By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Three
Storming the Castl...Base!
Part Nine

A vision hit Daniel hard and fast, he saw Hathor sitting on her golden throne. His fear grew to anger, as he saw Jack in appalling condition. Hathor had begun to serve her revenge on him.

He saw Jack struggling to stand. His body was mottled with bruises. Little John pulled back with his staff, slamming it into Jack's back. He gritted his teeth, fighting to stay erect, Little John swung the staff around; hitting Jack in the back of his knees. He let out a sharp intake of air, as he fell to the ground. Planting his staff, Little John stood triumphantly over Jack.

"Yes, you will make a fine Jaffar," Hathor praised Little John.

"I thank you, my queen," Little John said, with a bow of his head.

"O'Neill, we grow tired of you," Hathor sighed.

"I’m sorry…my queen," Jack panted, as he struggled to get up. "I will try…to stay up longer."

Daniel's anger grew to a high pitch, as he saw Hathor torturing Jack. What angered him the most, was her control of him forced him to permit the beating. Daniel knew he wouldn't last much longer. The worst part was, Hathor was using Robin's friend to beat Jack to the ground.

Unable to watch his friend's heartless punishment any longer, Daniel pulled back. He found himself standing in the entrance to the shaft. He slowly began to walk out.

"Sorry Sam, but I can't go down there."

Sam spun around, "Why Daniel?"

Daniel looked up at Robin, giving him a small wink, he said, "I need to find my own way, down my path of destiny."

"Daniel, what are you talking about?" Sam demanded.

"Hathor started something Sam. I need to finish it. I don't think she would kill me. After all, she needs me for her brood."

"But Daniel, you can't…" Sam began to protest.

"Sam, I have to. Besides, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it would be better if one of us were able to be on the inside."

He searched her face for her approval, she quietly said, "Yes, that would be logical."

"Great, now I just need you to do one thing for me," he asked Sam.

"What is it?" she replied.

"Talk me out of it!" he pleaded with her.

"Get out of here, before I do."

Daniel turned to see Robin, with a knowing smile on his face. "You knew I was going to do this, didn't you."

"I showed you the path, it was your choice to walk upon it."

"Watching my closest friend being tortured by that witch woke me up. I realized that my pain was small by comparison, to what Hathor can deliver to not only my friends, but to all humans. Witnessing her heartless acts of degradation, gave me the push I needed. Like Olwyn did with your fathers killer," Daniel said in revelation.

"Olwyn showed me the torment and depravity that Prince John brought upon the people of England. I had to make the decision for myself, that England needed me. For a cause so just, it had to take root in my heart, my soul. You needed to see Hathor's evil for yourself, to be able to make a stand against her."

"Thanks Robin."

Robin gave him a slight bow of his head, "I thank you for the danger you are putting yourself in."

"Did you have to remind me?" Daniel gulped. "Okay, Sam, it's two p.m. right now. It's going to take me around half an hour to reach the base's entrance. A little, how do you do, then it should take around fifteen minutes for them to drag me to Hathor. Once I meet her, I'll try to keep her in the conference room long enough for you to enter the base. I hope that she'll give me free reign, after…" Daniel took another large gulp. He knew full well Hathor's intention for him if this did not work.

"You be careful, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c warned him.

"When am I ever not careful?" Daniel countered.

"Then we will see you in the base," Teal'c happily declared.

"See you later," Daniel said, as he began to walk away.

"Um Daniel!" Sam called out.

"Yes Sam?"

"I know you said you need to find your own way down your path of destiny, but I believe you would get there quicker, if you go that way. It leads towards the base."

Daniel let out a small chuckle, "I'm an archeologist, never said I was good with directions," he mumbled. Once he was out of sight, they piled into the mineshaft.

Teal'c slammed the door shut. To everyone's dismay, it actually got hotter.

"Colonel O'Neill, once this is over, I am going to make sure you never forget this," Sam grumbled, as she made her way through the dark crawlspace. The two soldiers that Daniel cured of Hathor's influence, took the lead.

