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Updated 11/14/09

Macy's "Believe"
Youtube Link to see Matthew's Commercial

Sharp Frontier Series Copier

TastyKake Commercial
Site to see Matt's commercial

GE / Columbus Vision

Matthew is on the left

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Matthew's Latest Commercial
Mc Donalds....

  Click here to taste this culinary delight

Killian's Red 

The Look of Love

That Look!

What's he looking at?

Looks like trouble

Is she looking at him!

Looks like the end

In keeping with a family theme, I have blanked out the referrals to the alcoholic beverage.


Arrowhead Water Commercial

Methinks the camera man had a little to much fire water.

There you go, he's better now. 

Ooops, again, Oh well, he got some great shots of Matthew.



Entertainment Tonight Interview

After these shots, I think they'll be a run on black T-shirts!

Love that pony tail!!
I meant the horse!!

E Interview

Another black T- Shirt??   I'm off to the store!!

Matthew has suffered many a sprained eyebrow. What the man does for his fans!

Ahh, the eyebrow again, and squishy face!!
Matthew, don't hurt yourself!

Matthew demonstrates the little known hazard of Arrow shooting

Vortex Panel

Hey, they spelled his name right!! Now if we can only get Kate's Addiction to.

What is Matthew wearing under that gray shirt? A black T-shirt!! (shame on those that thought otherwise!

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