By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
Old Enemies, New Friends
Part Two

Sherwood Forest 1196

"It's this way Robin, Marion," Little John called out.

Robin saw a blonde head peeking over a clump of bushes. They rushed over to where their friend was standing. Days before, Robin received word of a group of marauders attacking the village of Lewellyn. Thanks to one of the villagers, they knew where the men were hiding out. He told Robin that they entered a large cavern just outside of the village.

"Are you sure this is the place Lewis?" Marion asked the young man that accompanied them.

Lewis gazed up at the man called Robin Hood. He was a handsome man, in his early thirties. His dark brown eyes spoke of bravery, and leadership. Yet, his voice was gentle, and soothing. He was a true hero by word and stature. By his side stood Marion, her beauty was eternal. The couple before him looked to be the most perfect couple he had ever seen. Every so often, he would catch them looking at each other with loving glances.

"I'm sure Lady Marion, I saw them go in that Cavern."

Little John took his place next to Robin, he was a stark contrast to him. He was very tall, with long, golden blonde hair that glowed brightly in the morning sun.

"Don't worry Lewis, they won't be raiding the villages again," Robin assured him. Nodding his head towards the cavern, he silently motioned Little John and Marion to stay behind, he wanted to go in first. Just to make sure the cavern was inhabited. He would then try to figure a way of capturing the marauders.

"No time like the present," Robin muttered, as he slunk towards the cavern. Seeing a blinding flash of light from inside, he quickly headed towards it.

*** *** ***

Daniel felt someone shaking him, he let out a moan, as a hundred men were hammering their way out of his head.

"Tell them to go away," he groaned.

"We need a taste of our power we gave to you," Daniel heard Hathor purr. He felt her curl her fingers around his arms in a vice grip. Opening his eyes, he saw her staring at him. The purple mist returned to her eyes. Daniel struggled to break her hold. He was still weakened by her previous attack. She only released him, when she was done with him.

Daniel saw the familiar purple mist flowing across her eyes. "It is not permanent," she sighed. "But for now, it will be enough for us to start building our army."

Turning to face him, she hissed, "Get up, we refuse to carry you." Suddenly all that happened back in the cavern came back to him. He felt a flush of fear, wondering what exactly Hathor had done to him. "We must leave this place," Hathor groaned, as she tried to help Daniel stand.

"Where are we going?" Daniel mumbled, as he staggered towards the entrance of the cavern. He clutched his head in agony. He had no idea what Hathor had done to him, but it felt as if her hand were still moving around in his head.

"To begin our plans of ruling this primitive world," Hathor growled.

"I'm to tired, let's do it tomorrow!" Daniel yawned.

"You will walk on your own!" Hathor shouted, "Now let us go. There is much we have to do."

With his legs feeling wobbly, he would follow her for now. Later, when his strength returned, he would try to escape.

Hathor froze, as she heard a man's voice declare from outside the cavern, "Who ever is in there, come out now and you won't be hurt."

"Help me!" Daniel shouted, he weakly shoved Hathor away. He stumbled towards the entrance of the cavern. He was immediately met by a tall man, with long dark hair, dressed in a blue leather jerkin. The first thing Daniel noticed, was he sported a bow and quiver of arrows.

"You will not stop us!" Hathor screamed.

"John, Marion, I need your help," Robin shouted, as he struggled to hold up the injured young man in his arms.

"I said, let us by or we will kill you!" Hathor hissed.

"Robin Hood doesn’t take threats lightly," Robin jauntily replied.

"Robin Hood?" Daniel mumbled. Gazing up, he studied the man that held him more intensely. The only description of him came from the tales sung by minstrels. How could this man possibly be Robin Hood?

Hathor hissed like a cat, as a tall, blonde man and woman with dark hair ran up to stand by Robin's side.

"Need any help Robin?" the giant asked.

"Looks like I may have some fun," Marion said, as she punched her hand in her palm.

"Hopefully not," Robin replied, as he juggled the haggard Daniel.

