By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Four
Finding the right path
Part Sixteen

Robin fell on the ground, gasping for air. "Don't…ever…do that…again," he panted, addressing Ptah.

"I'm sorry," Ptah cried out. "I was frightened."

Robin glanced back, he saw Teal'c and Little John locked in a deadly battle. He only knew Teal'c a short time, yet he felt sure that the battle would only end in the death of either of his friends. He refused to let that happen.

"Daniel, you have to help Little John," Robin shouted.

"Would love to, but as you can see!" Daniel pointed towards the soldiers under Hathor's control. Two of them had their guns trained on him.

"You won't kill him Hathor," Ptah shouted. "He's to important for your planned future."

"You do not know me as well as you think, brother. Daniel was just an experiment. Now that I know it works, I will change one of the men waiting for me on the planet that I chose to be my kingdom."

"That won't happen, if I don't release the gate!" Ptah proudly declared.

Hathor knew he was right. She needed something to help change Ptah's mind. Her answer came, as she heard a blood-curdling scream coming from behind the Star Gate rings. Magers had managed to sneak behind Marion. Swiftly killing two of the soldiers, he now held a very sharp knife against Marion's neck.

"NO!" Robin shouted. "Don't hurt her."

"Bring her here Magers," Hathor cooed. "Bring her here, and you will take your place by my side, as my prime, Jaffar."

She had watched the battle between Little John and Teal'c. She knew it would end in Little John's death. Teal'c would only accept death as an end to the battle. She would need a man by her side that would not betray her. Magers greedy mind would be easy for her to manipulate.

"I warn you!" Magers gritted his teeth, as he tried to drag the kicking, and screaming Marion towards Hathor. "If you cross me, you'll regret it."

"Bring her here Magers, and you will know the full glory of being a Jaffar for Hathor."

Magers dragged Marion towards Hathor. Four more men were down, that left ten that were still under Hathor's control.

"Don't hurt her," Robin shouted, as Marion was dragged to where Hathor was standing behind a shield of soldiers.

"Do you care, for this human female?" Hathor asked, as she ran her long nails over Marion's bare arms.

Robin bit his lip, not wanting her to know exactly how deeply he cared for her. His silence spoke volumes to Hathor.

"I see, you have done well Magers."

"I'm not afraid to die!" Marion shouted. "The man I care for is gone." Marion had seen the glow in Robin's eyes, as he spoke to Hathor. She knew immediately that Robin was possessed by a Go'auld. She recalled the pledge they made once they found out about the parasites ability to overtake a human conscious. If one of them was possessed, they pledged they would kill the other.

In Marion's mind, Robin Hood was dead. The only way she could help fulfill their pledge, was to put the Go'auld's life in danger. If it meant she had to die, she would gladly sacrifice herself, as long as death freed Robin from the control of the alien.

Magers dragged Marion on the ramp that led up to the Star Gate. Confident that they were in control, Hathor joined him.

"Surrender Ptah, and I will allow this woman to live."

"Don’t kill her Hathor," Ptah pleaded with her. "Please don't hurt her."

"Hathor, he's not your little puppet anymore," Daniel shouted from the corner. No longer a focus of the soldiers attention, he tried to think of a way of ending the dangerous stand off.

"Ptah, once you leave these humans, I will give you a body with a weaker mind. Then my little Ptah will return." Hathor calmly said.

"I'll willingly go," Ptah surprisingly said. "Only if you answer me one question."

"Anything, my love."

"Did you kill those in the past, that I loved."

Hathor hesitated, she turned her head to gaze at Daniel. A satisfied grin graced his face. "Tell him Hathor, if you don't, then I will."

"I did it for us!" Hathor sighed. "You were becoming complacent on this world. The friends you made were dangerous to you."

"What you mean to say, is that they were helping him realize that he didn't need you anymore," Jack called from behind his shield.

"You stay out of this!" Hathor snarled.

"I think I hit the proverbial nail on her thick head," Jack shouted.

"Bulls eye!" Daniel loudly agreed.

"You fool," Hathor coldly gasped. "I did it all for you. They were making you forget what being a Go'auld meant. I had to kill them, because they were killing you inside."

"Tell him about your other lies," a deep voice suddenly boomed. Spinning around, Hathor saw an elderly human standing at the center of the rings.

