By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Three
Storming the Castl...Base!
Part Ten

Daniel was practically carried into his room. He was unceremoniously thrown on the floor. He had to roll to the side, as Jack's body quickly followed him. The door slammed shut, Daniel heard the click of a lock, then silence.

Daniel rushed to Jack's side, he gently rolled his body over so that he would lie on his back. He began to examine him. His face and body were mottled with bruises.

"What did she do to you Jack?" Daniel sighed. Looking up, he gazed at the camera that was located in his room. Jumping up, he sprinted to it, grabbing a chair; he broke it on the camera. The camera shattered into a million pieces.

He was about to go back to Jack, until he suddenly felt uneasy. Something wasn't right. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the bad feeling. He suddenly saw his room. He saw a man placing something in a large book. He walked over to a bookcase, and placed the book on a shelf.

Opening his eyes, Daniel spied the book in his vision. Non-chalantly, he strolled to the bookcase. He stood before the books, letting out a large yawn. He spied a lens looking back at him. His first thoughts were to destroy it. Suddenly he heard Jack's voice whisper in his mind.

"Daniel you idiot! We could use that against them!"

"Right, as always Jack," Daniel whispered. He reached over for a CD. Inserting it in his CD player, he pressed the power button. The room was filled with the music of the Beatles. He raised the volume on the CD high enough to block out any conversation he was about to have with Jack.

Keeping his back to the bookcase, Daniel walked back to where Jack was lying. Grabbing his shoulders, he dragged Jack to a lounge chair that just sat outside of the camera's range.

"Jack, wake up," Daniel said, as he gently slapped him across the face.

"Sorry Hathor, I'll try to stay awake," Jack mumbled.

"God, she has her claws deep inside of you Jack," Daniel sadly said. "It's time I started walking down that road."

Daniel placed his hands on either side of Jack's face. He concentrated on drawing Hathor's hold on him. Jack began to struggle in his grip, "No, let me go!" Jack wailed. "She is my queen…my life…"

"No Jack!" Daniel hissed. "You don't have to listen to that witch. You are Colonel Jonathan O'Neill. Remember that! Hathor is your enemy."

"No…my life," Jack moaned.

Daniel found that Hathor's hold on Jack was much stronger that the four guards. His hands reached up, encircling Daniel's throat. "You will die for your blasphemy to my queen," Jack snarled.

Daniel struggled for breath, as he concentrated on cleansing Hathor's hold on Jack. Once he was done, once the purple mist dissapeared from Jacks' eyes; Daniel limply fell on Jack's chest.

Jack blinked his eyes. Searching the room, he found he was in Daniel's room. Feeling a heavy weight on his chest, he saw Daniel lying on him.

"Am I going to regret asking you why you are lying on my chest?" Jack nearly shouted to be heard above the blasting music.

Taking in a deep breath, Daniel raised his head, he let out a relieved laugh to see his old friend's eyes were back to normal.

"Jack, you don’t' know how happy I am to hear your sarcastic humor again."

"I don’t know how you can hear me at all with that loud music!" Jack shouted."

"Not so loud!" Daniel reprimanded him. "The others may be listening. How much do you remember?"

"Some of it is foggy," he mumbled, as he tried to recall everything that happened to him. Looking down on himself, he let out a groan. "Oh my lord! It looks like I was an extra in The Return of the Mummy," Daniel felt Jack shiver under him. "It's god awful cold in here."

Daniel weakly stood up, making sure to stay out of line of the camera. He quickly filled Jack in on all that had happened in the past day. Jack silently listened to Daniel's explanation. Once he was done, Jack pulled the skirt of the Jaffar outfit over to cover his bare legs.

"I think Hathor must be crazy, and blind. Can't she see I don't have the legs for this?"

"We have to come up with a plan to impair Hathor," Daniel blurted out. "The others should be trying to find a way into the complex through the heating vents."

"Gee Daniel, that is just so cliché. Everyone knows they always break in through the heating vents!"

"Not if they don't know the heating vents are attached to a forgotten mine shaft that houses the power cables for the Star Gate," Daniel wagged his eyebrows at Jack.

"Now that's original Daniel, I guess some of me has rubbed off on you." He let out a halting sigh, "It's about time."

Daniel glanced at Jack, he could tell he was hiding his pain, under his sarcastic remarks. "Jack, are you sure you're up to it?"

Jack quickly stood up, or he tried to do it quickly. He let out a low moan, "What truck did she run over me? I feel as if every muscle in my body has been given her special attention."