They walked through an eerie green light, that was spaced out far enough, that they drifted from darkness into the puce illumination. It was an hour later that they came upon a small, elevator.

"Great!" Sam sighed.

"I was hoping there would be an elevator to get down. The base is several floors down. It would have been a long walk."

Sam and the two guards stepped into the elevator. Robin and Marion lingered behind.

"Come on Robin, this will take us lower into the earth."

As Sam patiently waited for them to come, she saw Marion's hand tightly gripping Robins. She was never so frightened in all her life. The only thing that kept her going, was Robin's strength. Robin tried to stand tall as he felt Marion shaking next to him. It was something he had never felt from her in all the battles they fought together.

It was then, that Sam recalled Marion saying she was buried in a cave. She slowly walked to Marion, she could see the concern etched on Robin's face. He too, realized where her fear came from.

"I'm sorry," Marion whispered to her. "I really thought I could do this."

"Don’t worry Marion, I perfectly understand." Sam gently replied. She could see her hands shaking. Robin wanted to stay with her, but he knew that he was needed to help save his friends.

"Do you want to stay here?" Sam gently asked her.

Marion looked up at Robin, he warmly smiled at her. He was the force that kept her going, in this strange, future world. She hoped it would help her with her fear's of the cave. She only found it grew stronger, the deeper they walked. Once she knew they were going to go deeper, she felt her knees giving away. Only Robin was able to save face, grabbing her shoulder and keeping her from falling.

"I’m sorry Robin. I've come so far, I can't believe I failed Little John and Tuck because of my stupid, childish fear!" Marion squeezed a fist, moving her anger to her hand.

He drew her closer to him. "Don’t worry Marion, once I help Little John and Tuck escape from that witches spell. I'm sure they will understand."

"I'll have Private Jacobs stay with you," Sam offered. "Perhaps you can keep guard outside, by the gate? Incase Hathor tries to escape?"

"I'll see," Marion said, in a halting sigh.

"Private!" Sam called. The young soldier quickly rushed to Sam's side.

"Yes sir!"

"Private Jacobs, I want you to stay with Marion. You're to exit the tunnels, and wait just outside of the bases gate. Look for any sign of Hathor escaping."

"But sir?" Jacobs began to protest. He really was anxious about fighting a Go'auld. Guarding a gate wasn’t going to be any fun.

"Private! You will follow my orders." Sam angrily shot back.

"Yes sir!" Jacobs snapped to attention. He grudgingly stood by Marion's side.

"Please take care of yourself," Marion whispered to Robin.

"Don't I always?" he brightly replied. She saw his eyes sparkling in joy.

"I know that look, you just be careful."

"I'll be back, with Little John and Tuck. I promise."

"I'll be waiting for you." Marion reached up, to brush her lips on Robin's cheek. He quickly moved his head, so that their lips would touch. She lingered on his warm lips. Breaking it off, she whispered. "I promise." She whirled around, to rush back the way they came. Private Jacobs quickly followed her out of the shaft.

"Let's go," Sam said.

They all piled into the elevator, and took it down to the lowest level.

Once they left the elevator, it didn't take them long to reach a metal duct.

"We'll wait here, to give Daniel enough time to reach Hathor," Sam told the others.

"Then we will storm the castle," Teal'c declared, with a raised eyebrow.

"I was hoping you would say that," Robin softly replied, as his eyebrow arched as high as Teal'c. Robin patted his sword, while Teal'c slammed his power staff into the ground. Both men were ready to do whatever it would take to save their friends.

*** *** ***

Once Daniel was seen by the camera's, it didn't take long before he was being dragged before Hathor. He was horrified to see Jack's battered body lying in a corner, of the conference room. He was thankful to see his chest rising, at least he was still alive. He saw Little John fully dressed as a Jaffar. He wore the split skirt, his chest bared, his appearance was changed, thanks to Hathor. He swiftly grabbed Daniel, throwing him to the ground, he growled. "You will bow to your queen."

