Code Name: Eternity
"Death Trap"

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The first new shot

He's an old enemy of the good guy

Ahh, that wicked half grin

Again! Plotting the end of the hero

Black suit, and a black heart

Getting chastized by the big guy

It's not easy being mean.

Plotting the heros death


He gets a chance to sit down

Ut Oh, he's in trouble!

That's going to be a  cleaning problem

He hears his end is near

Last shot, that is a laser target!!

Sound Bites
 Leethans first line in the show Photos 2 to 4

Leethan  calls ET "Primitive" Photo 5

TIme to bait the trap, Photo 7 and 8

Leethan gets angry Photo 10

Kill him...Instantly Photo 12

Down with the Ship Photo 14

Synopsis of the episode:
A friend of the hero is missing. Ethaniel, (The hero and an Alien) and his human friend look for him in a building that is maxium secrurity facility. Who is in charge of this building?? Leethan aka: Matthew Porretta (Another alien).
      Leethan is an old enemy of Ethaniel, who breaks into the building. Leethan finds Ethaniel, and puts ET. (Have to shorten his name, my fingers are getting cramped!)
through The Gauntlet. A special setup he has using a laser system. This is what killed ET's friend. 
   ET eventually destroys the laser, captures Leethan (Hey for Matthew, I'll take the pain of the cramping!!) and forces him to show him his captured brother. (I know, WHAT? it's the main plot of the series: Where for art thou my brother?) 
    Leethan escapes, they get into a MEGA fight. Leethan   does a back flip, jumps down from the second floor with ease. Jump kicks, and does a (Taking breath) WALL WALK!!! Yes, well to make a long story short (to late) His superior is dissapointed with Leethan, and condemns him to go down with his building (aka:ship). The building  is set on self destruct. 
    Leethan agrees to help ET out. He shows him to an elevator, ET is suspicious, and shoves Leethan in.The doors close, and a laser targets on Leethan's forhead!!! The next scene is the building exploding. Was he killed?? Will we get to see the infamous Leethan again?? Who knows, only the producers of Code Name: Eternity.! So that's it fellow fans. Hope you enjoy the page. Until next time, Keep the faith.
I want to give a special thanks to Verenize Curiel, 
if not for her, this page would not have been possible. 


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Credits for Code Name: Eternity
Production Companies
Dune Productions [fr]
Protocol Entertainment
UFA International Film
Warner Bros. [us]
CanWest Global [ca]
Warner Bros. [us]
Special Effects
Gajdecki Visual Effects (GVFX) [ca]

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