By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
Old Enemies, New Friends

Part Three

It was two hours later that Robin declared they needed to stop for the night.

Daniel was amazed at how quickly the Sherwood outlaws were able to make a complete camp for the night. They even managed to catch some game, thanks to Robin's uncanny skill with the bow. This was something that Daniel would never forget, as long as he lived. He actually saw the great Robin Hood, using his bow and arrow.

After they ate, Robin, Marion, and Little John agreed on taking watch shifts for the night. They told Daniel he did not have to participate in the watch, but he insisted on pulling his weight. Robin reluctantly agreed to wake him in the middle of the night.

Thankful he was helping in his own way, he snuggled up close to the fires, and immediately fell asleep.

Robin took the second watch. Little John woke him up near midnight. He stretched out his stiff legs, it was a cold, and blustery night. The night grew colder after he fell asleep. As Little John took Robin's place by the fire, Robin surveyed the area, searching for any signs of trouble. Feeling bumps forming on his exposed arms, he walked over to his horse, to fetch his long sleeved shirt. Finding one in his saddle, he began to shrug it on. Until, he heard a groaning sound coming from the campfire.

Quickly tying the leather straps of his leather jerkin, he rushed to the fire. It was then that he found the groaning came from Daniel. Kneeling by his side, Robin tried to hold him down, as he began to thrash madly. It was then that Robin noticed that Daniel was suffering a high fever.

"Marion, help me," Robin grunted, as he tried to keep Daniel still. Quickly waking up, she leapt to his aid. Robin planted both of his hands on Daniel's chest, as he struggled to pull out of their grip.

"Robin," Marion gasped. "He's burning up."

"I know," Robin whispered.

"Jack…don't go! The Goulds are waiting for us," Daniel suddenly shouted. "Sha'rai, I love you…" Daniel sobbed.

Robin and Marion struggled to keep Daniel still. His screaming woke up Little John. He rushed over to hold the thrashing young man. They nearly released him, when they heard a strange, garbled voice coming from Daniel's shirt.

"Danny boy, the Calvary is here. Where the heck are you?" Robin heard coming from Daniel's shirt.

"Hold him still," Robin told John and Marion, as he attempted to find where the man's voice was coming from.

Opening Daniel's shirt, he found a small metal box. Pulling it out, the voice grew louder. Robin was sure this was where the sound was coming from.

"Damn it Daniel, answer me!" Robin heard the male voice scream. "We're near the cavern mouth. Tell us where you are, and we'll come get you. Remember how to work this thing Danny? Push button to talk!" Jack sarcastically said.

Examining the box carefully, Robin saw small words inscribed on two buttons. One said talk, the other read o-f-f.

He was not sure what o-f-f meant, but he did know what talk meant. Stealing himself, he pressed the button, as he gently spoke into the box.

"Voice in the box, if you are friends of Doctordaniel Jackson. I'm sorry to say, that he is very ill."

Robin waited for an answer. When he received none, he spoke into the box again. "I say, if you are friends of Daniel, he needs care."

Getting no response, he released the button. He nearly dropped the box, as the voice shouted back.

"Release the damn button!"

Realizing he had to release the button, to hear the man speak in the box. Robin pressed the talk button again. He snarled back in the same tone, "Damn button released!"

"There you go." Robin heard, once he released the talk button. "Yes, we are friends of Daniel, who the heck are you?"

Pressing the button again, Robin answered back. "My name is Robin Hood."

"Yeah, and I'm Prince John!" Robin heard the voice snap back.

"Well, your highness," Robin whispered into the metal box. His temper was growing short with the voice in the box. "Daniel is running a fever. Marion is attending to him now."

He shoved the box towards Daniel, keeping the button marked talk pressed, he allowed the man in the box to hear what Daniel was saying.

"Jack, we're going to have to trust the Tokra," Daniel gasped. "What do you mean we have to go? I was just getting started translating?" Daniel sighed.