"Olwyn!" Marion and Robin shouted.

"Tell him, Hathor," Olwyn said. "If you wish to purge your soul of all of your lies, then you must tell him your greatest and darkest lie!"

"Who the hell is that old man, and how the heck did he get up there?" Jack said. With every ones attention on Olwyn, Daniel rushed over to where Jack was standing.

"That's Olwyn," Daniel explained. "A new wrinkle in the Robin Hood Legend."

"Wrinkle?" Jack laughed. "He's got enough to be over 800 years old."

Daniel stared at Olwyn, feeling a chill run up his spine, he whispered, "I don't think you're to far off track."

"What do you mean?" Ptah asked.

"Tell him about your little arrangement with Ra," Olwyn calmly stated.

"What did you do sister?" Ptah snarled. Robin's handsome face twisted in anger.

"My love, I had to tell Ra about your experiment with the time gate. You were building it to help your human pets, and forgetting about the how many times I saved your life in the past. I did it for us."

"What other lies have you kept from me?" Ptah demanded.

"Tell him of your first most heinous and darkest deed," Olwyn demanded.

"What did you do Sister?" Ptah stood up straight now. He was in full control of Robin. Jack noticed that the child like mind, he first saw hours ago; seemed to have grown up very quickly.

"They had to die," Hathor growled. "I will never apologize for what I did."

"Who, had to die?" Ptah quietly asked.

"Your mother, brothers, and sisters," Olwyn sadly said.

"NO!" Ptah gasped. "You didn't!"

"As I said," Daniel chuckled. "The original, dysfunctional family."

"I did it for us!" Hathor cried.

"That's four times she's said that," Daniel said. "And each time, I know she never meant it."

"Does us mean me in Go'auld?" Jack asked.

"I think for Hathor it does," Daniel whispered.

Ptah backed away, his face twisted in hate. "Why didn't you kill me too?"

"She knew of your genius," Olwyn explained. "In a way she did kill you, for she kept your brilliant mind as simple as a child. That way she easily controlled you."

"That will never happen again," Ptah growled. His eyes glowed a brighter yellow.

As Hathor argued with Ptah, Marion's eyes were trained on Robin. She saw the alien had total control of his body.

"Please my darling. What if I offer this human as a companion? Once my children are born, I can place a female inside of her. She will make an excellent companion for you."

Hearing Hathor's offer to Ptah of using her body as a host, Marion made the fateful decision of fulfilling her and Robin's pledge. She suddenly swooned in Magers arms.

"Please," she sobbed. "Don't hurt me."

"Stupid, weak woman!" Magers snarled.

Marion shivered in Magers arms, "I beg of you, don't harm me." As she continued to cringe, she felt Magers loosen his grip on her. She had managed to lull him into thinking she was frightened, and helpless. Suddenly she grabbed the knife that Magers held. They struggled for control of the weapon. Marion brought her knee up, slamming it between Magers legs. He fell in a heap on the steel ramp.

"No man threatens me!" Marion shouted, as she back peddled away from Hathor.

"Fool!" Hathor hissed. "You failed me, you will never become my Jaffar! I will use you as a vessel for one of my lesser children."

"No Hathor..." Magers gasped. "I can prove to you that I can be a Jaffar."

"Only the death of the woman, will change my mind." Hathor sniffed. If he wanted to gain any stature in Hathor's eyes, Magers knew he had to kill the woman called Marion. He blinked his eyes, his vision was still blurred from Marion's low blow. He shoved his hand in the depths of his shirt. "I'll kill you," he whispered. "Then Hathor will make me the head of her high guard." He quickly pulled a gun from his shirt, and pointed it towards Robin.

"Die Harlot! Hathor has decreed it!"

Taking aim at the dark shadow before him, he pulled the trigger. Robin's quick reflexes would make him leap out of the guns way. Unfortunately, Ptah's fear froze Robin's body.

"Not Ptah!" Hathor shouted.

Before she had time to react, a body leaped in the air, just as Magers let off a shot. Marion fell on the edge of the ramp, a red stain began to blossom on her stomach.

"NOOOO!" Robin shouted. His anguish filled the room.

