By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Four
Finding the right path
Part Thirteen

They came to a junction in the corridor. One led up, while the other led down.

"Any suggestions?" Jack asked around.

"I think that way is better sir," Magers suggested. "I recall hearing Hathor ordering the men to guard the lower levels. Last time I saw the meeting room on the monitors, she only had two men guarding the staircase that leads to the upper floor."

"That's true sir," Taylor pitched in.

"What do you think Carter?" Jack asked

"Maybe we should break up sir, give them what they want. An attack from below, while some of us come from above?"

"Sounds good Carter, hit them from both sides," Jack said.

Magers patted Robin on the back. "I think Robin should go with me on the upper floors. With his skill with the bow and arrow, we could silently take some of the men out." He pulled out a walky talky. "I'll let you know how many men are posted there before you enter, sir."

"Sounds like a plan to me. You can go with Magers, Robin." Jack said.

Robin nodded his head, reaching back he seemed to be struggling with his quiver of arrows.

"Can you help me, Magers?" he said.

Magers stepped up, just as he was about to help Robin, the outlaw of Sherwood's hand shot out. Hitting him on the back of the head, Magers fell in a heap on the ground.

"What did you do that for?" Jack shouted.

It was then that Teal'c and Sam jumped forward, shouting, "There's a Go'auld present!"

"Please," Robin pleaded with them. His voice shaking, "K…kill me!"

"Oh no, not you," Sam sighed. "Sir, I feel a Go'auld," Sam explained. "It's inside Robin."

"Please!" Robin's eyes were wide with fright. "Kill me!"

"Robin, what happened?" Jack asked, keeping his gun trained on the Sherwood outlaw.

"The one called Magers stumbled behind me. It was then I felt a pinch at the back of my neck. I immediately recalled Teal'c telling me that a Go'auld can enter a human from behind. In seconds, I heard a voice whispering inside of my head. It has to be inside of me."

Robin pulled his large hunting knife out. "I remember what you said about the creatures Teal'c. Possessing your bodies, using you to harm your friends." He flipped the knife to the blade side, offering the hilt to Teal'c. The large Jaffar hesitantly took the knife.

"I refuse to live with a creature that can control me. Please Teal'c, from one warrior to another, end my life before it uses me to destroy the ones I love."

"Wait a minute Teal'c," Sam jumped in, putting herself between Robin and Teal'c. She spun around to face Robin, "Robin, you said it's inside of you?"

"Yes, I hear its voice whispering to me now," Robin clutched his head. "Please Sam, if you don't do it, then I will!"

Robin lunged for the knife he handed Teal'c. Sam kicked the weapon away.

"NO Robin, listen to me!" Sam shouted. "Something is not right. A Go'auld would immediately take over your body. He would have used the knife on us, not itself. What you are would be overcome by the symbiote."

"Major Carter is correct," Teal'c said. "Once you were overtaken by a symbiote, the Go'auld personality wouldn’t hesitate to come out."

"Robin, what are the voices saying?" Carter asked.

Robin's eyes glassed over, as he concentrated on the voices, once they cleared a confused look crossed his face. "I don’t understand. You said all Go'auld's were dangerous killers. Yet the voices I hear are saying…Please don't hurt me."

"If you aren't under control by a symbiote, then why did you hit Magers?" Jack asked.

"The voices told me that Magers betrayed Daniel, and that he would betray you."

"Wait a minute, are you saying this Go'auld is friendly?" Jack asked, in a disbelieving tone.

"I don't know how to explain it Colonel O'Neill. I can actually feel his fear. He's terrified to speak to you, or any human. He keeps asking for his sister."

"Well what do you know!" Jack said, with a wide grin. "A Go'auld that finally knows his place."

"Sir," Carter asked. "Do you think this is the brother that Hathor spoke of?"

Robin quickly nodded his head. "It's him. I can feel his need for her. She is his protector."

"What is his name?" Teal'c asked.

Robin's eyes glassed over, they quickly focused back to Teal'c. "He says you may call him Ptah."

