By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Three
Storming the Castl...Base!
Part Eleven

"How's it going with operation, Hathoritis?" Jack whispered, as Daniel cured yet another one of the soldiers in the base. After accidentally bumping into the bookcase that held the camera, Daniel was able to move it so that the door to the room was out of the camera's range. A cured soldier would bring one of the possessed soldiers to the door. Allowing Daniel to free them, from Hathor's curse.

So far, he managed to cure ten men of Hathoritis. "It's going all right," Daniel whispered. "But it's also going to slow. At this rate, it'll take me hours to cure the whole base. Eventually, Hathor is going to catch on to what I'm doing.

"Ten men," Jack said, as he paced the floor. Stopping in front of the bookcase, he ranted out loud.

"Hathor, forgive me! You are my life!"

Spinning around, he continued to pace. "That aughta keep them thinking I worship that red haired, worm toting witch."

"Jack, I think you've just insulted witches," Daniel corrected him.

"I know Daniel, that's because I'm a gentleman, and decided to change the b with a w."

"Oh!" Daniel said, with raised eyebrows.

"What…happened?" the soldier Daniel just cured mumbled.

"Fill him in Taylor," Jack ordered the original Private that Daniel cured.

Jack quickly dragged Daniel to his bed, throwing him down, he screamed.

"If it were not for my queen ordering me to let you live, I would kill you now!"

With his back to the camera, Daniel mouthed. "And I love you too."

Jack had to bite his lip, to keep a smile from breaking out, grabbing a chair, he broke it on the wall, just above Daniel's head.

"Next time, it will be your back!" Jack roared.

Inside of the security room, one man kept a constant vigil, watching Daniel Jackson's room. After witnessing Jack's tirade, he was happy that Hathor's orders for him were only to watch the camera.

"Hey, Magers, you want some coffee?" A voice shouted from the door.

Spinning around, Corporal Magers saw Private Taylor peeking his head inside the room.

"Our queen has ordered me to keep watch of Daniel Jackson," Magers blankly replied.

Taylor swiftly walked into the room. He was thankful that only Magers was on duty in the security room.

"Aww come on Magers, it wouldn't hurt. I'm sure she would like us to be as sharp as possible. How about some nice warm Java?" Taylor filled a cup to the brim with hot, black coffee.

Carefully walking towards the Corporal, Taylor's feet suddenly became entangled, he fell forward, spilling the hot coffee from the cup onto Magers lap. The Corporal immediately leaped from his chair, as he tried to remove the scalding coffee that his pants quickly absorbed.

"I'm so sorry sir!" Taylor profusely apologized.

"I'm burning alive!" Magers screamed.

"I think you should change, sir." Taylor suggested.

The pain of the burn, far outweighed Hathor's orders. "Stay here," Magers ordered Taylor. "Keep an eye on Doctor Jackson and Colonel O'Neill."

"Yes sir! For Hathor," the private chanted, as he pounded his fist on his chest. It was a salute that all under Hathor's spell were to do in her honor.

"She is our life!" Magers said, as he returned the salute. He quickly left the video room. As soon as the door was shut, Taylor spun around. As he tinkered with the settings to Daniel's room, he whispered. "She's not going to be your life anymore, not if I have anything to say about it."

Scanning the other monitors, he was shocked to see a broadsword poking out of an air duct. Once the vent was torn wide enough, he saw Major Carter crawling out of the vent. He also saw a civilian crawling out of the vent. He carried a bow and quiver on his back. He couldn't believe he saw an ancient broadsword lying on his hip. He recalled Daniel Jackson saying something about Robin Hood, he just didn't believe he was hearing right.

He saw the long-haired man pulling an arrow out and aim it at the camera. He then saw the arrow flying towards the camera; it immediately blanked out.

"Don’t worry guys," Taylor whispered. "They will never know your coming."

Stepping back, Taylor poured the contents of the carafe of coffee on the monitor control board. With a spray of sparks, all the monitors blinked out. Once Magers returned to the monitor room, Taylor told him the coffee he spilled on him, must have splashed on the board. Magers was absolutely livid!

"Our Queen ordered me to keep an eye on Daniel Jackson, I must obey her orders!"

He rushed out of the monitor room, screaming that his queen would have his head. Taylor raced through the corridors, towards Doctor Jackson's room.

*** *** ***

"Can you open it?" Teal'c asked Sam. They had come to the end of the vent. Before them was a metal grate. Sam began to examine the grating.

"These things aren't exactly made to be opened from the inside," Sam grunted, as she tried to pull the grating open. She let out a yelp, as a large sword whizzed by her ear. It tore easily into the thin aluminum fins. In minutes Robin was able to tear an opening large enough for even Teal'c to crawl through.

"A thousand and one uses," Sam laughed, as Robin tucked his sword back in its sheath.

"It's great for cutting potatoes too," Robin said, as he slammed the sword home.