Hathor slowly walked to Marion. "I told you, I would kill you for harming me." She then, coldly kicked Marion in the side, she rolled off the ramp, towards Robin.

"Marion," he cried out, as he rushed towards her.

"Cut your ties with your sister now, Ptah!" Olwyn's voice boomed in the room. "Or you will be forever lost." Spinning around, Hathor saw the old man that betrayed her secrets was gone.

"Marion," Robin sobbed, as he gently lifted her in his arms. The wound from the bullet was a mortal one.

"Marion, don't die," Robin gasped.

Marion slowly opened her eyes, she tightly held the knife in her hands. She knew she was dying, but she had one more task to complete before she was gone. She was going to use the knife on Robin, to fulfill their pledge, and purge him of the alien, until she saw his gentle eyes staring back at her.

"Robin…it's you," she whispered.

"Don't die Marion," Robin choked. "I can't live without you."

"As I without you. Don't worry, I'll always be with you," Marion sighed. She dropped the knife, her fingers touched his chest. "In here my love, I will always be….here." Her eyes closed, as coldness engulfed her soul.

"Marion," Robin whispered, as he held her body tightly to him.

"Ptah! She is dead, nothing holds you here. Come with me," Hathor pleaded with him.

Robin's head jerked up, his eyes fluctuated from a golden glow, to Robin's deep brown.

"No Hathor. Thanks to Robin, and the sacrifice of this noble woman. I've felt something you've never allowed me to feel. I felt true love!"

Samantha rushed up to Robin, he handed her Marion's body. Standing up, he boldly faced Hathor.

"I'm sorry, my sister," Ptah said.

"For what?" Hathor asked.

"For cutting my ties to you, once and for all." Hathor's face flushed cold, as she felt a vibration in the ramp.

"No!" she shouted, as she tried to jump off the ramp, but it was to late.

Hathor and Magers never had a chance. Ptah released his hold on the Star Gate. The waters rushed down the ramp, engulfing Magers and Hathor. Both of their bodies immediately disintegrated in the wash of water.

"Way to go, Ptah!" Jack cheered.

With Hathor gone, the men that were under her control were confused. "Dr Daniel, I think they need some of that Dannicillin," Jack said.

"I'll get right on it," Daniel said, as he jogged towards the confused men.

"Sorry Ptah," Samantha said. "I know that had to be hard for you."

"It was the only way I could stop her Major Carter," Ptah sighed.

"You did good, Ptah," Jack said, as he slapped him on the back.

"Marion," Robin gasped, as he kneeled by her body. His head bent down, his long hair covering the grief stricken hero.

"Major," Taylor said. "I saw a sarcophagus hidden behind the Star Gate...perhaps?"

Carter rushed over to where Taylor pointed. "You're right!" Carter joyfully proclaimed. "Robin, Marion is not lost."

"But she's…" Robin stuttered.

"I know, she's dead. Look, I can't explain, trust me. Bring her, we don’t have long," she told him.

Robin kneeled down, lifting Marion's lifeless body in his arms. Since he entered this future world, he was not surprised by anything that they said they could do. If Samantha said there was a way to save his Marion, he would follow her through the waters of the Star Gate, to bring her back.

As he carried her to Sam, Ptah suddenly popped out. "Colonel O'Neill, could you please get my sister. She'll be on the ramp."

"Excuse me?" Jack asked.

"As I said before," Ptah explained. "I made the gates. I made sure the waters would not harm myself, as well as my sister. The human is dead, but my sister should be somewhere on the ramp."

"Robin, we need to hurry!" Carter insisted.

Whirling around, Robin rushed to the sarcophagus. He brushed past a dazed Little John. Only now, had Daniel managed to cure him of Hathor's influence.

"Robin…I'm so sorry," Little John murmured. He woke up from a nightmare, with a large man's hands wrapped around his throat. He had a golden symbol branded on his forehead.

"We'll talk later," Robin blurted out. "For now, we need to save Marion."

He rushed towards Sam. She instructed him to place Marion's body inside an ornate coffin. A dazed and confused Little John wandered after him.

"Alright," Jack said, as he rubbed his hands in glee. He slowly began to walk up the ramp, "Here Hathor, Hathor, Hathor. Come out, come out where ever you are."

