The New Adventures of Robin Hood Mini-Movies
Four favorite Scenes of Matthew's fans
The Avi movies will be viewed using your Realplayer, or Windows Media installed on your computer. All of them have sound.Click the links, and a second site will pop up. The movies will automatically load. Close the window after viewing, and enjoy the rest. 
The Prey 948KB
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Bomb's Away 682KB
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Percy's Ghost 983KB
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Outlaws Express 780KB
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Attention: Mac users. 
I was unable to find a decent avi convertor so that you may use your quicktime to view the movies. (Quicktime plays Mov, files only) Fortunately you can download Mac versions of Media player and Real Player. Links to both sites found above.
Suggestion:Unless you have broadband,  view only a couple of movies each visit. To many will overtax your browser, it may shut down.

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