By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter Two
An Outlaw in a Strange Land
Part Five

Once Daniel was finished, a thoughtful look flowed across Sam's face. "She said she was changing you to make her next brood stronger?" Sam mumbled, as she was trying to figure out what Hathor had done to Daniel. "She was taking you up to the next level in evolution."

"Which would mean," Daniel said, joining in her debate. "Sixth sense."

"It could mean many things Daniel," Sam continued with his assumption. "Telekinesis, ESP, Mind reading, visions. It's said we only use ten percent of our right brain. Who knows what Hathor has done to you."

"I may turn into a big brained freak!" Daniel glumly said.

"Or, your mind may be strong enough to fight off the Go'auld's!" Teal'c said, trying to find a bright side.

"Wh…what do you mean?" Daniel stuttered, as he began to stand up. Sam helped him up.

"Teal'c is right Daniel, the first time you met Hathor, you were totally under her spell. You said as she kissed you, she drew some of her power from you. Why were you not pulled into her spell, as the rest of the men were?"

"That's a good question," Daniel said.

"I have a better one," Sam jumped in. "Why wasn't Robin affected by Hathor? I saw Little John touch him."

"I don't know why, but I can truthfully say I am not under her evil spell," Robin declared, as he emerged from the forest. Sam was impressed by the weaponry he sported, as well as Marion. He now had a broadsword strapped to his side. A large knife hung from his belt. His quiver was filled with arrows, and he gripped a long bow in one hand. Marion was also equipped as if they were going to fight an army.

Stopping in front of the future trio, Robin planted the longbow in the ground. Leaning on it, he let out a deep sigh. "Once Little John touched me, I did hear that woman's voice in my mind. Her voice seemed to penetrate my every thought. In seconds, I was willing to give my life for her."

"What happened to stop that?" Sam said. She was truly curious as to how Robin was able to purge Hathor's influence from him. During the time they first met Hathor, Doctor Fraiser and Sam were unable to find a cure, for Hathor's control on the men on the base. "Obviously you are not under her spell. If you were, you could not have possibly betrayed her as you did."

Robin's face scrunched in puzzlement, "I really don't know. All I remember is, her voice was drowned by another's."

"Who's was that?" Teal'c asked.

Robin turned his head, looking down at the woman by his side, he sighed, "Marion."

"We don't have time to debate this," Daniel curtly said. "We need to go forward in time, and warn General Hammond about Jack being under Hathor's control."

"Let's go," Sam said. As she headed towards the cavern, she realized they had two others joining them. Whirling around, she was not surprised to see Robin and Marion following them.

"We wish to go with," Robin quickly answered her unasked question.

"You don’t know what you're getting into Robin. It's the future," Daniel began to contest Robins request, he was hushed by a stern look.

"Daniel, that woman took two of my closest friends." Hearing a throat being cleared by his side, he added. "Our friends."

"I hope you will not try to stop us," Marion said, her voice was tight with emotion. She was frightened about going into the future, but her fears for her companions were stronger.

"I wouldn't think of it," Sam nodded her approval.

"Just stick close to us," Daniel said, as he moved into the cavern. He motioned Robin and Marion to stand by his side. Sam and Teal'c stood opposite of him, surrounding the stone Dais. Daniel studied the controls for a few seconds.

"Damn!" Sam cursed. "I left the laptop here. Colonel O'Neill must have taken it."

"Along with my notebook," Daniel said, as he tried to hide his fears.

"How will we be able to get back?" Teal'c said.

"Um, that's forward Teal'c," Daniel mumbled. He realized he had no idea how to reverse their trip to the past. Leaning over, he touched the device. As he studied the foreign markings before him, his frown began to curve upwards. Like a light being turned on. It became so clear to him that he felt embarrassed for not knowing what to do when he first gazed at the Dais.

"I don't know how Sam, but I understand how this thing works."

"Can you transport us to the time, before Hathor appeared in the future?" she anxiously asked.