"Actually, it was Little John that gave you those bruises," Daniel sheepishly said.

"Little…?" Jack said.

"John…" Daniel finished for him.

"As in?"

"Sherwood Forest, Little John," Daniel mumbled. "Don't you remember being in Sherwood?"

"I was hoping that part was a dream," Jack sighed.

"Sorry Jack, it's all true. Robin Hood, Marion, the whole Sherwood Forest thingy."

"Then I guess it's a good thing I'm poor," Jack said, with a chuckle. He quickly regretted it, as his muscles reminded him of Little John's special attention.

"Okay, first we have to test if your cure for me is a permanent inoculation of Hathoritis, or will I be needing a booster shot."

Daniel looked at Jack with concern, "This may be dangerous."

"Danger is my middle name," Jack said. When Daniel gave him a skeptical look, Jack added, "Hey, on one of the planets we visited, Jack meant dangerous."

"Right, Jack. Let's get this over with."

Jack sat back down on the chair. He lay back closing his eyes. Daniel rushed over to the door. He began to pound on it, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Help me! Colonel O'Neill is dying, you have to come in and help me!"

Daniel jumped back, as he heard the lock on the door begin to open. A lone guard motioned him to step back with his machine gun.

"He's over there," Daniel pointed to the lounge chair Jack was sitting on.

Daniel rushed over to Jack, "Please, help me. I need to start CPR."

Seeing the paleness in Jack, and knowing he was under strict orders that the men inside were not to be harmed. The young soldier rushed over to help Daniel. Keeping his gun tucked under his arm on one side, he watched Daniel try to perform CPR on Jack.

Jack suddenly began to convulse. "Hold him down!" Daniel shouted. The young man quickly obeyed Daniel. He grabbed Jacks' bare arm, and held him down.

Daniel held his breath, he saw Jack's eyes open. He was prepared to take on both men. Seconds later Jack's arm flayed to the right, it fell on the gun the young man held. In a split second, Jack managed to jerk the gun out of the soldiers grip. Kicking his leg up, he nearly paralyzed the man with a killing blow between his legs. The soldier fell to the ground in a heap.

"Now Daniel, cure him," Jack hissed.

Once Daniel was over the shock of sympathizing with the soldiers pain, he leaped on the young soldier, in seconds he was able to cure him of Hathor's hold.

The soldier continued to lie on the ground, grunting, "Why...did you do…that…sir?"

"Sorry Private…but," Jack check out his nametag. "When your future wife asks about making little Taylor's, just tell her that you gave to defend your country."

"Guess I permanently cured you of Hathoritis!" Daniel proudly stated.

"It's a good thing too, because I've never liked needles. Now let's get this soldier back to his post before someone misses him."

Jack picked up Private Taylor. Holding him on his right side, Daniel appeared to be holding Jack on his left. They walked out from concealment, and began to march around the room. To those watching the camera, it appeared that they were helping Jack. As the soldier began to recover from Jack's low-blow, Jack quickly filled him in on Hathor. They came up with a plan to begin using what Jack called, Danicillin shots to the men on base.

The young soldier quickly left the room, the metal door slamming shut. "God I love it when a plan comes together," Jack said.

Daniel plopped on his bed, letting out a tired sigh, he whispered, "I hope the others are faring as well."

*** *** ***

"Okay guys, it's been two hours, more than enough time for Daniel to get inside of the base." Sam said. "Let's get going."

This time Sam led the way, they opened a large, aluminum duct. Fortunately, for now; it was tall enough to accommodate the men. Unfortunately, only if they walked in a stooped position. As Sam began to make her way through, she prayed it would not grow smaller. The men were having a hard enough time as it was.

Quietly the small group crept through the ducts, until they came to a junction. It was exactly as Sam feared, the ducts were half the height of the crawlspace. She didn’t see a problem with the guards, or Robin. Teal'c, however, may not be able to squeeze through.

"I shall try my best, Major Carter," Teal'c answered her unasked question.

"Let's go guys, remember to keep quiet. I'll signal you if I want you to stop."

Sam stared at the two ducts. She tried to get her bearings on how the base was situated.

"I think we need to go right," Sam said. During the twists and turns in the crawlspace, she was unsure which was the better way.

"I think the left may be better," Sam heard Robin say.

"Why would you think that?" Sam asked.

"That way, the air smells foul, to the left I feel fresh air flowing our way, indicating a larger area. My instincts tell me that it would be better, if we emerged in an area that we would be able to use to our advantage."

