By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Two
An Outlaw in a Strange Land
Part Seven

Ten minutes later, Janet was shaking her head in disbelief.

"A time gate," she let out a quick breath. "I guess, if I can accept a gate that transport you billions of light years away, I should be able to just as easily accept a gate that can send you back in time. I guess it's a good thing Cassandra is on a camping trip now. I wouldn't want her to be caught up in this."

"The time gate is the least of our problems," Sam said. She was sitting opposite of Janet, on a large recliner. Teal'c, Daniel, Robin and Marion were silently standing in the archway to Janet's large, front room.

Daniel moved towards the sofa that Janet was sitting on. Easing himself down next to her, he let out a deep sigh. "Hathor did something to me Janet."
"What did she do Daniel?" At first Janet felt helpless, as Sam explained to her what happened in England. Now her instincts as a Doctor were overriding her fears for herself.

"She used the palm device on me, but it was different Janet. She said she wanted to change my DNA, before she used me again for her brood. She said she was going to boost me up a step in evolution, so that her new brood would be stronger than a normal Go'auld."

"I'll have to do some tests," Janet murmured, as she went into physician mode.

"Can you do them here?" Sam asked. "From the way things are on base, I don’t think they'll allow you to do a battery of testing on Daniel. Not without Hathor finding out."

"Wait a minute guys," Daniel protested. "Can't we wait a while? As long as I don't sprout another eye, I don't think we need to start doing some testing."

"I can do a thorough examination of him in my basement," Janet offered. "I have some old equipment where I can perform an EEG, and EKG."

"He-llo-o, did I just turn invisible?" Daniel sung out.

"Sounds like a plan," Sam happily declared.

"Don't I have a vote in this?" Daniel looked to Sam and Janet. He knew that look in their faces. Dropping his head, he mumbled, "I wish I was invisible."

"Don't worry Daniel," Janet said, stifling a giggle. "I promise it won't hurt a bit. While I'm setting up the equipment, why don't you order some pizza? I'm sure everyone here is hungry."

"Piz-za?" Robin rolled the foreign word on his tongue.

"You are going to LOVE pizza!" Daniel said, as he searched for a phone book.

"For now," Janet said. "You can watch some Television."

Robin saw Janet pick up a small, black box. Pressing it with a finger, he and Marion nearly jumped out of their skins, as they saw a large black box suddenly come alive with small people. They heard a woman screaming, they saw a man trying to kill her with a knife.

Robin quickly pulled his sword out, ready to help the woman escape from the box.

"NO, DON'T!" Teal'c yelled, as his large hand grabbed Robin's sword arm, before he attacked the Television set. "It is not a monster Robin. It is similar to the movies we saw on the airplane."

Janet quickly changed the channel. Robin saw a young man throwing two knives at a guard. The scene changed to what looked like a Ball. A man in uniform stood transfixed, he splashed a glass of water in his face.

"This is a good one Robin. You see, that guy has a drinking problem and…," Daniel began to explain to Robin.

"Why don't we keep it off for now," Janet said, as she turned the television off. Once the screen went blank, Robin realized that there was no miniature lady in distress. Once Teal'c released him; he slowly sheathed his sword. Janet was finally able to start breathing again, when Robin began to shove the large, very sharp looking sword back in its sheath.

"I apologize madam," Robin humbly said. "I feared for the life of the woman trapped within the box."

Daniel let out a nervous laugh, "Don't worry Janet, after a while you'll get used to that."

"When did you?" Janet gasped.

"Um, maybe tomorrow?" he whispered, as he wiped the nervous sweat from his brow.

"Okay," Janet mumbled. "I'll just go in the basement and set things up."

"P…pizza, I'll order some pizza," Daniel stuttered.

Several hours later, Daniel was climbing up Janet's stairs that led to her basement. She just finished giving him an EEG, EKG, and took several vials of blood. As he walked into the front room, he found Marion on the floor and Sam on the couch. Both were fast asleep, letting out a yawn, Daniel was so sleepy, he was about to join them.

He searched for a place to sleep. He found Teal'c slumbering in the recliner. It was then that he noticed that someone was missing…Robin! Spinning around, he noticed the front door to Janet's house was wide open.

Running out of the house, he almost tripped over Robin, who had been sitting on the front steps.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Standing guard," Robin quietly replied. His sword lay by his side, on his other side lay his bow. He was loosely holding his knife in his hands.

