By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
Old Enemies, New Friends

Part Four

"Daniel!" Sam frantically shouted. "What are you doing?"

"You heard me Sam, Hathor is back," Daniel said in defense. "They're all under her spell."

Teal'c hesitated to activate his power staff. He was unsure of exactly who was under Hathor's spell. Thanks to the symbiote he carried inside of his abdomen, he was immune to her spell.

"Daniel, what are you talking about?" Jack said. Daniel noticed he still kept his head tilted, to hide his eyes. "I saw her die myself. She could not have lived."

"Daniel, how could Jack be under her spell?" Sam asked him. "None of us have been in contact with her."

Daniel paused to think on her words. How could they be under her spell? It was then that he recalled the time that Little John was left alone, when he was brought to the wizard Olwyn. That had to be it! She must have placed him under her spell, when they separated.

Once he found Jack, and the others, he must have put Jack under her spell also. All it took was a touch from another. Sam and Teal'c would not be affected by his touch. When they arrived here, he saw Little John step up to talk to Robin. He must have touched him during the conversation. Daniel tried to weigh his options.

On his side was Sam, Teal'c and Marion. On Hathor's side were Jack, Little John, and Robin Hood; the greatest outlaw in Sherwood Forest. He suddenly realized that his options were on the sparse side.

"Daniel, give us the Zat's," Jack calmly said, as he took a step forward.

Daniel took a step back, "No Jack!" Daniel shouted. "Sam, can't you see, he's under her spell?"

"No Daniel, I can't. How do I know you aren't under her spell?" she countered. "You were the first one to see her."

"Fine, then just ask them to show us their eyes!" Daniel demanded.

Sam recalled the first time they tangled with Hathor. She had all the men at the base under her spell. The only way she knew, was a purple haze that shifted across their eyes. Gazing at the three men before her, she saw their eyes covered with either their hair, or a cap visor.

"Why don't you take your hat off, Colonel?" Sam demanded. She moved to stand to Daniel's right. Teal'c stood shoulder to shoulder with Sam. Feeling left out, Marion sidled over to stand to Daniel's left.

"Major Carter, I am the superior officer here. It is your duty to take that gun away from Daniel."

Sam sadly shook her head. Jack O'Neill was never truly a by-the-book type of soldier. If anything, she knew he would most likely make some type of sharp reply, or a very bad joke. She received neither from her superior. She began to think that perhaps Daniel was correct. Colonel O'Neill, and the rest of the men that stood before them were possibly under Hathor's spell. Her assumption was proven correct, with the appearance of the Egyptian goddess herself.

"We thank you for detaining our beloved, before he had a chance to escape," her voice sung out in a pleasing tone. It by far, hid the malicious evil that lived within.

Teal'c immediately activated his power staff, holding it in Hathor's direction.

"No problem," Jack casually quipped, as Hathor glided to stand behind him. Tuck also emerged from the dark forest, to take his place by Robin's side. They formed a human shield, to guard Hathor from the power weapons. Tuck didn't even bother hiding his eyes. Marion was shocked to see a purple haze lazily flowing across his blue eyes.

"Oh Tuck," Marion sighed. "What happened to you?"

"Surrender now, and no one will be harmed," Hathor said.

"Excuse me, but if you haven't noticed," Daniel said. "You have two weapons trained on you."

"They are useless," Hathor seemed to stifle a yawn, holding back her boredom.

"Oh, I don't know," Daniel said. "Last time I used one of these, they took a man down in seconds."

"You only have two weapons, you will not be able to stop our chattel from reaching you, our beloved." It sickened Daniel to hear her call him that. "We have four under our control. Four who would not hesitate to die for us."

To prove her point, each man took a small step forward. Daniel waved the Zat's gun from side to side, screaming, "Back off!" Teal'c stood by his side, holding his power staff towards Robin, for behind him stood Hathor.

"We are feeling generous," Hathor said. "If you give yourself in, beloved; we will allow the other three to die quick deaths."

"How generous!" Sam snarled.

"We may not make your death as painless. We do remember your role in your little revolt the first time we met, Major Carter."

"I'm flattered you remembered me," Sam said, sarcasm dripping on her words.

"We gave you a chance to become our prime Jaffar, Teal'c," Hathor purred.

"I spent most of my life, training to be the prime for the so called, Gods!" Teal'c rumbled. "I have now pledged to spend the rest of my life, trying to make up for the crimes I committed, in the name of false Gods!"

