By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Three
Storming the Castl...Base!
Part Twelve

Once Teal'c fired off a few shots from his power staff. Robin leaped over the boxes they were using for cover.

"King Richard!" Robin shouted, as he charged the soldiers that were under Hathor's spell. Pulling out his broadsword, he slashed it sideways, catching a young man by his arm, just as he was about to use what Robin recalled Teal'c saying was a gun.

His arm gravely injured, he was forced to drop his weapon. Kicking a box to the side, Robin was met with two of Hathor's converts. Each man held a power staff before him.

Robin concentrated on their hands. He saw how Teal'c used his weapon. They had to be opened first, for them to work. Once he saw their fingers twitch, Robin immediately held his sword horizontally. He threw it towards them, falling to the ground he rolled to the side. The sword lodged in the opening of both weapons as they fired, the laser blasts was blocked from exiting. Both men were thrown back, as their weapons exploded in their hands. Robin rushed back to retrieve his sword. He let out a hiss, as he found it to hot to pick up. Tearing a part of his shirt off, he wrapped it around his hand.

He picked up his weapon, and searched the room to see how the others were fairing. He saw Teal'c battling four men, he rushed over to help him.

One of the men fighting Teal'c felt a gentle tapping on his shoulder. Spinning around, he was met by a fist. "One down," Robin panted, as he whirled his sword on his bandaged palm. "Who's next?"

"I do not need your help," Teal'c growled. "I am a Jaffar!"

"Very well," Robin jauntily replied. He leaned on his sword for support, as he waited for Teal'c to finish the battle.

Teal'c raised his staff, letting out a battle cry; he charged the remaining soldiers. He managed to knock two to the ground, but the third deftly managed to evade him. He held a power staff in his hands. Teal'c knew this soldier very well. He was Sargent Nakota, he had on occasion, trained with the man in mock battles.

In all of those battles, Teal'c was unable to defeat him. He held black belts in just about every form of martial arts.

"Our Queen said anyone that returns with your head, will be richly rewarded." Nakota taunted Teal'c.

"Then you will die a poor man!" Teal'c growled, as he charged him. Both men slammed together.

"You have never defeated me!" Nakota grunted. "Today, that will not change."

Teal'c hands gripped Nakota's wrists. "A Jaffar never gives up!" he roared.

Realizing that the fight may take some time, Robin spun around to see what others needed his help.

"Major Carter," a private grunted, as he threw a large table out of his way. He held a small machine gun cocked before him. "My Queen has been waiting for you."

"My calendar is filled, why don't you tell her I'm busy," Sam's eyes sparkled, as she gazed above the private, he was standing just under a winding staircase.

"She is impatient Major," the private slowly marched towards her. "You will come with me alive or dead."

Sam slowly began to move sideways. "Really private, that doesn't leave me many options."

"Move Carter!" Jack shouted, as he leaped over the railing of the staircase, he landed on the back of the private. Sam dived to the side, just as the private released a stream of gunfire. It barely missed Sam's feet, as she slid on the ground. Rolling around, she saw Jack hit the private on the back of his head with the butt of his gun. Quickly, he pulled his gun from the privates hands, spinning it around, he threw it to Sam.

"Miss me?" he winked.

"Did you go somewhere, sir?" Sam quipped, as she armed the gun. "By the way sir, I've always liked your legs, but aren't you cold?"

Jack had forgotten he was still dressed in a Jaffar's skirt.

"It’s the new spring lineup Carter, anyway! You owe me," Jack said, as he stood up, he tried to close the slit that ran half way up his thigh, in the front.

Jack ducked, as Sam suddenly motioned him to fall. She let off a round from her gun. It sailed over Jacks head. He heard a grunt, and the fall of a body. Turning his head, he saw a man lying on the ground, clutching his bleeding arm.

"We're even," Sam panted.

Jack didn't have enough time to banter with Sam, they were suddenly attacked by five men. Jack was pushed under the staircase by two men. He could make out Taylor running down the stairs.

"Help Carter!" he shouted, as he tried to fend off the two men.

"Yes Sir!" Taylor jumped to the bottom of the stairs. He was about to rush over to Sam, until he heard a twanging sound. He saw one man fall, an arrow sticking out of his shoulder.

A man dressed in a torn, black T-shirt raced by him. Leaping in the air, he landed with both feet slamming down hard, on the backs of the remaining two men that were attacking Sam. He pulled them off her, throwing one to Taylor, while handling the other.

"Three against one," Robin grunted, as he threw a fist into the soldiers stomach. "That's really not fair."

The man doubled over, clutching his gut. "Let me handle this," Sam growled.

"He's all yours," Robin said, stepping back.

Sam grabbed the soldiers head, drawing her knee back she said. "Here's a love tap to remember me by." She threw her knee into the soldiers face. He was flung back, landing on his back, he moaned in pain, clutching his nose.

