Chapter Five
The Light vs the Dark

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Part 29
By Shelly Quinn

In his bedchamber, Robin decided to do a little experimenting. First things first. He needed to get rid of the women. So he closed his eyes, concentrated, then imagined them gone. When he opened his eyes, Robin smiled. He was all alone. "So far so good," he muttered to himself as he slid off the bed. "Now...let's see what we can do about the water situation," Robin whispered.

There was a fountain in the corner of the chamber and Robin strode over to it. The water was steaming and he frowned at it. But then he summoned up his powers and when his hand glowed, Robin shoved it into the water. A moment later he felt it cool down till a chill passed over his skin. Laughing with delight, Robin scooped up handfuls and poured them over his chest and splashed more on his face. Combing his damp hands through his hair, Robin sighed with relief.

"Now...about these clothes," he stated. Closing his eyes once more, Robin concentrated and a moment later found himself dressed in his familiar brown breeches and his favorite tunic. Sapphire blue with his wide brown belt. Attached to it was his dagger, and on his back was his sword. "Much better," Robin enthused. "Let's see what else I can do." So saying, Robin misted himself out of the room.

When Marcus returned from visiting Olwyn, he found his world changed. No longer was the temperature hot and humid. It was of an agreeable warmth and a gentle breeze brushed over his flesh. Not only that, but everything was brighter, and the waters that flowed were crystal blue. Marcus didn't need to touch them to know that they were cool. "ROBIN HOOD!" the devil bellowed.

"You rang?" Robin drawled, as he materialized before the Lord of all demons. A smirk curved his lips as he gestured about them. "I did a bit of redecorating while you were gone. You like?"

"Insolent pup!" Marcus raged. And in that moment the battle began, for he flung out one hand and a bolt of black energy raced towards Robin.

But the outlaw was ready for it. From inside his tunic he withdrew a small mirror and used it to deflect the dark powers back onto Marcus. They hit Satan like a bolt of lightning, sending the creature slamming back into a wall. "Ooooo...that's gotta hurt,"

Robin taunted, as he took a step forward to survey the damage. The stone wall was indented from the force of Marcus' body.

Satan was enraged. He rose to his feet and a red shimmer appeared about him like an aura. And so it was. It was the reflection of his power and his fury. "You will die, Robin Hood," he proclaimed. "And with you will die the light!"

"I don't think so," Robin drawled. He was ready for Marcus's attack. When a searing bolt of energy shot towards him, Robin did a back flip, landing on a table top. Sitting on the corner of the table was a young girl. A lost soul that Marcus had claimed. Robin touched her with one hand, letting his light fill her, and suddenly the shadows inside of her shattered. She rose to stand beside him, glowing with innocence and light. Robin reached for her hand and faced Marcus. "Within all darkness there is light, my lord," he whispered. "I am the light, and I do not stand alone."

So saying, Robin flung out one hand and his golden power seemed to fill the room. Surging up from deep within him and glowing bright with an intensity that was almost painful. Other servants, Satan's dark minions, cast off their shadows and moved to stand with Robin.

Marcus howled with fury, for as each minion left him, so did a bit of his power. "NO!" he screamed. "You will not defeat me!"

Marcus hurled himself across the room to confront the outlaw. "I will take your soul, Robin Hood!" he snarled.

Robin smiled. "I will give it gladly," he replied. "To save the lives of the innocent. You have no power over me, Marcus. You steal the souls of those who doubt themselves...but I have faith. And hope. I believe in the goodness inherent in all men. I believe that there is light even within your darkness. And there is nothing you can do to change my beliefs, Satan. So...do your worst." With that, Robin held open his arms, leaving himself open to an attack.

"So be it!" Marcus snarled. He knew that he had only to touch Robin Hood, and the man would burn to death in a heartbeat. So Satan reached out and pressed his palm over Robin's heart. But instead of the fires of hell burning into mortal flesh, Marcus saw a flash of white-light. It blinded him and he howled, hands lifting to cover his eyes.

In that same moment, Robin felt as if his blood were boiling, yet there was no pain. He was blinded by a flash of light, and then he felt himself falling. Falling into darkness.

Marion kept vigil at Robin's bedside. She was still unclear as to the details of what had happened to her, but felt that it didn't matter. Olwyn had assured her that Robin had defeated Satan and thereby protected the world from darkness. Not to say that there would be no evil in the world, but Satan had been banished from this realm, at least for the time being. Still, there were other factions of evil to deal with, and the Devil would be back someday.

"Robin..." Marion whispered his name, as she reached out to smooth a lock of hair off his forehead. He had been unconscious for three days. Olwyn insisted that he was merely in a healing sleep, but Marion had begun to fear that he was slipping away from her. The others had come to visit, but then had returned to Sherwood. Only Lord Drake remained behind. He and Marion took turns watching over Robin.

