By Virginia Cavazos
Chapter One
Old Enemies, New Friends

Part One

Dr. Daniel Jackson slowly walked up to the large stone dais that stood in the center of a dark cavern. It was tucked away in an innocuous hill in of all places, merry old England.

He had been working diligently on deciphering it for days. Having little or no sleep for the past 48 hours, he stumbled. Tripping over his own feet, he felt an arm catch him before he hit the ground. Repositioning his frame glasses, he saw his savior, was Colonel Jack O'Neill. He was a military hero, in his mid forties. His ever present, khaki cap covered his thinning blonde hair. Every line on his face spoke of past battles. He was a man that tried to hide his concern for his companions, by his sharp tongue.

"Tell your feet to trip another time Daniel," Colonel O'Neill quietly said, as he righted him.

The young archeologist took in a deep breath, as he righted himself. Kneeling before the Dais, he began to unpack a set of camel hairbrushes, to clean away years of dust and dirt that accumulated in the ancient glyphs.

Blowing away a few particles, Daniel's eyes grew wide in revelation.

"I knew it, this is Demotic," Daniel stated, as he checked the glyph uncovered with one that was in the small book he held.

"You mean the devil made them do it?" Jack asked.

"No Jack, Demotic is an ancient language still used by Arabs and some modern Egyptians today. It was one of the languages found on the Rosetta Stone." Daniel mumbled, as he uncovered more of the glyphs. "There was also Hieroglyphics and Greek found on the stone. It was the Demotic and Greek words that helped Jean-Francois Champollion decipher the Rosetta stone. It opened the door for the modern world to be able to look into the ancient world of the Egyptians."

"So, this Jean guy was smart, huh?" Jack asked.

"I guess you could call him that. At fourteen he could speak six languages, seven if you count French," Daniel softly said, as he worked on extracting years of dust from the glyphs. "The Rosetta stone was a black basalt tablet that was carved in 196 BC, for King Ptolemy V." Daniel was in his element now. He had always felt helpless when on a mission. Almost like a fifth wheel. He was thankful that he was finally able to contribute to his team.

"It remained hidden until Napoleon's troop unearthed it in 1799."

Jack non-chalantly walked around the large, stone Dais. "So what is Demotic writing, doing on a stone dinner table; in the forests of Sherwood?" Jack asked.

"That's a good question," Daniel sighed.

"I only ask that kind Daniel. We're trained in the military not to ask the bad ones."

"How old do you think this dais is?" Jack asked. He looked from Daniel to Major Samantha Carter.

Samantha Carter was a Navy brat. Her entire life was spent on a navy base. With bright blue eyes, and short cut blonde hair, she's had more than her share of men tell her she was a very beautiful woman. Unfortunately for them, they did not share her love for science. Graduating at the top of her class, Jack thought many times, that she was the smartest woman he ever knew. She was also the bravest. During all the battles, or situations they became involved in. She was one he would always depend on to keep a cool head.

"Hard to say sir," Sam quickly answered. "We can carbon date anything on our home world, but it doesn’t work with things from alien planets."

"In other words?" Jack asked.

"If the material used for the table came from another world? It could be as old as the Chinese take out in your refrigerator," Daniel mumbled, as he whisked away some dirt from other glyphs.

"Now that's old," Jack said, with a whistle.

"Teal'c," Jack sidled up to the large Jaffa. "Does this mean anything to you?"

Unlike his companions, Teal'c could not call Earth his birthplace. He was born on a planet billions of light years away. He was trained in life, by an alien race to be their elite guards, known as Jaffars. A tall, bald, black man, he stood out from others, by the golden symbol branded on his forehead. A quiet man, he was breed by the alien race to be a fighter. Years ago, his eyes were opened by a team of humans from earth. He soon found that the alien race, known as Go'aulds, were not the powerful gods they professed to be. He renounced his so called 'Gods', and vowed to help the humans from earth, end their tyrannical rule.

"It is hard to imagine anything as old as the Chinese-take-out, in your refrigerator; Colonel O'Neill," Teal'c said, with a straight face. Which was not hard, for it was seldom anyone saw Teal'c break a smile.