"Oh my GOD!" Daniel gasped. "General Hammond!"

"What about Hammond?" Jack asked.

"Hathor ordered him to blow up the complex once she was gone."

Jack glanced up, he saw Hammond staring at him. He was alone, Janet and the soldiers with her were unable to break into the room. He saw Hathor disappear, once the water washed out of the Star Gate. With her gone, his edit to blow up the base rung in his mind.

"I must follow my queens orders," he droned. Sitting down, he punched in the code that would initiate an explosion great enough to bring down Cheyenne Mountain.

"General…don't do it!" Jack and Daniel frantically shouted. They leapt in the air, waiving their hands.

They suddenly stopped, when they saw a thin, elderly man appearing behind him.

"Olwyn," Daniel whispered.

"He seems to get around fast, for an old man," Jack said.

"Yes, thank god for that," Daniel said. He saw Olwyn pass his hand behind General Hammond, he slumped in his chair, falling into a deep sleep. Stepping back, Olwyn dissapeared into the darkness of the room.

"Well, now that that's settled, I’m going Hathor hunting, want to help me, Elmer?"

"Nah, I'll stick with rabbits. They don't try to take control of your bodies, just your carrot patch."

Jack shrugged his shoulders, "Each to their own."

Whistling a happy tune, he scoured the Star Gate's ramp. "There you are," he said. A large, Go'auld symbiote squirmed on the steel grating of the ramp. Jack noted that she was much larger than other symbiote's he's seen before. "Taylor, I'll need a jar for her highness. Don't be picky, a pickle jar will do, you won't have to empty it. She'll probably feel at home there."

"I'll get right on it, sir," Taylor shouted.

As Taylor jogged out of the room, he saw Robin Hood standing solemnly next to the sarcophagus. Once he returned with a jar for Colonel O'Neill, he saw the coffin being opened.

Robin embraced the living, puzzled Marion. He did not hold back his tears of joy.

"Great work Daniel!" Jack proudly declared, as he held a large jar of liquid. Inside swam the symbiote that was Hathor.

"We're not done yet Jack. First, we have to go to the planet that Hathor was setting up as her kingdom. Doctor Daniel still has some work to do on the men she left there."

"Then we'll have to figure out what to do about Rain Man," Jack said, pointing to Robin. "We can't let him keep playing hide and seek in one of our legendary heroes."

"Once we have that all figured out, I think I’m going to take a long rest. Like say, the next century!" Daniel sighed.

"Fine by me," Jack said. Holding the jar up, he shook it gently. "Hathor and I have some major catching up to do. Don't we Hathor! Hmm, I wonder if she'll fit in a blender?"

"Jack!" Daniel gasped. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Don't worry Daniel," Jack said, with a quick wink. "I won't let her know it's not plugged in," he whispered.

He swiftly left the room, casually holding the jar in his arms. "Teal'c," he said, as he passed by the panting Jaffar. He was exhausted with the battle he fought with Little John. They were locked in a death hold, only Daniel's cure of Little John broke it. If he had not, both men would have surely died by each other's hands.

"I got someone here you may want to play with," Jack said, with an evil smirk. He swished the contents of the jar. "Say hello to the great Hathor."

Realizing it was Hathor's symbiote that swam in the jar, a pleased grin set on Teal'c's face. "It will be my pleasure, Colonel O'Neill," he rumbled.

Daniel let out a tired sigh, as he saw Jack and Teal'c looking a little to smug, as they left the Star Gate room.

Glancing around, he was thankful to see Robin holding Marion in his arms. For now, Ptah seemed to have retreated, allowing Robin to enjoy his reunion with his lady love.

"Marion! How did you appear behind the rings?" Robin asked.

"I had to purge a childhood fear," Marion blushed. "Once we joined Sam and Colonel O'Neill, Sam came up with a plan for some of us to use the tunnels, to enter behind the rings."

"Marion!" Robin proudly declared. He realized that she had to go through a tunnel to accomplish her rescue. It was equivalent to Robin facing Sir Hugo.

Marion leaned in, looking lovingly into his eyes she whispered. "Only for you, my love."

Tiredly running his hands through his strawberry blonde hair, Daniel let out a deep sigh. He never mentioned his biggest problem to Jack.