Daniel shook his head, as he studied the device. "Sorry Sam, don’t ask me how I know, but this time machine doesn't work like that. A clock started ticking the moment we appeared into the past. It kept in time with the future we came from. Anyone transporting back to the future, will do so in the same time frame as the past. It's near sunrise here, so we'll be arriving at around five a.m. in the future."

Daniel glanced around, "Everyone ready?"

Teal'c untied his scarf. He pulled it lower, covering the golden seal of Apothis that was emblazoned on his head.

Robin took in a deep breath, "Let's get this over with."

"Fine, then hold on guys, here we go!" Daniel announced, as he began to punch in the code, that would take them forward in time. Once the last sequence was punched in, a curtain of water washed up towards the ceiling. In seconds the water flowed down, to be absorbed into the dirt of the cavern floor.

Robin gazed around in the darkness. He quickly noticed that things were not the same. Even though the cavern was the same in size, he saw strange objects strewn around on the floor.

"Oh great!" Sam cried out, as she rushed towards a small pile of metal. "They destroyed the radio, and our cell phones!"

Teal'c ran to the cavern's entrance. Activating his power staff, he searched outside, making sure that Hathor and the men under her power were not waiting for them.

"I do not see Hathor or Colonel O'Neill," Teal'c declared.

"We'll have to get in touch with General Hammond first," Daniel said. He rushed to the cavern's entrance. Sam followed him outside the cavern. She kicked the dirt, as she found that their rented car was missing.

"I put that on my credit card," Daniel moaned.

"We'll have to find the nearest town, or house, and try to call the General from there," Sam said, as she rushed over to a pile of equipment that lay where the car was parked.

She rummaged though a canvas bag. She threw it down, letting out a sigh of frustration.

"You really thought he would have left something we could use?" Daniel laughed.

"I was hoping he'd be to concerned for her highness' comfort, and leave us something we could use."

Daniel threw Sam a large grin, stamping his feet, he wiggled his eyebrows. "I hope these boots are made for walking. Because we're going to give them a good testing."

Sam hooked her arm in his, "Let's follow the yellow brick road and find the wicked witch of the west."

"I believe you have forgotten something," Teal'c's voice of reason rung out.

Daniel spun around, he realized that he had forgotten about Robin and Marion. He saw them standing by the cavern's entrance. Robin's arm was protectively wrapped around Marion's shoulder. Standing amongst the rubble left by Colonel O'Neill, they suddenly looked very out of place, dressed in the clothes of their time.

"We need to find a store first," both Daniel and Sam declared.

"What's a store?" Marion asked, as Sam and Daniel rushed to them. Daniel grabbed Robin, while Sam took Marion in hand.

"Marion," Sam said. "Being a woman, I know you're going to love it!"

"Robin," Daniel said, "Being a man, I know you're going to hate it."

"Then why go?" Robin asked, as he was practically pulled down a funny looking road that was made of black rock.

"Because, unless there is a renaissance faire being held nearby. The two of you are going to stick out like a sore thumb!" Daniel quickly explained.

Daniel had to stifle a laugh, as he saw Robin staring curiously at his thumb. "I'll tell you about that later. The sooner we get the two of you in modern clothing, the sooner we can help your friends."

"Then let's hurry Daniel," Robin insisted, as he began to drag Daniel down the road. Teal'c remained in the rear, keeping his eye on the forest. Deep inside, he now harbored a grudge. The battle he had with the one called Little John was not over. He was a Jaffar of the highest rank. He needed to end his battle with the giant blonde human. The honor of his ancestors was now at stake!

"What is that foul smell?" Robin asked, as they walked down a deserted road.

"What smell?" Daniel asked.

"I noticed it too," Marion shouted from ahead.

"It's pollution Daniel," Sam explained. "We've lived with it all of our lives. Robin and Marion come from a time where the only pollution they've known is from the wood that burned from their fires."

"And death," Robin murmured. "It is a smell that I've come to know very well." Suddenly Robin bolted to Marion. Pulling his sword from its sheath, he shoved Marion and Sam protectively behind him.

