By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Two
An Outlaw in a Strange Land
Part Six

It was hours later, that they finally reached the nearest town. After seeing many cars on the road - Robin was convinced that they were not metallic beasts that consumed humans.

Daniel and Sam made sure to keep Robin and Marion between them. Not for their safety, but because of the people that wanted to talk to the Sherwood outlaws. Daniel noticed that many young women were drawn to the handsome Robin.

"Is it always so loud here?" Robin shouted. Somewhere down the street, a jackhammer was being used.

"Sorry Robin," Daniel said. "I guess you and Marion are not used to all of this noise."

"You don’t have to apologize to us Daniel. We will endure anything your future world holds, so that we may save our friends."

Since they entered the English town, Marion was practically glued to Robin's side. The noise of the cars, and music blasting from different locations had them both spooked. Daniel noticed Robin's hand remained on the hilt of his sword, his arm held Marion tight to him. He was touched to see the ballads sung were true. His love for her was legendary.

"Where's the Renaissance show?" a blonde haired young woman asked Daniel. "I'd love to see him as Robin Hood."

"We're just checking out the area," Daniel quickly explained. "Once we find a place, look for the flyers."

"Over there," Sam whispered to Daniel. She was pointing to a large store, in the center of the small town. They ushered Robin and Marion to the store. It was two hours later that Robin and Daniel left the store. Marion and Sam had been waiting for them for over an hour. It took them that long, because Daniel had a hard time convincing Robin not to wear his weapons over his modern clothes. They ended up compromising.

Robin walked out of the store carrying his weapons wrapped in his old clothes. He was dressed in dark blue pants, and black T-shirt. On a wide, leather belt hung a large hunting knife.

"What's he still wearing that for?" Sam asked, as she left the bench she and Marion had been patiently waiting for them.

"It was either that, or have him walking around with a quiver of arrows on his back." Daniel snapped back at Sam. "Sorry Sam," he sighed. "As you can see, he also insisted on keeping his boots."

Sam saw the heavy leather boots that Robin was wearing back in Sherwood. Fortunately, she didn't think anyone would realize they were made in the twelfth century.

"Marion, is that really you?" Robin shook his head, a half grin of appreciation parted his lips.

Marion was dressed in a pair of form fitting, black pants. Her bright red blouse was short, and tight. She wore a long, purple scarf around her neck. Marion threw her arms up, spinning around, she asked Robin. "Do you like it?"

Robin's answer, was the highest raised left eyebrow that she had ever seen him execute. "I guess that's a yes," Marion said with a giggle.
"I like what you're wearing too Robin," Marion sighed. She especially liked how tight the pants fit him. She made sure not to let him know, otherwise he would most likely put his leather breeches back on.

"What do we do now, Daniel?" Robin turned to him for advice. They were in Daniel's world now. They would trust him, Sam and Teal'c to be their guides; if they were ever to find Little John and Tuck.

"We do know that Hathor was here," Daniel said.

"How do we know that?" Sam asked.

"It seemed that all the woman in the store wanted to wait on Robin," Daniel sheepishly said, in front of Marion. Marion just shrugged her shoulders. She was used to young maidens staring at Robin. She didn't mind, his heart always remained true to her.

"As they all helped Robin find something to wear. One of the older ladies mentioned two men that came to the store earlier in the day. They were dressed like Robin. She said an American Colonel was with them, and a beautiful, red haired woman."
" Hathor sure gets around," Sam clenched her fists tightly. "Did she happen to mention which way they went?"

"I'm sorry to say, she didn't," Daniel sighed.

"Daniel, do you know what an air-port is?" Robin innocently asked him.

"Why do you ask Robin?"
"One of the young ladies, that wanted to helped me put on my breeches, said that an American Colonel asked for directions on how to reach it."

"Robin!" Daniel laughed, as he slapped him on the back. "I'm so glad we let you come with."

"You'll soon find out, that Robin is the best tracker in England." Marion said, in praise.

"Actually, there is one better," Robin sadly said. "Little John."

"Don't worry Robin," Daniel tried to console him. "If you were able to cure yourself of Hathor's spell. I'm sure we'll be able to help your friends."

"Let us go," Teal'c said. "They have a good head start on us. We may be able to catch them at the airport."

"First let's have our fingers do the walking," Daniel said. Before Robin had a chance to ask him how he would be able to walk on his fingers, Daniel blurted out, "We are going to communicate with our superiors."

"That I understand!" Robin said, with a nod of his head. "Do you understand that I have to…" Robin hesitated for a second, pondering on what to say next.