"Please, Ptah, I am Samantha Carter. You may call me Sam, may we speak to you?" Sam gently asked. "If that is all right with you?" Sam asked Robin.

"I don't mind, if it doesn't hurt," Robin replied. His eyes again glassed over, he seemed to be in a heated discussion. As they refocused, he shook his head.

"He is very frightened of Teal'c and Colonel O'Neill," he sighed. "But not of you Sam. He says you remind him of his sister."

"Are you going to just stand there, and take that insult Carter?" Jack sneered.

Sam stepped up to Robin, her gentle eyes gazed at him. "Please Ptah, I assure you, you can trust me."

Robin's head tilted from side to side. Slowly, his eyes began to glow in a golden color. His body cringed, as he whimpered, "Please don't hurt me, I mean you no harm," he said in a deep, hallow voice. Clearly, it was not Robin speaking. Immediately they knew it was Ptah.

"Who are you?" Jack asked, as he stepped forward. All weapons were trained on Robin.

"Don't hurt me, don't hurt me!" Ptah pleaded with him, as he jumped to Sam. "Please don't let them hurt me," he moaned.

It was shocking to see the brave Robin Hood acting like a terrified coward.

"Don't worry Ptah, I promise that I won't let anyone harm you," Sam said in a soothing voice.

"He's already harmed one of us Carter!" Jack hissed. "The one's whose body he just stole!"

Ptah held tighter to Sam, his body was trembling. He replied to Jack from behind her. "This human has not been harmed, I assure you. I could never harm a human. It was the other one that implanted me, he is the one to be feared."

"I ask again," Jack said in a deadly whisper. "Who are you?"

"Robin told you, I am Ptah, the brother of Hathor."

As soon as Hathor was out of his lips, Jack leaped towards Robin. He aimed his power staff directly at his head.

"Any brother of Hathor, is a sworn enemy of mine," Jack said in a deadly whisper. His face was twisted in hate, and anger. Anger for Robin's body being stolen to house a Go'auld.

"Noooo, don't hurt me!" Ptah wailed, as he held tightly to Sam. He buried his head in her back. "Hathor was right. Humans are cruel and mean," Ptah moaned.

Jack released the trigger on his power staff. Already this Go'auld did not act the omnipotent way the other Gould's he has met in his lifetime. In fact, he seemed like a frightened child.

"How can I believe you?" Jack said.

"Will you believe me?" Robin suddenly asked, as he stood up. He now had control of his body. It was Robin who was now looking at them.

"Robin, is that truly you?" Teal'c asked.

"It's me Teal'c, then again?" Robin shook his head, as he heard a voice whispering in his mind.

"Ptah says that unless Colonel O'Neill puts his gun away, he refuses to come out again." Robin said.

"Yeah right, the only way that'll happen if you pry it out of my dead lifeless fingers!" Jack laughed.

"Sir, I think we should do what he says for now," Carter interjected.

"Carter? Don't you think it might be a trap?"

"I don't know sir," she whispered to him. "But I do know that the Tokra are good Gould's."

"Is he a Tokra?" Jack asked Robin.

Robin stared ahead, as the Ptah spoke to him. "He says that he is neither Tokra nor Go'auld."

"So what does that make you, a To'auld or a Go'kra?" Jack snapped back.

"Sir, you aren't helping matters," Sam scolded him.

"Excuse me Major, but being under the spell of an Egyptian goddess, beaten to an inch of my life, and forced to wear this damn skirt tends to make me a little cranky!"

"What I mean sir is, if this Go'auld is not our enemy that only leaves one alternative."

"I see where you're getting at Major…a friend," Jack quietly replied.

Jack slowly placed his gun on a large box. Cupping his hands before him, a large forced grin, curled his lips, as he said in a strained voice. "I promise Ptah, I won't hurt you."

"Thank you sir, Robin?" Carter gently asked. She already knew what it was like to have a Go'auld possess her. She knew the fear a human felt, being used by the slimy creatures. So far, Robin seemed to be holding up all right.