"That's the Carter I've known to love," Sam heard Jack shout.

She saw Taylor and O'Neill managed to quickly knock out the two men that attacked him.

Searching the room, they saw that most of the men were either unconscious, or gone. Only one remained…Sargent Nakota. He was still fighting Teal'c.

"Well come on, let's help him," Jack said. He was about to run to Teal'c's aid, until he was stopped by a firm grip on his arm.

"No Colonel O'Neill," Robin pleaded with him.

"You got the Colonel part right!" O'Neill snapped back. "This is not Sherwood Forest. I don't follow your orders."

"And that is your friend," Robin gently said. "You know him better than I. How do you think he will feel, if he is not left to defeat that man on his own?"

Jack immediately realized that Robin was right. He knew the long-standing grudge that Teal'c held for Nakota. He also knew his Jaffar code would be disgraced if he was not allowed to defeat Nakota on his own.

"I think he would most likely hate me for the rest of my life," Jack mumbled.

Jack felt uncomfortable about letting Teal'c continue to fight alone, but deep inside, he knew it was right. Not for himself, but for Teal'c.

Teal'c and Nakota slowly circled each other. They looked like two bulls, fighting for their territory.

It was Nakota that made the first move. He ran towards Teal'c, jumping in the air, he kicked Teal'c's power staff. Teal'c struggled to hold onto his staff, as he was slammed on the back with Nakota's staff. Nakota landed behind Teal'c, ready to give him a killing blow. Teal'c quickly spun around, locking his staff with Nakota's.

Using all of his strength, he managed to tear the staff from Nakota's grip. Both staffs flew into a dark corner.

"Now we will battle, with honor!" Teal'c roared, as he rushed Nakota.

During the fight, Teal'c was obviously the stronger one, but Nakota was much more agile. He managed to dodge the lumbering Teal'c expertly. As the fight grew longer, Jack became more anxious for it to end.

"Once Teal'c defeats him, we can have Daniel purge him of Hathoritis,"
Jack shouted, to be heard above the grunts. Spinning around, he said, "Where is Daniel?"

Noticing Teal'c was beginning to weaken; Nakota suddenly leaped to the side. Grabbing a chair, he threw it at Teal'c. It broke into splinters on his back, forcing him to his knees. Nakota quickly pulled his hands up, he slammed his fists into Teal'c's back.

Teal'c fell to the ground, his hands sliding before him, he looked up to see Nakota rushing for his power staff.

"You will die by your own weapon," Nakota shouted.

"That's it!" Jack said. He began to run towards Nakota, Robin tried to stop him. Before he reached Teal'c, he saw the large Jaffa pull his legs under him. Taking a leapfrog ahead, he jumped towards Nakota. He let off a shot that slammed into Teal'c's stomach, he landed flat on his back, stunned.

"Back off!" Nakota shouted to the others. Jack knew his gun was no match for the weapon that he held. He angrily dropped it on the floor.

"That's good Colonel O'Neill, now all of you, over there!" He motioned them to stand under the staircase. He took a step forward, to stand over the lifeless Teal'c. "My Queen said I only had to bring the one she called Robin Hood back alive. As for the others?" Nakota lay his head to the side, sighing, "Fertilizer!"

He aimed his weapon at Teal'c's stomach. "You always said your master was a better warrior. I think this proves who the better fighter is."

Nakota activated the power staff, it clicked open. As he was about to pull the trigger, Teal'c hands shot up. Grabbing Nakota's wrists, he pulled his legs up, planting them on Nakota's stomach, he threw him over to land in front of Robin.

Robin immediately pulled out an arrow from his quiver, and shot the power staff out of Nakota's hands. Jack rushed forward, grabbing Nakota's shirt he punched him square on the jaw. The large soldier fell unconscious on the ground.

"Well what do you know. The great fighter has a glass jaw," Jack chuckled.

Robin rushed over to help Teal'c stand. "Did I execute it correctly?" Teal'c panted to Robin. "I couldn't have done any better," Robin praised him.

"Wait a minute Teal'c, I saw you shot by your own weapon," Jack said. "How did you recover so fast?"

"My previous experience fighting with Nakota told me that he was not a man to be trusted. I set my power staff to dueling level. It stuns for a few seconds, but does not seriously harm you."

"Great, now that we have that problem settled," Jack pointed to Nakota. "We have another problem." Letting out a deep breath, he said, "Where the heck is Daniel?"

*** *** ***

Daniel faintly felt someone slapping him on the face. He opened his eyes, to see Little John backhanding him.

"Wake up!" he snarled, as he attempted to hit him again. Daniel quickly rolled out of the way.

"I’m awake!" he shouted. He struggled to stand. It was then that he found; that his hands were tied; and covered them with a thick canvas. Obviously, someone knew that to cure, he had to touch. Little John grabbed his arm, and roughly pulled him up. Searching around, he found he was back in the meeting/Hathor's throne room.

