By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Four
Finding the right path
Part Fourteen

"Magers, get up!" Jack shouted.

Magers slowly opened his eyes, he let out a low groan, as he rubbed his eyes. "What happened?" he moaned.

"Funny thing Magers," Jack said. "You just blacked out for a few seconds. Robin here caught you, are you all right?"

Magers pulled himself out of Robin's grip, "Yes sir, I’m fine," he mumbled. "Let's go." He began to walk down the left corridor.

"Yes, let's go," Robin said.

"Remember Sargent, Major Carter and I need you and Robin to lay down some fire from above." Jack shouted.

"Yes sir!" Magers snapped to a salute. "You can count on me sir."

Robin lingered by the others. "I don't know if I can do this," Ptah whined. He was clearly frightened.

"You have to," Jack hissed. "If you're frightened, don't worry. Robin will get you out of any situation."

Robin's eyes immediately blinked back. "I give my word Ptah. After all, if anything happens to you, it also happens to me."

"Get the picture?" Jack asked.

"I see," Ptah sighed. Spinning around, he had to run to catch up with Magers. He was walking down the corridor at a fast pace. Once they were out of earshot, Magers said to Robin, "Remember to let Hathor know, it was I who put you in that body. She promised me she would repay me for swearing allegiance to her."

"Don't worry," Robin said in a disgusted voice, he quickened his pace. "You'll receive all that you have earned." His eyes grew dark, as he rushed down the corridors.

*** *** ***

Daniel shifted to ease an ache on his back. He was ungraciously thrown in a corner of the room. Occasionally Little John or Friar Tuck would walk over and give him a few love taps. He had been waiting, for what seemed like hours, until he saw a familiar face walking down the spiral staircase from above.

Hathor nearly leaped off her throne, as she saw Robin walking down the staircase, with Sargent Magers close behind.

"Did you do it?" Hathor gasped.

Robin stopped inches from Hathor. His long brown hair was down, halloing his handsome face. Spinning in a circle, his arms out, a happy grin creasing his face; for a second his eyes glowed in a golden color.

"Oh no," Daniel groaned, for he knew exactly what the glow meant.

"Look at me sister," Ptah happily declared. "I love this body, but why did you chosen a warrior's body? You know I would never have chosen a body like this."

"If I left it to you, my love. You would have most likely chosen a body as weak as that," she pointed to Friar Tuck.

"You know I've never cared for a strong body. I've never needed one for doing what I enjoy the most."

"Exactly dearest, since it was my choice, I chose this body because it's very pleasing to my eye. I also hoped, with a stronger body, your timidity for killing would have died with the human's mind. Is the one called Robin Hood, truly gone?" Hathor suspiciously asked. She recalled him resisting her influence earlier. She feared that his strong mind might be able to resist her weaker brothers hold.

"Forever, dear sister," Ptah sighed.

"You, stand before me!" Hathor ordered Friar Tuck. He obediently moved, to stand next to her.
"Yes, my Queen?" Tuck bowed his head before her, awaiting her orders.

"This one is not good stock for my children to use," Hathor tiredly sighed. "I will kill him, brother."

"Sister," Ptah choked. "You know I do not like violence. Even against a…human."

"My darling, I see all the time you've slept, you have not changed. I had hoped you would have picked up some of the bravery from the human that you possess. You are a Go'auld Ptah, how many times have I said that to you? Show these humans what that means!"

Hathor quickly walked up to a table that held the palm device. She pulled the device on. Her hands moved along the controls, her eyes closed in bliss. "I love the feeling of omnipotent power, when I wear this. One of your best inventions, dear brother."

"I had not intended for it to be used in that way," Ptah whispered.

"Nonsense my love, the humans needed to know that we must be obeyed. Now then, if the human Robin Hood is not truly dormant, then he would not allow me to do this to his friend!"

Hathor moved over to Tuck, without hesitation, she held the device over Tuck's head. Immediately Tuck let out an ear-piercing scream, as she used the device on him.

