Chapter Eleven
You only hurt, the ones you love
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Part 63
By Ginnie

Again he whispered his plea "Please...no" his voice growing weaker yet, but the intensity he felt inside growing and growing stronger and stronger. His body began to shake as if experiencing convulsions and his mind had trouble distinguishing if he was experiencing pain or pleasure. Abigail stood up from her chair beside Robin's bed and began to withdraw from the room but as the bed began to glow a gray/silver high, and a small light appeared in the far corner, she found herself ducking into an obscure corner memorized by what she was seeing.

"Aurora...no...please" his voice so weak Abigail could barely make out what he was saying. The light materialized into Aurora's beautiful form. Abigail gasped as she watched the iridescent radiance of this woman as she approached Robin's side. "I love you so much Robin" she said softly reaching down with her ash white hands raking her fingers through his thick sable locks, "Show me how much, you love me".

Robin could feel his blood begin to boil, his face flush and his body tingle. He tried to avert his eyes away from the Queen of Darkness but her power over him was too strong, or was it?

"Robin...give yourself to her" whispered Abigail seeing the pain the young man was experiencing fighting her," Its your only way home son".

"Home" he sighed.

He had heard her! She watched as his body slowly stopped shaking and he reached out his hand to Aurora. In as strong a voice as he could manage, he weakly opened his eyes and beckoned to the black haired beauty, "Come to me

Aurora, I will make love to you like no one has ever loved you before".

She hovered over the bed, gown flowing around her, tipping her head back allowing her long jet black hair slide over her shoulders. She closed her eyes and emitting a moan from the depths of her soul.

Robins temperature shot up even higher and his breaths came so rapidly he was just short of passing out. She reached down taking his hands and lowered herself on the bed. The glow between them became brighter and brighter. He kissed her with such fervor, and ecstasy. He cried out half in pleasure, half in pain, as he joined with her.

"I...give...myself...to you...willingly" he cried out, holding her against his muscular chest. She returned his cries of pleasure reacting with the same intensity he was experiencing. Sparks began to shoot from the bed arching across the room in a shower of silver.

"Keep going Robin" Abigail encouraged seeing his efforts to follow her instructions but fearing his energy would fail before he could accomplish this task. The glow was so bright by now that it illuminated half of the castle, even

William ran down to Robin's room fearing a fire to be burning within. Abigail had the door barred from within not allowing him admittance. He pounded on the door fearing his new wife's safety as he could see the bright glow from under the door and hear the cries from within.

Just as Abigail feared that this "boy" could not physically take another second of the stress, a blinding explosion and a shower of sparks filled the room. Abigail shaded her eyes against the intensity of the blinding light panicking, believing surely Robin must have perished. Slowly as the light subsided, she could hear Williams soft voice on the other side of the door. "Abbey, my love, are you all right"?

"Yes, William" she replied trying to clear her eyes.

As the room slowly came back into focus, she could make out Robins still form on the bed, alone. No sign of Aurora. He was whiter than the blanket on which he lay and his dark locks framed his angelic face like a halo.

"My God" she cried out convinced he was dead. She noticed his body covered with a sheen of sweat and after staring at him, realized that his chest was rising and falling in a shallow rhythmic pattern.

She reached down and touched his face with the palm of her hand and was shocked to find not only had his fever broke, but his skin was like ice to the touch. Quickly she slid his limp form under the quilt and ran to the hope chest withdrawing several more quilts covering his icy skin.

"Abbey...let me in" pled William.

After completely covering Robin, Abigail unbolted the door and William rushed in staring around in curiosity.

"Darling, what happened"? he asked in horror.

"Your great-grandson has just defeated the Queen of Darkness" Abigail smiled up at her new husband knowing that their future was now secure anyway.

End of Part 63

Part 64
By Shelly Quinn

William stared down at Robin, reaching out to touch the pale face. But even as he did so, Robin vanished. Faded away in a golden mist. "What?" William gasped, his eyes flying to his wife. "What happened?"

Abigail smiled as she stared at the empty bed. She looped her arm through William's and whispered, "Robin has gone home."

Robin awoke to a room filled with sunshine. He stretched his long limbs and sighed with pleasure. It was good to be young and alive. Everyday offered a new adventure, especially when one was the son of a Noble Earl.

Jumping out of bed, Robin quickly dressed in brown breeches and a white tunic. He frowned a bit as he laced on a slim, brown, belt, then moved to the long mirror in the corner to check his appearance. At the sight of his reflection, Robin gasped. Before him was not the image of a man of six and twenty years, with sculptured muscles, long hair and whiskers. But the image of a youth. Brown hair cut in a page boy, face smooth with nary a whisker showing, and a body that was tall and lanky, having yet to grow into his limbs and grace. Robin remembered this image. It was himself at sixteen.