Robin stared ahead, closing his eyes, his body suddenly began to shake. Teal'c rushed forward to catch him before he fell. The shaking left him, as quickly as it started. Opening his eyes, he hoarsely whispered. "He's allowed me to see his life. I see now why he fears humans. His sister has sheltered him his entire life. He's always been depended on her for his strength and courage."

"That's the Hathor we all hate," Jack sniffed.

"He doesn't want to control me, he says he just wants to quench his insatiable curiosity for technology. He said he's never hurt a human his entire life. I believe him, please take my word, I truly believe that he would never harm us."

"You sure he's not adopted?" Jack asked.

Teal'c slowly nodded his head, "I trust the word of Robin Hood."

"So do I," Jack relinquished. "Knock, knock. You hear me Ptah? It's okay to come out and play. I won't take your ball."

Robin's eyes suddenly changed, until they glowed the familiar golden color of a Go'auld possessed human. His head dipped down, his long hair half obscuring the innocent eyes of Ptah.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you before. It was clearly not my intention." Ptah said, with a bow of his head. His voice now had a hollow sound to it.

"What is your intention?" Jack suspiciously asked.

"To live," Ptah plainly stated. "You see, since I was first born, I've been different from the other Go'aulds. My sister said I was special. She's always protected me from our kind. She was the only one that understood my wants, my needs."

"What makes you so different?" Carter asked.

"Who do you think was able to figure out how to use the Chappa-ai, or as you call them, The Star Gates." Ptah proudly said. "Once the Go'auld's took control of the Chappa-ai from me, Hathor and I were exiled to your primitive world. Ra, Aphophis, all Go'auld's felt threatened by my genius. You see, I do not follow the Go'auld way. I do not like to see any creature in pain."

His eyes lit up, as he spied something. He ran to a computer monitor on a desk.

"Oooo, what's this?" Ptah cooed. His fingers flew on the keyboard, as he immediately blanked out everyone in the room.

"That's just what we need. Another techno freak!" Jack gripped.

"I see your world has advanced much, since I've been asleep," Ptah sighed, as he moved easily through the bases network. "It moves to slow though, what do you use to hold the information?" he looked to Sam for an answer.

"We use layered, silicon chips," Sam replied.

"Have you not thought of using diamond chips…The Chappa-ai!" Ptah happily declared, as his train of thought was interrupted once he found the Star Gate. "You have one here, you were able to figure out how to use it."

He leaped out of the chair. "Please, take me there! Can I please see it?" He was jumping up and down like a child that found a candy store. Sam and Jack gazed at each other, wearing the same confused look.

"D…d…definitely different from any Gould we've encountered d…d…definitely," Jack stuttered.

"It is confusing sir. One moment he's like a child, the next he's smarter than Einstein," Sam said.

"Okay…Ptah, I may take you to see the Star Gate, only if you tell us how a Time Gate managed to be hidden in merry old England," Jack sternly said. He was surprised to be addressing a Go'auld as if he were speaking to a child.

"Oh, you found my Time Gate!" Ptah's fear for the humans around him was clearly gone, once he became involved in a discussion of one of his inventions.

"You see, once exiled on your primitive world. I soon became bored, and began to work on a Time Gate. I don't know how, but Ra found out about the gate. He planned on using it against the other Go'auld's. He was going to travel back in time, and kill the reining Go'auld's before they took power. To save your world, as well as many others, I hid the gate in a cave, in a primitive land that lay north of the land of the pyramids. Unable to find it, Ra ordered me to be tortured, until I told him where I hid the device," he sniffed. Sam had to choke back a laugh, as she was seeing Robin's mature body acting so immature. "It was my sister, that saved me; as she has always done. She faked my death. For thousands of years, I lay dormant, attached to her. I owe everything to my sister."

Ptah's golden eyes dimmed, as he sadly sighed, "During the years my sister was imprisoned in the tomb, her hatred grew strong for the humans of this world, as well as our people that imprisoned her. It was that hate, that kept her, and myself alive."