Saying goodbye to his hero, Robin Hood.

"Daniel, Sam," Robin said, his arm draped on Marion's shoulder. "I can't thank you enough for all that you've done."

"Actually, you don't have to Robin," Daniel said, with a sheepish grin. "It was because of us, that your friends were in danger in the first place."

"I still wish to thank you," Robin executed a low bow. As he rose, his eyes glowed, signaling to Daniel that it was not over yet.

"What are we going to do with you, Ptah?" Daniel sighed.

"I am not sure," Ptah truthfully answered him. "I swear, I would never harm any human, especially…" his eyes drifted to Marion. It was then that Daniel noticed that Marion was not moving. Even Little John appeared to be as still as a statue.

"What the heck?" Daniel gasped.

"I only wished for Ptah to have some private time," Daniel heard a familiar voice rumble. He immediately knew it to be Olwyn. Searching for him, he seemed to appear miraculously on the ramp.

"Who are you?" Ptah asked Olwyn. As he stared at the elderly man, his eyes glowed in a sudden knowledge.

"You are the one," Ptah whispered.

"What one?" Samantha asked.

"He is our father," Ptah reverently replied.

"Well, that would explain a lot," Daniel said. "But if you are half Asgard, then why break their ways of not interfering?" Daniel asked the wizard.

"Let's just say, I get it from my mothers side," Olwyn said, with an enigmatic smile.

"You see, all my children were special, Ptah more so. Hathor realized it when they were born. She is the one that killed her mother, as well as her siblings. She kept Ptah naïve, totally dependent on her, as his genius grew. It was his joining with Robin, that helped him grow up."

"How did that happen?" Daniel asked the Go'auld.

"He fell in love," Olwyn sighed.

Ptah glanced at Marion with a loving gaze. "When she died, I felt the deep love Robin had for this woman. It was so strong, so intense, that I soon began to feel it also. It woke me up, and made me realize that my sister not only put my body to sleep, but my ability to love another. I could never be able to pay back all that Robin has given to me."

"Perhaps there may be a way," Olwyn said.

"How?" Ptah asked.

"By paying back your debt to Robin."

"Once again I ask, how can I do that?"

"I know," Daniel stepped up. "You see, according to the songs sung, Robin was murdered. Some say by poison, others by being bleed to death."

"I see!" Ptah declared. "If I stay inside of him, I can keep him alive."

"But Robin must not know," Olwyn sternly insisted. "He is a proud man. He fights for a cause he deeply believes in. He would not allow you to do this without his permission."

"Then, I will wait for him to die," Ptah said. "His life, will be my gift to him."

"You're walking down your own road now Ptah, not your sisters," Daniel said, his eyes darting towards Olwyn.
" Well put young man, you have strongly paved your path," Olwyn said to Daniel.

"Thanks to Robin."

"We all owe him much," Ptah said.

"Then let our thanks, begin," Olwyn declared.

With a wave of his hand, Olwyn dissapeared in a sparkle of gold, Marion and Little John began to move normally again.

"Well, I guess it's time to take Ptah out of you," Daniel said.

"You can do that?" Robin asked.

"I thought you said it was impossible?" Marion said.

"Only if a symbiote refused to go," Sam explained. "If Ptah agrees to it, we will be able to take him out of Robin."

"As much as I like Ptah," Robin said. "I do not think he would like to live in my time."

"Do it," Ptah said.

An hour later, Robin woke up from a bed in Dr. Frasier's medical ward.

"How do you feel, Robin?" Janet asked him.

"Is it over?" Robin rubbed the back of his neck. He was surprised that he didn't feel any pain.

"Yep, Ptah came out smoothly. He didn't want you to see him, so we took him to another room."

Robin swung his legs over the bed, wobbly standing up. "Please tell him goodbye, for me," he asked Janet.

"Don't worry, I'll let him know," Janet said, with a nod of her head.

Robin was pleased to see Friar Tuck standing before him.

"Tuck!" he happily proclaimed. "You're alive!"

"Alive, and penitent," Tuck humbly sighed. "I am sorry for the way I acted before, Robin."

"No need to apologize my friend," Robin said. "You were truly, not yourself."

"I guess you've had your fill of the future?" Daniel asked, he stepped out of the darkness of the room.

