By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Four
Finding the right path

Part Fifteen

"Wait a minute!" Daniel shouted, as he was shoved into the large room that held the Star Gate.

"What is it now?" Little John snarled.

"I've forgotten my toothbrush. We can't have Hathor's beloved with tooth plaque."

"Go on!" Little John tried to boot Daniel towards the star gate. He stumbled to the opposite corner.

"At least let me bring my Beatles album collection. I've been collecting them for years, I refuse to leave them behind!"

"I don't care what kind of bugs you've collected. Hathor has put me in charge of you, and I will not betray her trust."

Little John's large hand tightly gripped Daniel's shirt. Daniel saw twenty men waiting to enter the Star Gate. They stood, without emotion on both sides of the ramp, waiting for Hathor's orders.

"You make an excellent Jaffar," Ptah said, as he moved over to where Daniel and Little John were standing. He stopped just in front of Little John. The large man stood proudly, holding the protesting Daniel.

"Yes brother," Hathor said. "Once I implant a symbiote within his abdomen, he will become my Prime Jaffar!"

"I thank you for the honor, my Queen," Little John bowed his head. Standing up, he stared at Robin. He noticed the light in his eyes blinked out. His head cocked to the side, as he heard Robin say.

"Little John, listen to me. You must let Daniel go."

"Hathor has commanded…" he began to say.

"John, remember when we fought together, for a cause we both believed in dearly."

Daniel felt Little John's grip on his shirt begin to loosen.

"Robin?" John whispered.

"John Little, do you remember the day we met? You made a pledge to me, to help me in my cause; to fight against tyranny and injustice. This woman is no different than Prince John. She is exactly what we've fought against all of our lives. Fight it John! I know you can. The Little John I call my brother would never stand with evil."

Daniel didn't know how he did it, but it was Robin in control now, not Ptah.

"Prince John?" John moaned.

"What is taking so long?" Hathor shouted from the ramps edge. She was about to signal to Hammond to open the gate.

Little John shook his head, his eyes twisted in anger. "You are not Ptah! You've tricked my Queen!"

As he was about to tell Hathor, Robin leaped forward, he slammed his fist into the side Little John's head, just as Teal'c showed him. Little John limply fell forward.

Trying to cover up Robin's move, Daniel began to throw a fit. He spun around, hitting Little John with his fists. To everyone in the room, it appeared he knocked him out.

"My head!" Daniel shouted, as he fell to this knees. He shook violently in Robin's arms.

"He is very ill sister," Ptah shouted back. His glowing eyes quickly returning. "Perhaps you changed him to quickly? You know how frail these human bodies can be."

Hathor rushed to Daniel's side. She was concerned to see him looking very pale.

"What is wrong with him?"

"My brain feels like it's about to explode," Daniel moaned.

"Sister, you didn't try to change him all at once, did you?" Ptah gasped.

"Of course I did," Hathor snapped back.

"You remember what happened to the last human."

"What happened?" Daniel mumbled in Robin's arms.

"I felt sure he would survive," Hathor countered. "He is much smarter than that common farmer."

"Farmer? What happened to the farmer?" Daniel whispered.

"Please sister, am I always to remind you of your messes?"

"Am I going to be a mess?" Daniel groaned.

Hathor moved closer to Daniel. Stooping down, she held her hand over his head. Daniel jerked, as the device sprung to life.

"Please don't, I feel much better," Daniel tried to push her hand away, but Hathor refused to listen to him.

Her eyes lit up as she reached deep into Daniel's mind. "No brother he is not ill. Quite the contrary, he has progressed exactly as I've planned."

"Bring him!" Hathor shouted to several men standing guard by the Star Gate.

"Wait sister, what if he falls ill again? I feel we should be bringing one of their healers along, just in case."

Hathor spun around, she suspiciously eyed Ptah. She stepped up to him, her hand pressed against his chest. "Brother, I had forgotten that you kept some of these humans as pets. Remember what I had to do to force you to realize how undignified it was for a Go'auld to think of these chattel in that way?"

Ptah took a step back, Robin's dark eyes twisted in hate. "I forgot about him."

"I had hoped that during your hibernation, that you would have realized that humans are just tools to be used by our race."

The memories of his life flooded back. During his hibernation, he blocked out the bad things that happened in his life. Now they came back to him, like a tide flooding into his heart.

Hathor hooked her arm in Ptah's. "Come now dear, once we leave this place, you will be to busy building our New World, to be concerned about these frail humans. Now let us go."

"What about your promise? You said I would have a place in your army!" Magers shouted.

"The only place you'll have in my army, human, is to help build my empire. There is only room for one to rule, that will be me."

"I was a fool," Magers hissed.

"You'll get no arguments from me," Daniel mumbled.

"Now then, brother, where were we?"

"Wait!" Ptah shouted, as he jerked his arm from her grip.

"What is wrong Ptah?" Hathor said.