"What is it Robin?" Daniel asked.

Robin motioned Teal'c to come closer. He seemed more at ease, talking to him. He was a fighter, like him, he would understand his wants. After a few seconds of whispering, Teal'c slowly nodded his head in understanding.

"I see," he rumbled, standing straight, he calmly stated, "He wishes to use the facilities."

"This is going to be fun," Sam said, with a giggle.

"I was having the same, um, urge myself," Daniel said.

"I saw some restrooms in the store," Sam offered.

"I don't need to rest," Robin began to say.

"You'll find the restroom is where you need to go," Daniel said, as he spun Robin around.

Ten minutes later, they left the store for the second time that day.

"Marion, you should have seen the small bath tubs in there," Robin said, with a chuckle. "You won't believe what Daniel was doing in it!"

"Uh Robin, that's something we men keep a secret from the women," Daniel sung out. He nervously gave Robin a wink.

"I keep nothing from Marion," Robin honestly replied.

"Tell me later," Marion whispered.

"Now we just need to find a cell Phone, and contact General Hammond," Sam offered.

"What is a cell phone?" Robin asked.

"Its something we use to communicate," Daniel explained. "You hold it in your hand, talk into one end, and listen to the other."

Robin spotted a young woman walking down the sidewalk. He saw her holding something in her hands. Even though she was alone, she seemed to be talking to someone. Robin quickly stepped up to her.

Daniel rubbed his chin, his eyes narrowed as he tried to think of where he could find a telephone. "Maybe the restaurants, or perhaps that store?" he wondered out loud.

"We could try the gas stations," Sam offered.

"Perhaps we can ask one of the local people?" Teal'c said.

"I really don't think they would agree…" Daniel began to say, until he was interrupted by Robin handing him a cell phone. "Is this a cell phone, Daniel?"

"Robin!" Daniel shook his head in amazement. "How…what…How did you get this?"

"This nice lady said it was all right for us to use it," Robin said, as he motioned to a young woman standing next to Marion. Daniel saw the young woman looking moon eyed at Robin.

"Definitely glad we let you come," Daniel mumbled, as he handed the cell phone to Sam. She immediately dialed the base. After a few seconds, she dialed again.

"Damn!" Sam hissed, as she turned the cell phone off.

"What's wrong Sam?" Daniel asked.

"I think the Colonel was able to reach them first. I can't get through, they may have a lock down on the base."

"Then we have to get there as fast as possible. Before Hathor has a chance to take over," Daniel said. He prayed that they would not come back to a base full of Hathor zombies.

"I thank you for the use of your phone," Sam said, as she handed it back to the young girl.

"No problem," she sighed. She nearly melted on the spot, as Robin gave her a dimpled grin. "If only we can find a way to bottle that," Sam whispered to Daniel.

"Hero-de-toilet, I'd buy a case of it," Daniel whispered back.

"Okay, now we need to go to the airport," Sam said.

"Is the air-port a nice place?" Marion asked Sam. Gazing at Daniel, they both shrugged their shoulders. "Think of it as, a place with flying wagons."

Both Marion's and Robin's eyes lit up in excitement. "You mean we'll be flying?" Marion gushed.

"God they are easy to please!" Daniel laughed. "Let's go."

Six hours later, Robin and Marion were sitting in coach seats, in the back of what Daniel called, a 747. He and Marion were practically glued to the windows. Teal'c sat on the outside seat.

Daniel moved forward, he and Sam were in the seats behind them. "Take it easy guys, it's a eight hour flight. Then we have a two hour layover, and another three hours to our destination."

Robin and Marion sat back in their seats. It was hard for them to contain their wonder at the future world.

"I can't imagine what it must be like for them," Sam whispered to Daniel.

"I can, I experience that feeling every time we go through the Star Gate."

"Did you notice how Teal'c seems to have taken them under his wing?"

Daniel had noticed that he made sure to remain close to Robin and Marion. "I think it's because, Robin is about as close as an earthling can come to being a Jaffar. He's a born warrior."

Letting out a tired sigh, Daniel leaned back. He slowly rubbed his temples. His unending headache had reached a new peak of pain.

"Anything new?" Sam asked.

Daniel took in a deep breath, closing his eyes, he whispered, "I'm afraid to find out."

"In other words, you're blocking yourself," Sam said.