Hathor's eyes burned at Teal'c's words, as she moved to Little John. Her hand gently caressed his back. "This one will make an excellent Jaffar." Slowly, she moved to where Robin was standing.

Robin turned around to face her. He dipped his head lower, covering his eyes with his hair. As he felt Hathor began parting his hair, he half closed his eyes. Only the whites showed.

"This one is special," Hathor breathed out a deep sigh. "Very special. He is strong, in body and mind. Even though you would always have a place in our heart, beloved," she called out to Daniel. "We would wish to have someone by our side, that is nearly equal to us in beauty. For inside of us, we carry our brother."

She saw a confused Daniel staring at her. "You mean you can bear your own brother?"

"A breeder keeps our race's memory within. As we die, we leave the memory of our past life within a breeder…like myself. So that they can be reborn again, with the memories of their previous life intact."

Her red polished finger nails slowly slid on Robin's bearded chin, making their way up to the back of his neck. "But that is not so simple for us. For you see, our brother's symbiote is within us, a part of us. It was his strength that helped us survive the cold pit. He has silently slept, waiting to find the perfect vessel. You are exactly what we have been waiting for." Hathor let out an audible exhale. "Our brother has given us his blessing to use your body. His symbiote will release its hold on I, and be placed inside of you. What is your name, handsome one?"

"Robin Hood," Robin drawled.

Hathor reached up, her lips reaching for Robins, she whispered, "Robin Hood, your lips look very delicious."

Robin tilted his head sideways, he whispered to her, "Perhaps you would like a taste of them?"

Hathor's eyes lit up in ecstasy. "We wish it."

Robin slowly began to move in a circle, as he placed his hand behind her head. She was able to maneuver Hathor until her back faced the others. He slowly moved her head closer to his. His other hand moved down her back, the other three men remained steadfast by Hathor's side, oblivious to what was happening.

"Ahem, excuse me?" Daniel called out. "Remember me? Beloved, dearest, the father of your future rug rats?"

"Hush beloved, we are busy," Hathor sighed.

"Robin!" Marion gasped in shock, as she saw him holding this wicked woman in a passionate embrace. Her trust in him was wearing very thin right now. Until she saw his hand, working its way down her back. Her heart began to beat again, when she saw him giving her a hand signal. That signal meant she needed to get ready for him to make his move.

"Get ready," Marion whispered to Sam.

"For what?" she softly replied.

"The trickster," was Marion's reply.

As Daniel heard what Marion said to Sam, it all suddenly clicked. One alias Robin was known as was, 'The Trickster'. The odds suddenly got better, he only had three men he needed to train his Zat's gun on now.

"Yes," Hathor sighed, as she leaned into Robin. "I cannot wait for our brother to live within you." She stroked Robin's lips with hers, as she prepared to lean harder to kiss his soft lips. She let out a roar of outrage, as her arm was pulled behind her. Robin whirled around, keeping Hathor in a tight grip in front of him.

"You heard Daniel!" Robin shouted. "Back off."

Robin hoped that once he had Hathor in his grip, the other men would back away. Unfortunately, he did not realize how strong a hold she had on them. They would gladly die for her. With her life in danger, all three men leapt to her aid.

Suddenly Robin was being attacked by Colonel Jack O'Neill, Little John, and Friar Tuck!

He was thrown to the ground, as Hathor was jerked out of his grip by Little John. Robin heard a roaring, and saw Little John falling to the ground, as he was rammed in the stomach by the quarterstaff Teal'c held. They quickly stood up, both large men circled each other, trying to gauge their strengths and weakness'.

"Do not kill him!" Hathor screeched to Tuck and Jack. "We want his body unharmed. But you may kill the rest."

"Shoot them!" Sam screamed to Daniel.

"I can't Sam, I'll hit Robin or Teal'c."

"Fine, then I guess we have to do this the hard way," Sam grunted, as she ran to the struggling Robin. She kicked out, slamming her boot into the side of Friar Tuck. He rolled off Robin, leaving Jack O'Neill alone to fight Robin.

"I've never fought a holy man, I don't want to change that," Sam warned Tuck.

"My goddess commands your death," Tuck growled. His benign face taking on a fiendish look. Sam was surprised by the quickness of the rotund man. He lunged at her, his grip on her arm was like steel. She pulled her fist back, only to be stunned by a slap across her face. She stumbled in his grip. She faintly saw a rosary-covered hand, coming at her. His fingers gripping her throat.

"Die harlot! Hathor commands it!"