"Just call me Abbott," Jack mumbled, as he grabbed a backpack that lay on the floor. He dug his arm in, searching vigorously for something eluding his hand.

"Hey, Abbott!" Daniel shouted. "JACKPOT!"

"What did you find?" Jack said, as he ran to Daniel.

He saw Daniel was so excited by the find, that he was having a hard time breathing. "Danny boy, take in deep breaths."

"I’m trying!" he gasped. Bending over, he placed his hands on his knees. Pointing to the Dais, he stuttered. "I…I think we found a…a…a time gate."

"Excuse me? Want to ride that by me again? Did you say Time…"

"Gate!" Daniel finished for him.

"Is that possible?" Jack looked to Sam for advice.

"We know it's possible with the Star Gates sir," Sam surmised. "We've seen it accidentally happen before. Perhaps the Gould's figured this out earlier, and were able to make a Time Gate?"

"The million dollar question is, guys. Can we figure out how to use it?" Jack blurted out.

"I can still ask the audience and use 50/50," Daniel mumbled, as he continued to work on the Dais.

"My god Daniel, do you know the implications of this are?" Jack gasped.

"Fully," Daniel sighed. He had been working with the Star Gate project long enough to know that it wouldn't take the government long to take advantage of something like this.

"You've got to find out how to work this thing Daniel," Jack slapped him on the back. "I'll get in touch with General Hammond, and let him know what we've found."

Regardless of what the government would have planned for the device. Daniel's insatiable curiosity overruled his ethics.

"It's not going to be easy," Daniel said. "The instructions for this device is a language I've never seen before."

"I have faith in you Daniel me boy," Jack said. "When I first heard of you, they called you the wonder boy. You have a reputation to live up to.

"I'll get right on it," Daniel said, as he kneeled before the Dais.

"You hungry Daniel?" Sam gently asked.

"I guess I should be," he replied. "I didn't eat supper last night, or breakfast. I think I was dreaming about these symbols."

"If you don't mind sir, we're going to need more supplies if we want to eat for the next few days. Among other things?" She jerked her eyes to a small, enclosed lavatory they set up at the back of the cavern.

"Ah yes, the paper of life," Jack said. "Can't do without that Carter."

"No sir. We'll be back in about two hours," Sam said.

"Keep working Daniel," Jack called out, as he and Sam left the cavern. That left Teal'c with Daniel. Knowing that Doctor Jackson would be fully occupied with his work, Teal'c began to leave the cavern.

"I will be going to the camp Doctor Jackson. If you need anything?"

"I'll let you know," Daniel replied, patting the small walky-talky, that sat in his shirt pocket.

Daniel diligently worked on deciphering the Dais. He was surprised how quickly he was able to translate it. Once he was able to figure out what Language was being used, it became simple. As he wrote down the translation, he jerked his head up, he could swear he heard someone behind him…or was it felt?

Shaking it off, he continued to translate. He let out a low curse, as he came to a large section of Dais that was strewn with a language he had never seen before.

"Damn!" he cursed out loud. "I've course, it wouldn't be that easy."

He stood up, placing his hands on his hips. He let out a dejected sigh. He stared at the strange symbols, wondering how he was going to explain it to Jack that the wonder boy had failed.

The cavern was filled with the sound of his growling stomach. Pulling out a candy bar from his pocket, he began to much on it. The temperature in the cavern was stifling. As Daniel took a large bite from the candy bar, some of it melted into the unknown glyphs carved in the stone Dais. As Daniel was about to brush the chocolate away, his hand froze.

The chocolate fell into one of the carvings, filling it half way. With half of the glyph obscured by the chocolate, it suddenly made sense to him.

"My god!" Daniel gasped. "They've combined Demotic and hieroglyphs!"

Daniel tore a piece of paper from his notebook. Placing it in the center of the strange glyphs, the markings came alive to him.

"I've got it!" he leaped up, jumping for joy. Unfortunately, once again he was alone with his revelations. "Always a bride's maid," he sighed. Flipping his notebook to a blank page, he began to decipher the markings.