"How did I get here?" Daniel wondered out loud who it was, that brought him here.

"The reason I love your particular race," Hathor sighed. "Is that they are willing to turn on their own, if offered a little power, or riches."

"A traitor!" Daniel hissed.

"Call him what you will. In return for power, he told me how you were able to remove my hold on the men on this base. You've been busy, beloved."

"I've always thought idle hands are the devils plaything," Daniel quickly returned, holding his gloved hands up high. He let out a yelp, as Little John shoved him closer to Hathor. He fell at her feet. She reached down, grabbing his chin.

"You hid your power from us. We are very angry."

"Well I'm not exactly ecstatic about what you've done to me either!" Daniel knew what was coming, he braced himself, as Little John slammed the pole of the power Staff into his back.

"You will respect…" he began to say.

"My Queen," Daniel finished for him. "One word for you, abdication." Again, Daniel was gifted with a poke in the back for his brashness.

"It does not matter how many men you have cured of my influence," Hathor purred. "I have enough men left to build a kingdom."

She gently stroked his chin. "We know you are ready now, for us to extract your gift of life."

"Oh, that'll put me in a romantic mood," Daniel mumbled.

Daniel gazed through the window that viewed the Star Gate. He saw it was currently open, several of the bases soldiers were rushing through it.

"We've only left enough behind, to trick you and the others into thinking you had a chance to save your precious base."

"Since you have me, you'll be going then?" Daniel asked.

"Not quite, beloved. We still have to wait for someone special," she sat back on her throne.

Daniel didn't have to ask who that special someone was. He spied an empty glass jar sitting on a desk. The symbiote that was her brother was gone. Whoever the traitor was, was on their way to implant Ptah in Robin. Daniel silently prayed, that Jack would be able to see through the ruse of the traitor. If not, then he hoped he wasn't crazy enough to try to storm the meeting room unless he had a small army with him. Letting out a tired sigh, he knew that was a useless wish. He's seen Colonel Jack O'Neill try to take on a entire Go'auld army alone. Hopefully that O'Neill luck would show up.

*** *** ***

"Where are we now?" Robin whispered to Teal'c. They had been sneaking in the corridors for some time now. Occasionally they would meet with some of Hathor's spelled soldiers, but they were able to quickly incapacitate them.

"We are getting close to where they say Hathor is hidden," Teal'c quietly replied.

"And where my friends are," Robin added.

"Quiet!" Jack hissed.

They managed to meet up with five men that Daniel was able to cure of Hathor's hold. They now had ten on their side. They each plastered themselves against the walls. Jack held his hand up, waiting to signal to them the all clear. He held his borrowed Power staff ready to fire at whoever was running down the hallways. He shivered, as a cold breeze whizzed through the corridors. He was still wearing the Jaffar skirt that Hathor ordered him to wear.

The footsteps grew louder, realizing it was only one man, Jack leaped into the hallways. His finger was poised on the trigger of the power staff. He was face to face with Corporal Magers.

"S…sir, it's only me!" Magers stuttered.

"Damn it Magers! I almost shot your head off!" Jack cursed. "Where the hell have you been?"

"Executing a little subterfuge, Colonel," Magers declared, with a salute.

"Good work soldier, did you see Daniel Jackson?"

"Sorry sir, I did not. I did manage to get some of these."

Magers pulled out a grenade. "It's smoke grenades sir. I was hoping we could create a little confusion."

"Good thinking soldier. Did you also manage to find out where the rest of the men on the base are?"

"Sir?" Magers questioned him.

"We've been fighting a few men along the way. No where near to how many men should have been posted in the base. If they aren't trying to kill us, then where are they?"

"Sorry sir," Magers replied. "I don't know the answer to that one."

"That's alright soldier," Jack patted him on the back. "Good job."

"Thank you sir," Magers threw Jack an appreciative smile.

"Where do you think they are, Sam?" Jack turned to her for advice.

"Not to sure sir," Sam frowned. She was also wondering the same thing. The base had enough men to stop them cold, yet they only ran into a scarce few. Hathor had to have something planned, they just needed to figure out exactly what it was.

"We'll take it slow, there are at least five more men out there that are on our side. I think this has gone on far enough, we can fall into the trap I know Hathor is setting."

"We're going to play right into her hands, sir?" Sam asked.

"Let's hope the men that Daniel cured are in position, otherwise this is going to be the shortest rebellion on history," Jack sighed.

Magers moved to the back of the line. He walked directly behind Robin. Robin turned around, looking at the mans eyes, he saw something familiar. It was something he had seen many times in his life. He saw greed in his eyes, Greed for power.

Teal'c looked behind, he saw Magers walking directly behind Robin. Robin mouthed to him, "Keep your eye on him."

Teal'c silently nodded; he also did not like the look in Magers eye. Robin had good instincts on judging a man's character. He would be sure to keep a very close watch on Corporal Magers.

End of Part Twelve

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