Chapter Ten
A Dangerous Love

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Part 59
By Ginnie

It didn't take Count DeMarco long to realize that just as he had betrayed William of Locksley's trust, so his own Aurora had betrayed his trust. He had always been the Queen of Darkness' soul mate, her toy, her plaything. For centuries now she had come to him. It was how he was obtaining eternal life. It was how he played on earth for over five hundred years. He knew from the second he approached Robin that he was different, but something Aurora would be interested in mating with, THAT was something that never occurred to him. The unconscious man was the symbol of light and good. What would the queen of darkness want with him?

The Count glided over to the bed where Robin slept in what appeared to be one step. His skin was as white as freshly fallen snow and his chest barely rose and fell. If one was not familiar with the side effects of love making with Aurora, one would swear he was dead. Count DeMarco reached out and touched Robin's shoulder and was amazed at how cold his skin was. In the many times he had made passionate love to the black haired goddess, he never remembered the effects being quite this predominate. The Count, now visibly upset, grabbed Robin by the shoulders and shook him with the ferocity of a man possessed.

"Awake you traitor" he screamed at the younger man.

Slowly Robin turned his head towards the voice and lethargically opened his eyes moving his hand with a groan, then closed his eyes and slipped back into darkness. The Count was furious! He had never come away from the Queen that exhausted! He spat on the floor and turned towards the door noticing Hilda standing in stunned silence. In a now lame attempt to keep up his charade he ordered her into the room.

"Our guest is ill, tend to him" he bellowed to the trembling woman and spun and left the room.


"William! I beseech you! Robin is a prisoner of Count DeMarco. He is IN that position because he was attempting to help YOU! Take some of the servants and go to the Count's castle and free the boy" Antoinette pleaded with her husband.

"Why such concern for a man we barely know" William brushed away casually.

"WILLIAM! This is not like you! You would help the beggar man if needed yet you refuse to assist your own flesh and blood? I will go myself then" and she turned and ran from the room, William screaming behind her.

He caught up to her in the hallway to their bedchamber and grabbed her arm squeezing so hard he bruised her white flesh.

"You will do no such thing"! he exclaimed "Worse yet, milady, why do you have such concern for this handsome young man"?

"Ahhh...now I understand" she sighed prying his fingers from her arm,

"William, the time I have spent with Robin was in order to plan a way to save

Locksley from Count DeMarco. NOTHING more! He is a man of honor who would not go near a married woman." She watched his eyes fall to the stone floor,

"Now, will you help him"?

"Consider it done" he said softly turning and heading for the front door.

"Thank you" she returned continuing down the hallway.


"I cannot arouse him milord" Hilda sobbed standing before what she knew was a very angry master. A smile slowly curved the Counts lips, "Then perhaps she has destroyed him with her passionate love making" he whispered more to himself" Just go and sit with him and notify me if he awakens" he ordered. As the chambermaid hurried from the room she could hear the Counts evil laugh behind him and with all she had seen and heard, her confusion was more than anyone could handle and she continued running out the front door.

"Tis a place for the devil" she cried running out of the front gates.

She passed a group on horseback headed through the gates and towards the

Counts castle, but did not bother to stop to see who it was.

William slowly dismounted, eyes taking in all that was around him. He, too, felt the evil echoing from these castle walls. Antoinette was right. Robin was in horrible danger and even he knew something had happened to his young relative. He walked up the stone steps and into the front door Hilda had left open. As he stood in the entry way flanked by his soldiers and servants, he turned and looked up the stairs to see Robin, dressed in just his breaches, eyes closed, trembling.

"William" he whispered just loud enough for his great-grandfather to hear,

"Get out of here and take your people with you" he pleaded. Then turned and holding the wall, weakly made his way away from William back down the hall.

William gasped at the sight of young Robin, covered in sweat and emitting a strange, grey/silver glow.

"Robin! What has happened? I am here to take you home" cried William after the dark haired man.

"You are in danger William, just go" Robin returned just barely audible. And as he turned in the distance to face them again, he opened his eyes and the entire group gasped at the sight of flames flickering in the black wells.