"Protect yourselves. I see a metal monster coming towards us!" he shouted, as he stood steadfast to attack the coming monster. Daniel threw himself in front of Robin, before he rushed into the middle of the road.

"No Robin! It's not a monster; it won't attack us. It's just a car, um, an automobile…a metal wagon!"

Even though Daniel seemed sure the metal monster Robin saw moving down the road would not harm them, he kept his broadsword ready.

"How can you say it will not harm us? I see two people inside that the creature ate!" Robin shouted, as he tried to push Daniel away. Teal'c had to hold Robin back, as the car drove by. The confused riders in the car stared ahead, praying that the man that nearly attacked their car had not just escaped from the local mental hospital.

"Listen Robin," Daniel panted, as the car safely drove by unscathed by Robins wicked looking sword. "You need to trust us. When I tell you something is not dangerous, you're going to have to believe me."

Daniel heard another car coming down the road. "Now watch this, cars are not dangerous creatures."

Robin was about to sheath his sword, until he felt something he was very familiar with, his outlaw instinct told him that something was wrong. He stared at the coming thing that Daniel called, a car. The humans he saw inside were not looking ahead, as the other people were doing. They were staring straight at them.

"See Robin, cars are not monsters out to eat yo…," Daniel began to say, until his words were cut off as the car suddenly swerved towards them at a breakneck speed.

"Move Marion!" Robin shouted, as he ran not away from the car, but towards it.

"Robin don't!" Daniel shouted. Teal'c scrambled to the side. He was about to use his power staff on the car, until he saw Robin leap into the air. Tumbling he landed hard on the hood of the car. Bracing himself, he rammed his sword though the hood, and into the engine.

"Die, metal monster!" Robin snarled.

The car began to smoke, it soon started swerving on the road. Pulling his sword out, Robin threw it to the side. Searching for a way to escape from the swift moving car-creature; Robin leapt to the side. As the car raced by a tree, he grabbed a low hanging branch.

In seconds the car smashed into a large oak tree.

Daniel, Sam, Marion, and Teal'c ran to the tree Robin was hanging from. Swinging his legs, he let go of the branch, to land soundly on his feet.

"I thought you said that cars were not dangerous?" Robin asked Daniel, as he handed Robin his sword.

"It's not cars that can harm you Robin, but the people that drive it," Sam said.

"WOW, um, that was fantastic Robin!" Daniel gushed.

"I must say, you managed to handle that car most proficiently," Teal'c softly commented.

"Excuse me?" Robin asked.

"He meant, if we ever have cars attack us again. We're happy to have you on our side," Daniel translated.

"I'll gladly take that challenge," Robin said, with a bow of his head. He shoved his sword back in its sheath, just in time for the occupants of the car to emerge from the wreck.

"You must die," a red haired young man droned, as he stumbled towards Daniel.

"Hathor said, you must die," his dark haired companion said.

"I guess we can safely say that Hathor was here," Daniel said.

As the men approached them, they quickly fell as a bright blue light struck them both. "What shall we do with them?" Teal'c asked, as he deactivated his power staff.

"I say we tie them up," Daniel offered.

"I second that," Sam quipped, as she ran to the men's car, searching for something to tie the men with.

"What is that weapon you used?" Marion asked Teal'c.

"It is a weapon that my ancestors have used for centuries," Teal'c's deep voice replied.

"I'd like to hear more about it," Marion said. She was truly curious as to where this dark skinned man came from. He was a very quiet man, but Marion immediately knew that was misleading. She saw him fighting with Little John. From the way he was able to hold his own against John, she knew the man was taught to be a fighter since his childhood.

Teal'c was beginning to look at Robin, and Marion in a different light. Robin was a true warrior, he showed no fear when attacking the car. This is something that Teal'c knew well, the respect of a fellow warrior.

"When we have time. I will tell you," Teal'c promised.

"That’s a story I would also like to hear," Robin said.

End of Part Five

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