The New Adventures
of Robin Hood
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I miss that Arrow Twirl!!

Those eyes!! Nuff Said.

That hair!! 
Nuff Said 2

That bond of friendship for a certain blonde haired giant.

A Look that would make any woman back down.

A look that would make any man back down.

Robin In Action!!

What does Robin do to stay in shape? Punch one guard...

...and execute one jump kick every morning

The beginning of the best fight scene on TV today.

LOVE that sword play!!

Methinks that Robin is a little Peeved.

Look at that extension!

I wonder if the Porretta household had footprints on the walls?

Ahh, that arm!! Praise Matthew's Trainer.

A perfect landing, I give it a 20!!

What he could do with a Knife!!!!

Looovvee that Hat!!

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