"That's our Daniel," Robin heard the voice say. "Even sick, he's still working. Listen Robin, my name is Colonel Jack O'Neill, can you tell me how we can get to wherever you are?"

Robin stared at the small box, he softly said, "But you are here ColonelJack, I am holding you in my hand."

"Not the walkie Talkie you Sherwood nutcase! I meant where are you in Sherwood Forest? We are at the cavern near a quaint town called Lewellyn. At least that’s' what the young man told us, before he ran away calling us demons," Jack mumbled.

"Go back to the cavern, I'll send Little John to fetch you," Robin said into the box. "It's a simple path, any Sherwood nutcase can follow it!" the anger in Robin's voice was clearly evident. He did not like the tone of the man in the box's voice.

"I swear if I hear him say Friar Tuck…" Jack snarled.

"Please sir," Carter interrupted him. "We did go back in time. Until we can disprove him. I think we should take him at his word that he is the real Robin Hood."

"Fine!" Jack snapped. "Send your man in tights here. The more the merrier."

"I'm on my way," Little John said, as he grabbed his quarterstaff. Mounting his horse, Little John dissapeared into the night; leaving Robin and Marion with Daniel.

Robin turned his attention to Daniel. His previous thrashing had subsided. Kneeling next to Marion, she gently touched his brow. His fever seemed to have cooled down. She was relieved to see Daniel slowly begin to open his eyes.

"How do you feel?" Marion's gentle voice whispered to him.

"Like I was run over by a steamroller," Daniel groaned.

"I don't know what a steamroller is," Robin said. "But to me you look like something scraped from the bottom of a brine barrel."

"Same thing," Daniel moaned.

Daniel rubbed his temples. Closing his eyes, he was shocked to see a vision of Hathor walking through the forest with a short, portly man dressed in friar's robes. Shaking his head, he quickly opened his eyes.

"What the heck was that?" Daniel whispered.

Before Robin had a chance to answer, Daniel saw him run to the campfire. He snatched his bow and arrow, he cocked it at lightening speed. Marion was nearly as quick as him, as she pulled out her whip. They stood shoulder to shoulder, as they faced whatever unseen enemy threatened them.

"Come out where you are hidden," Robin demanded. "Or you will feel the sting of my arrow."

"Robin, Marion, don't!" a gentle voice called out of the trees. "It's me."

Daniel saw Robin withdraw his arrow, and Marion pull her whip back when someone walked out of the bushes. Daniel saw a rotund man dressed in a friar's robes; his hood was pulled over to cover his eyes. Daniel struggled to stand.

"Robin, it's a trap!" he shouted.

"Nonsense, this is friar Tuck," Robin said, with a warm chuckle. "I trust this man with my life."

Daniel rushed over to Robin's side, "The rules have changed Robin. With Hathor here, you don't know who your friends or enemies are."

"Robin, what is this young man talking about?" Tuck asked, as he halted a few yards from where Robin, Marion stood. His hands tucked in his robe, he appeared to be the humble friar sung of in the ballads of old.

"He's sick Tuck," Marion plainly explained.

"Heavens, poor lad," Tuck sighed. "Perhaps I can help?"

"There, see, it's Tuck. I stake my life on it."

Daniel stared towards the hooded man that stood before him. "I give my word as a man of the cloth, that I would do you no harm," Tuck solemnly proclaimed, with a bow of his head.

By his gentle words and demeanor, Daniel began to believe him. Tuck slowly walked towards them, his head bowed. The hood covering most of his face, "Now tell me Robin, what's wrong with Daniel?"

He halted next to Robin, a benign smile peeked out of the hood. He slowly began to pull his hands out of his voluminous sleeves. Robin returned Tuck's smile, gently placing his hand on his shoulder, he quickly punched Tuck in the face with his other hand. Tuck fell limply into Robin's arms, a deadly looking knife fell from his grip at Robin's feet.

