Chapter Nine
Be careful what you wish for...

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Part 51
By Ginnie

Robin ran through the forest as fast as his legs would take him swerving in and out of trees stumbling over rocks and roots. He could hear Olwyn’s voice echoing in his head "Accept what you cannot change". Finally, when his legs could not go another step, body covered in a sheen of sweat, Robin leaned against a large oak whispering "I was suppose to be England’s savior, not her demise"!

The air was dark and thick with fog, the feeling of gloom wrapping itself around him like a blanket. Robin became quickly aware of Prince John's intent, feeling wave after wave of depression wash over him. If he had all of the inhabitants of England feeling helpless, it would be easy to just take what he wanted rather than having to fight for it. And as the feeling of darkness and evil were not foreign to this man, it did not effect him as it would others. But it weighed heavily on Robin, feeling the cause of all this amplified the pressure on his inner soul.

"I must convince Prince John to wish things back as they were. If the wish originates from the initial source..." Robins hopes were rising slightly," and being immortal...what can he do to me"?

Robin stood tall squaring his shoulders for the mission ahead of him. He stood looking around him through the dense fog. As well as he knew all of Sherwood Forest, in all this darkness and gloom it was hard to recognize otherwise easily notable landmarks.

He set off in the direction he believed the Princes castle was in rubbing his stomach to silence the constant grumbling. He couldn't remember when was the last time he had taken the time to sit and eat a decent meal. But he pushed these thoughts from his mind realizing the importance of his mission. He had to put things back as they were before anything happened that could not be rectified...if it hadn't been already. He felt as if he had walked much further than what was necessary to reach Prince John's castle and still no sign of the intimidating structure.

"Great" sighed Robin stooping down to rest his aching muscles.

He looked around at the black swirls of fog warding another wave of depression as he heard Olwyn’s comforting voice "Trust your instincts".

A smile curved Robin’s lips "You are still with me" he sighed with relief.

"I will never be far away". It felt like a warm blanket giving Robin the strength to continue, as Olwyn had intended it to.

"Trust my instincts" Robin closed his eyes focusing all of his powers inward and with a wave of his hand and a spray of golden mist the castle appeared in the distance.

"I see I am not the only one using magic here" he said relieved to see the structure.

Slowly Robin crossed the meadow to the base to the base of the castle walls noting how different everything appeared to be in this world. Reflective of the

Prince's wish, the stones of the castle were now black and dark grey adding to the negative message being generated by everything around him.

As the castle was protected by the spell, there were no guards to contend with, no locked gates to scale. Robin just walked into the courtyard and up the steps into the main hall where Prince John sat on his throne chewing on a leg of lamb. A table spread before him full to overflowing with every kind of delicacy imaginable. Scantily clad women were hanging off of him, feeding him with giggles of delight as he would favor them with a kiss, giving in to his every want and desire. Quickly realizing he had no plan of action, Robin hoped more than ever that Olwyn’s teachings of trusting his instincts rang true this day.

"Prince John, what would Lady Claudia say"? drawled Robin casually leaning against the stone archway.

The Prince looked up from his latest interest, a petite redhead with pink pouting lips and full breasts leaning against the prince in an enticing fashion. "How...what..."he stuttered choking on his lamb at the sound of Robins voice.

Robin strolled casually forward believing at this point confidence to be his most effective weapon. That and simple trickery. He stepped up to the table and grabbed a silver plate filling it with various meats and morsels. Sitting on the chair usually specified for Lady Claudia on the dais next to Prince

John, he swung one leg over the arm and began to hungrily consume the contents before him.

"How did you find me Robin Hood"? he finally managed to choke out.

"With my powers" Robin replied talking with his mouth full. He took great pleasure watching the Princes eyes widen.


"How do you think I granted your wish"?


"Listen, John, I really dont have time for this small talk. I want to get right down to business" Robin asserted, cutting the Prince off mid-sentence. "You dont have time... I AM the Prince of all of England" John bellowed recovering from the shock.

Robin stood dropping his plate to the floor with a crash extending his fingers and releasing a single lightening bolt that bounced off the far stone wall.

Prince John jumped up off if his seat pulling the heavy oak piece of furniture between him and Robin

"OK...all right...what ever you say. We cab talk...go right ahead" The Prince babbled in fear.

Robin smiled in delight realizing that this was the one facet of his powers that really came in handy.

"Very good John. Now, have a seat and lets discuss how you and I can team up shall we"?

End of Part 51

Part 52
By Shelly Quinn

"What do you want me to do?" Prince John queried, his voice trembling as he sat back down as Robin had ordered him to do.