"You're right Robin," Sam sighed. "I guess no matter what the time period you're from, a natural born leader, is a natural born leader."

As they began to crawl down the left duct, Sam heard Teal'c tell Robin.

"Your arguments were sound, but my back thanks you for choosing the larger duct."

"Were they?" Robin said with a chuckle. "I've had a lot of practice. Actually the real reason I wanted to go left, was because my knees are killing me!"

*** *** ***

After exiting the tunnel, Marion and Private Jacobs returned to the hill that overlooked the base. Marion could see that Jacobs was a bit angry for baby sitting her.

"I'm sorry," she said for the third time.

"It's all right Ma'am," Jacob's sighed. "You're a woman, I saw how scared you were back there. Don't worry. I'm a soldier from the U. S. of A., I can protect you. It's just, I was hoping to see some fighting!"

"I thank the U.S. of A. It's good to know that a brave soldier like yourself can protect us helpless women." Marion stifled a chuckle, as his cheeks blushed a deep red. She knew he must be very young, they were always eager to run head on into a battle, without knowing what dangers lie ahead. If they had time, she would love to show him just how helpless this woman was.

Sitting down on the hill, Marion concentrated on the gate that led into the base. When they first arrived, four men guarded the gate, now she only saw two. She wondered where the other two men went?

She saw Jacob's sitting off to the side, he was pulling out clumps of grass, and flinging it in front of him. Marion was glad he was letting out his anger at the grass, and not on her head! As she was about to tell him she was sorry for the fourth time, until she heard a noise coming from behind. Lifting up her head, she smelled sweat flowing in the breeze. Slowly she stood up, as she heard the sounds of movement in the forest coming closer.

His mind occupied on his woes in being stuck looking after the helpless Maid Marion, Jacobs now began to work on unearthing a small tree.

"Jacobs, I have to answer nature," Marion whispered, as she began to back into the forest.

"Hmm, oh yes Ma'am," Jacobs mumbled, as he wrapped the baby tree around his hand.

In a flash; Marion dissapeared into the thick forest. Giving the tree a few tugs, he let out a grunt of satisfaction, as he was able to pull it out of the ground. Holding his trophy in his hands, he heard the snap of a whip. Spinning around, he saw a soldier standing behind him, the gun he held was being dragged into the forest by a whip.

Two more soldiers poured out of the forest. Jacobs jumped up to meet them. They never reached him, one was tripped by a large branch thrown out of the bushes, while the other was met by a fighting hellcat.

Marion used her whip to trip her opponent, as he fell to the ground, Marion pounced on him. As they fought, Jacobs saw three more soldiers pour out of the Forest.

He was amazed at how quickly Marion managed to keep them away. She fought like no woman he ever knew. In minutes three of the soldiers were on the ground, and two of them were nursing wounds from Marion's whip.

"Come on, anyone else want a piece of me!" Marion screamed.

"Yea!" Jacobs shouted, as he joined her. "I'd rather die first, than have that witch, Hathor take over my world!"

"Stop fighting!" Someone called from the forest. "He's on our side."

The seven soldiers immediately stopped fighting, those still standing helped those lying on the ground. Marion waited to take on whoever had the power to halt the fighting.

She was surprised to see Doctor Janet Fraiser walking out of the brush.

"Marion, I’m so sorry, we thought he was under Hathor's influence," Janet quickly apologized. "Where are the others?" Janet searched the area, looking for Marion's companions.

"They're inside the base," Marion softly said, "I stayed behind. I have a fear of being underground."

"That's all right Marion, this means you can help us." Janet brightly replied.

"Doctor Janet, what are you doing here?" Marion asked, as she put her whip away.

"After you and the others left, I made a few phone calls. I figured you would need a little help. I made sure to get the kind of help, that Hathor won't be able to use against us."

Marion saw one of the downed soldiers take his hat off. It was then that she realized she was not fighting men, but women.

"After you guys left, I realized that Hathor was a female chauvinistic pig!" Janet said. Receiving an inquisitive stare from Marion, she explained. "Hathor hates women. She knows we are a threat to her, she knows she can't control us. She thinks of us as being weaklings. I figured we should give her a message that we're not as weak as she thinks we are." Janet gave Marion a large wink.

"Doctor Janet, you are a woman after my own heart."

"Good, now lets get started. We're going to let Hathor know that the women on this planet, are not the weaklings she thinks we are!"

End of Part Ten

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