As Daniel heard Robin call the giant man that stood by his side Little John, and the woman Marion, it all clicked. The Dais, he thought. While he was unconscious, Hathor must have activated it.

The cavern was located in Sherwood Forest, they must have traveled back in time. Fortunately for Daniel, the legendary robber, Robin Hood; was nearby.

"We will not allow you to stop us," Hathor growled.

"Is there someone else in the cavern?" Marion asked the injured man Robin held in his arms. Marion always had a gift of judging a good person. From the look in his eyes, she knew this man to be just that. The woman in the cavern, however, was quite the opposite. Her eyes were twisted in evil, and hate.

"There is just her," Daniel gasped. "The men have to be careful, she can bewitch them with her touch," Daniel told Marion. "Watch her hand, she has a weapon that can harm you," he informed Robin.

"What could she possibly have in her hand that can harm us?" Little John, said with a scoffing laugh.

"You will not be able to bewitch me," Marion hissed, as she pulled out her whip.

Hathor knew she could control the men, but the woman that stood before her was another matter. She raised her hand, Daniel saw the movement before Marion. Pulling himself out of Robin's hold, he rushed towards Marion, taking the brunt of the bolt that flowed from Hathor's hand.

As the giant man and Robin rushed to their aid, Hathor raced by them. Running out of the cavern, she vanished into the forest.

"What was that?" Little John gasped in shock. Never had he seen a beam of light take down a man.

"Are you all right Marion?" Robin asked, he let out a sigh of relief, as he saw the woman he loved dearly, slowly nodding her head.

"I don't know what that was Robin, but I think this man saved my life."

Marion was right, Hathor sent a deadly blow to her. If not for Daniel taking the brunt of it, she would have surely died.

For now, Marion felt weak in the knees, and Daniel was unconscious. Little John, lay his ear on the strangers chest. He was thankful to hear a heart beating.

"No time to take him to Tuck, we'll have to bring him to Olwyn," Robin stated, as he rose from the ground. He assisted Marion up, while Little John picked up the limp body of Daniel. He cradled him in his arms, rolling his head to lay on his shoulder.

"What's that on his eyes?" Marion asked, as she unashamedly leaned on Robin for support.

Robin gently removed the glasses that Daniel wore. He carefully examined them. "I don't know Marion, I've never seen anything like them."

"Think Olwyn will know?" John asked him.

"I'm sure he will, I'll lead the way," Robin said, as he replaced the glasses on Daniel's face.

Robin aided Marion out of the cavern, and through the forest. The strangely dressed man had saved her life. Robin wondered why the woman with red hair tried to kill her. He hoped this man with four eyes would be able to give them some answers.

Once they returned to their horses, it was a half-hours ride to where Olwyn's cavern was hidden. Knowing Little John's fear of the dragon that protected Olwyn's home, once they dismounted, Robin insisted Little John stay to guard the horses. Little John graciously agreed, letting out a sigh of relief. He gently lay the unconscious stranger on Robin's shoulder.

Marion and Robin slowly walked in a circle, Robin called out Olwyn's name. In seconds, the familiar mist rose from the forest. They walked into it, they were suddenly faced with a giant, fire-breathing dragon. They boldly walked through the image, for that was what it was.

As they entered a small cave, just behind the dragon, Robin was not surprised to see Olwyn standing before him.

"Bring the young man here," Olwyn's deep, bass voice rumbled. He motioned Robin to a small cot.

Robin lay the man on the cot, standing back with Marion, he waited for Olwyn to heal the stranger.

"Can you help him?" Marion softly asked. "He saved my life."

"That depends," Olwyn said. "On how he was injured."

"That's something I can't answer Olwyn," Robin said, with a puzzled scratch of his head.

"A woman with bright red hair, pointed her palm towards me," Marion explained. "A bright light shot out, he ran to me, and the light hit us both. He fell to the ground, and I felt as if a bolt of lightening struck me."

"Did you say, she pointed her palm towards you?" Olwyn asked.

"Yes Olwyn, do you know who she was?"

