Instructions on how to save
Wallpaper and Screensavers to your computer
This page is kept simple, so that you can print it out.Just hold your Control (ctrl) button while pressing the P key.

You can save most pictures on the Internet, as Wallpaper. The Trick is keeping it. 

For PC users. Using IE (Microsoft, Internet Explorer) or Netscape browser. All you have to do is, Right click your mouse. You will see a window, open up. For IE and Netscape, Look for: 
Set as Wallpaper. Click on this line. The Picture will instantly become your wallpaper. Most people will be satisfied with this. But you see, for PC users, the Picture is now a temporary Wallpaper. The next wallpaper you click and save, will override your last picture. Erasing it from your hardrive.

How to save your wallpaper on  your hardrive...
A picture has to be a BMP format to become Wallpaper. IE gives you the option of saving the picture as a .jpg or .bmp. Netscape does not. Therefore, if you wish to keep the picture. You have to click Start, then Programs, and Windows Explorer. Then go to your Windows Folder in "C" Drive. Double click it open. Look for Netscape Wallpaper, or Internet Explorer Wallpaper.

Right click the file. Then click rename. You will see a small box appear, the text will be in blue. Click within it, and name it anything you want. Matthew for example. You have now saved the picture on your hardrive. 
Now to activate it. Click Start, then Settings. Click Control Panel. You will find a small monitor, marked Display. Double click this. The first screen you see, will be Wallpaper. Scroll through the listings, and look for Matthew. Click this. The picture should show in the small screen. Now click Apply at the bottom, then Okay. And you're done! You now have a Wallpaper, that won't be knocked out if you save a new one. 

Instructions for setting a desktop picture 
for a Mac:
1) Save the image to your Mac
2) Open the Appearance control panel
3) Select the Desktop tab
4) Drag the image on top of the control panel
5) Click the Set Desktop button 



Instructions on Downloading and installing the Screensavers

First, click the underlined link for the Screensaver. 

For IE users, a box will appear, asking you if you want to open Program, or Save this program to Disk.
Click the button marked Save this program to Disk.

For Netscape and IE, the next steps are the same. A Save as window will open. You need to save the screensaver in a folder on your Hard, or 'C' Drive. I use a Download Folder. Most PC's have a download folder on their 'C' drives. Once you open the file you wish to download the screensaver, then click the Save Button on the lower right hand side of the window.

 The file will now be downloaded onto your hardrive. Be sure to remember where your file is located! Once it has completed downloading.  To open it you have to Click Start. Then Programs. Look for your Windows Explorer file. Open that, and click your download folder, or the folder you downloaded the program into. Look for the name of the program you downloaded. Example: 
(This name was displayed when you saved the program. As the SAVE AS box opened, it was in the box marked - Filename:) I've put the file name on the websites.
To install the program, all you have to do is double click the program name. The screen saver self installs. Once it is installed, it will ask you if you want to make it your default screensaver. That just means, it will always be your primary screensaver. I click no, it's your choice. You can always change it. 
Now to get your screensaver working. 

Click Start, then Settings. Click Control Panel. You will find a small monitor, marked Display. Double click this. You will see tabs at the top. The first is the wallpaper, the second is screensavers. Click this tab. Click in the box under Screen Savers, and scroll down until you find the program that was just installed. I have named the Screensavers the same as the file name. Click that name, and then click Apply! You have now installed a screensaver. You also have options to mute sound, or how the pictures are displayed, if you click the Settings box found in your Screensavers window. Just remember to click Apply with each change. When you are finished, just click OK and you will be done.
How to save Mini-movies

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