"We must show these humans what the punishment is for daring to oppose their gods!"

Robin fought to keep control of his emotions. "She is killing my friend Ptah heard Robin say from within.

"Can you save him?" Robin silently pleaded with him.

Ptah could feel the love Robin had for Tuck. It was something that was foreign to him. A love of a friend, he found that he liked the feeling. "I'll try," Ptah said. "Trust me."

Tuck's screams halted, as Ptah gently gripped Hathor's hand. "Please sister, allow me to finish him."

"Robin NO!" Daniel shouted, as he lunged towards Tuck. Little John's large arms encircled Daniel, holding him tightly. His laughter filled the room, almost drowning out Tucks' cries of pain.

"Help him, he's your friend!" Daniel shouted to Little John, hoping to break the hold Hathor held on him. "He dies for our Queen, there is no better death," he coldly replied.

"My sweetness, perhaps you have been able to take in some of this humans bravery." Hathor purred, as she handed the device to Ptah. Pulling it on, he didn't hesitate in using it on Tuck. In seconds, he fell to the ground, his skin taking on a deathly pallor.

"No…Robin," Daniel whispered, his head hung low, as he witnessed the death of a legend.

"Never fear," Ptah silently told Robin. "Your friend is not dead."

"He died quickly, my brother." Hathor's malaise for the death was evident by the emotionless color of her voice.

"I never like to see an animal suffer," Ptah sadly answered. He gently petted Tuck's head. "They die so easily.

"A plus, and minus for their race," Hathor said.

Hathor drifted to Robin, she rubbed her body on him like a cat. Ptah's eyes grew dark, as she lay her hand on his shoulder. "Welcome back my brother. I have missed you so," Hathor purred. "Missed your arms, your lips."

Daniel was actually shocked by the way Hathor acted towards her brother. If he wasn't mistaken; she was actually nice to him.

Hathor's hand snaked behind Robin's head, pulling it down. He dipped down, his arms encircled Hathor. Robin fought to keep from kissing the woman. His emotions stronger, Ptah found he was resisting her amorous attention.

"Allow me to kiss her Robin," Ptah whispered to him, as he felt him fight her advances. "It is the only way I was able to control her anger." Daniel felt sick, as he saw Robin and Hathor embraced in a passionate kiss only seen by true lovers.

Breaking off the kiss, Ptah whispered, "I've missed you so, sister."

"Remember my promise to you, I will allow no one to harm you," Hathor breathed.

"The original, dysfunctional family," Daniel sharply exhaled.

"I want to warn you, Colonel O'Neill will be coming from below, my Queen," Magers eagerly told Hathor.

"Why Magers?" Daniel asked, his voice tight with anger.

"Sorry Doctor, but Hathor promised me a better deal than the army would ever be able to give me."

"Oh yes," Hathor sighed. "You, and all the soldiers in the base will be well rewarded."

Hooking her arm in Robin's, she said, "Let us leave from here."

"Please sister. Allow me an indulgence. I wish to see how this primitive world was able to use the Chappa-ai."

"Of course, Ptah," Hathor said. "I had forgotten your hunger for science is never quenched. Bring my beloved," she growled to Little John. Daniel noted that her demeanor changed quickly from a cat in heat, to a lioness killing her prey.

"Yes, my Queen," Little John said, with a bow of his head.

Daniel moved his arm up, holding it up for Little John. He harshly grabbed it, a wicked grin crossed his face. "I see you've accepted that Hathor is your Queen."

"Not at all, you've hit the other arm so much. I just wanted to give it a rest."

Little John let out a snarl, as he grabbed Daniel's other arm and dragged him out of the meeting room. "Actually, it was the other arm!" Daniel defiantly said.

He was jerked into the small room that controlled the Star Gate. The room was dark, only the light from the line of monitors illuminated the room. Daniel saw General Hammond standing alone, in a corner. From the look in his eyes, he knew he was totally under Hathor's power. Ptah rubbed his hands in glee, as he took in the of the state of the art technology of the human race.