Once he was finished, he had to read what he wrote several times, before he could believe what he just translated. "It's instructions on how to use this thing," he mumbled. Immediately he rushed over to a laptop. Quickly he wrote down his findings. Once he was finished, he walked back to the stone dais.

His fingers reverently moved in the markings, as he double-checked his translation. "Now that I have you translated, do I dare turn you on?"

Daniel jerked, as he heard someone whisper, "Dare."

Spinning around, his breath came out in short pants, as he realized who stood before him.

Standing in the entrance of the cavern, was the silhouette of a woman. Her face was blocked by the darkness of the cavern, but Daniel immediately knew who it was. He became more frightened, as he realized he FELT who she was.

"I…I thought you were dead," he stuttered.

"It is not easy to kill us," the silky voice of a woman drifted towards him.

"You should have stayed dead!" Daniel growled, as the woman slowly began to walk into the cavern. Daniel searched around the cavern, he was unable to find any weapon close enough to help him.

"Surely beloved, you would not try to kill us?" the beautiful woman asked, as she stepped closer to Daniel. Her eyes were the deepest blue, her bright red hair, was short and straight. She was not dressed in the clothes of an ancient Egyptian princess, as the last time he met her. She was clothed in a modern dress.

"Hathor!" Daniel gasped. He backed up as far as he could go. He stopped abruptly as the coldness of the stone Dais greeted him.

"Beloved, are you still afraid of us?" she purred. Her hand reached up, to caress his cheek. His eyes twisted in hate, as he snarled, "Don't call me that!"

"But that is what you are. You were chosen by us to be our mate."

"What is it you want Hathor?" Daniel hissed. "Last time we met, you were not so amorous."

"You are correct Daniel Jackson. We were not ourselves then," she said, with a solemn bow of her head.

"And what are you now?" Daniel asked.

"A repentant woman," Hathor humbly replied.

Daniel stifled a laugh, as he studied the beautiful woman that stood before him. She was different from the last time he saw her. For all accounts, she should be dead. Jack said he saw her die himself. Yet here she was, standing in all her glory…looking more beautiful than ever. Daniel had to shake his head, trying to shake her out of his system. His system…? He had forgotten about that!

When Daniel first met Hathor, she chose him to be her mate. Her deadly kiss transferred some of herself, into him. Giving him power over those that fell under her spell.

"Hathor, you don't seem as strong as you were the last time we met."

"You are a smart man, beloved. No other human on this backward world were able to decipher the instructions for the Time Gate. That is why we chose you to be our mate."

Once Jack returned from killing Hathor. He assured Daniel that nothing could have survived the pits coldness. What he never counted on was the resilience of the Go'auld parasite that squatted inside of the human body. Hathor's symbiote survived the horrible death that Jack thought he witnessed.

Daniel noticed she found a human host that was almost identical to the last one she possessed.

"Did you not miss us, dearest?" she purred, as she slowly walked around him. "What are you doing here?" Daniel demanded.

"Why looking for you," she sweetly stated. The time that Daniel was with her, he rarely saw her show emotion, other than passion and anger.

Daniel shuddered, as he felt her cold hand on his shoulder.

"We have missed you," she sighed.

Daniel spun around, he locked eyes with her. Both froze, as Hathor tried to take control of an old lover, Daniel struggled to fight her off.

He searched for the purple mist that drifted over her eyes the last time they met. He was surprised to find it was not there. As Hathor stared at Daniel, she could swear she saw a purple mist drift over his eyes.

"Thank the gods we are still a part of you beloved," Hathor let out a breath of relief. "I was counting on that. We will always be there until the day you die."

"NO!" Daniel roared. "I won't allow you to do that to me again."

It was then that Daniel realized what was wrong with her. When he first met her, she exuded sex, now…it was no longer there.

"You've lost it!" Daniel said, with a relived laugh. When his answer was silence, Daniel knew he hit the proverbial nail on the head.

"You should have died!" Daniel said in revelation. "No ordinary Go'auld could have survived that. But you aren't ordinary, are you?"