Olwyn stepped up to a boiling cauldron. Choosing several vials from a shelf, he poured them into the cauldron. As he stirred the boiling waters, Robin noticed a grave look on his old mentors face.

"Olwyn, what's wrong?"

"What would you think of your old Mentor, Robin? If I told you this man is not of our time?" Olwyn sighed. "That he comes from a future world."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Marion sung out.

"More than likely, because I do," Robin said.

"This young man, and the woman come from a time in the future," Merlin cryptically replied.

"Then you do know who that red haired woman was?" Robin asked.

Olwyn grew silent, he took a large, wooden cup, and ladled some of the brew from the cauldron into the cup.

He quickly walked to the injured man that lay on the cot. Robin rushed to help him raise his head. Marion stood back, concerned for the stranger that saved her life. As Olwyn poured the smelly contents of the brew into the stranger, he immediately began to cough.

"That is a good sign," Olwyn said, as he stepped back.

"A sign of what? That I'm choking to death!" Daniel spat out, as he tried to rid the nasty taste in his mouth. It tasted like he was chewing on an old boot, dragged through a garbage dump. "I won't be for long, if you keep forcing me to drink that!" he gasped.

"I'm glad you're well," Robin sighed in relief. "I'm Robin Hood," he extended his hand. Daniel weakly shook it.

"I'm Marion Fitzwalter, and I want to thank you, for saving my life."

"You're very welcome," Daniel took her hand and gently kissed it.

Feeling his head suddenly weighing a ton, Daniel plopped it down on the small pillow that lay on the cot. Looking up, he was still in shock that the real Robin Hood and Maid Marion was standing before him.

"What is the name of the man that saved my life?" Marion asked.

"Doctor Daniel Jackson," Daniel quickly replied.

"Thank you, Doctordaniel Jackson," Marion said.

"Thank you Doctordaniel Jackson," Robin parroted her, with a raise of his eyebrow, he added. "That's a long name you have."

"Actually it's three names," Daniel shook his head. "Or two, with a title in front of it. Wait, you don't know what a Doctor is. They haven't been invented yet...Oh never mind," he sighed. "Why don't you just call me, Daniel."

"Daniel it is," Robin said, with a relieved look.

"Acceptus ut mei domus," Olwyn said to Daniel, with a slight bow of his head.

"Ego saluto gratia agere tu," Daniel quickly replied.

"You know Latin?" Robin asked.

"I know many languages," Daniel returned. "It was what I studied in the future."

"You are in great danger, Daniel Jackson," Olwyn muttered.

"Then you've met Hathor?" Daniel asked.

"Not just from Hathor," Olwyn sighed. "Other dangers lie ahead for you, young man."

"Excuse me, but may I ask? Who are you? I've never heard of a wizard associated with the Robin Hood Legend."

"I am Olwyn," he humbly replied, with a bow of his head. "An old student of Merlin."

"No, that can't be right. Merlin was a myth, created for the legend of Arthur Pendragon."

"Merlin did exist," Olwyn sternly stated, as he slowly stood up.

"Just as sure as magic, Fairies, Goblins and dragons," Olwyn waved his hand over his head. In an instant, he was gone in a shower of gold.

"Olwyn!" Robin shouted. "What about Daniel?"

"Daniel has been forced down a foreign path Robin. It is up to you and Marion to guide him down the just path. Keep him out of Hathor's grasp. For if that happens, then our world will forever be lost," Daniel heard Olwyn's deep voice coming from everywhere, yet no where.

"What do you know of Hathor?" Daniel shouted, as he tried to sit up.

"Your strength to accept your destiny, will lie with your friends, Daniel Jackson," Olwyn's voice echoed in the chamber. "Old…and new."

Daniel struggled to sit up, he soon found himself sitting on the forest floor. Robin and Marion was standing over him.

"What the…? How?" he asked Robin.

A half-grin parted Robin's lips, "You'll get used to that," he said with a chuckle. He threw his hand to Daniel, helping him stand.

"Show off," Marion whispered.

"I never in my wildest dreams, imagined," Daniel sighed.