"Impossible," he breathed, hands lifting to touch his face. But then he looked around and realized that he was in his bedchamber in Loxley castle. He was home. Just then the door to his chamber burst open and a man entered, a smile on his broad face. "Father," Robin whispered, feeling himself grow pale.

The Earl of Loxley strode forward, grabbing his son's arm to steady him. "What is it, lad?" he queried, practically carrying Robin over to the bed and making him sit. "Are you ill?"

Robin shook his head even as he reached out to touch his father's bewhiskered face. "You're alive..." he breathed, then he closed his eyes. But upon opening them again, Robin saw that his father remained. Somehow, someway, Robin had gone back in time, as it were, to when he was sixteen. Before Loxley had fallen and his father had been killed.

"You're pale, son," the Earl exclaimed, the palm of one hand pressing to Robin's forehead. "A bit feverish as well. I'll send for our physician."

"No...father!" Robin protested. "I'm fine. Really. Just...I." He didn't know what to say.

The Earl gazed upon his son with loving eyes. "I came to see if you wished to go hunting with me. Andrew thought you might like to try out your new bow. But I think it would be best if you went back to bed."

Robin shook his head, jumping to his feet. His face was flushed as his father had said, but with excitement. "I'm fine," he insisted. "Really. I want to hunt with you." Robin remembered the bow, a birthday present from Master MacGregor. The man who had taught him to shoot and to fight. Skills that had come in handy after Robin became an outlaw. Now that he was able to place what day it was, Robin realized that the attack on Loxley would come in two weeks. Remembered also that tonight was a special night. Queen Elinore was giving a gala ball, and Marion would be there. Wearing a white dress and looking like a princess.

"Come on then," the Earl said, eyes alight as he smiled at Robin. "If you're sure you're all right, lad, then lets be off."

"I'm right behind you, father," Robin replied, and tears filled his eyes as he said that word. Father. He had missed him so. And now, Robin realized, that he had a second chance. He knew about the attack on Loxley. He would be able to warn his father, and protect. The Earl of Huntingdon would not have to die. Robin would see to that. That decision made, Robin ran out of the room.

The gala ball was a splendid affair. Marion was excited as she glided about the room. She nodded and curtsied to people she passed by, but didn't really see them. She was looking for someone in particular. Robert of Loxley. It was for him that she had dressed so carefully, remembering how he had once said he thought she looked like a princess when she wore white. And so her gown was white satin with ivory lace. And Marion had piled her auburn hair high on her head, letting soft ringlets fall about her face. She knew she looked beautiful, could see it in the eyes of those who looked her way. But it was only Robin's approval that she sought, and butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she heard the butler announce Lord Huntingdon and his son. Turning towards the door, Marion gasped as Robin entered the room.

He was dressed in sapphire blue. Breeches and overtunic of the same color, with an undertunic deep gold. A black sash made his waist seem impossibly slender and black boots were bright with polish. His sable hair was brushed till glossy and his eyes were liquid brown.

Marion thought that no man was as beautiful as Robin. He was like a peacock in a crowd of geese.

As he entered the main hall, Robin's eyes swept the ball room. He was searching for Marion and knew exactly where she would be. By the terrace doors that led to the garden. Excusing himself to the Lords and ladies who were greeting his father, Robin made his way across the room. He stood before Marion and bowed in a courtly fashion. "Good evening to you, my lady," Robin whispered.

"And to you, sir," Marion replied, as she dipped into an elegant curtsy. Then they both laughed and hugged one another. They had been friends for too long to stand on such ceremony.

"You look beautiful, Marion," Robin whispered. The same words he has said to her eleven years ago. And yet...it was not in the past that he had spoken them. Robin felt confused, but shook off such thoughts. He had a chance to relieve his childhood, and this time the outcome would be different. With luck, Robin could save his father, and change the future, for the better. He and Marion would not have to become outlaws and live in Sherwood. His father would not die and Robin's lands and title would be secured. It was a dream come true.

Marion blushed at Robin's compliment. "Thank you," she whispered, then her eyes roved over him as well. "You're beautiful as well," she told him, and was rewarded by Robin's blush.

He shook a finger at her. "Men aren't beautiful, Marion," he chided.

"You are," she countered, her eyes glowing with love. Then Marion laughed and grabbed Robin's hand. "Let dance in the garden," she beseeched him. When he nodded, Marion picked up her skirts and led Robin out the terrace doors.

As the two, young people danced by the fountain, ancient eyes watched them. Eyes filled with sadness. Merlin sighed. "Be careful what you wish for, Robin," he said softly. And his voice was but the whisper of the wind.

End of part 64

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