"Sam, you don't know how frightened I am," Daniel mumbled. "I could end up with a head as big as Texas, or…or some braniac that wants to rule the world, or…"

"Or," Sam gently interrupted him. "You could end up with a mind strong enough to oppose the Goulds. Already I've seen signs of what she did to you Daniel. You knew exactly how to operate that Time Gate. I wonder how Hathor would feel if she knew she played a part in helping us defeat the Goulds."

Daniel let out a small chuckle, "I'll be sure to mention it to her, the next time I have her neck in my hands."

"Let's just take it a step at a time," Sam said. "I know you Daniel Jackson, you won't turn into some megalomaniac trying to take over the world. No matter what she did to you, you will always be Daniel Jackson, archeologist."

"Thanks Sam," Daniel sleepily replied.

"Now get some rest, we have a big day ahead of us."

Daniel snuggled his head on the back of his chair. As he began to fall asleep, he faintly heard Robin say, "Come on Marion, I want to show you the little bath tubs."

*** *** ***

Twenty-nine hours later, Sam was sitting in a telephone booth in the airport.

"Anything?" Daniel asked.

"Nothing Daniel, there has to be a lockdown on the base." Slamming the telephone on the cradle, Sam pulled out a small book. She leafed through the pages, searching for a number. It was nearly sunrise, Robin, Teal'c and Marion were impatiently pacing. During the flight there, Teal'c informed them about Star Gate, and the battle they fought against the Go'auld's. Robin was more anxious now to save his friends from being dominated by this parasitic alien race.

"Come on Janet," Sam whispered, as she finished dialing the telephone.

"You're going to try Janet?" Daniel asked her. Doctor Janet Fraiser was the highest-ranking officer of the medial team at the base. She was also a woman, which meant Hathor would be unable to control her.

"Please Janet, pick up," Sam pleaded into the telephone. Daniel saw her face light up, as she blurted out, "Janet! This is Sam, please don't hang up!"

Janet Fraiser slammed the door to her home, throwing her keys on a coffee table, she let out a growl of frustration. She had just unceremoniously been kicked off base, and told to go home! No reason was given. What angered her the most, was most of the women on base seemed to have been given the same order. She had just started pulling her jacket off, when she heard the telephone ringing. She struggled to get her arms out, as she rushed to answer the telephone. After five rings, she managed to pull an arm out. She lunged towards the telephone, picking it up, she heard a familiar voice desperately cry out.

"Janet! This is Sam, please don't hang up!"

"I'm here Sam," Janet panted.

Sam briefly told Janet that Hathor was back, and had Colonel O'Neill under her spell, keeping the time gate, and Robin a secret, for now. She prayed that Jack did not have enough time to bug the phone lines.

"Hathor must still have control of Colonel O'Neill. I was told, in no uncertain terms to skedaddle off the base."

"Daniel," Janet heard Sam's muffled voice say. "She already has her claws in the base."

"I'll tell Teal'c, Robin and Marion," Janet heard Daniel's distant voice say.

"Excuse me Sam," Janet said. "Did I just hear Daniel say he was going to tell Robin and Marion? Please don't tell me that's as in Robin Hood."

She heard Sam noticeably clear her throat after a very pregnant pause, she said. "I'll tell you all about it, once we reach your home."

As she heard the phone click, Janet mumbled, "This I have to hear."

It was two hours later that Janet heard several car doors slamming. Running to her door, she opened it, in time to see Daniel with his fist about to knock on the door.

"Janet, it's good to see you," Daniel said, with a relieved grin.

"You too Daniel, now can you please explain to me what on earth is going on?"

Daniel stepped into Janet's house. He was followed by Sam, Teal'c, and a tall, handsome man with long black hair. Behind him was a young woman with auburn hair, and striking blue eyes.

"Don't tell me," Janet laughed. The man carried a bow and sported a quiver of arrows. On his side rested a long sword and a very large hunting knife.

"You art the noble Robin Hood." Janet executed an exaggerated bow of her head. She was startled, as she felt his hands gently touching her shoulders.

Standing up, she was staring into his soulful brown eyes. As she stared deeper, she was taken away with the innocence, and fierceness in them.

"Noble lady," his melodic voice smoothly whispered. "I will accept no one to bow before me. For I am just a humble servant of Good King Richard, and the sworn protector of the people of England."

"My god!" Janet gasped, as her hands covered her mouth. "He is Robin Hood!"

"The Man in tights, himself!" Daniel proudly declared, as he slapped him on his back. "And this is the enchanting Maid Marion."

"Marion Fitzwalter, if you please," Marion introduced herself to Janet.

"Major Carter, what on earth happened to you back in England?" Janet gasped, as she plopped onto her couch.

End of Part Six

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