Ptah's eyes moved towards the control tower. He saw General Hammond waiting for Hathor's command. What he didn't see, was Jack and the others rushing the Star Gate, as they had planned. He was hoping they would have shown themselves by now.

"You have to stop them," Ptah heard Robin say from within. "You've seen how quickly she killed that man. She won't hesitate to kill the others."

"I can't," Ptah whispered. "No matter what's she's done, I can't hurt my sister!"

"Then stop the others."

"I am not a fighter." Ptah said, he began to withdraw, as he heard Robin's voice scream from within, "But I am!"

"No" Robin said out loud. "No more humans are to be harmed."

Hathor began to laugh at Robin's statement. "Sweet Ptah, I know that you do not have it in you to stop me. Not even when your little friends were killed!" Hathor's laughter cut into Ptah like a sharp blade.

As her laughter filled Daniel's mind, he suddenly jerked, his mind was filled with images from the past. Staring at Hathor, he immediately realized they were coming from her. He pulled himself up. It was time for him to stop blocking, and find the end of that path Robin spoke of what seemed years ago. He stared at Hathor. Opening his mind, he witnessed a secret that Hathor kept hidden from her brother.

"Ptah, who do you think ordered your friends deaths?" Daniel asked.

"What do you mean?" Ptah now answered.

"The death of the humans you called friends," Daniel said. "Who do you think ordered them to be killed?"

"Enough," Hathor hissed. She stepped up to Daniel, saying in a deadly whisper. "That will be enough, beloved."

"No Hathor," Daniel whispered back. "I've been blocking what you did to me because I was frightened. Thanks to my friends I realize it's about time I accept what you've done, and take the path you've forced me on."

He focused on Hathor, he searched in her mind for something else he could use, that would bring Ptah on their side. Hathor jerked back. "No! How dare you use what I gave you against me!"

Daniel threw his tied hands over Hathor, hugging her to him he hissed, "I dare!"

He gazed deep into her eyes. Searching for the secret, he briefly felt before. A knowing smile crossed his face, as he found what he was looking for. Hathor pulled herself out of his grip.

"You are never to touch me like that again!" she spat out, in a blinding rage. Two of the bases soldiers stepped up, roughly grabbing Daniel's arms.

"I know your dirty little secrets now, Hathor," Daniel triumphantly declared. "All of them."

"I tire of you beloved. Tire of your voice. Once we reach my New Kingdom, I think I will have one of my Jaffar's silence that tongue of yours."

"Not before I tell Ptah of your lies Hathor."

"What lies?" Ptah asked. Knowing that Robin was around to help him if he was in danger. He boldly asked Daniel what he knew of his sister's past.

"Haven't you wondered why, every time you get close to someone, they mysteriously died?" Daniel asked.

"Enough!" Hathor shouted. "Bring him he…"

"No sister!" Ptah cut her off. "Let him speak. I wish to hear what lies he has to say."

"Darling, if you know they are lies, why listen to them?" Hathor cooed. "Please brother. Let us go from this planet. I've had them bring many toys for you to play with. It can be as it was before. With your wonderful mind, we will make all Go'aulds pay for what they have done to us."

"No more lies," Robin now said. Hathor jumped back, as she realized that her brother was not under full control of Robin's body.

Hathor spun around, signaling Hammond to open the Star Gate. Her guards circled her. They would protect her with their lives. She saw Hammond working the controls. The chevrons on the star gate were locking, as the gate spun around, punching in the location. Once it was finished, they waited for the familiar wash of water. Hathor's face flushed white, as the wash never came.

"The gates are my creation, sister," Hathor heard Ptah say. "I know them better than any living creature."

"I'll make him open it!" one of the guards said, as he began to pull out his gun.

"No!" Hathor roared. "No one is to harm him, do you hear?" she shouted to the other men. "No matter what he does, you are not to hurt him."

"Yes, my queen," the soldiers under her control droned.

"My darling, release the gate," Hathor pleaded with him. She turned to face Ptah. She became angered, as she saw Robin's eyes staring back at her.

"Daniel, finish what you were about to say to Ptah," Robin said.

"Let me speak to Ptah," Hathor demanded. She knew she could convince him to do anything she wanted.

"What are you afraid of?" Robin demanded.

"Nothing!" she snapped back. "I am Hathor, I fear nothing!"

"How about us?" Hathor heard a voice shout from the other side of the room. Her head jerked to the side, she saw Colonel O'Neill coming into the room. Behind him were Teal'c, Samantha, and four soldiers that were not under her control. They each held heavy shields before them. The soldiers under Hathor's control immediately began to fire upon Jack and his men.

"Ptah! You must open the gate, they will kill me," she shouted to be heard above the gunfire.

"You got that right," Jack said, as he tried to make his way towards her.

Robin rushed towards Daniel, as the two guards that held him were trying to drag him to where Hathor was standing.