"Mind some company?"

"Not at all," Robin moved his bow, to the other side. Daniel eased himself down, to sit on the wooden stairs. He let out a tired sigh, taking in a deep breath, he closed his eyes, as the cool night breeze filled his lungs.

They sat silently next to each other. Daniel was comforted by the silence and security of the night. After a few minutes, he decided to learn a little more about the legendary hero that sat next to him. As he was thinking on how to break the silence, he heard Robin clear his throat.

"How are you feeling?" Robin asked, as he played with his knife. Daniel was fascinated by the way; Robin was able to spin his knife in the palm of his hand.

"Fine, I guess," he mumbled, "Why do you ask?" His eyes were glued on the spinning knife. Robin skillfully flipped the knife from handle to blade. Stopping it, he let out a deep sigh.

"Daniel, tomorrow Teal'c and I were talking about storming your base. If we are going into battle together, I hope you don't mind me saying that I see fear in your eyes. It is something I have seen in many of my men. It is a fear that you need to address, before going into battle. If you would like to speak about your fear, then I will gladly listen to them. I may not be as smart as you or Sam are, but I have seen many things in my life. Perhaps I can help you purge the demon you hold inside?"

Daniel was taken aback by Robin's words. His fear for what Hathor had done to him was very strong, for a second, he hesitated to tell him. He did not want to appear weak to Robin. As he pondered on his answer, for the first time since he joined the star gate project. He realized he was frightened, and he knew exactly why. Anytime he faced dangers, he knew he would somehow survive it, because Jack was by his side.

He turned his head away from Robin, his eyes stared towards the mountain that loomed in the distance. "That’s' the mountain that holds the Star Gate base," he told Robin. "Inside are my friends as well as yours."

As he stared at the silhouette of the mountain, his thoughts turned to the Jack. During his trip here, all he could think about was what Hathor had done to him. He turned, to see Robin waiting for him to answer his question.

Here was a man that was willing to travel to a time completely foreign to him. He and Marion were risking their lives, to save their friends. With all of their sacrifices, Daniel began to feel ashamed.

"I won't lie to you Robin, I'm frightened out of my skin."

"Fear and I are old friends," Robin whispered.

"You Robin?" Daniel laughed. "I've seen you take on a car, and win!"

Robin let out a small chuckle, "Killing cars are easy Daniel. What is hard, is facing the man that you saw kill your father."

Daniel remained quiet, as he heard Robin tell him the story of witnessing his fathers murder.

"My demon that existed in my heart was Sir Hugo," Robin clenched his fist just at the mention of his name. "I was a very frightened, and spoiled young man Daniel. Once I saw my father murdered, my only thoughts were to avenge his death, and take back my land."

"Nothing wrong with that," Daniel said.

"I had not thought so at the time. It was Olwyn that opened my eyes to the truth Daniel. My concern for revenge was so blinding, I did not see the atrocities around me. It was Olwyn that showed me that I needed to put the energy I had to avenge my fathers death, towards helping those that could not help themselves."

"You mean, become the outlaw Robin Hood."

"But not before I faced my demon, and purged it Daniel. One day Olwyn suddenly left, I ran after him into the forest. My fear choked me, as I stood face to face with Sir Hugo himself. I at first wanted to run. I felt like a frightened child, faced with the man that took my fathers life. My thoughts for revenge were forgotten, as he attacked me with a weapon of steel. I clumsily managed to keep his sword from touching me. As we fought on, I began to realize that Sir Hugo was not the monster I thought him to be. He was just as human as I was. As we continued to fight, my confidence grew, soon I was winning our battle.

Until he made a move, that I was able to quickly counter. I managed to disarm him. I held his sword before him, ready to take revenge upon my father."

"What happened?" Daniel asked.

Robin gazed at Daniel, "I didn't kill him Daniel. I realized that if I did, I was no better than him. I saw him for what he truly was. My equal, not my superior. It was when I threw his sword down, allowing him to live. That he turned into Olwyn."

"He what?" Daniel gasped.

"It was Olwyn's way of testing me Daniel. I needed to purge my demon myself. I needed to figure out myself, that my demon is not as evil, or powerful as I thought he was."

"So what you're saying," Daniel said. "Is I need to accept what I am, and not blame anyone else for my troubles?"