"Let me get this straight," Jack said. "You're saying, that you're some kind of Gould genius? I thought you guys stole your technology from other civilizations?"

"That has always been the way for Go'auld's," Ptah explained. "Until Hathor and my birth. You see, the breeder that we came from, she took DNA from an Asgard."

"Hold on one little minute!" Jack waved his hands in the air. "Now you expect me to believe that Thor's people are involved with this? They don't get involved unless the entire universe is threatened by a monumental disaster that will destroy the entire universe. Or something close to that."

"I see you've met the Asgard's." Ptah happily said.

"Met them, why one time I saved their little gray butts!"

"Excuse me Ptah," Sam cut in. "You just said your mother took the DNA from an Asgard. If that is the case, then how is it possible for you to join with a human? I thought the only way for a symbiote to join with a human, they had to have human DNA."

"This Asgard was half human," Ptah calmly stated.

"Excuse me?" Jack shook his head. "You must have Asgard blood in you. The more you explain, the more confusing it gets."

"Our mother is the reason why Hathor changed Daniel Jackson. We are the product of a human/Asgard hybrid. Once we were born, our mother, sisters and brothers mysteriously died. Only the two of us survived. When we were exiled on this world, Hathor told me of her plan to evolve a human to a higher state. She would use his enhanced DNA to produce a super race of Go'auld's. Her children will be the next ruling race."

"Okay, now you're making sense. Greed and power I understand."

"Then you are beginning to trust me?" Ptah hopefully asked.

"Let's just say I've changed the settings on the staff from kill to stun, but keeping my finger on the trigger."

"I guess I can accept that," Ptah relinquished.

"Now I have to ask you. Will you help us stop your sisters plans?"

Ptah began to bite his nails, his eyes knit in worry. "I don't know…" he mumbled. "Will you hurt my sister?"

"Your sister is the cause of all of this!" Jack shouted.

Ptah jumped back, immediately Robin took control. "Colonel O'Neill, don't yell at him."

"I can't believe it, he's possessed by a Gould, and he's sticking up for it!"

"He's like a child," Robin explained. "His sister never allowed him to grow up. I feel a strong innocence from him. She's dominated him his entire life."

"Ptah," Sam said. "Once I was possessed by a Go'auld named Jolinar. A part of her life has remained with me. Perhaps…?" Sam wondered, as she lay her hand on Robin.

Robin closed his eyes with Sam's touch. For several seconds Sam's hand seemed glued to Robin's forehead.

"Carter, what the…" Jack began to say, until Teal'c held him back.

"No Colonel O'Neill, do not interrupt. I believe she is trying to let Ptah see the truth, at last."

Jack stepped back, the room grew quiet, as Sam focused on letting Ptah see what his sister and his race was truly like. Letting out a gasp, she fell back. Teal'c moved forward to catch her before she fell.

"I hope that worked," she croaked.

Robin's eyes immediately glowed a golden color. "All these years," Ptah whispered. "All the hurt and pain my kind have instilled on your people." Tears began to stream down his face. Looking up, he sobbed. "Please believe me, I am not like that. I want to help, but…I'm not brave enough. I've never been brave enough. Hathor has always looked after me, I don't know what to do…what to say."

Immediately his eyes changed back to Robin's deep brown. "I think it's time you see what life is like under tyranny."

Robin closed his eyes, in seconds they popped open, they were the golden color of a Go'auld. "I thank you for showing me your life, Robin Hood." Ptah said. Clearly Robin was able to give Ptah a taste of what Robin's life was like under the iron rule of Prince John.

"As you can see," Robin said. "My life has been dedicated to fighting oppression. I can be brave enough for the both of us. For now, we must come up with a plan to stop your sister."

"I'll agree," Ptah said, "Only if you promise my sister won't be killed!"

"Agreed," Jack quickly replied.

"Then let us come up with a plan," Robin said.

Jack saw a questioning look on Sam's face, stepping up to her he whispered, giving her a sly wink. "You'd be surprised what someone can live through."

End of Part Thirteen

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