"Get out while you can William" he finished, then collapsed to the floor.

End of Part 59

Part 60
By Shelly Quinn

William was stunned as he watched Robin collapse. He started up the stairs only to find his way blocked. By Count DeMarco. "Out of my way!" William roared.

The Count's eyes flashed. "You were not invited into my home," he hissed. "I suggest that you leave, William. While I'm feeling generous."

"Not with out Robin!" William countered, reaching for his sword. Only to see it fly out of his hand. "Sorcery!" he hissed.

"I can...and will...crush you," DeMarco whispered. "Robin has vowed allegiance to me for a year of servitude. He stays. You leave."

William stared at the Count in disbelief. "Robin would never vow allegience to you!" he shouted. "NEVER!"

DeMarco laughed. "Robin lost a wager. And since he is a man of his word, he belongs to me now."

"What have you done to him?" William demanded, his eyes flickering to Robin who was still collapsed on the floor.

"He wil be fine," the Count replied. "Now leave, William. Run home to your precious wife. While you still can."

William didn't want to leave Robin behind, yet he knew that he and his men didn't stand a chance against the Count's dark magic. So he turned and strode out of the castle, his men following in his wake.

The Count waited for William to leave before running up the stairs. He knelt beside Robin and slid his arms beneath the young man, lifting him and carrying him back into the bed chamber. He was just laying Robin down on the bed when Aurora appeared. "Why have you betrayed me?" DeMarco demanded of his Queen.

"Betrayed you?" she countered, her eyes shimmering with dark lights. Aurora stared down at Robin, one hand reaching out to tangle in his hair. Then she bent down to kiss him. "Robin is my soul mate," Aurora whispered. "It is meant to be, Count. Robin is the one I have been waiting for."

"I'm your mate!" DeMarco hissed. "We've been together for five hundred years."

Aurora's eyes now turned to black ice. "I have sustained you for five hundred years!" she snarled. "Your power is the sum of what I have allowed you, my dear Count. But Robin is different. He is immortal and his power is pure."

DeMarco saw a red haze as his fury exploded. "Robin is the light and you are the darkness! You cannot mate with him!"

"It is done," Aurora countered, as she flung out one hand towards the Count. Silver-black light shot out from her palm, striking DeMarco in the chest. He cried out as his body flew across the room to strike the far wall. He fell to the floor in a crumpled heap.

"No.." Robin moaned from the bed. He had felt the blast, was attuned to the Count's pain. It rippled through him like white-fire.

Aurora moved to the bed, one hand reaching out to touch Robin's face. "Shhhh..." she whispered, kneeling on the bed. She was wearing a black velvet robe which she unlaced and let fall from her shoulders.

"I'm here, Robin," she whispered against his lips, and then she united their bodies and they became one.

Antoinette was lying on the bed. After William had left she paced for a bit, but her anxiety became overwhelming and pain pounded in her temples. So she decided to take a nap. But she was awakened from her slumber when liquid heat flooded her body. Her skin seemed to tingle and in that moment the image of Robin filled her mind. He golden skin was sheened with sweat, dark hair spread over the pillow. His body was in motion. Antoinette gasped as she realized she was watching Robin with a woman. And it was in that moment that the woman appeared to Antoinette. Black-haired and beautiful. A moan escaped Antoinette as she allowed herself to melt into the sensations.

Robin moaned deep in his throat as her lips were moving over his face, to rest on his full lips, igniting flames deep inside.

"Please..." he whispered, not knowing what he was asking for. But the fire in his blood burned and Robin was desperate to extinguish the flames. He deepened the kiss then sighed into Aurora's sweet mouth as he rolled over and took control of his passion, until he exploded into pleasure.

"It will always be like this, Robin," Aurora whispered, as she rained kisses over his face then her mouth traveled down his neck and over the sculptured muscles of Robin's chest.

"Forever?" Robin asked, then he moaned as he felt himself falling into warm, wet, darkness.

End of part 60

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