"We are in pain," Hathor wailed. She gasped in relief, as she gently came in contact with Daniel. Just that brief touch, and Daniel saw the purple mist begin to return to her eyes. Daniel jerked out of her hold, her eyes closed in rapture as she sighed, "We can get it back, with your help."

"What do mean, my help?" Daniel spat out. "I would rather sleep with Apophis than with you!"

"You will heal us beloved. We almost died in that retched pit! But we would not allow it. We struggled to stay alive, until we were found. Only when we were placed in a new body, did we learn the heavy price we paid. A part of us did die that day, we lost our special gift to control 'the opposite sex'," she cooed. "We knew we had to get it back, we thought perhaps you might be able to help us, my beloved. We were right. You are our…salvation."

"What do you me…" Daniel never had a chance to finish his sentence. Hathor struck to fast. She opened her palm. Daniel saw the flash of a Go'auld device attached to her hand. He had seen it enough times to know he was in trouble. Her power over the device was potent. Daniel immediately dropped to the ground. His eyes starred up at her, he was still conscious, but was unable to move.

Hathor's hand lovingly caressed his face.

"We have a secret to tell you. In the time we waited in that pit," she whispered to him. "As we began to die, we recalled something that was blocked by Ra. He feared us, because he knew we were stronger. One of his spies, told him about our plans to make our children stronger than any living Go'auld."

She then placed the device on his forehead, it glowed in an eerie blue light. Something that Daniel had never seen before.

"We will mate again, beloved, but before that happens, we need to make a change in you. For you see, what Ra was told, was that we planned on changing a human, taking him up to the next level in evolution. Once we took his seed, and added it to our own. Our children would be the most powerful creatures in the Universe! That is why he sealed us in that accursed Sarcophagus for so many years," she hissed.

"Thanks to you, that dream will now come to fruition."

Daniel's body bucked as his mind was being attacked by the Go'auld device.

Hathor concentrated on the device, using the subtle changes she made on it, she began to penetrate Daniel's mind.

He screwed his eyes shut, as he tried to block her out, but she was to strong. She used the device to burrow into his human brain, searching…trying to find something that lay hidden in all humans.

"Yes, we have found it," she sighed.

Daniel jerked harder, as he felt as if her very hand was plunged into his brain.

"Now to nurture it, to awaken it," Hathor whispered. Her face was twisted in deep concentration. Using the power of her alien mind, and the device; she was able to awaken something in Daniel. Slowly she pulled back, as Daniel fell limply on the ground.

"It is done my love," she tiredly whispered. "Soon, what we found will slowly wake up. Once you are strong enough, we will mate again. As we said before, you are to be our beloved, forever."

Taking the notebook with Daniel's translations, she studied it. Her hands quickly worked the small buttons that lay at the top of the stone Dais.

"We will leave this time, and go to another. One that is more primitive, there I can mold their simple minds. There we will rebuild our empire. We will wipe the name of Ra off this puny planet. Soon your kind will worship Hathor. With your seed, our children will be strong enough to defeat the Go'aulds. We will become their queen, which is as it should be!"

As Hathor was about to press the final button, she jerked back, as a laser beam shot past her.

She spun around, crouching on the ground next to Daniel, as she aimed her weapon at the tall Jaffa that stood at the caverns entrance. He held a Zat's gun in his hands.

"What have you done to Daniel Jackson?" Teal'c roared.

"Listen to me Teal'c," Hathor frantically shouted. "We give you the chance to become our Jaffa. To be a part of the next dominant race, agree to our gift, or die!"

"I would rather have my eyes burned out, then serve you, witch!" Teal'c hissed.

"So be it," Hathor shouted. She spun around, pressing a button on the Dais. Teal'c fell back, as he was suddenly confronted by a force shield.

"You have been given the chance of a lifetime Jaffa. We will be leaving now, with our beloved."

Hathor pressed the last sequence of buttons on the top of the Dais. Teal'c was shocked to see the Dais, and all around it become engulfed in a blue water. It looked similar to the blue waters that splashed out of a Star Gate. Only this wash flew up towards the ceiling.

Once the waters fell back to the ground, only the stone Dais remained. Doctor Daniel Jackson and Hathor were gone.

End of Part One

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