Matthew Porretta's
Promotional and Agency

Hey! Matthew isn't wearing a black T-Shirt!! (sigh) But don't he look great?!

Mit Poster
Matthew as Will Scarlett O'Hara
In Robin Hood Men in Tights

tango Matt
From a French
Newspaper. Matthew
and Barbara Griffin. We like to call it the Tango Pic

German interview
Matthew during a German interview

Sexy Matt
Now tell me, doesn't this look like a pic for Peoples most sexiest man of the year?

water matt

From a newspaper article.

Turkey Cake
Matt in Turkey Cake

angency 1
Agency Photo

Agency 2
Agency Photo

Agency 2
Agency Photo

Matt Croatia
Matt in Croatia Filming
Dream Warrior
Me thinks Matt likes
black T-shirts.

Matt Croatia
I want to thank a great fan of  Matt's for these  great pictures.

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