At the moment, Lord Drake was walking. He needed the fresh air, hoping that it would clear his mind of his worry. Robin looked so pale, and lay so still, that despite Olwyn's assurances, he was fearful that the young man, whom he loved as a son, would die. And he felt guilt that should Robin die, he would be to blame. So the Earl stopped beside a fallen log and fell to his knees to pray. So wrapped up was he that he did not hear footsteps approach. Was unaware of a presence till a soft voice spoke.

"Hello, brother," the feminine voice drawled.

"What?" Lord Drake rose to his feet and whirled around to find an attractive, middle-aged woman with waist-length, light-brown hair, smiling at him. "Who are you?" he demanded.

She smiled. "I'm Alice," she drawled. "Robin's aunt. And since you seem to think of him as your son, I guess I should welcome you to the family, my lord."

The Earl sensed only coldness from this woman. "What do you want?" he challenged.

"Revenge!" Alice hissed. Then she waved her hands and a heartbeat later she and the Earl had disappeared.

Marion jumped as Robin stirred beneath her touch. To her surprise his eyes flew open and he whispered,


End of part 29

Part 30
By Ginnie

Marion jumped at Robins words. "Robin, how are you feeling"? She asked with concern.

"Where is my father"? Robin asked ignoring her inquiry.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed and attempted to get up but dropped back to the cushions of the pallet, exhaustion apparent.

"Robin, rest. Your father is fine, he is out walking. I am sure he will return in a moment" Marion assured him pressing on his chest with the palm of his hand.

"No, something has happened" Robin said deeply allowing Marion to lay him back against the pillows.

"Why would you say that"? Marion asked looking into his eyes.

"I had a dream" Robin said staring off into the room, "In this dream he was taken against his will to a horrible place. But I cant tell where"! He said the tension in his voice worrying Marion.

"Robin-it was just a dream. You've been asleep for days. I am sure you have had lots of dreams" She said gently rubbing his arm.

"No Marion, it was more than a dream. It was a warning." Robin said in an exasperated tone, "Please help me get outside and find him" he pleaded. Seeing that saying no was not one of her options helped Robin to his feet and putting his arm around her shoulders helped him walk unsteadily outside into the sun. After slowly walking through the woods for several hours, Robin slumped onto a rock ready to fall over.

"Robin, this is senseless, you must get back and rest. You have just come from confronting Satan himself yet you consistently push your body too far"

Marion lectured.

"I must find him Marion" Robin whispered looking down at the leaves below his boots.

With bright lights and a mist Olwyn appeared a few feet from Robin.

"Yes, Robin, we must get to Lord Drake" he said soberly.

"What" Robin gasped, "What is it Olwyn. Where is he"?

"Your Aunt wishes to extract her revenge on you through Lord Drake" Olwyn replied in sorrow.

"Aunt Alice" Robin said eyes widening.

"Yes. You have destroyed her two comrades and taken all of her wealth. I am sure you knew it was just a matter of time until she caught up with you" Olwyn said looking into Robins eyes.

"Father..."Robin sighed, "Marion, please get me my horse"

"Robin...no" Marion said quickly.

"I have to go to him. Please Marion or I will get there on my own" Robin said searching Marion’s eyes for compassion.

"Robin, you'll kill yourself yet!" Marion said helping Robin to his feet and back to Olwyn’s cave.

It wasn’t long before Robin had gathered his belongings and was mounted on his

gray stallion.

"I'll be but a minute" Marion said walking towards her steed/

"No Marion, I must visit Aunt Alice alone" Robin said very seriously.

"Robin, you are still weak, you need met to..." Robin stopped her mid-sentence,

"No-I can handle Aunt Alice. I want you to return to Sherwood and brief everyone with what is happening, I may need your assistance" Robin responded before Marion could object.

"Are you strong enough"? She asked hesitatingly.

"Yes-now please go. I will be back to Sherwood with Lord Drake shortly"

Robin said with a smile.

"Please be careful" Marion said more for herself.

"I will..." He said touching her hand with his and then dug his heels into the flank of his horse bolting away.

Marion knew Robins intent even if Robin thought her unaware. He foresaw something coming, something that might cause harm to Marion. As always, he was watching out for her. Marion knew she could not stop him as he had done this all of their lives together but still she couldn’t help but worry.

"I'll get Little John, Tuck, and some of the men and we will go and pay Aunt Alice a visit too. This is one time you will not shut me out Robin because you feel you must face danger alone. Not this time..." She said mounting her horse and heading back to Sherwood.

Olwyn appeared briefly to watch the two riding off in different directions.

"I just hope this is a battle you both can win" he said with a frown.

End of Part 30

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