Sam struggled to be released from Tucks firm grip. "Shoot him," she choked to Daniel. He still held the Zat's gun, his eyes curved in sorrow, as he trained the gun on the legendary Friar. He was about to shoot him, until he heard a crack echo in the air.

A long whip flipped in front of him, hitting Tucks hands. The sting forced him to release Sam. She stumbled back, clutching her neck and gasping for breath.

Marion snapped her whip again at Tuck, it scored on the same hand. He tried to suck the stinging pain. Even in pain, the edict to kill those not under Hathor's spell rang in his head. He took a step forward, only to fly back, as a blast from the Zat's gun exploded at his feet.

"That was a warning, the next one won't miss!" Daniel warned him.

Tuck moved from side to side, as if he was weighing his chances on charging the weapon Daniel held.

From the corner of his eye, Daniel saw Marion helping Sam. He saw Hathor standing up, Marion let out her whip. Hathor let out an ear-piercing scream, as for the first time in her long life. She experienced pain from a human. The men under her spell's anger increased, with their mistress' pain.

Daniel saw Robin was embroiled in fighting Jack. Both men were on their feet now. Robin moved swiftly, he was able to block, or duck any blow aimed at him from the experienced military Colonel. Jack's anger increased hearing Hathor cry out in pain. With that anger, he made mistakes. Mistakes that Robin took full advantage of, soon Jack was finding that he lost control of the battle. Robin leaped around like a nimble fox, Jack was unable to lay in a single blow. While Robin was able to score hits on him numerous times.

"Will you hold still!" Jack demanded!

"I'm sorry," Robin let out a taunting laugh. "I'll try to oblige you."

Placing his feet together, he appeared to accommodate Jack. "Just stay there!" Jack said, as he barreled towards Robin. The Sherwood outlaw remained rooted on the ground, until Jack was scant inches from him. It was then that Robin exploded. He crouched down, and leaped into the air. He appeared to execute a back flip. Landing on his hands, Jack ran towards him. He skidded to a stop, as he saw Robin's legs bend forward, not back to complete the back flip.

Robin halted the momentum of the back flip; to bring it back towards his attacker. Jack ran into Robin's waiting legs. He sissored them, wrapping them around Jack's neck. Bracing his hands on the ground, he twisted his legs, throwing Jack to the ground. Sitting up, he squeezed his legs, trying to subdue the incensed Colonel.

He took this time to see how his companions were faring. He saw the one called Teal'c, and Little John locked in battle. Robin noted that Teal'c was very well trained in using his strange looking quarterstaff . However, Little John was just as experienced with the weapon of his choice. Their weapons clacked loudly, as they each tried to use them, to knock the other down.

Robin saw Daniel holding Tuck at bay with the thing he called a Zat's gun. He saw Marion helping the one Daniel called Sam stand. She was clutching her throat, taking in deep breaths. It was then, that he realized that someone was missing from the pot…Hathor! Her screams of pain had died down.

"Daniel!" Robin grunted, as he squeezed Jack's neck harder. "Where is Hathor?"

His answer came, when he saw a bright light heading towards Daniel. It cruelly struck him. He immediately fell to the ground. As Robin struggled to hold Jack in his grip, he saw Hathor slowly walk up to Daniel. Her voice sounded hollow now. Robin was shocked to see her eyes actually glowing in a yellow light, as she aimed her hand towards Marion.

"You will soon learn that no one attacks a Go'auld!" she screamed.

Robin immediately released Jack; he raced to where Marion and Sam were standing. Leaping in the air, he flew towards them. Knocking them down, the beam of light that streamed out of Hathor's hand harmlessly flew over them. Marion and Sam half-crawled, half-ran into the bushes of the forest, Robin rolled on the ground. He could feel the heat from the blasts, at they hit the dirt around him. He sprinted to where Daniel was laying. He was clutching his head; his eyes twisted in pain. Ducking another beam of light that came from Hathor's hand, Robin reached Daniel. Grabbing his arm, he dragged him towards the forest, within the blink of an eye, Robin and Marion dissapeared into the dark forest. Sam and Daniel were swallowed into the trees and bushes.

Furious with the escape of Daniel and Robin, Hathor turned her wrath on Teal'c. Realizing that the odds were against him, Teal'c ducked a killing sweep of the quarterstaff. He appeared to drop his staff, as Little John came in for a killing blow, Teal'c swiftly reached out for the end of Little John's staff. His fingers stung, as he grabbed one end. Planting his feet, he spun on his heels, releasing Little John at the apex of his spin. The giant outlaw flew to where Tuck and Jack were rushing towards the battling giants. Grabbing his power staff, Teal'c used the diversion, to also execute a disappearing act within the ancient forests of Sherwood.