"That's a loaded question," Robin drawled, dimples appearing in his cheeks as he grinned. He waved to the people hovering about. "First thing I want you to do is get rid of everyone. I don't want an audience."

Prince John nodded, his head bobbing up and down so fiercely that his crown tilted. "Get out!" he shouted, waving his hands to shoo everyone away. He watched them scatter then turned to Robin.

"Now what?"

Robin moved to stand before the Prince. "You wished for Sherwood to be plunged into eternal darkness, my lord," he drawled. "Now I wish for you to wish it back to the way it was. Understand?"

"And...if I don't?" Prince John countered, mustering up just enough courage to ask the question, for he liked things the way they were. Sherwood and the Saxons living a dark existence. Made Prince John happy.

"You won't like what happens if you don't!" Robin hissed, and he let sparks dance on his fingertips. "Shall I show you?" Robin asked.

Prince John swallowed hard even as he tried to curl up into a small ball in his chair. "N..no!" he stuttered. "I get the idea."

Robin's eyes were cold as he grasped the arms of Prince John's chair and leaned into the other man's face. "Do it now, my lord!" he breathed. "Wish everything back to the way it was. And chose your words carefully."

"Of course," Prince John replied. He cleared his throat then began. "I wish....uh...I wish for Sherwood forest to...to..." Prince John paused to lock eyes with Robin. "How, exactly, would you like me to word this?" he questioned.

"I can't put the words in your mouth," Robin replied, releasing a sigh of frustration. "Just be careful what you wish for," he warned. And once again sparks lit up his fingertips.

Prince John felt himself break out into a cold sweat. He had never been more terrified in his life. Robin Hood didn't make idle threats, of that he was certain. So the Prince gave it a moment's thought, then he made his wish. "I wish for Sherwood forest to go back to the way it used to be....a hundred years ago."

Robin felt his heart skip a beat as he listened to Prince John's words. He understood what would happen and his blood ran cold. But Robin could not stop himself from whispering, "As you wish." And in that moment there was a blinding flash of light.

"Locksley," Robin whispered, as he stared about the Keep where he suddenly found himself. He was in his home, but at the time when it had first been built by his great grandfather.

"You're home," said a quiet voice.

Robin whirled around to see Olwyn smiling at him. "How can I be here?" he asked. "I wasn't born a hundred years ago."

Olwyn nodded. "True. But you're forgetting that you're immortal. That is why you're here."

"But no one else is," Robin whispered. "Marion...Little John."

"They haven't been born yet," Olwyn confirmed. "Nor has your father, or your grandfather. You're great grandfather, William, is newly wed. It will be three years before your grandfather is born."
Robin fell to his knees. "What do I do now?" he beseeched his mentor.

Olwyn glided over to Olwyn and patted the young man's shoulder. "You wait," he said gently. For your time in history to catch up." That said, Olwyn disappeared in a smokey-silver haze.

Robin knew Locksley castle well, so he was able to keep out of sight. But then he found his way into the library, and it was there that his great-grandfather found him, asleep before the fire, a book on his lap.

"Boy.." whispered the rumbling voice.

"What?" Robin hissed, as his eyes fluttered open. He saw the face of the man above him and his breath caught in his throat.

"William..." he drawled, remembering not to call him great-grandfather.

William of Locksley smiled. "Aye, that would be me. And who are you, lad?"

Robin was surprised that his ancestor wasn't upset at finding a stranger in his home. "I'm....Robin," he replied, deciding it would be best not to reveal his true name. "I'm sorry, sir, for being here." As he spoke, Robin accepted William's hand and found himself pulled to his feet, effortlessly. His great-grandfather was in his early thirties and a big man. Like Robin's father had been.

"A pleasure to meet you Robin," William boomed. "And looks to me like your a lad who has lost his way. Are you hungry? Cook has laid out a feast for breakfast. Come join me."

"Breakfast?" Robin repeated, his eyes going wide. He ran to a window and peered out. The sun was bright in the sky. "No..." Robin breathed, feeling himself grow pale. For in that moment he realized a horrible truth. The twenty-four hours were over. The Djinn's curse was lifted. Robin no longer possessed the ability to grant the wishes of mortals. "I can't go back," Robin whispered. Which meant that he would have to wait out nearly a hundred years in order to see his family and friends again. A hundred years.

William had come up beside Robin and laid a big hand on the other man's shoulder. He felt the slender body tremble and was just in time to catch Robin as he collapsed.

Robin felt himself falling into darkness and his last, conscious, thought was that he never wanted to leave it.

End of part 52

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