"Sorry Tuck," Robin whispered, as he slowly lay him on the ground. Grabbing the knife, he tucked it in his belt.

"Robin!" Marion shouted. "Why did you hit him?"

Daniel rushed over, throwing Tucks' hood back he forced an eye open. They all saw a purple mist flowing across Tucks eye.

"That’s why he hid his eyes Marion. It's a sign of a man under Hathor's spell. She was able to take her power over men back from me. I pray she did not steal enough to make her as strong as before." Staring up at the tall outlaw, Daniel's face twisted in a mask of confusion. "How on earth did you know he couldn't be trusted?"

"I never told him your name," Robin whispered, his eyes closing in the pain he felt, as he realized that a close friend tried to kill him.

"Will he be all right?" Marion asked him, her concern for Tuck was deep in her eyes.

"I won't lie to you. As long as Hathor is nearby; Tuck, or any man for that matter, will be willing to give his life for her."

"I see," Robin sadly said.

"I shall not be denied." Daniel suddenly heard Hathor say. What frightened him the most, was that he heard it inside of his head.

"Hathor is nearby," Daniel whispered.

"I know," Robin calmly stated. "Little John and I noticed she has been following us since we left Olwyn. We knew that someone else was with her. I just didn't realize it was Tuck."

"We must go," Daniel insisted.

"Are you strong enough to walk?" Marion asked the young man from the future.

Daniel was surprised to feel as strong, if not stronger than he has ever felt before.

"Right as rain," Daniel declared.

"Then let's go," Robin said.

"What about Tuck?" Marion asked. She couldn't possibly conceive leaving him behind.

"I'm sorry Marion," Daniel placed a consoling hand on Marion's shoulder. "The man you knew as Tuck is now your enemy. His heart beats only to serve Hathor."

"As I said, let's go," Robin said. He quickly rushed over to where the horses were tied. His eyes focused ahead, he swallowed hard, his anger mounting. This woman Hathor used a friend of his. A very close friend! He would do all he could, to stop her from harming any more of his friends. Marion took a last glance at Tuck, before rushing to Robin's side. Daniel was about to join then, when he heard a voice, echo in his mind.

"Come to me, Beloved."

It was Hathor, calling to him. Deep inside, he wanted to go to her. He recalled with revulsion, how strong a hold she had on him when they first met. He clenched his fist, squinting his eyes, he fought against her control.

"I'll fight you Hathor. I won't allow you to use me again!" Daniel repeated, in his mind. With her words of command blocked from his mind, he waited for Robin to come to him. Grabbing his arm, he mounted behind Robin. They rode out of camp, leaving a stunned Tuck behind. Daniel gazed behind, he saw Hathor slowly walking out of the woods.

"Where are we going?" Daniel panted, as he held onto Robin.

"We need to find Little John and your companions."

Daniel knew he was right. Their only chance was to increase their numbers. They rode in the darkness, trying to put in as much distance between themselves and Hathor. Daniel pulled out his handkerchief, sneezing into it, he clutched his head in agony. He let out a moan, as a high pitched sound began to fill it. "Hathor! What the hell did you do to me?" Daniel screamed.

He felt Robin grab his wrist, keeping him on his mount.

It seemed like hours later, when Daniel felt the horse stop moving. Robin informed him they reached the cavern. Dismounting first, he helped Daniel off the horse. Daniel let out a tired sighed, as he fell to his knees.

Robin stepped back, as a man in his later forties, a feminine looking, blonde man, and a dark skinned man with a golden symbol emblazed on his forehead, rushed out of the forest. Little John sprinted to Robin and Marion's side. His long blonde hair was a mass of tangles, covering most of his face. He leaned on his quarterstaff.

"Are you all right?" John quickly asked. He gently placed his hand on Robin's. Robin quickly jerked his hand out of his grip. Once it touched him, he felt as if Little John's hand was on fire. Shaking his head, he could swear he heard a woman's voice, inside of his head, whispering to him. "You are ours…you are ours."