Robin stood up, stretching his lean body, he gazed down at Daniel. "Am I?" he cryptically asked. Picking his sword up, he slid it in his sheath. "Olwyn led me down the path Daniel. It was up to me to find the end. My story is a path for you to follow. You are the one who will have to find the end. No one else can do that for you. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to walk around Janet's large hut. Just to make sure things are safe for us."

"I'll keep watch here," Daniel called out, as he watched Robin walk away.

He remained on the porch stairs watching for any signs of trouble. It was an hour later that Robin silently sat next to him. He took a blanket that Sam gave him, and covered the sleeping Daniel. He would remain on guard for the rest of the night. His eyes stared at the dark mountain ahead. It was there that his friends were held, it would be there that he would get them back.

Daniel woke up with a start, he faintly heard the sound of someone fighting. Leaping up, he struggled to remove a blanket that covered him. Throwing it off to the side, he raced around the house to the backyard. He skidded to a stop when he heard laughter. He saw Robin lying on the ground, with Teal'c standing over him, his power staff held over his stomach. Marion was clapping her hands.

"That was a good move," Robin praised him.

"You'll have to teach me that Teal'c," Marion said. "You're the only one that's been able to do that to him."

"I was taught that from my old master, It is simple to learn, I can teach it to you…if you wish." Teal'c removed his staff. He offered Robin his hand. Grabbing it, Robin clutched Teal's' wrist with both of his hands. Throwing his feet up, he planted them on Teal'c's stomach, and threw the large man over him. He landed on the ground with a loud thud.

Spinning around to lay in his stomach, Robin propped his head on his hands. He was grinning from ear to ear, Robin said with a chuckle. "That was taught to me by my old master. It is simple to learn, I can teach it to you…if you wish."

For the first time, since he met him, Daniel actually heard Teal'c laughing. It was a deep, infectious laugh; that came from the bottom of his soul. Daniel realized that Robin was a natural born leader. Knowing that Teal'c would be fighting by his side, he knew that he had to earn the respect of the alien warrior. He did that on his own level, as a warrior who lived to battle. Challenging him, and winning, he won the respect of the Jaffar. Both men leaped to their feet, Marion was the first to spy Daniel.

"Good morning," she called out.

"Good morning Robin, Marion, Teal'c, I'm sorry for interrupting you," Daniel apologized.

"A friendly bout helps to wake you up in the morning," Robin explained. "Helps get the blood flowing."

"Would you like to join us, Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c asked. Spying a growing bruise forming on Robin's arm; Daniel stuttered, "I…I think I'll pass on that. My master taught me that Coffee does the same trick."

"Your master?" Marion asked.

"Yep, Master Folgers. I'll introduce you to him sometime," Daniel called out, as he walked towards the back door to Janet's house. As he entered her home, he heard Teal'c and Robin grunting, as they continued their mock battles. Daniel closed his eyes in ecstasy, as he smelled the wonderful scent of brewing coffee. He saw Janet pouring herself a cup, as she tried to stifle a yawn.

"Daniel, I'm glad you're here, Sam and I were just talking about you."

"In good terms, I hope," Daniel said, as he rushed to pour a cup of coffee for himself. Tipping the cup to his lips, he let the wonderful hot liquid slowly flow down his throat.

"We were talking about the results from the test's I ran last night."

"Oh," was Daniel's quick reply, he gulped down some of the hot coffee.

"Daniel, why don't you sit down," Janet gently said.

"Oh boy, I don't like the sound of it already." Daniel let out a nervous sigh, as he glumly sat on one of the kitchen chairs.

He felt like a scared child, as he saw the concerned faces of Sam and Janet gazing at him.

"Daniel, everything was normal," Janet began, "Except…"

"Except w…what?" Daniel murmured.

"The results of the EEG." She threw a large pad of paper on the table. Daniel saw jagged lines running up and down the paper.

"In all my years as a physician, I've never seen results like this."

"Oh god!" Daniel moaned. "How long do I have to live?" he groaned.

"Actually, I think a lot longer than most of us." Janet quickly replied. When he received a puzzled look from the archeologist, she explained the results.

"What makes them so unusual Daniel, is I received readings from the part of the brain, that for the rest of population of this planet, are blank."

"Which part?" Daniel whispered.