Sam crawled through first, it was minutes later they heard her give the all clear. As Robin crawled through, he took in a deep breath. He never let on, but he was beginning to feel anxious, in such a small area. Stepping aside for Teal'c to enter the room, he searched the area. The walls were not made of stone, or wood as he was used to. He found they were in a huge, metal room.

All around, he saw large square objects stacked up high. He also noticed the air did not smell right. There was a medicine odor to it. Spying a camera, he immediately pulled an arrow out, in a split second sparks were flying in the room, as he disabled the camera.

"I think after this is done, I'm going to start taking archery lessons," Sam whispered, as she searched for an exit door.

Finding one, she motioned everyone to be quiet. Opening the door just a crack, she peeked into the hallway. She realized that they were in a machinery room, on the eastside of the base. The conference room was centered in the base. They would need to make their way to it, she prayed that Daniel was doing his best in creating a diversion for them.

Poking her head outside of the room, she found no one posted in the hallways. She thought that odd, most of the time someone was on guard here. Taking the lead, she began to move down the empty corridors. Robin was right behind her, with Warren, and Teal'c bringing up the rear.

*** *** ***

Jack spun around, as the door to Daniel's room was suddenly flung open. Corporal Magers rushed into the room.

"Hathor has ordered me to guard Daniel Jackson," Magers shouted. "I must follow her orders." He scanned the room, he was relieved to see Daniel sitting on his bed.

Taylor slid to a stop at the doorframe. He mouthed to Jack, "Camera's disabled."

"Has Hathor forgiven me?" Jack pleaded with Magers.

"I do not know, or care," Magers growled at Jack. "She has promised me I could be her Jaffar, if I follow her orders."

He rushed to Daniel, grabbing his arm, he jerked him off his bed. "You will be safer, with Hathor," he said.

"Wait a minute, don't I get a last supper?" Daniel asked. He grabbed Magers hand, concentrating, he drew out Hathor's hold on him. Magers released Daniel, stumbling back, he rubbed his eyes. "Wha…what happened?" he stammered.

"Don't worry soldier," Jack said, as he patted him on the back. "Daniel just removed the poison apple from your throat."

Magers shook his head, he suddenly realized all that happened to him in the past few hours. "Sir!" Magers shouted, as he snapped to a salute. "Hathor has taken over the base!"

"Old news Corporal," Jack quipped. "Here's the latest news, let's get this party started."

"Wait sir," Taylor cut in. "We have a problem. I saw someone breaking into a machine room on the lower floors. It was Major Carter sir, and…God I can't believe I'm saying this," Taylor mumbled. "I swear I saw Robin Hood shoot out the camera with an arrow."

"Tall guy, with long brown hair? Uses a broadsword like a penknife?" Daniel asked Taylor.

"That's the guy."

"Well, let's go find them," Jack happily declared. "We can't let them have all the fun. All right, Corporal Magers, I want you to stay on this level. Other converts may be coming back, let them know where we are going."

"Yes sir!" Magers saluted him. "Where are you going, sir?"

"Robin hunting," Jack said.

Quickly exiting the room, they sprinted down the corridors, towards the machine room that Taylor saw Sam entering. As Daniel rushed through the corridors, he saw a familiar grin on Jack's face. He had payback on his mind, for the humiliation that Hathor inflicted on him. With Jack by his side, Daniel lost his feeling of helplessness. He knew he had chosen the correct path to follow. Hearing fighting ahead, with a shout of King Richard, Daniel knew he was close to Sam.

Jack kicked a steel door open, on the other side was a small platform. Leaning over, they saw they were in a room three stories high. A long, winding staircase to the left led down to the bottom. Daniel saw Sam, Teal'c, Robin, and Sargent Warren, shooting their weapons to the opposite side of the room. Jack let out a low curse, as he saw a shot from Teal'c's power staff bounce off one of the soldiers under Hathor's spell.

"Damn, Hathor supplied them with force shields, we'll never be able to defend against that!" Jack pulled out a gun that Taylor was able to acquire for him. "I'll go down dying if I have to."

"No Jack!" Daniel grabbed him before he rushed down the stairs. "Give them a chance, we do have a defense against the force shield."

"Daniel you know we don’t have a defense again…" Jack bit off his reply, as he saw several arrows fly from Sam's position. Robin let the off a volley of arrows with an inhuman accuracy and speed. Each shot found their targets, piercing the belts that held the force shields. As each shield broke down, Teal'c followed the arrows with a blast from his staff.

"For King Richard!" they heard Robin shout, as he leaped over their cover, into the disarmed soldiers.

"It's time we started storming the castle!" Jack declared. "For King Richard!" Jack shouted with a raised fist. Leaping on the stairs, he ran down them two at a time.

"King Richard!" Daniel and Taylor happily shouted.

Taylor ran down the steps to join in the battle. As Daniel approached the stairs, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head. Falling on the platform, he faintly heard boots pounding on the steel. Before he had time to react, he felt another sharp pain, then unconsciousness flooded his mind. His companions were unaware that he was no longer with them.

End of Part Eleven

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