"Daniel, extollo manus!" Robin shouted, as he pulled out an arrow from his quiver. He let one fly towards the soldiers. One of the guards laughed, as it harmlessly sailed over Daniel's head.

"I see the legend of Robin Hood was wrong. Your aim is not magical with the arrow."

"The legend was correct, I never miss." Robin's left eyebrow jauntily raised up high, "In case you are wondering, extollo manus is Latin for hands up."

Only then did the soldiers realize why Daniel jerked his hands up, once the arrow was released. It cleanly cut the ropes that bound him. Pulling the leather mittens off, he quickly touched the two guards that held him. In seconds, they fell to the ground holding their heads in agony.

"What happened?" they groaned.

"Two more on our side!" Daniel shouted to Jack.

"Just don't run out of Danicillin," Jack shouted back. He ducked, as a barrage of gunfire rained over his head.

"Carter, we need to buy some time for Janet to break into the gate's control room. You need to establish a crossfire," Jack shouted.

"Yes sir, I'll try," Sam panted. She quickly scanned the Star gate room. She saw four men that Hathor controlled down, due to gunfire. With the two cured by Daniel, that left fourteen. They were currently pinned down on the left side of the gate. She didn't know how, but somehow Ptah must have managed to disable the gate. She saw the rings moving, and the chevrons locking, but no wash of water flew through the rings. Looking up, she saw General Hammond struggling to get the gate to open.

"Taylor, come with me," Carter shouted. Using the shields, they tried to make their way towards the right side of the ramp, that led up to the star gate. The room was filled with empty boxes. Left from the equipment that Hathor sent through the gate. Carter and Taylor were able to use them as a shield against the constant barrage of gunfire from Hathor's vassals.

Taylor tried to move closer to the rings. "Not that far!" Carter hissed. As he was about to come back, Taylor spied something hidden in the corner of the room. It was a large, familiar object, as he rushed back to Carter, he wondered why such an important thing was left behind.

"Why isn't the gate working?" Daniel shouted to Robin.

"I stopped it," Ptah answered.

"Nice trick, you'll have to teach it to me sometime," Daniel said.

Robin leaped in the air, knocking Daniel on the ground. They heard bullets ricocheting off the steel walls above their heads.

"Why are they shooting at me?" Daniel gasped.

Robin sat up, he saw the reason…Marion. He didn't know how she managed it, but he saw her and three soldiers behind the StarGate. Now Hathor had to protect herself from three sides.

"Come on, let's finish what we started!" Marion shouted.

"I'm glad you're here," Hathor proclaimed, "I wanted to see your dead body before I left!"

"You promised!" Ptah shouted towards Jack. "You promised me my sister was not going to be hurt."

"Tell them to stop firing first!" Jack screamed from behind a shield.

"Ptah, listen to me," Daniel tried to reason with the distressed Go'auld, but he wouldn't hear it. Taking full control of Robin's body, he leapt between the crossfire.

"Stop this now!" he shouted.

"Ptah, get out of the way!" Both Jack and Hathor shouted.

"No!" Ptah adamantly refused. "I will not be a part of this massacre!"

Under Hathor's orders not to harm Ptah, the soldiers stopped firing.

"Please Colonel O'Neill," Ptah pleaded with him. "I'm sure we can come up with a way to stop all of this."

"You've known your sister a lot longer than me," Jack shouted from behind a shield. "But in the short time I've known her, I know she would never give up."

"Colonel O'Neill is right," Hathor said.

"Please sister," Ptah begged her. "This has to sto…"

Ptah wasn't allowed to finish his statement, for he was knocked down by the large body of Little John.

"You will not betray Hathor again!" Little John shouted. Unconscious when Hathor ordered her men not to harm her brother, Little John was trying his best to end the life of the man he felt was a threat to his queen.

"Little John, No!" Marion shouted from behind the Star Gate.

"Hathor, stop him!" Jack screamed from behind the shield. If anyone of his men tried to help Robin, he knew that Hathor's men would not hesitate to shoot them.

Hathor remained where she was, blankly staring as Robin was now forced to wage the fight of his life.

"Little John!" Robin shouted, as he ducked to the left. A large fist just barely missed landing on his chin. "Stop this!"

"For my queen!" Little John declared, as he tried to hit Robin again. Robin was prepared to duck the blow, until Ptah suddenly made an appearance.

"Please, don't hurt me," he pleaded. He was only out a few seconds, but it was long enough for Little John to take advantage. His hands curled around Robin's neck, he began to squeeze the life out of him.

"John…" Robin gasped. He slammed his fists on Little John's arms, trying to make him release his killing hold.

"I cannot allow this!" Teal'c suddenly shouted. He threw his shield to the ground, rushing towards Robin. He body slammed into Little John. Both men flew towards the exit to the Star Gate. Rolling on the ground, they resumed the battle that began hundreds of years earlier.

End of Part Fifteen

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