"We're all right John," Robin distantly heard himself say. "But I'm afraid that Tuck has fallen under the spell of that red-haired witch."

"Did you run into a wind storm?" Marion said, with a laugh. She attempted to push away some of the unruly locks from Little John's face. She was startled, as he jerked back, hissing, "I'm fine!" He stepped close to Robin. Gazing into his eyes, a small, wicked grin curled his lips.

"Are you sure, you're all right, Robin?" Little John asked. This close, through the strands of blonde locks, Robin saw a purple mist, flowing across his eyes.

The voice in his head had grown to a shout. It penetrated every corner of his mind. "You are ours, you will follow us…to your death."

"She is our life," Little John whispered so softly, that only Robin could hear him. His eyes glowed in joy, as he saw a purple mist flowing over Robins eyes.

"Our life," Robin whispered back. Nodding his head in approval, Little John stepped back. He turned to look at where Daniel was sitting.

Marion noticed something was wrong with Robin. Coming up to him, she gently touched his hand. "Robin, what is wrong my love?"

As he felt her hand touch him, as he heard the voice of the woman that he loved more than life itself. He closed his eyes, rubbing them, he felt the fire that was lit by Little John's touch begin to grow cold. Clutching his fists, he found the strength to fight off the control the voice planted deeply within his mind. Turning his head, he gazed down at his Marion. "Are you all right?" she whispered to him.

The voice now died down to a low murmur, until he could no longer hear it. He softly told her, "Stay here."

"What do you me…?" she began to say. Until he hushed her with a look. "Trust me," he mouthed. Dipping his head down, he jerked his long hair forward, to cover his eyes. He saw Little John slowly move, to stand closer to the strangers from the future. He immediately followed him, taking his place by his side. He assumed the same position. It was as if he was waiting for something, or someone. He remained by Little John's side, keeping his eyes as hidden as John's were.

"Daniel, what happened to you?" Jack asked.

Sam kneeled down by Daniel's side. "I found your translation's on the computer. We were able to use them, to follow you."

Teal'c was standing by Jack's side. Daniel was about to tell them what Hathor had done to him, back in the cave. When a little voice stopped him. He suddenly had a vision of being strapped to a table.

The table was surrounded by doctors, nurses, and scientists. All had one thing in mind. He was being tested, prodded, all were trying to find exactly what Hathor had done to him. Not wanting to spend the rest of his life with his body parts in a test tube, he decided not to tell them what Hathor had done, until he was sure of the effects himself.

"Hathor, need I say more?"

"I see," was Jack's only reply. No smart remarks, no biting quips as Daniel was used to. Just a simple, 'I see'. Daniel immediately knew something was wrong with Jack. He was frightened, not only for himself…but for his friends. It was then that he noticed the visor to Jack's cap was pulled down, hiding his eyes. He saw Little John and Robin standing next to Jack. Both Robin's hair and Little John's covered their eyes. His face flushed white, as he realized how quickly things went from bad, to worse.

"That's good, real good," Jack blankly said, from under his cap. As he took a hesitant step forward, Daniel stumbled into Sam's and Teal'c's arms. "Sorry," he mumbled. "Guess I need to get my sea legs back."

Helping him stand, Daniel slowly walked to where Marion was standing, bringing Teal'c and Samantha with him. He saw the look of concern in Marion's eyes. She knew something was wrong also.

"Take your time," Samantha told Daniel. "We're in no hurry."

"You are a strange sounding man," Marion told Sam.

"Actually, I’m a woman," Sam informed her. As she eyed her pants she quickly explained, "Where I come from, many women wear pants."

"I see," Marion said.

As Daniel moved Sam and Teal'c far enough away from where Jack was standing. He quickly grabbed the Zat's gun that Sam had hanging from her belt. He pointed it to where Jack, Robin, and Little John were standing.

"M…move one muscle, and I swear I'll sh…shoot you!" Daniel stuttered

End of Part Three

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