"Yes," Ptah sighed in revelation. "Look at all this wonderful technology. I hungered for it so, as I was held prisoner in that primitive world."

Daniel sadly shook his head, as he heard a Go'auld; yet he was looking at the hero, Robin Hood. During the trip on the plane, Teal'c explained to Robin and Marion what it meant to be possessed by a Go'auld. He recalled hearing Robin and Marion pledging, if they were ever possessed by the creature, that they were to kill the one inhabited by the alien symbiote.

Ptah rushed to one of the monitors. Sitting down, his fingers moved so swiftly on the keyboard, they looked to be a blur. "I see what they have done. They are a more fascinating race than I gave them credit for."

Hathor leaned on Robin's back, her arms snaked down his chest. "We must go brother. I know how much you love to play with technology. You'll have plenty of time to play, when we reach our new home."

Ptah spun his chair around, to gaze into the eyes of his sister. "New home? You mean we are not staying here?"

"On this puss hole?" Hathor laughed out. "I've found a perfect planet, where we can start a new race of Go'aulds, a race where I will be their Queen. I have a herd of humans just waiting to be the vessel for our children. We have an army that will protect us with their lives." Hathor purred, as she gently touched Daniel on the arm.

"That's why you came here," Daniel's face twisted in disgust.

"Of course beloved, I needed humans for my children to possess. As well as an army, that will protect myself, and my brother. Your military conveniently trains your men in mind, as well as body. They are the perfect chattel for me to use."

She beckoned General Hammond to come to her, he immediately rushed to her, like an obedient dog.

"I have no need of this old creature. Once we leave, you will blow up the base. That will end this planet from interfering with my plans. Once my new race has flourished, I destroy the other Go'aulds. I will return to this world, to turn it into a lifeless rock!"

Daniel noticed, as Hathor's attention was on Hammond, Ptah worked feverishly on one of the keyboards. As her attention returned to her brother, he was innocently staring at her.

"I want to go now. There are so many things I planned on building, before Ra imprisoned us," Ptah said.

"Yes, let us go, my brother." Ptah took Hathor's arm. He led her out of the small room. Before they left, Hathor looked back.

"Remember Hammond, only when I am gone, are you to destroy this base."

"Yes, my Queen," Hammond blankly replied.

"Let us go, there is much work to be done. I have a kingdom that awaits to be built!"

Daniel glanced back, as he was dragged out of the control room. The last thing he saw was General Hammond locking the door that led to the meeting room. Sitting in front of a monitor, he waited to follow Hathor's orders. Once they were through the Star Gate, the base would be destroyed, as well as anything within ten miles. Daniel thought of the path that Robin told him to walk on. He wondered if he should have taken the bus!

"Damn!" Jack hissed. "Why lock a door in a secured site!" He shouted, as he slammed his foot on the door several times. Even his intense anger wasn't able to unlock the door.

"Sir," Sam said. "If it comes between the door and your foot. I believe the door will win." She had just finished tying Tuck up. When they entered the meeting room, they found him unconscious. She tied him up, unsure weather he was still under Hathor's spell.

"Well, what else do you suggest, Major?" Jack snapped back.

"The only other way is through the medical section Sir, and that's locked securely. Only Janet would know the code to open up that section."

"Why don't you wait here Major, and I'll just tell Hathor to keep her plans of world domination on hold, while you call Janet."

Sam was about to let out a frustrated sigh, when she saw one of the monitors in the room mysteriously blink on. She saw the scenes changing, until it stopped on a small corridor. Grabbing Jack by the shoulders, she spun him around.

"I don’t think that will be necessary sir."

Jack saw Janet, Marion, and ten guards moving down the corridors. He leapt to the monitor, checking which corridor they were walking down, without a word, they rushed out of the room.

End of Part Fourteen

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