"It is a wondrous world, Daniel," Robin said. "I would like to see more, but I still have a battle to fight against Prince John."

"Yes," Daniel mumbled. "You do have that."

Robin jumped down from the gurney. "Then I ask you one more favor. Can you send us back to our time?"

"Gladly!" Daniel said.

It was a day later that Daniel Jackson stood in a small cave, hidden in the forests of Sherwood. Robin, Marion, Little John, and Friar Tuck were dressed in the same clothes they wore in the past.

"Goodbye Robin," Daniel said.

Robin warmly shook Daniel's hand. "I will miss you, Daniel Jackson, but not the smell's of this world," he said, with an uneasy laugh.

"I'll miss you too," Daniel briskly said. Robin noticed he seemed to be hurrying him.

"Well, we'd best be going," he sighed.

"Goodbye, Robin," Sam said, "Marion. You take care of yourself."

"We will! Thank you for all that you've done," Marion called out.

Robin stepped up to the Time Gate. Daniel had preset it to transport them back to their time. In seconds, the waters moved up, engulfing them. As they fell, the Sherwood heroes were gone.

"That was kind of brisk," Sam said.

Daniel winked at her, "It ain't over yet!"

*** *** ***

A week later, Sam was running through the corridors of Star Gate base. Daniel's voice announced on the speakers for her, Jack and Teal'c to come to the Star Gate room.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked, as he skidded to a stop. He was amazed to see the chevron's clicking, but the rings were not moving.

"Wait for it," Daniel said. "Janet, you ready?" Daniel asked. "Ready," she replied.

"Will someone please fill me in!" Jack said.
"Sorry sir, we had to keep it a secret from Robin," Sam apologized.

"Why wasn’t I included on this little secret?" Jack countered.

Daniel shrugged his shoulders. "You were just to occupied on figuring out how to make Hathor's life miserable in the past week."

"Ah yes," Jack sighed. "A week of pure joy."

"He's coming!" Daniel shouted. "Stand back."

They all jumped back, as a wash of water moved out of the rings. As it fell back, Daniel saw a large man stepping through the waters. He was holding someone in his arms, two more people appeared by his side.

"Quickly now!" Janet shouted. "Bring him here!"

Daniel saw Little John rush down the ramp, carrying Robin Hood. He gently laid him on the gurney. Janet rushed him out of the room.

"How the heck did they do that?" Jack asked.

"I can answer that, Ptah confided in me," Tuck said, as he stepped up. "He needed someone to operate the gate. He told me how to make it transport us through this gate."

"We've been gone for years," Marion whispered. "We left the time gate five years ago. In all that time, I never knew he was sill within Robin."

"Ptah wanted to keep it a secret," Daniel said, in defense. "We all knew, that only death would make Robin leave his England."

"Then he truly died?" Marion gasped.

"Thanks to Ptah, he is just mostly dead," Daniel said, with a laugh.

"Excuse me?" Little John asked.

"You see it works like this," Daniel said. His voice trailing off, as he led the confused giant out of the Star Gate room.

Daniel stood by the bottom of the ramp. He proudly gazed at the four people standing at its base.

"SG-ST ready for transport," a voice droned over the speakers.

Robin adjusted his quiver of arrows, he placed his hand on his sword. Marion checked her whip. Little John held a power staff. Tuck stood, benignly by their side.

"Ready for your first mission, Sherwood Team?" Colonel O'Neill declared.

"Ready!" they happily replied.

"Ready!" Ptah voiced after them.

"Then go get them!" Jack shouted.

They rushed up the ramp. Without hesitation, they moved through the waters of the Star Gate…to be instantly transported to another world.

Daniel watched them with the pride of a parent for its child. Ptah chose to stay with Robin, with the approval of the Sherwood outlaw. In the past few months, he had given them fantastic ideas on how to improve the Star Gate. He agreed to help them, only with one provision. To be able to be participate in the missions that Robin and his companions was now, a part of.

Daniel would continue to hone the gift that Hathor gave to him. In the coming years they would play a monumental part in their battle against the Go'auld's.

He still walked down that road that Robin helped him find. He didn't know where it ended…but he knew he would have a hell of a time finding out!

The End

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