"What happened Robin?" Little John ran to greet them. "You were gone for some time."

"Doctordaniel Jackson, I would like you to meet John Little."

Daniel's eyes were wide in awe. He stared up at the tall man, as his large hand reached out to shake his.

"Pleased to meet you Doctordaniel Jackson," he rubbed his head in confusion. "That's a very long name.

"I told him the same thing," Robin laughed, as he crossed his arms on his chest. He leaned for support on the tall man, "He said to call him Daniel for short John."

"Daniel it is," Little John bowed his head. "And you can call me Little John."

"You don't know what it means to me to b…be here with you," Daniel stuttered. "During my childhood, you w...were my heroes."

"Robin, he doesn't look much older than us," Little John mumbled.

"Olwyn said he comes from a future time," Marion explained to him. "I imagine, we were dead in your time?"

"As a coffin nail," Daniel solemnly said.

"What did we die of?" Little John asked.

"I hope of old age," Robin solemnly murmured.

Daniel had to pause before his next reply. He had prior knowledge of everything that would happen in the future for England. This was a golden opportunity for him to right any wrongs, but a small voice cried out for him to keep his knowledge of the future, to himself. For now, until they returned to the Time Gate, he had to rely on Robin to survive until he could figure a way of getting back to his time.

"Let's just say, even in my time, your names are spoken of when speaking of heroes, and justice."

"Good to be remembered in that way," Robin said. "Now then, Daniel, what are we to do with you?"

This was something else Daniel had to ponder. Hathor was out there somewhere. He was the only one here that had any knowledge of how to fight a Go'auld. Also, there was the little matter of Hathor doing something to his mind. He could still faintly feel her fingers in his brain. She said she was changing things in him, to improve her next brood. He didn't know what that meant, but he prayed it was not something that would endanger Robin and his companions.

"I think we first need to find Hathor," Daniel said.

"The woman that tried to kill Marion and you?" Little John asked.

"Yes Little John, she's the most dangerous woman on this planet."

"You haven't met Marion when she's angry," Robin mumbled.

"Robin!" Marion chastised him with a burning look.

"See what I mean."

"We must stop her," Daniel anxiously stated. "You don't know how powerful she is Robin. She'll have total control of this planet in a few years."

"Calm down Daniel, we'll find her," Marion tried to assure him.

"After all, you have the best tracker in England right here." Robin slapped Little John on the back.

"We need to hurry," Daniel insisted. "The longer she's on her own. The stronger she'll become."

Robin, Marion, and Little John rushed to their mounts. Daniel remained rooted where they were standing. As Robin brought his horse closer, Daniel let out a row of sneezes. Taking out his handkerchief, he drawled. "Sorry, I’m allergic to horses."

"Then I'm sorry too Daniel," Robin grunted, as he grabbed his arm. He pulled Daniel up on the horse. He settled behind Robin. "But this is the only way we're going to get back to the cavern quick enough."

With a flick of his heels, Robin urged his gray stallion on. During their ride, Daniel had to literally dig his nose in his handkerchief. He leapt off the stallion, once they reached the cavern.

"Thank…" Daniel let out a sling of sneezes. "…God," he mumbled, as he rubbed his handkerchief on his nose.

"We need to get started as soon as possible," Daniel gasped, as he tried to breathe through his stuffed nose.

Little John immediately went into action. Squatting on the ground, he searched for any tracks left by the fleeing woman. After twenty minutes of searching, he was able to find them.

"I pray we find her in time," Daniel sighed.

Robin gazed up into the skies. "The sun will be setting soon. I believe we will have a short time to follow the tracks, before darkness encroaches."

"Thanks Robin, all of you for doing this," Daniel said. "I feel, I need to warn you, that your lives may be in great danger helping me."

"We do not turn our backs to any danger that might threaten the people of England," Robin nobly stated.

"More than England is at stake, perhaps the sake of the whole world."

"Then let's hurry," Little John said, taking the lead. They led the horses behind them, as Little John followed the tracks of Hathor's escape.

End of Part Two

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