"She's not my queen," Daniel angrily snapped back.

Daniel felt Little John's power staff digging into his back. "Where are the others?" Little John demanded.

"I came here on my own," Daniel groaned.

"We do not believe you, beloved," Hathor purred, as she stepped down from her throne. Little John dragged Daniel up. She moved over to large jar, which sat upon an ornate table. Daniel glanced outside of the observation window, he saw the Star gate was open. Several soldiers were dragging marching through.

"Thanks to you, our plans to concur this world has begun."

She lifted the glass jar from the table, and reverently carried it to Daniel. "Our brother has released his grip from me. He waits for the one known as Robin Hood."

"He's going to be waiting a long time, like say, eight hundred years!"

Inside of the jar, Daniel saw a large Go'auld symbiote swimming around. "Your men here have fingers that reach into the world. We know that five people left a plane that arrived from England. Robin Hood is here, perhaps just outside of the base?"

Daniel turned away from her burning look. "Never fear beloved, he, and your companions will be found, and brought to me. Ptah is anxious to join with his new body. Are you not, dear brother?" Hathor spoke to the symbiote. The creature swimming within the jar wiggled madly, tapping against the glass.

"Ah, Ptah," Daniel said. "I see, fitting. You are the great mother, and your brother is the creator. The creator of what?" Daniel dared to stand up to Hathor. His payment was a slap across the face from Little John.

"You will not speak to her in that tone of voice," he barked.

Daniel wiped the blood from his mouth, he mumbled, "I have a feeling this is going to be a long and painful night."

"I am feeling generous, I think I will tell you, beloved. It was my beloved brother who helped build the time gate, he is a genius," Hathor said.

"I thought your kind were not capable of creating your own devices. You've always leached off other civilizations technology.

"That is so, but my brother was special. The Go'aulds were jealous of him. I was born as a breeder, and with the gift of power over men, my brothers gift was his genius. Orders came from Ra himself, that my brother was to be put to death. I was sentenced to remain on this world because of our plans to dominate the Go'aulds.

I was able to save my brothers symbiote, using another in his place. He joined with me. Once joined, he needed to remain dormant, so the other Go'aulds would not know that he was alive. We remained linked together, waiting for the proper time for him to wake up. You were the first human to be able to decipher his message inscribed on the time-gate. Now I've found a perfect vessel for him, and thanks to you. I have control of the military force of this impotent planet!"

"If we're so impotent, why do you need our bodies?" Daniel defiantly declared. This time he was ready for Little John's reaction. He ducked a sweeping blow, unfortunately he was not prepared for Little John to kick out with his foot. Slamming into his leg, Daniel fell to the ground in a heap.

"I thought you needed my DNA," Daniel groaned.

"You do not need your legs to provide us with that," Hathor said, with a lilting laugh. She gently placed the jar containing her brother back on the table.

"It would help," Daniel grunted, as Little John roughly pulled him up. Daniel arms were pulled back, he was held tightly by the giant outlaw, as Hathor glided towards him.

Her hand reached up, locking on his head. Daniel struggled in Little John's tight grip, as Hathor used her palm device.

"I can tell that you have changed Daniel Jackson. You are stronger, already you are able to fight off my control. Your change is not enough for us to use your DNA for our brood though. You are blocking what I have done to you, my love," Hathor made a tsking sound. "You must embrace the gift I've given to you. Only then will my brood become stronger than any Go'auld ever born."

"That day will never come," Daniel gasped.

"You will be restricted to your room," Hathor snarled, as she roughly released her hold on him. "Your only company will be that wretched lump." She pointed to the unconscious Jack.

"You will see that I am a generous god," Hathor tiredly sighed, as she walked back to her thrown. Little John rushed to help her sit down. With a clap of her hands, four of the bases guards marched in.

"Take them to Daniel Jackson's room."

"It shall be done, our queen," the men loudly declared, as they slapped their fists on their chest.

Two of the men grabbed Daniel, while the other two picked up Jack. They dragged them out of the conference room.

End of Part Nine

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