closing his eyes, he was suddenly standing in the base.

End of Part Eight

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