"The part that some physicians feel is where the sixth sense would be located."

Daniel slowly rose from his chair. He poured himself another cup of coffee. After gulping down his second cup, he said, "So what do you think it means Janet?"

"Daniel, I don't know what to make of it. You said Hathor wanted to bring you to the next level of evolution. Humans only use 10% of their right brains. We can only dream of what we would be capable of if the other 90% were used."

"Thanks to Hathor, we no longer have to dream," Daniel sighed.

"I wish we had enough time to do some more tests," Janet said.

"That's going to have to wait, Janet," Sam said. "For now, we are going to need to find a way to stop Hathor. Whatever she's done to Daniel, will be pushed on the back burner."

"I agree with what she said," Daniel gulped, as he emptied his third cup of coffee. "Let's put this WAY back on the burner."

"Don't worry Daniel," Janet tried to assure him. "I'm sure whatever she did to you, is harmless. As I said before, you're far from dying. I found your heart as strong as a man much younger than yourself. Your blood, everything I saw indicates to me you are stronger than the last time I did an examine on you."

"From a little rain, flowers will grow," Daniel said, as he forced a grin.

"There you go Daniel, we have to look on the bright side," Sam said, as she slapped him on the back. "Now let's get Teal'c, Robin and Marion in here. We need to figure a way to get into the base, before Hathor uses the Star Gate to bring her people here."

As soon as Sam mentioned Hathor, Daniel suddenly felt a stabbing pain on the right side of his head. Closing his eyes, he was shocked to clearly see Hathor sitting on a golden throne. He gazed down at himself, he was able to see his hand, but it looked transparent to him. Slowly he walked towards Hathor. He saw Little John and Tuck standing on either side of her. The peculiar thing was, the throne sat in the conference room in the base. He saw General Hammond bowing before her, concentrating, Daniel was able to hear their words.

"We are pleased to know that the base is now under our control General. We wish to give you two special tasks'. We need you to find our beloved, Daniel Jackson. We did not like the doctor that helped Major Carter. You are to go to her house, and see if they hide there. If you find them, you are to bring them here! You will find a dark haired man named Robin Hood with them. We want you to bring him to us…he is not to be harmed! Do you understand?" she hissed.

"It shall be done, Hathor," General Hammond unemotionally replied.

"Also," Hathor purred. "If you find a auburn haired woman…what is her name slave?" Hathor turned to Little John.

"Her name is Marion, Hathor," Little John's deep voice droned.

"Yes, Marion. If you find her, we want you to bring her to us." Hathor threw her hand out, she clenched her fist, her eyes twisted in hate. "She harmed us, we have special plans for her."

"Yes Hathor!" Hammond shouted, as he stood up. He bowed his head to her, as he saluted her by pounding his fist on his chest. Spinning around, General Hammond left the conference room.

Daniel became frightened, when he could swear she was looking right at him. He jumped, when someone walked right through him. He was shocked to see it was Jack. What shocked him the most, was he was dressed as a Jaffar. He wore the long skirt, and tunic of a Jaffar. In his hands he held a power staff, similar to the one Teal'c used.

Planting the power staff on the ground, Jack kneeled before her, placing his fist on his chest, he said, "The base is secured my queen. All the men are under your control, and the women left on the base, have been imprisoned"

"Very good O'Neill, very good," Hathor purred. She stuck her hand out, Jack moved forward for her to touch his bowed head.

"Now we wish to begin our first lesson." Hathor opened her palm. Jack let out a gasp of pain, as Hathor used the palm device on him. He squirmed under the power that poured out of her hand.

"You will hold still," Hathor hissed.

Under her complete control, Jack struggled to remain still, as she exacted her revenge for her near death, by his hands. After a few seconds, she released her hold on him. Jack fell on his hands and knees, his pain filled panting filled the room.

"That is just the beginning, O'Neill. Soon, you will only know pain and agony."

"Thank you…Hathor," Jack gasped, as he struggled to rise. Her edit rang through his mind, he would follow her every order. Even if it meant his death.

"We will soon tire of this game," Hathor yawned. "Once we join with our beloved, and begin our new brood. We will bring our brother back, for only he is near equal to us."

Daniel let out a moan, as excruciating pain shot through his head. He stumbled back. Janet and Sam rushed over to stop him, before he fell through the patio doors.

End of Part Seven

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