"Arrgggggghhhhhhhh!" Hathor screamed. Her beautiful face twisted by her anger. "We will have you Daniel!" She shouted. "And the one called Robin Hood. For he will become the vessel for my brother!"

Teal'c rushed through the forest. He focused his eyes and ears on finding his companions. Finding drag marks in the ground, he was able to track Robin and Daniel. Once he joined them, Sam and Marion were mysteriously by their side.

"Is everyone all right?" Robin asked around.

"I've got a headache as big as the Atlantic Ocean, other than that I'm fine," Daniel grunted.

"I'm all right," Sam said, as she let out a few coughs. "Thanks to Marion."

"I am unharmed," Teal'c reported to the Sherwood outlaw.

"And you Marion?" Robin gently asked.

"Oh, other than that woman wanting my head, I guess I can't complain."

"I have something to say," Teal'c interjected.

"What is that Teal'c?" Daniel asked.

"Why did they not follow us?"

Both Daniel and Sam immediately knew the answer to that.

"The Time Gate!" they gasped.

"Robin, we need to get back to the cave you first found me in," Daniel blurted out.

"This way," Robin said. He led them to where the cavern was located. He tried to block out the image of his closest friends trying to kill both him and Marion. He felt a burning begin to grow deep inside. He knew that was anger, anger for the woman that turned his friends against him.

"It's over there," Robin called out, as they fought their way through a thick growth of bushes. Suddenly they heard a whooshing sound.

"The Time Gate!" Daniel shouted. "They activated it!"

Robin and Teal'c leaped over the bushes. They raced to the cavern. Robin attempted to enter it, but Teal'c grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"They're getting away!" Robin shouted, as he tried to free himself from the iron grip.

"If you go in there now, you will surely die," Teal'c grunted, as he tried to hold onto the struggling Robin.

"Let me go!" Robin growled, as he kicked his legs out. He felt Teal'c pull one of his arrows from the quiver on his back.

"Watch, and learn," Teal'c said, as he threw the arrow into the cavern. Once it touched the waters, it immediately puffed away in a flash of light.

Robin quickly ceased his struggling, that arrow could have been him! He watched in awe, at what he was seeing happening in the cavern. He saw a wash of water flowing up towards the ceiling. In the center of the water, he could just make out Little John, Tuck, the one called Jack O'Neill, and Hathor. In seconds, the water flowed down to the ground. With its retreat, Robin's friends were gone.

"Where are they?" Sam panted, as she reached Robin and Teal'c seconds after the water was absorbed back into the floor of the cavern.

"I saw them," Robin whispered, as Teal'c released him. The large Jaffar moved back, to stand next to Sam.

"I saw my friends within the waters that flowed into the ceiling. Once the waters fell back down, they were gone." Robin's voice was thick with sadness. He swallowed hard, trying to hide the deep pain he felt as he saw the two men he felt closer to than any on the earth, disappear to god knew where.

"Sam, we have to follow them," Daniel gasped. Still weakened by the blast from Hathor, he leaned heavily on Marion for support.

"Let's wait until you catch your breath Daniel. I'm sure Hathor will be waiting for us. We need to be at full strength."

"You'll have no arguments from me," Daniel said at a near whisper, as Marion eased him to sit on the ground. Robin rushed to Marion's side. They conversed for a few seconds, and quickly disappeared into the forest.

"I wonder where they went?" Sam asked, as she squatted next to Daniel to examine him. She gently touched his forehead, it felt cold and clammy. He seemed to have a difficult time breathing.

"Daniel, what happened to you back in the cavern?"

She saw Daniel blatantly avoiding her eyes. He was hiding something. Sitting crossed legged in front of Daniel, she placed her hands on his knees.

"Daniel, this is Sam, you can trust me and Teal'c," she pointed up to Teal'c. Daniel was touched to see a look of concern cross Teal'c's face.

"You do not look well, Daniel Jackson."

"Please," Daniel choked. "Promise me you won't tell anyone unless I'm a threat."

"Daniel, what did Hathor do to you?" Sam's face softened, she was becoming frightened for Daniel's health. Taking in a deep breath, he explained to Sam and Teal'c what happened in the cavern.

End of Part Four

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